How to choose a motorcycle

For residents of large cities, a motorcycle is preferred. a mode of transport that allows you to quickly, economically and emotionally move even in conditions of heavy traffic and traffic jams. By Compared to a car, a motorcycle is cheaper to operate, not requires special costs for storage and search for a parking space, more economical and at times more effective emotionally.

How to choose a motorcycle


If yours you did not have experience in driving a motorcycle, then we recommend pay attention to a medium-sized scooter (up to 250 cc). Driving a scooter will help you get used to the two-wheeled vehicle and reduce traumatic risk. Recommended read an article from an expert on choosing a scooter for a teenager and an adult.

Top motorcycle manufacturers

Among bikers, Japanese and American concerns:

  1. Yamaha

  2. Suzuki

  3. Kawasaki;

  4. Harley-Davidson;

  5. Honda

In the budget segment of motorcycles, popularity began to gain machinery manufactured in China and other Asian countries. Pulling up in terms of quality, manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom are still offer affordable prices, which directly affects the popularity of such products among consumers.

Types of Motorcycles

Modern two-wheeled equipment includes a great many models designed for use in a wide variety of conditions.

City motorcycles

City motorcycles

Two-wheeled vehicles designed for urban use and short country trips. It has compact dimensions and suggests the possibility of use both alone and on couple with the passenger. Landing is always vertical, not suggesting performing sharp maneuvers and accelerations.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Affordable price;

  • Acceptable dynamics;

  • Tank with a capacity of 20-25 liters;

  • Maneuverable and high-speed;

  • Wheels with a developed tread;


  • Not suitable for high-speed driving;

  • Not suitable for long distance trips;

  • Assume operation on asphalt and dirt road;



Motorcycles designed for road use. Have aggressive design and aerodynamics design. Let you move at high speed while remaining maneuverable at the same time. For ensuring minimum air drag suggest a speedy landing.


  • Spectacular appearance;

  • Stable tires of large diameter;

  • Phenomenal dynamic characteristics;

  • Advanced brake system;

  • High speed and maneuverability;

  • Maximum aerodynamics of the structure;


  • The complexity of repair and maintenance;

  • Minimum size windshield;

  • High gas mileage;

  • High cost – both the motorcycle itself and the components and consumables;

Touring motorcycles

Touring motorcycles

Designed and engineered specifically for use in highway mode and long-distance travel. Soft suspension comfortable seating design, proper fit and ergonomic management are the main strengths of this class of motorcycles. A constant element of the design is the presence of a roomy luggage compartment at the rear of the motorcycle, as well as a high windshield glass.


  • Quality frame;

  • The presence of a large number of various auxiliary systems;

  • Developed luggage compartment;

  • High windshield;

  • Comfortable suspension;

  • Powerful engines with liquid cooling system;

  • Soft suspension;

  • High driving comfort;

  • Easily overcome long distances;

  • Equipped with advanced security systems;


  • Costly;

  • Wide turning radius;

  • Consumption can reach 10-12 liters of gasoline;

  • Heavy weight;

Cross bikes

Cross bikes

Models designed for use in sports rhythm on full off-road and on motocross tracks. Compact size combined with a powerful engine, a developed system of shock absorbers and powerful mud rubber. Do not involve operation on paved surface, and therefore about everyday use out of the question.


  • Powerful engines

  • Strong and reliable design;

  • Developed tires with mud tread;

  • Active suspension and shock absorbers with a wide stroke;

  • Compact power frame


  • Not intended for use in the city;

  • Tank of small capacity;

  • Noisy;

Motorcycle Selection Options

motorcycle selection criteria

In order to get at your disposal as much as possible functional option, the purchase of a motorcycle must be considered from a position of a combination of the following factors:

Power, type and engine capacity

The higher the power, the better the dynamics of the motorcycle. Modern models can develop from 6-8 to 160-170 horsepower, showing at the same time phenomenal dynamic characteristics. Should remember that to cope with powerful motorcycles may not be each, and therefore choose a bike with an engine over 30-40 horsepower strength is necessary only to those who have enough experience and are confident in your strengths.

Motorcycle-mounted engines can have two-stroke and four stroke design. The first is simpler and more reliable, it does not have separate lubrication system and unpretentious in operation, however differs in low environmental friendliness, consumes a lot of fuel and makes a lot of noise. In turn, four-stroke motors are quieter, more economical and greener, but less reliable and fastidious to maintain and fuel quality.

Engine displacement – a parameter directly related to power, as well as affecting fuel consumption. Beginners should prefer motorcycles with an engine capacity of not more than 100 cubic centimeters, advanced bikers can focus on 250-500 “cubes” of volume, professional riders and fans of sharp sensations for sure choose a sport bike with an engine displacement 800-1200 cm3.

Maximum speed

A parameter that displays the ability to accelerate on a straight and level the road. Depending on the type of bike, it can vary.

  1. Cross bikes are not able to reach speeds of more than 60-70 kilometers per hour;

  2. Tourist bikes without problems go at a speed of 120-140 kilometers per hour;

  3. Sportbike can be accelerated to 280-300 kilometers per hour at relevant conditions;

Power reserve

Parameter affected by power and flow engine, as well as the volume of the fuel tank. Many manufacturers go along the way the rules of the “golden section” and try to reach the stock numbers a course of 500 kilometers. This does not apply to cross-country motorcycles, in their case the power reserve is calculated based on the complexity of the racing slopes

Fuel Mixture Algorithm

  1. Carburetor motorcycles are the most budget models. Fuel supply is carried out due to a special suction devices. It does not always work stably, but it functionality depends on many different factors;

  2. The injection system is more fault tolerant and provides proper mixture formation. As a result, thrust increases, the dynamics and quality of engine operation are improved regardless of operating conditions. Injectors put on models of medium and upper price range.

Type of transmission

Manual gearbox allows shifting manual transmission using a special foot. Provides maximum convenience and fullness of control sensations for motorcycles. The best option for racing and track exploitation, as well as in motocross competition mode.

The automatic transmission is chosen by those who often rides long distances or exploits a motorcycle in city, not wanting to constantly click on the transfer. Considered optimal for tourist, classic and most sports motorcycles.

Suspension design

  1. Monoshock – a special device installed the back is almost horizontal. Key feature is a long, about 30 centimeters, stroke pendants, which makes it suitable for all sorts of tricks and cross country exploitation;

  2. The telescopic suspension is a movable construction site, whose height changes when overcoming obstacles and bumps so that the position of the frame and rider remains stationary. Widely used in urban and highway models;

  3. Spring struts – a popular type of suspension designed for operation on smooth asphalt surfaces. Widely applied in tourist and highway motorcycles, as well as sportbikes;

Features of the brake system

  1. Mechanical brakes. Similar to those in sports bicycles. The brake disc compresses the pads that are driven into movement with a cable mechanism and hand grips. The simplest system installed on budget models and low-powered motorcycles;

  2. Drum algorithm. The role of the brakes is performed by the semicircular pads. forms rubbing on a drum. Due to the fact that the pads are inside, protection from rainfall and debris is provided;

  3. Disc hydraulic system. As with mechanical algorithm, braking is carried out by pads rubbing on a special brake disc, however, the drive here is not manual, but hydraulic. It is considered the most functional and provides a quick stop. at any speed;

The presence and design of the luggage compartment

It is installed far from all bike models and is the prerogative of classic bikes and their tourist counterparts. Represents one or several containers installed at the rear of the motorcycle and allowing carry-on baggage small size. Actual option for those who often travels on a motorcycle.

Wheel size and design

The diameter and width of the wheel directly affect the rolling and developed speed and stability of the motorcycle on poor coverage.

  1. Wheels are enough for everyday city exploitation diameter 12-14 inches;

  2. Touring motorcycles designed for long track runs, suggest the use of wheels 15-16 diameter

  3. Huge speed sport bikes require installation wheels with a diameter of 17-19 inches.

What to look for when choosing a bike?

features of the choice of motorcycle

Features of choosing a road bike

A good road bike should have the following features:

  1. Engine displacement – 250-500 cm3;

  2. Four-stroke water-cooled design;

  3. Wheels with a diameter of 12-14 inches;

  4. Automatic transmission;

  5. Hydraulic disc brakes;

  6. Compact luggage compartment for hand luggage;

  7. Suspension consisting of a spring-loaded fork in front of and telescopic rack at the back;

Features of choosing a Chinese motorcycle

Characteristics to consider when choosing a motorcycle Chinese-made, no different from those taken into account when choosing a model released in Japan or America. Attention should be paid to the above criteria in general and the quality of each element individually, comparing the received information with the total cost of the bike. Chinese value motorcycle is a combination of low price and excellent performance, otherwise should prefer a more eminent manufacturer.

Choose a motorcycle, choose a beginner

A powerful and functional motorcycle to choose for a beginner no no sense due to lack of operating experience and injury hazard as a result. For this reason, the choice to give follows in favor of a compact city motorcycle with an engine no more than 125 cubic centimeters equipped ABS and traction control systems, as well as hydraulic disc brakes and high-quality suspension. The transmission is better to choose. automatic, which will not allow to stall when starting or gear shifting.

Choosing a motorcycle for travel

In order to feel comfortable on a long journey, preference should be given to tourist class motorcycles with a developed luggage system in the rear. The engine must have a volume not less than 750 cubic centimeters in order to provide the ability to perform high-speed maneuvers and overtaking bulky equipment on highways. Hydraulic brakes, developed shock absorber system, anti-lock braking system and Cruise control as well as automatic transmissions are required. AND so as not to build your route around gas stations, on A large tank must be installed on the motorcycle. will be 30-35 liters.

Choosing a cross bike

Cross-country motorcycle – a device designed for operation in specific conditions, and therefore its key features are:

  1. Engine capacity of 250-500 cubic centimeters;

  2. Powerful short base frame;

  3. Developed shock absorber system that allows you to perform various tricks;

  4. Manual transmission;

  5. Powerful mud tires with advanced tread;

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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