How to choose a blanket for newborns

In the first months of life, the child sleeps a lot. And so that he was warm, comfortable and safe, you need to choose the right one a blanket.

Top baby blanket manufacturers

Baby blanket

The blanket for the newborn should be light, hypoallergenic and pleasant to the body, and the materials used in the production, safe for baby. Products meet these requirements. companies:

  1. Kariguz – more than 26 years producing high quality products down-feather material. The company’s products comply with GOST and international quality standards.

  2. Farla Dream – produces envelopes-blankets for newborns. Received certificates of conformity with GOST and international certificate OEKO-Tex Standart 100 quality.

  3. Primaville – has been producing blankets for over 15 years. In addition to standard materials uses natural phyto-fillers from corn and bamboo. Company products received declarations of conformity technical regulations of the customs union.

  4. German Grass – produces Austrian luxury goods quality. In production uses environmentally friendly and antiallergenic materials.

Types of blankets for newborns

Types of blankets for newborns

Standard blanket

Standard blankets for newborns are designed for different children age. Some models are only suitable for the first year of life, and others can be used from birth to three to four years. For example, blankets of size 100×140 and 110×140 can be used for babies 0–3 years old, and models 80 × 110 in size – for babies up to of the year.

Blankets for newborns are made from different materials: bamboo fiber, camel hair, linen, fleece, cotton, fluff and synthetic winterizer. There are winter and summer models (with and without fillers), and also products designed for all seasons.

Envelope blanket

Such products have a standard envelope shape, but with if necessary, they can be laid out in a regular blanket. They can use for discharge from the hospital or walk, as ordinary blankets or play mats.

Envelopes are lightweight and easy to fold. Dimensions there are different, most often it is 75×75, 90×90 or 110×110. IN production uses natural fabrics (100% cotton) and anti-allergenic heaters.

Envelopes can be winter, summer, demi-season and all-weather. All-season models come with a fur blanket, which used with the envelope in the cold season.


Baby blanket filler


Silk blankets are durable and durable, they can be used in any time of the year. Moreover, they are not “loved” by dust mites, which can cause an asthmatic attack and a rash in a child. Such products do not cause allergies in children. The main disadvantage of silk blankets is high price.


In production, duck or goose down is most often used. It is a warm and lightweight material, resilient and pleasant to the touch. But duvets are not recommended for babies, as they often cause allergies and ticks and mold fungus.


This material is used when sewing winter models. He is excellent warms the child and stores the desired temperature. Wool blankets well ventilated, so the baby’s skin breathes. They have high hygroscopicity, i.e. absorb and vaporize moisture. Under such a blanket, the child will not wake up in sweat. However wool can cause allergies in some people, and may start dust mites.


This filler, like wool, has a high hygroscopicity. It does not cause an allergic reaction in a child, in mites and fungi do not start there. In addition, bamboo blankets have a breathing structure, underneath it is warm and comfortable to sleep. Yet one plus of bamboo is its lightness – even the biggest a 220×240 blanket weighs no more than 1.5 kilograms.


This hypoallergenic and warm material is often used in creating winter blankets for kids. But it incorporates odors and with time lumps into lumps. Wadded blanket not recommended use for newborns, as it’s too heavy and not possesses the necessary hygroscopicity.

Synthetic fillers

In the production of blankets for winter and summer, such synthetic fillers like hollofiber, ecofiber and tinsulate. Hollofiber is lightweight and highly durable, and ecofiber – elastic structure, durability and “breathing” properties. One of the lightest synthetic materials considered tinsulate. This is a very warm material, it works great. for the production of winter blankets. But tinsuleit has a drawback – he builds up static electricity.

Case Material

Cases for baby blankets are most often made of cotton, linen, satin, silk and cambric. The best of these is cotton. He does not call allergic reactions in children, as it is not of interest to dust mites and other parasites. Cotton “breathes” and, in addition, it can absorb and evaporate about 30% of the moisture from the environment and stay dry.

What blanket to choose for the child

Which blanket to choose for the child

  1. When buying blankets for a newborn, pay attention to naturalness of materials and lightness of the product. Best for summer silk, cotton and bamboo models are suitable, and for the winter – blankets with sheep wool filler.

  2. The child should be comfortable and warm in his crib, therefore choose products from hygroscopic material that preserves warmly. If the baby is prone to allergies, discard the downy ones, woolen and cotton fillers.

  3. Some manufacturers indicate in the name that the blanket consists from “100% camel hair” or “100% bamboo”, but on the label indicate that the filler is synthetic. Therefore, so that you do not deceived, carefully study everything that is written in “small print”, and Do not buy goods at a suspiciously low price.

  4. Before buying, check the durability of the cover – remember carefully and whip the blanket. Make sure that it doesn’t come out of it anywhere. filler. This will indicate quality and durability. products.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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