How to choose a jack

Modern jacks have a reliable and stable design, unpretentious and make it possible to replace the wheel or perform service work almost in the field. All that is required – choose the right device and read the instructions for its use.

choose a jack for a car


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Top Jack Manufacturers

Reliable and functional devices of this class are presented a considerable amount. The choice is best made in favor of the following manufacturers:

  1. AE&T

  2. Zubr

  3. Forsage

  4. Matrix

  5. Airline

In the catalog of each of them there are many different devices. Before choosing, you must familiarize yourself with characteristics, as well as with reviews of experienced users, tested a specific model in practice.

Types of Jacks

Modern devices of this class are divided into several categories.

Mechanical jacks

Mechanical Jacks

The traditional type, the lifting height of which is carried out by handle rotation on the side. Simplicity and reliable design, most suitable for working with cars.


  • Simple and stable design;

  • Suitable for everyday use;

  • Inexpensive


  • Over time, the design tends to loosen and shrink. strength;

  • When working, you need to apply considerable effort;

  • Not suitable for frequent use;

Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic Jacks

The basis of the operation of such devices is a special hydraulic fluid that creates pressure, through which the car rises to the required height. Main body the handle here also protrudes, however the force that required to work with the device, minimally.


  • Easy to operate;

  • Allow to lift a large weight;

  • Suitable for daily use;

  • Robust construction;


  • Large dimensions, quite heavy;

  • High price;

Pneumatic jacks

Pneumatic jacks

The principle of operation of devices of this class is to using the energy of compressed air pumped into a special storage tank. Devices of this type are distinguished by functionality and They are used in almost any environment, including field conditions. Widely used at various service stations for work with both passenger and and with trucks.


  • Functional;

  • Large adjustment range;

  • Suitable for cars and trucks;

  • Strong and durable;

  • Used in all conditions;


  • Expensive;

  • They require a source that pumps air – compressor;

The main criteria for choosing a jack

jack selection criteria

Having decided on the type of specific device and its principle work, you need to look closely at his workers features.

Lifting capacity

Criterion that has an important impact on operational characteristics of the jack.

  1. If the device is selected for domestic use, payload must be selected based on vehicle weight plus 200-250 kilograms. A similar formula is more than enough to secure against falling and other force majeure circumstances. IN In general, for domestic use, a jack is enough with a loading capacity of 2100-2200 kilograms;

  2. Buying a device for frequent operation in the STO mode, preference should be given as much lifting devices – who knows which car will come for tire fitting. IN in some cases, the threshold of 2.5-2.7 tons is not enough, they can require more powerful devices.

Maximum lift height

Reflects the range of height to which the jack is able to lift car. It is traditionally believed that the higher this value is – the more functional the jack is and the more it allows you to perform operations, avoiding the use of pits or lift. For domestic use and simple operations like replacing wheels are completely mechanical jack with a lifting height of up to 40-50 centimeters.

Features of choosing a jack for a car

  1. If the jack will be used a couple of times a season for performing the simplest manipulations, like the “re-shoe” of the wheels, There is no point in overpaying for expensive hydraulic models. These functions are easily performed by an inexpensive mechanical jack, made of reinforced steel with lifting heights up to 40-50 centimeters. Payload must be calculated taking into account the maximum possible used weight with an increase of 100-200 kilogram;

  2. If necessary, frequent use and implementation of various car repair operations, as well as during operation of the jack with various cars, including minivans and SUVs, preference should be given to hydraulic a jack capable of lifting weights up to 3-3.5 tons;

Features of choosing a jack for a gazelle

Due to the technical features, Gazelle, as well as any other freight and commercial vehicles, require application a very specific jack.

For commercial use and the presence of several vehicles, which must be maintained, preference should be given to powerful a hydraulic jack with an adjustable support height and the ability to raise the car to 70-80 centimeters;

In case the Gazelle is a personal car, a jack should have maximum versatility. Choose the best pneumatic model operating from a compact supercharger on voltage 220 volts. If in the garage there is a full compressor, you can pay attention to the device running from him.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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