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Laminate is an imitation coating that can perfectly match stone, natural wood, tiles, etc. It is a durable, durable material with an excellent aesthetic appearance. But at the same time, it requires a certain amount of care, which will preserve its 'vitality' for many years. Here are some helpful tips from our expert laminate flooring experts.

Coating features

Coating features

Laminate is a special coating that differs somewhat from most similar materials, therefore it requires a certain approach during operation. The type and nature of care for this material depends mainly on its type and quality characteristics.

There are several types of laminate, and not everyone can withstand a full-fledged wet cleaning. For example, a material created by direct lamination or a cached version should not come into contact with water, as this can be fraught with irreversible consequences.

There are also a number of laminate flooring varieties that cope with water stress without problems and can be cleaned without problems using wet cleaning. Among them are the following:

  1. DPR – products created by direct printing are easily modified by moisture – they can only be cleaned by hand (using a damp cloth), but wipe dry after each cleaning.

  2. CPL – products made with continuous pressure are not afraid of moisture. Material with such a mark can be safely cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner and even arrange wet cleaning.

  3. HPL – products created by the high pressure method are not particularly susceptible to moisture, however, it is advisable to expose the surface to 'stress' from contact with water no more than 2 times a week.

IMPORTANT. If the laminate is marked by the manufacturer as moisture resistant, this does not mean that the method of laying the material should not be taken into account when cleaning. Since in some cases there is a high probability of water getting into the joint between the elements, the coating will 'swell'. But the castle laying will withstand even general wet cleaning without problems.

Subtleties of care

Dry and wet cleaning is used to care for the laminate. The first option is preferable for household products (class 21-23). They are 'afraid' of exposure to water, so it's best to vacuum them or just sweep them.

The second cleaning option is used for products with a class higher than 32. Slightly lower grades can also be cleaned with a damp cloth or a special vacuum cleaner, but not more than 2 times a week.

Since dry cleaning is the simplest and most understandable option, we will consider the intricacies of caring for a laminate using wet cleaning. So, consider some of the nuances:

  1. Use a suitable tool, such as a vacuum cleaner (soft nozzle), steam cleaner, damp soft mop, etc.

  2. Warm, clean water is best for maintaining your laminate flooring (for when dirt is unstable and easy to remove). Moreover, after it becomes cloudy, it is necessary to immediately change the water: only then the coating will retain its original appearance.

  3. For stubborn stains, acetone is the best cleaning agent: just leave the substance on the stain for a few minutes, and then simply remove it with a soft sponge or dry cloth.

Helpful hints

In order for the coating to last as long as possible, you should treat it carefully:

  1. Use special furniture covers;

  2. Wear indoor shoes made of special soft materials (this will help avoid scratching the laminate);

  3. Use only special detergents, soft bristle brushes and fiber to remove stains for the maintenance of the laminate flooring.

  4. For matte floor maintenance, use a spray specially formulated to remove dirt from laminate flooring.

  5. To clean glossy finishes, products that restore their natural shine are best.

  6. If any dirt appears on the floor surface, it is necessary to remove them immediately, because if this is not done immediately, they can stick into the material and the cleaning process will become much more complicated.

  7. If the laminate is laid in the corridor, be sure to lay a rug made of materials (rubber, dense fabric) on the threshold, which will protect the covering from deformation.

About choosing the right products

The market surprises with a variety of cleaning products for the care of various floor coverings, including laminate flooring. But when using such drugs, it is necessary to take into account the fact that many of them can corrode the coating, so it is better to use them only to remove difficult stains.

Home remedies are great for regular grooming:

  1. Baby shampoo is an inexpensive, effective, safe product for laminate flooring. 4-5 tbsp is enough. dilute the spoons in a bucket of water to clean a spacious room with a laminate flooring.

  2. Vinegar – Mix 1: 4 vinegar with water and wipe off particularly dirty areas. Suitable for occasional use.

  3. Lemon juice + vinegar is an effective gloss polish agent. Mix vinegar with lemon juice and warm water in a ratio of 1.5: 1: 2, add a couple of drops of dish detergent. You will get a solution of low density with foam. You can safely use it to rub your laminate.

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