How to choose a backpack for a child

Children have to attend school five times a week, like whether it is for them or not – largely depends on the parents, especially in the young child’s age: from first grade to entry to high school. Beyond the knowledge on the shoulders of your beloved son or every school day, a beloved daughter hangs a real burden – his backpack, which willy-nilly, literally through force, has to be worn on the lessons. To make life easier for your child, in other words – to ensure proper comfort, you must learn to choose school backpacks, and now we will examine in detail this issue.

The best backpack for a child – orthopedic

The best backpack for a child - orthopedic

Despite the fact that modern manufacturers offer thousands options for all kinds of backpacks, not all of them are suitable for the child. It is very simple to explain: in a growing organism, first of all a skeleton is formed, and then the body gains the necessary muscle weight to maintain the resulting “design.” The problem is, that it’s very easy to deform a developing spine – for example, with the help of a backpack in which the weight of the load is not correctly distributed. IN for many days, this effect on the baby’s back can turn into osteochondrosis and other problems, therefore, approach the question of choosing a knapsack needs to be taken as seriously as possible. The solution to this There are problems, and it is very simple – an orthopedic backpack.

The orthopedic backpack is anatomically correct a satchel recommended by the Ministry of Health for wearing by schoolchildren. Consider the benefits of such backpacks.

  1. Ease. The weight of the contents in orthopedic backpacks seems smaller than it actually is – all due to the right mass distribution over the entire surface of the satchel. The child becomes easier to carry your daily burden.

  2. Safety. Due to that very efficient distribution load, the backpack does not have a harmful effect on the spine a child. That is, the satchel is not capable of treating spinal diseases, but and he will not contribute to their occurrence.

  3. Comfort. Due to the fact that the frame anatomically corresponds back of the child, he does not feel discomfort even during prolonged hiking on the road from home to school.

So, we decided that for the primary school student (and preferably also middle) grades an orthopedic backpack is the best option of all possible, now it’s worth deciding which parameters must have suitable models.

Features of orthopedic school backpacks

Features of orthopedic school backpacks

In order not to buy an ordinary backpack, which is unscrupulous the manufacturer simply called it “orthopedic”, you need to study a small memo, it will help you when choosing.

  1. Hard frame. Orthopedic backpacks for schoolchildren have a sufficiently strong frame necessary for the weight of textbooks and stationery is evenly distributed over the entire area satchel. That is, these are not rag bags that high school students they are worn casually over one shoulder, and full-fledged backpacks – they really provide convenience.

  2. Solid back. Rigid inflexible back serves a kind of foundation, without which it is impossible to imagine a good schoolbag – it allows you to correctly, that is evenly distribute pressure on your spine a child.

  3. Wide straps. This is the third “required” criterion: wide straps (not shorter than 35 mm) are guaranteed to provide comfort in school days – the shoulders will not get tired and over-strain due to inconvenient design of fixing slings.

  4. Breathable material. And of course, so that the child does not sweated, the back and shoulder straps of the backpack must be lined with “pads” of porous material allowing air to circulate freely between clothes and a satchel.

Now you know what a real children’s backpack should look like – only this option guarantees safety and comfort for everyone day.

How to determine the required size and wear a backpack

How to determine the required size and wear a backpack

When choosing a specific model, you can be guided by markings affixed by the manufacturer – in the description of the backpack the approximate age of the child for whom this backpack is meant. However, the “recommended age” it is not always calculated accurately, moreover, it is trite different from country to country, so we recommend using a slightly different knapsack selection algorithm.

  1. Measure your child’s shoulder width and length from shoulders to graduation hips.

  2. Carefully study the dimensions of your favorite backpack model.

  3. If the specified width and length of the satchel do not exceed the measured indicators, then this model can be safely purchased.

One simple rule to remember is that you cannot buy a backpack, even if orthopedic, “for growth” – so you will do only worse. Here are some more relevant tips:

  1. make sure that the backpack is worn on two straps, because it the only correct option;

  2. the weight of the filled satchel should not exceed 10% by weight a child;

  3. the compartments should be filled with things evenly, so the load on shoulders and back are further reduced.

By following these simple rules and tips, you can easily choose your child a backpack with which he will be comfortable and nice to go to school all year long.

A little about the manufacturers of school backpacks

A little about the manufacturers of school backpacks

In order not to get lost in the huge variety of existing options, we highlight the most popular manufacturers of children’s orthopedic knapsacks that are true for many years serve their young masters.

  1. Hummingbird Massive rated backpacks many buyers, the highest scores – comfortable, durable, Have a nice design. The orthopedic frame is simply magnificent – The company is certified according to international standards, its products Recommended for purchase for primary school students. The only drawback of the product is too much weight in the empty condition.

  2. Herlitz The brand that produces backpacks in the price segment “above average” – the company’s satchels can really be called high-quality products, in every way worthy of admiration. A big plus for lovers of originality: Herlitz offer many collections of satchels with a variety of designs.

  3. Belmil. Available to all backpacks from the famous Serbian companies perfectly demonstrate that even for a moderate fee you can get a durable and, more importantly, a safe backpack for a child. Orthopedic frame at the highest level – guaranteed keep correct posture to the student.

After weighing the pros and cons, with a clear conscience, choose the convenient an orthopedic satchel that brightens school days and preserves Your child’s spine is healthy!

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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