How to choose a fuel filter

Fuel filter – an important element in engine design internal combustion, from the correct operation of which directly depends on the functioning of the car as a whole. Main him mission – fine cleaning of fuel coming from the gas tank and prevent dirt and harmful substances from entering the combustion chamber. In order for the engine to take care of the period declared by the manufacturer and did not cause trouble to the car owner, you must carefully monitor for the state of the filter element, and also to implement its timely replacement.

How to choose a fuel filter

Top car fuel filter manufacturers

Currently, the following products are considered the best. Filter equipment manufacturers:

  1. Knecht;

  2. Mahle;

  3. Filtron;

  4. Mann;

  5. Sachs;

  6. Boge;

In order to choose a quality filter, you need to study not only recommendations of the car manufacturer and technical information, but also read user reviews, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of specific models. Find them You can on the Internet, on thematic forums and in social networks.

Types of fuel filters

The classic fuel filter is a special conical shaped element made of soft porous material, freely passing gas to the nozzles. The folds, which are the main structural element, hold grains of sand, moisture, debris and other substances that could be harmful fuel equipment of the car.

Depending on the design, there are two The main type of fuel filter.

Filter Insert

fuel filter - insert

A special tool without an outer shell. Integrates directly to the engine fuel line, installation location is a special compartment in the engine compartment. IN depending on the design of the car, may have various dimensions, and also cylindrical or conical shape.


  • Compact size;

  • Installed in a specially designated space under hood;

  • Inexpensive


  • Requires special equipment and certain skills;

  • Some cars require careful disassembly of the engine compartment space

Fuel filter for external installation

Fuel filter for external installation

The functional purpose of this element is identical, only the appearance and installation location differs. Soft filter the element here is enclosed in a special metal case with removed fuel pipes. The installation site is the fuel The car trunk is usually under the driver’s seat.


  • High degree of fuel purification;

  • Installed in an easily accessible place;

  • Undemanding to the qualification of the master, performing mounting;

  • The metal construction protects against external influences;


  • More expensive than filters – inserts;

Filters for gas purification

fuel filter for gas purification

Used in vehicles with gas equipment. The principle of their operation is similar to the above, only the material of which the filter is made differs element. In this case, a dense, well permeable paper. Designed to hold dust, grains of sand, as well as moisture and operating deposits harmful to the fuel system.


  • Compact size;

  • Long term of operation;

  • Dressed in a protective metal case;


  • They require skills and special equipment during dismantling;

  • Expensive;

  • Installation and replacement is carried out at specialized service stations;

Fuel filter selection options

fuel filter selection criteria

Given the critical importance of a fuel cell to its choice pay close attention. Conformity assessment carried out taking into account the following criteria.

  1. Manufacturing firm. The choice should be given to products exclusively quality brands. Brands of the budget price range should be bought only in case of emergency and lack of alternatives;

  2. Frequency of replacement. Despite all the recommendations manufacturers, fuel filter replacement interval should reduce up to 2-3 engine oil changes (usually 15-20 thousand kilometers);

  3. Density and quality of the filter element. If selected filter insert, its quality can be determined independently. The material from which the filter is made is dense and rigid, and at the same time passes gasoline or diesel fuel well, except the most excessive load on the pump;

  4. Subtlety of a filtration. The parameter that determines the size of the fraction, which is guaranteed to be held by the insertion of a filter. For diesel for a car this value is 5 microns, for gasoline – about 10 microns.

  5. Guaranteed degree of purification. Measured in percent and displays the number of items that the filter holds. For the best models, this parameter is at around 98-99%;

About subtleties of dropout

Parameter that displays the number of particles of different sizes and fractions passing through the filter during its operation.

  1. The marking “average” elimination means that the filter is capable keep about 50-60% of the particles passing through it. Such filters are suitable for old and domestic cars and not are recommended for use on modern foreign cars;

  2. Nominal screening – the filter holds 80-90% of the particles. Like cleaning is sufficient for the daily operation of many modern cars;

  3. Absolute screening indicates that the filter element is capable of retain almost 99.99% of the fractions. The best option for modern passenger cars equipped with turbocharging and multi-stage direct injection systems;

How to determine the quality of the fuel filter?

Even trusted manufacturers can produce defective products that are somehow not noticed in the acceptance. Exactly for this reason, when choosing a filter, you need to pay attention the following nuances:

  1. The quality of the paper and the uniformity of its density. Affects filtering properties – the more uniform the thickness of the paper, the better filtering and lower risk of transmission pollution past the filter;

  2. Winding density. The better the filter, the higher the overall winding density and the better its filtering characteristics;

  3. Uniform filling with garbage. If during dismantling the spent filter will be noticeable heterogeneity and the irregularity of its filling, from the purchase of such a filter in the future should be abandoned or its life reduced to 8-10 thousand kilometers;

Features of choosing a fuel filter for diesel

Due to the design features, a diesel car makes high demands on the quality of the fuel supplied. By statistics, 80% of the total number of breakdowns of diesel cars it is due to a malfunction of the fuel system, and therefore The diesel engine fuel filter must have the following parameters:

  1. Material – dense cellulose or a combination of synthetics and cellulose;

  2. Form factor in accordance with the design of the car;

  3. The degree of purification is at the level of 99-99.5%;

  4. The size of the filtered fraction – no more than 5 microns;

  5. The presence of an integrated moisture separator;

As a useful option, fuel heating filter – a system that allows you to increase the temperature of the fuel, inside the filter element to an acceptable level. FROM it helps to start the engine in conditions of minus temperatures.

A brief tour of the brands

  1. The most functional premium brands are Knecht, Mahle, Delphi;

  2. The best value for money is present in the product Mahle, Purflux, Bosch;

  3. From inexpensive manufacturers can recommend products Patron, WIX, Starline, Steelox;

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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