How to choose a car alarm

Car alarm – a modern protective device, designed to inform the owner of attempts unauthorized access to the car. That was her original function however currently listing The possibilities have expanded significantly. Monitor status car door, charge battery, carry out remote engine start and even track auto location by GPS Navigation – These and many other features are currently available. time to those who decided to install a car alarm.

How to choose a car alarm

Top car alarm manufacturers

In order to avoid unnecessary installation problems and operation as well as ensure full alarm compatibility with a car, the choice should be in favor of proven models from famous manufacturers:

  1. Starline

  2. Magicar;

  3. Pandorra;

  4. Sheriff;

  5. Magnum;

Before deciding on a specific model, you should also to study customer reviews about actual operating conditions, how positive as well as negative. You can find them on automobile forums and on various social networks.

Types of Alarms

Modern devices on sale, accepted to share into three conditional groups.

One way communication alarms


Devices popular in the 90s of the last century that have lost in present its relevance. Operated with key fob and allow the owner to signal unauthorized access to the car sound signal only when the car is in the zone visibility and audibility, that is, no further than 300-350 meters. Feedback There is no contact with the owner.


  • Inexpensive

  • Simple operation

  • Easy installation

  • Notify the owner of the car in a radius of 300-350 meters;


  • Do not have feedback;

  • Very easy to disconnect;

Feedback alarms


More advanced devices for tracking information about the condition of the car in real time. Keychain of such devices equipped with a display on which status information is displayed car, attempted entry, as well as a change in position car relative to the original. The range of such devices is about 5 kilometers and can be expanded beyond account for installing the GSM module and subsequent synchronization with compatible smartphone via wireless. On it you can take control of the entire system.


  • High functionality;

  • Conclusion of information about the state of the car on the display of the remote control;

  • Extensive reach;

  • Allows you to track the status of the car in real time;


  • Expensive;

  • The cracker has the ability to intercept the signal;

Satellite alarm

Satellite Alarm

It is an advanced feedback signaling option, in the basis of the algorithm of which is GPS navigation. Broadcast signal between the alarm unit installed in the car and the key fob is carried out using satellite communications. She is It is also used to track the location of the car – in any using a special application, the owner can View the exact coordinates of your car.


  • Unlimited range;

  • It is very difficult to disconnect;

  • Ability to track location and route a car;

  • Control over the car;


  • The complexity of installation;

  • The most expensive on the market;

The main criteria for choosing an alarm for a car

criteria for choosing an alarm for a car

Having decided on the type of alarm, it’s time to pay attention technical features of a particular model, preferable to purchase.

Alarm design

  1. Monoblock alarm – the oldest, most familiar many type. All the filling of the alarm is set in a small a block that crashes into the vehicle’s CAN bus under the hood;

  2. Diversity design is more advanced. the system. It is installed in various places of the car, which significantly complicates the work of the deactivator systems;

Number of car security zones

The security zone is a sensor that is placed on a certain element of the car and signals to the owner about improper contact with him.

  1. Budget models have 3-5 sensors. Usually, are installed in the doors and trunk lid;

  2. Mid-range models are equipped with 5-7 security zones. To the above is added a gearbox selector, a lock cylinder ignition;

  3. Expensive car alarms can have 9 or more security zones. Traditional penetration points are complemented by sensors, installed in the pedal assembly, accelerometer, sensors damage and other smart systems;

Control code structure

  1. Static signal – exchange between the unit and the pager carried out using a signal of one frequency. Easy intercepted and neutralized;

  2. Dynamic. Constantly changing signal, select which quite problematic;

  3. Dialog. The most advanced option, in which the receiver and transmitter exchange multi-level codes, which allows eliminate signal interception and the use of a repeater;

Action range

  1. One-way alarms transmit a signal within a radius of half a kilometer from the parking lot;

  2. Two-way alarms can relay signal at a distance of 3 to 5 kilometers. With a GSM module and installed SIM card range is repeatedly increased and works where there is cellular communication;

  3. Satellite alarm has comprehensive coverage and works even in the most remote corners, allowing the owner not only monitor the condition of the car, but also track its route movement during theft;

Engine Control Features

  1. Manual start. Allows you to start the car engine when help pressing the button of the same name;

  2. Auto start. According to a predetermined algorithm, the device starts the car engine, which is very useful in winter time. The launch can be carried out both automatically and through customizable timers. Especially useful this function in cold weather – the owner can configure the work so so that the car starts every 3-4 hours and warms up certain time, resulting in the concept of a cold start absent in principle;

Security modes

  1. Auto. The device starts immediately after the owner will lock the central lock;

  2. On a wound motor. Function useful in winter time. Allows you to leave the car wound up even when closed central lock;

  3. Silent security. Alert Feature the owner in the sleeping quarters and next to the multi-unit residential houses. Does not manifest itself as a heart-rending cry of a siren, immediately transmits to the owner on the pager all the information;

Security functions

Life-threatening signaling capabilities to intruders.

  1. Locking engine, central locking or gear selector transfers in case of unauthorized access;

  2. Immobilizer – a special device that turns off the gas pump or de-energizing the on-board network when trying to penetrate guarded car;

  3. Closing doors at the beginning of movement. Allows to implement inadvertent opening by children on the go;

  4. “Panic” mode – targeted alarms in manual mode;

Additional equipment

Depending on the degree of advancement, this or that alarm can be equipped with one of the following modules.

  1. GSM module. Designed to install a SIM card and determine locations using triangulation – signal tracking SIM cards on cell towers;

  2. GPS module. Designed to work with a navigation system, allows you to track the location of the car and manage it functions regardless of distance and distance;

  3. CAN module. A device that integrates into the vehicle’s CAN bus and designed to better integrate signaling into car, taking information from the main sensors and controlling it functionality.

Features of choosing a car alarm with auto start

Choosing a modern alarm system with auto start, you must pay attention to the following list in the device functions:

  1. Diversity installation of system blocks;

  2. Dynamic or interactive data exchange between the system and key fob;

  3. The presence of a GSM or GPS module to control the system, as well as CAN adapter to control the system;

  4. The presence of programmable algorithms for automatic start systems and turbo timer;

  5. Possibility of simultaneous operation of at least 5-6 sensors systems;

  6. Locking the central lock and engine start when the need;


In the following articles we tell you how to choose the right used car, the main secrets of choosing a thickness gauge and which tinting is best to choose for a car.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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