Egypt's 17 Best 5 Star Hotels

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Egypt is still a favorite vacation spot for many Russians. Of course, now getting to this country has become much more difficult – as you know, the Russian government requires Egypt to significantly increase security measures at all airports. But someday, passenger aircraft will again start flying to this African country on a full scale. By that time, you must prepare yourself by learning about the best hotels built in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. This can be done by reading our article, which talks exclusively about five-star hotels. A stop in any of them will leave only positive impressions!

5 star rating of the best hotels in Egypt

Nomination a place hotel price per day
Best 5 star hotels in Sharm El Sheikh 1 Rixos Premium Seagate – Ultra All Inclusive 5 RUB 20937
2 Four Seasons Resort SharmEl Sheikh 5 19491 RUB
3 Royal Savoy Hotel and Villas 5 RUB 10,456
4 Iberotel Palace 5 RUB 8205
5 Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort 5 RUB 6686
6 Coral Sea Waterworld SharmEl Sheikh 5 5231 RUB
7 Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh 5 5942 RUB
8 Sultan Gardens Resort 5 5056 RUB
Best 5 star hotels in Hurghada 1 Albatros White Beach 5 RUB 11255
2 Iberotel Makadi Beach 5 RUB 8520
3 Jaz Makadina 5 6649 RUB
4 Serenity Makadi Beach 5 RUB 13180
5 Serenity Fun City 5 RUB 9702
6 Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel 5 RUB 8884
7 The Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh 5 RUB 10,854
8 Sunrise Garden Beach Resort & Spa 5 RUB 7637
9 Sunrise Romance Resort (Adult only) Sahl Hasheesh 5 5241 RUB

Best 5 star hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

Rixos Premium Seagate – Ultra All Inclusive 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 5.0


Not a hotel, but a real fairy tale! Many people point out that this is ideal for couples in love. Families with children are certainly welcome here. There is no point in stopping here alone during a business trip – it is too expensive, and a lot of entertainment will simply pass you by.

The hotel complex is located next to the beach. Its distance from the sea is less than 200 meters. At the same time, the hotel was opened quite recently – in 2016. This alone makes it clear that the interior decoration in the buildings belonging to the hotel will be magnificent – you will not leave the feeling of novelty. By the way, the complex includes as many as 7 restaurants (including the main one, which is huge). This number hints that Rixos Premium Seagate is capable of receiving many thousands of visitors. In fact, almost any cuisine in the world will be available to them, no one will make a person get used to Egyptian dishes.

If a coral reef beach doesn't suit you, you can relax in the pool. There are 7 of them built here, one of them is covered. There is also a children's pool in the hotel, where you can remind your child of the importance of swimming. The hotel complex also boasts nine bars, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a food court on the beach and many other amenities. As you understood from the name, the hotel belongs to the 'All Inclusive' type.

Well, what awaits the hotel visitor in the room? It all depends on the amount you are willing to spend. But in any case, you will receive a TV with satellite channels, hairdryer, telephone, bathrobes, slippers, minibar, which you can use at no extra cost, bath accessories, individual air conditioning, free safe and coffee making facilities. I am glad that all rooms have a view of the pool, sea or, in extreme cases, the garden.

And how many rooms are there in this hotel complex? Even from the photographs one can understand that there is a lot. To be precise, the hotel offers 783 rooms. 290 of them belong to the Superior category, 195 – to the Deluxe category, 22 – to the Premium category. Also, the hotel has four dozen interconnecting rooms, which are used to accommodate large families.

Such a hotel could not do without a chic SPA center. If you come to Egypt for a long time, then you can take a course of recovery. Here you will be offered a variety of massages, numerous beauty treatments, and a steam room. The hotel offers a Turkish hammam, jacuzzi, sauna, gym and showers. Unfortunately, massage, beauty and medical services are available at an additional cost. But this is a common practice of 5-star hotels, including those located in other countries.

How else can you have fun on the territory of the hotel? Don't waste all your time on swimming pools? Several times a week you can enjoy live music and singing karaoke on your own. It also features evening entertainment shows and daytime activities with an animation team. Here you can also go in for sports – darts, beach volleyball, tennis (in the evening, turning on the lights will require payment), table tennis, billiards and even water polo. Girls will love fitness and different types of aerobics.

In a word, this is a chic hotel complex that will evoke positive emotions from absolutely all visitors. Both adults and kids will be welcome here – an individual approach will be found for each. It is clear that the cost of visiting the hotel is also a five-star one. One week of stay will cost you 230-300 thousand rubles, depending on the type of the chosen room.


  • A huge number of rooms;
  • Most of the fun is free;
  • Great beach right next to the hotel;
  • Lots of swimming pools and sports grounds;
  • There is a good SPA center;
  • Just 9 km from the airport;
  • All rooms have garden, sea or pool views.


  • Very high cost of living;
  • Massages and beauty treatments – for a fee.

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.9


Another representative of our rating, collecting only positive feedback from visitors. They usually say that there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Despite the fact that the hotel was opened more than 15 years ago, it has a chic appearance. And not only outside, but also inside – the interiors of the rooms will definitely not leave you indifferent.

This hotel is located in the picturesque part of Sharm el-Sheikh. The main building here is complemented by almost two dozen two-storey buildings, built for those who value privacy. The territory of the hotel is huge, so you shouldn't be surprised that mini-mobiles run here with might and main. Most of all, such a hotel complex looks like a miniature Arab village. This similarity is provided by the aforementioned houses – they are located in a cascade from the desert to the sea. By the way, they do not block the sea at all – it can be seen from any corner of the hotel.

The hotel complex has many arched openings, domed roofs and private courtyards with fountains. The noise of the latter gives an even greater mood for relaxation. All this is located just 7.5 km from the airport. As for the center of Sharm el-Sheikh, it is about 15 km away. This means that the noise of the big city will definitely not make itself felt.

The hotel has 136 rooms in total. All of them are spacious and beautiful. Among them, the 27 luxury suites stand out. There are also residential apartments here that will be of interest to large families. Well, three houses are allocated for residential villas. Whichever room you choose, it will have a terrace or balcony. Some of them offer impressive views of the Red Sea. Strictly speaking, this is basically what distinguishes, say, a Premier room from a cheaper Superior room – the latter's terrace overlooks the hotel courtyard and garden. Inside any room you will find cable TV, a safe, a minibar, a telephone with an answering machine, an alarm clock and bath accessories. Of course, in more expensive rooms you can find something besides a TV – for example, a full-fledged stereo system. Moreover, especially wealthy people can look forward to a private pool!

Perhaps it's time to talk about the proposed entertainment. On the territory of the hotel complex there is a simple circular pool, a luxurious spa center, a sauna, a steam room, a fitness room and a huge heated swimming pool. The open-air jacuzzi has not been forgotten either. Well, next to the hotel there is a golf club. Another hotel is able to please you with diving and snorkeling. In terms of meals, meals are served either in the main restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the sea, or in one of several other restaurants, one of which is located near the main pool. There are also bars and restaurants.

Of course, many people come to Egypt for the beach. He is, of course, not forgotten here either. The sandy beach is 100 meters long, which is quite enough for such a hotel. Each visitor is provided with beach towels, umbrellas and sun loungers.

Rest outside the summer season will be the most interesting. If you arrive, say, in the spring, you risk not meeting the rest of the visitors at all – there are so few of them, and the hotel territory is huge. You will only see them while visiting the restaurant.

As for prices, for a week of living in a double room you will be asked for about 100 thousand rubles (in this case, we are talking about direct cost, excluding air tickets). Or more if you want to live in a 'suite' or family villa.


  • Huge territory;
  • Gorgeous beach;
  • There are numerous restaurants and bars;
  • The airport is nearby;
  • Nice view from the window of any room;
  • The hotel has a tropical garden;
  • Pools, spa, fitness room and sauna are not forgotten;
  • Car rental available;
  • You can go diving;
  • Tennis, volleyball, football, rugby, mini croquet and basketball are available.


  • There will definitely be additional costs;
  • Outside the season, mosquitoes can be affected.

Royal Savoy Hotel and Villas 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.8


This five-star representative of our rating was opened in 2009. It is also beachfront. It is next to National People's Commissar Ras Mohammed, in Soho Square. If the two hotels discussed above were ideal for families with children, then this option is exclusively for adults. In particular, it is especially recommended for a romantic getaway, for a honeymoon.

The hotel has not only its own beach, but also three swimming pools (one of them is active even in winter, as it is heated). The territory of the hotel complex is also able to please with a sauna, jacuzzi and a steam room. Not forgotten are the bars, one of which is located near the main pool. Well, free internet, where can we go without it …

A daily healthy breakfast is served in a separate room. Here you can highlight a spacious terrace overlooking the Red Sea. There is also a private lunch area on the territory of the hotel, where you can have a snack and drink your favorite cocktail at any time.

You will be spending most of your time at the beach and elsewhere. Well, at night you will return to your room. How will he please? Primarily a private balcony with two armchairs and a small table. The air conditioner will also please, because you can quickly get tired of the Egyptian heat. For an additional fee, you can use alcohol, which is generously stocked with a minibar. Also in the room you can find an individual safe, an ice bucket, an iron with an ironing board, a storage space for luggage, and some suites have their own Jacuzzi. Of course, it was not without a telephone and TV with satellite channels.

There are 79 rooms in this hotel. 11 of them are double suites. Delivery from the airport and back is carried out at the expense of the hotel complex. However, it is located – very close, literally two kilometers. And this can already be considered a disadvantage, because you will regularly observe planes taking off and landing, which are by no means silent.

Perhaps this is an excellent hotel for adults who have not yet had their own children. Or for those who were lucky enough to leave them with relatives. One must have some rest from them!

Finally, one cannot fail to mention the prices. For a week's stay in the Royal Savoy room they ask for about 84 thousand rubles. This amount includes breakfast only. Tour operators offer a 7-day trip to Egypt and accommodation in the above-mentioned hotel for 170-200 thousand rubles. Therefore, the prices are quite affordable!


  • Great interior in every room;
  • There are several pools;
  • There is a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi;
  • A large number of restaurants and bars;
  • Beautiful sea views from almost every room.


  • Accommodation with children under 12 years old – only in villas;
  • Airplanes can be distracting;
  • You can't go in for sports;
  • Lunches and dinners are not included in the price.

Iberotel Palace 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.7


This 5 star hotel is renowned for its elegantly shaped swimming pools. It is on them that the view from the room often opens. Of course, next to the pool there is a bar where you can order your favorite cocktail. However, it is not for the sake of the pool that you come to Egypt? Of course, there is also a beach here. It won't take long to get to the sea – the beach is just a stone's throw from the hotel.

This is one of the oldest representatives of our rating. The Iberotel Palace was opened back in 1996. Over the years of its existence, it has received several awards. For example, in 2006 he was awarded the Environmental Ideal Award for five-star hotels. At the same time, an award was received for organizing the best rest. Why is this hotel so loved?

Here you can take a break from children. Yes, they do not destroy them here – the hotel is strictly for adults. Also, one cannot fail to note the chic location of the hotel. It is located on the Sinai Peninsula, which is incredibly beautiful. It offers a gorgeous view of the Red Sea. You can calmly swim in it, but you should dry on an excellent sandy beach. Diving is also recommended – in this case, you will enjoy the beauty of the coral reef.

The hotel complex includes 254 rooms. More than half of them belong to the Deluxe class. 110 rooms correspond to the Superior class, and another 11 – to the Suites class. Unfortunately, not all rooms are perfect. For example, many Superior rooms are modest and have road views. It is worth making a choice in favor of such a room only if you are saving or know that you will only come back here late at night. Almost all rooms have a balcony or even a terrace. Also in the room you should look for a TV with satellite channels, safe, air conditioning, telephone and toiletries.

The five-star hotel complex cannot do without several restaurants. Here they provide a buffet, and in the bars you can find any alcoholic drinks. This hotel also knows how to entertain. For example, you can go play volleyball or billiards. Also available to visitors is tennis, table tennis, darts and water sports. The fairer sex must love the fitness center. Or aerobics. Or a massage. Well, everyone, without exception, will be satisfied with a sauna and a Turkish bath. Well, we have already said about outdoor pools – they are large, beautiful, and after sunset, the lights turn on in them.

This hotel is ideal for couples in love. But business people often stop there. They will appreciate not only relaxation, but also conference rooms. A week of living in this place will cost at least 57 thousand rubles. Of course, this does not include air tickets and other expenses – we are only talking about accommodation.


  • Not very high cost of living;
  • Luxurious romantic atmosphere;
  • The airport is located twenty kilometers away;
  • A large number of restaurants;
  • Great pools;
  • There is a sauna, steam room and fitness center;
  • You can do some sports;
  • There is a conference room (from 50 to 180 people).


  • Children are not allowed in the hotel;
  • Not all rooms have pool or sea views.

Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.6


There are several five-star hotels at a short distance from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport. One of them is Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort. It is only 9 km from the airport. The hotel has 421 comfortable rooms. Most of the rooms belong to the Superior category, they have an area of ​​43 sq. The Deluxe rooms are slightly larger. There are also two-room family suites. Yes, no one forbids coming here with children. Finally, we have not forgotten the presidential rooms, which are 141 sq. m. These rooms even have their own pool!

Each room includes air conditioning, TV with satellite channels (including Russian ones), balcony or terrace, telephone, ironing board, safe, desk, kettle and toiletries. There is also a large conference room on the territory of the hotel, where you can hold a corporate meeting. The hotel also has a luggage storage, several shops, a hairdresser and a beauty salon.

Five-star hotel complexes must have at least two or three swimming pools. Especially in Egypt, where the terrible summer heat literally makes you look for water. Here you can find four swimming pools at once, one of which has two slides. The three pools can be used even in winter, as they are equipped with a heating system.

Of course, you can relax not only in the pool. The sauna also allows you to relax. And there is also a bathhouse! They are free of charge for all all inclusive guests. However, the hotel allows not only to relax, but also to waste calories. You can do this on tennis courts.

Vacationers in Egypt love to eat well. In this case, there will be no problems with this. There are 8 restaurants on the territory of the huge hotel complex! The main one consists of two halls. The former offers Arabic cuisine, while the latter is a buffet. Other restaurants offer fish dishes as well as French, Italian, Thai, Greek, Indian and Mongolian cuisine. If you are interested in alcoholic drinks, there are numerous bars that can be found even by the pool and on the beach.

By the way, what is the beach like here? There are no complaints about him. It is private, so only hotel visitors can rest on it (as is the case with all other representatives of our rating). It is located literally two steps away. The entrance to the sea is from a pontoon. It is suggested to dry under an umbrella. Visitors are also provided with sun loungers.

Children have not been forgotten here either. There is a kids club, mini disco and children's playground on site. Well, for extra money, you can use the services of a nanny, having rest with your wife from your child.

It remains to add that this hotel opened its doors in 2013. The prices are rather big. And it is the Russians who have the hardest part – unfortunately, now none of the tour operators offer trips to Egypt with a stop at the Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort.


  • Great beach;
  • Large rooms with everything you need inside;
  • Many different restaurants;
  • There are activities for children;
  • Tennis courts are not forgotten;
  • The hotel has a sauna and bath;
  • There are four swimming pools;
  • Located near the international airport.


  • High prices.

Coral Sea Waterworld Sharm El Sheikh 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.5

Coral Sea Waterworld Sharm El Sheikh

One of the cheapest deals in Sharm El Sheikh. A week of stay at this hotel usually costs only 57 thousand rubles. A two-week vacation will cost 115-125 thousand rubles. This is, of course, only about accommodation. To this should be added air tickets and some additional expenses. And not everyone will want to live in a standard room, someone will want a more expensive suite.

So, what does the hotel complex located seven kilometers from the airport offer? It includes 369 rooms. Many of them are standard. However, even they have a wonderful view of the park. Some have a balcony. A little more expensive is accommodation in exactly the same room, but with a sea view. Well, Suites are suites consisting of a combined bedroom and living room, a terrace or balcony, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi.

Inside each room there is a telephone, minibar, air conditioning, safe, refrigerator, toiletries and TV with cable channels. On site you can find laundry, luggage storage, a couple of conference rooms and a currency exchange office. If you use the All Inclusive service, you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks at any time of the day and local alcoholic drinks. By the way, this hotel is ready to accept children too – they will love the Popai Kids Club mini-club, not to mention the children's menu. Babysitting services are also available for an additional fee.

Adults who have arrived in Egypt love to eat well. They will surely appreciate the large number of restaurants and pubs. It is not difficult to get acquainted with Italian cuisine here. The main restaurants offer international cuisine.

As the name of the hotel implies, it is dedicated to water activities. Therefore, do not be surprised by the presence of outdoor pools here. There is also a children's pool where you can teach your child to swim. The sauna has not been forgotten either. But, of course, people usually come to Egypt for a holiday on the shores of the Red Sea. Coral Sea Waterworld has its own 330-meter sandy beach. Visitors are provided with umbrellas, sun loungers, beach towels and even mattresses.

And what can you find fault with? Perhaps, to the annoying biting flies that are found here outside the beach season. Also, some visitors have reported the stink of the dogs guarding the hotel grounds. It feels good when you go outside the hotel complex to take a walk in Egypt. The opening time of the bar on the beach also looks strange – not everyone will want to wait until 10 am (at this time the sun is already at its zenith).


  • The prices are not very high;
  • Located near the airport;
  • A large number of rooms;
  • There is a swimming pool;
  • Great beach with coral reef;
  • Tennis court, mini football and darts are available;
  • Various water sports can be practiced;
  • There are activities for children.


  • Not the best smell from the dogs guarding the hotel;
  • The beach bar opens very late.

Movenpick Resort Sharm El Sheikh 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.5


Another excellent five star hotel in our ranking. It is also located relatively close to the airport. But not in such a way that planes taking off and landing frighten visitors. It takes only 10 minutes to get to the city center. However, such closeness will please you only once or twice. There is no doubt that you will spend most of your time on site. The fact is that there is a lot of entertainment here!

All the same, it is worth starting our story with numbers. There are 302 of them in total. The 109 rooms are classic with a sea view. A total of 31 rooms belong to the Deluxe type. Separately, 108 rooms with panoramic views of the Red Sea should be noted – you don't even want to leave them. Finally, there are 4 villas on the territory of the hotel complex – they are usually rented by large families.

Inside each room there is a TV (the type of TV is not specified), a safe, toiletries, a telephone, a balcony, a set for making coffee, a minibar and an air conditioner. An iron and ironing board can be provided upon request.

Business travelers can make use of the on-site conference room. Also, the infrastructure of the hotel complex includes shops, a laundry and even a stable. But much more visitors will appreciate the outdoor pool. The kids have a separate pool – it has a very shallow depth. Children are also provided with a mini-club, an appropriate playground and, for which, it turns out, a stable, friendly contact with horses is needed.

If you are tired of splashing around in the pool, you can head to the gym. Have your muscles pumped up? It's time to put them into action by playing tennis on one of the four courts. Billiards, table tennis and darts are also available to visitors. Well, on the sea you will definitely be offered to dive with scuba diving. The hotel also has a spa, jacuzzi and sauna.

If we have already mentioned the sea vacation, then we should note the presence of four beaches at once. Their total length is 500 m! Why are there so many? Everything is explained by the fact that each beach has its own specifics. One is quiet – here people just relax, sunbathing and swimming. The second beach is a sports beach – here you can, for example, play beach volleyball. The third beach is for water sports. Well, the fourth is still closed, judging by the reviews. In any case, you will be given an umbrella, sunbed, mattress and beach towel. Well, it should be noted that there is a coral reef near the beach.

Of course, you can't spend absolutely your entire vacation on the beach and pool. You need to eat sometime! As befits any hotel complex, Movenpick Resort has several restaurants at once. In one of them you can taste Indian cuisine. However, this restaurant is only open from 19:00 to 23:00, this should be taken into account. The rest of the restaurants are open a little longer, offering Egyptian and Oriental food, grilled food, barbecues and more. Bars are not forgotten either – there are a lot of them here too.

It's nice that this is a very inexpensive offer. Even taking into account air tickets, a week's vacation with accommodation in this hotel can cost only 150 thousand rubles. If you are not used to using the services of tour operators, then you can count on 46-60 thousand rubles per week, depending on the type of the selected room. What is the reason for such a low cost? With only a few minor inconveniences. In particular, the power supply system here is implemented with certain restrictions – you definitely will not gain weight, although you will not be hungry. Also, visitors note the incomprehensible management.


  • Relatively low prices;
  • A large number of beaches;
  • A variety of restaurants are available;
  • You can go in for sports;
  • There are activities for children;
  • A large number of rooms;
  • Diving available;
  • The usual pool is complemented by a children's one;
  • There are conference rooms;
  • A short drive to the airport and city center;
  • You can go horse riding.


  • The food is varied, but the portions are small;
  • Not all rooms offer beautiful sea views.

Sultan Gardens Resort 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.5


Perhaps this is one of those hotels, which in words is very good, but in fact the visitor will definitely encounter certain inconveniences. Let's start with the positives. The hotel opened in 1999, but you don't feel it at all. As if the renovation is done every off-season. The location of the hotel is also encouraging – it is located just six kilometers from the airport and seven from a large city.

The hotel building looks very nice. But here the visitor will face the first difficulties. The fact is that the building is built in steps. That is, at the very top live those who have an excellent view of the Red Sea. But the main restaurant is also there! It turns out that many have to regularly climb to a height of about the fifth floor to eat. It is not right! Of course, there are all sorts of small restaurants and bars on the beach and by the pools. But there all the most delicious ends literally within an hour after opening. And it cannot be said that they offer an abundance of dishes.

Mini-mobiles run around the hotel, transporting visitors to different recreation areas. But they do not always travel on schedule. You don't want to wait for them under 40-degree heat for fifteen minutes. Returning to the main restaurant, one more drawback can be noted. There is a lot of food in it – international cuisine for every taste. However, almost all dishes are supplied with too much hot spices. So it turns out that some visitors eat only fries here.

So that you understand the size of this hotel complex: it includes 520 rooms. More than half of them belong to the standard type – these are rooms with a bathroom, the area of ​​which does not exceed 45 sq. m. There are also family rooms with an increased area, which are complemented by a terrace or balcony. The villas have not been forgotten either – the total area of ​​each of them is 232 sq. m. Whichever room you choose, you will receive toiletries, a safe, a telephone, scales, a minibar, a TV with cable channels, mirrors for shaving and applying makeup, air conditioning, and other pleasant things.

If you walk around the entire territory of the hotel complex, you can find 5 outdoor pools. The most important of them is quiet – it is not recommended to make noise here. It is also heated, which allows it to work in winter. The hotel also has a gym, sports grounds, sauna and jacuzzi. Diving and windsurfing lessons are available for an additional fee. Also, oddly enough, billiards is available only for extra money.

Not only romantic couples are welcome here, but also families with children. This is evidenced by the presence of playgrounds, an animation program, a children's club and evening shows. The fourth pool has a children's section, which is necessarily heated in winter. The water slide has not been forgotten either. It is also heated!

In short, this is a good hotel with its own sandy beach and coral reef. Seven days of stay at the hotel cost from 45 thousand rubles. And from 125 thousand rubles, if we are talking about a tour package that includes air travel. Unfortunately, the low cost still makes itself felt. Therefore, do not be surprised if some impressions still remain ruined.


  • Low cost of living;
  • Located near the airport;
  • A large number of pools;
  • There is something to keep children busy;
  • A large number of rooms – many are always free;
  • There is a conference room;
  • You can play badminton, basketball, football and more;
  • Excellent sandy beach with coral reef.


  • You need to climb to a great height to the main restaurant;
  • Many dishes are abundantly stocked with hot spices;
  • The fun is always offered at an additional cost.

Best 5 star hotels in Hurghada

Albatros White Beach 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 5.0

Albatros White Beach

A very expensive hotel located in Hurghada, just five kilometers from the new marina. It is also located close to the international airport, which should also be appreciated by many. In total, this hotel complex includes 473 rooms. Each room has toiletries, satellite TV, kettle, telephone, safe and minibar. Alcoholic drinks in the latter can be drunk only for an additional fee, but the water is replenished for free. Some rooms boast a spacious living area and a terrace or balcony.

Someone will definitely be pleased with the fact that there is a car rental office here. One cannot but appreciate the 6 swimming pools. However, four of them are for children – they are very shallow, and there are slides along their edges. However, this hotel is primarily intended for families with children, and not for romantic couples.

The hotel has a gym, which is free of charge. The sports court, which is multifunctional, is not forgotten: here you can play not only tennis, but, for example, beach volleyball or mini-golf. Well, women can go to the spa center.

Well, what will the hotel surprise children with, except for the already mentioned pools? First of all, a children's club. There is also a very large playground here. A children's entertainment program has also been implemented in the hotel complex.

There are no questions about food to the hotel. You can use the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are included in the room rate, but exclusively of local production. A total of 4 restaurants can be found on the territory of the hotel. One of them is the main one, while the rest prepare oriental, Asian and Italian cuisine. There are also 4 bars on the territory of the hotel complex. Of course, you can even find them by the pools.

If you so desire, here you will be taught snorkelling, or even full diving. Well, for business meetings there are conference rooms. As for the beach, it has a very decent length. The entrance to the sea can be carried out both from the sand and from the pontoon. It should also be noted that the Albatros White Beach hotel allows people with disabilities to live in it. There are also rooms for families with pets.

The hotel complex is not in vain in the first places in many ratings. But the cost of living here is also appropriate. If you decide to go to Egypt with your girlfriend for one week, then get ready to spend at least 145 thousand rubles. By the way, reviews on Albatros White Beach show that all people are different. You will surely come across a mention that the children's menu consists of salted dishes, and the adult food is extremely tasteless. Well … Not everyone likes Egyptian food, and not all hotels can support foreign chefs.


  • There are swimming pools, including heated ones;
  • The hotel is located a few kilometers from the airport;
  • There is a car rental office;
  • There are activities for children;
  • There is a gym;
  • You can go in for sports;
  • A large number of restaurants;
  • There are almost always free rooms;
  • There are conference rooms;
  • Pets are allowed.


  • The beach is not always cleaned on time;
  • High price.

Iberotel Makadi Beach 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.9


Another representative of our rating, which has many palm trees and pools on its territory. It is located 30 km from Hurghada Airport. We invite you to decide for yourself whether it is far or close.

The hotel complex was built in Makadi Bay. It consists of buildings of different heights: from one to three floors. There are 313 rooms in total. Almost all of them belong to the Superior class. The area of ​​the rooms is from 25 to 32 sq. m. Maximum in these rooms can accommodate two adults and one child. Pets are not allowed.

Each room has a balcony or terrace. You can also count on a TV, refrigerator, telephone and toiletries. The safe has not been forgotten either, in which it is recommended to store valuables. Free Wi-Fi will allow you to stay connected, but the speed of the Internet connection will be quite limited.

The hotel has 4 restaurants. The food in the most important of them is the buffet. There are the same number of bars here. It is clear that you can find a bar both by the pool and on the beach. By the way, there are two outdoor pools built here, one of which is heated – you can swim in it even from November to April, when it is not a season in Egypt. It should also be noted that one of the pools is supplemented with a children's section.

There is a kids club on the territory of the hotel complex. Also, the owners of the hotel promise daily soft-animation. Adults will be pleased with sports activities – from ordinary aerobics to volleyball and tennis. I am glad that the lighting turns on in the evening – you do not need to pay for it separately. If you think about it, there is always something to do here. You can even go canoeing, which is also free. The gym has not been forgotten, of course.

In fact, this hotel is not the most expensive. In this regard, it is not surprising that he provides many of his services on a paid basis. For example, snacks and alcoholic drinks in the minibar cost money. Also for money you can order room service, a nanny for a baby, a doctor, a conference room for 50 people and later check-out. But what is most disappointing is the paid airport shuttle. But what to do … A taxi for such a distance will be even more expensive. By the way, there is also a regular bus to Hurghada, but it runs only twice a day, and the trip on it also costs money. In short, the hotel is good, but it is located in a painfully inconvenient place.

What is the beach like here? After all, it is on it that many people who have flown to Egypt rush to rest. As you might guess, it belongs to the hotel, so there will be no extra people here. Strictly speaking, this applies to all hotels considered in this rating. It is not easy that they received the status of '5 stars'. Mattresses, umbrellas, towels and sunbeds are provided to each visitor, no money will be asked for them. There is a coral reef under the water on this beach.

It remains to add that a week of stay at the hotel is estimated at 78-80 thousand rubles. If you book a tour with air travel, you will have to spend at least 127 thousand rubles.


  • There are swimming pools, one of which is heated;
  • Each room has a balcony or terrace;
  • Nice beach with coral reef;
  • A large number of rooms;
  • There are four restaurants and the same number of bars;
  • There is a gym;
  • You can go in for sports.


  • Almost all of the rooms are very small;
  • Not everything here is free;
  • Inconvenient location of the hotel – far from the city and the airport.

Jaz Makadina 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.8


A hotel with a very interesting name. However, he received it only in 2014. Before that, it was called Soi Y Mar Club Makadi. Agree, remembering the former name was much more difficult. This hotel is located about two dozen kilometers from the international airport. This resort is decorated in a Nubian-Moroccan style. As expected, it is located on a secluded beach.

The hotel has 270 rooms in total. Among them you can find interconnecting rooms for large families, and rooms for people with disabilities. Each room offers views of either the coastline, the pool or the landscaped garden. The smallest rooms are 38 sq. m. If we talk about family rooms, then their area has been increased to 47 square meters. m. And only two rooms belong to the Junior Suite class – their area is 56 sq. m.

Each visitor will be able to enjoy the cool air received by the air conditioner (individual control is available). Also in the room there is a TV with satellite channels, telephone, toiletries, safe and minibar.

This is one of the few Egyptian hotels with its own 18-hole golf course. The owners are especially proud of the spectacular views of the Red Sea from the five holes. However, golf is available for an additional fee, so many of the hotel's visitors will not be interested in it. Vacationers will spend most of their time on the beach. It is large in size and has a coral reef on its coast. There are also two fresh water swimming pools on the territory of the hotel. One of them is suitable for both adults and children (and it is also warmed up if the summer season is over).

Of course, such a hotel complex cannot do without sports grounds. Here you can play darts, billiards, tennis and volleyball. The gym has not been forgotten either – visitors need to keep their physical shape. You can also delight in the open-air jacuzzi, which is open from morning to evening.

This member of our ranking must have the most restaurants. Here you can taste Greek, Indian, Asian, Oriental, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. There is also a barbecue restaurant! You just need to remember to book a place in any of the restaurants at the reception (you can do this before 15:00). The only exception is the Al Masry restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Of course, the bars have not been forgotten either. They can be found in several locations, including the pool and the beach.

What does the Makadi resort area provide in general? More than a hundred shops, a maritime center, a diving center, a pharmacy, car rental, many ATMs, a water park, horse and camel riding, surfing and much more. All this, unfortunately, comes at an additional cost. The same can be said for the spa, room service, shuttle bus to Hurghada and airport transfers. Against this background, the cost of living looks like a robbery, because you need to add about the same amount to it.


  • A large number of rooms;
  • Any room has a beautiful view;
  • A large number of bars and restaurants;
  • You can go in for sports;
  • There is a gym;
  • One of the pools is heated;
  • Nice private beach with coral reef;
  • There are some activities for children.


  • Many services are available at an additional cost;
  • Far enough to the city and airport.

Serenity Makadi Beach 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.7


Another hotel located in the Makadi resort area. He gets a little less positive feedback. And below we will definitely tell you about all the disadvantages of the hotel complex. Let's start with the traditionally positive aspects. The hotel was built in 2007. It is decorated in Moroccan style and covers 400,000 square meters. m. A large variety of entertainment is provided here. For both adults and children! Moreover, there are always free rooms. And this is not surprising, because their total number is almost a record for our rating! Each of them, importantly, is able to boast a view of the pool, garden or sea. But sometimes only partial.

Most of the rooms are places for two or three people. They can have twin or large beds. All rooms have a terrace or balcony. The best views are of course from the premium and deluxe rooms. There are also family numbers. As you might guess, they have larger sizes, as well as an extra bed for a child. Finally, we have not forgotten the suite rooms, which have two separate rooms – these are the ones with the most beautiful sea views.

Inside the room you can find a TV with satellite channels (Russian ones are working properly), a minibar with a refrigerator, a telephone, a personal safe, a set for coffee and tea, toiletries and air conditioning. In short, everything is standard and customary for the 'five stars'.

Interestingly, two types of food are implemented here: 'All Inclusive' and 'Ultra All Inclusive'. The latter includes a fruit basket upon check-in, free use of soft drinks from the minibar, one-time hookah, 20-minute diving dive, 20-minute massage, one laundry service, unlimited visits to A la carte restaurants and drinks in the lobby bar, which is open until two in the morning.

What else is there in the hotel? Sauna, Turkish bath, four outdoor pools (all of which are open in winter), two salt water pools, a gym, Jacuzzi and much more. There are also sports grounds here. They offer volleyball, tennis and some other sports. Women will love aerobics and aqua aerobics – these exercises can help improve your figure a little. Well, children will appreciate the performances of the international animation team. Adults, on the other hand, will prefer evening show programs. By the way, there is a corresponding playground for children, a separate pool and a kids club. The restaurant has a children's menu, which is also good news.

If we are talking about restaurants, then there are six of them. Five of them serve Mexican, Italian, Asian, international and local cuisines. These are the same a la carte restaurants that are available for a fee. As for the main restaurant, it provides a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also several bars on the territory of the hotel complex, including by the pools and on the beach.

It remains to add that the private sandy beach has a pebble entrance to the sea. There are sun loungers, umbrellas and shelters from the wind. You can also visit the unique coral reef, you just need to remember to buy special shoes.

But let's already talk about the shortcomings, since they are. Many tourists do not experience any problems either when checking in or staying. But some still complained. In particular, there are complaints about the stickiness of the staff, who rely on regular tips. Also, not everyone likes food – some people complain about the lack of meat. In general, it is felt that after the beginning of the crisis, the owners of the hotel complex began to save money. There is a suspicion that they began to buy reviews on the relevant aggregators, and much of what was written is not true. Therefore, we still do not recommend making a choice in favor of this hotel. Of course, it is possible that you are lucky. What if not? You don't want to waste time and money, and even ruin your mood?


  • There are 551 rooms;
  • Business center and conference rooms are not forgotten;
  • A large number of heated pools;
  • Great beach;
  • There is something to keep children busy;
  • There is a gym;
  • You can go in for sports.


  • Not the most generous food;
  • There is a strong economy and not full compliance with the 'five stars';
  • Additional restaurants require a separate payment.

Serenity Fun City 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.6


One of those representatives of our rating, which is located in an area where there is nothing other than hotels. If you want to visit the city, you will have to be generous with a taxi. And you have to go 35 km, so they will ask for a lot of money (although there are still not Moscow taxi drivers here).

The hotel complex opened in April 2012. It offers 515 rooms. There is no doubt that a certain number of rooms will be vacant even during the summer season. The standard room is a 36 sq. m. A small balcony can be added to this. This room has either two single beds or one double. In total, the hotel offers 234 such rooms. It also includes 178 family rooms – their area is 43.5 square meters. m. These rooms also have a balcony or terrace. The view in this case opens onto a park, pool or garden area.

Of course, the hotel also has other rooms of a higher price class. However, some of them do not differ from the standard ones, with the exception of slightly larger sizes and already three beds instead of two. Be that as it may, in each room there are toiletries, TV with satellite channels, air conditioning (alas, but individual control is not possible), mini-bar, safe and telephone. As in the case with the previous option considered, you first need to select the type of food: 'All Inclusive' and 'Ultra All Inclusive' are available.

The main restaurant offers a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Late snacks are also available from 23:30 to 12:30. A food court can be found next to the aqua park offering a variety of snacks. There are also bars on the territory of the hotel. Well, in the evening, various restaurants open, offering Japanese, Turkish, Italian and other cuisine, working by appointment – usually they are visited by those people who have issued the 'Ultra All Inclusive'.

Now on to the entertainment. The hotel complex has three swimming pools, one children's pool and a jacuzzi. There is also a water park here, as you already understood. In fact, the owners of the hotel relied on water activities, they even created the Crazy River attraction, on which you need to float on a boat, overcoming the waves. If wet entertainment doesn't suit you, then it's okay. You can play tennis, go to the gym, work out, play beach volleyball or table tennis. Diving lessons, slot machines, water sports, sauna, beauty salon and billiards are offered on a paid basis. You can also visit the lunapark for extra money. Children should like this, as you might guess.

Pets are not allowed here. But a small child will be only welcome – at your request, you will definitely be provided with a cot.

Of course, people don't come to Egypt to splash in the pool. There is also a beach here. The entrance to the water is carried out either through the beach or from the pier. Due to the presence of a coral reef, it is advisable to wear appropriate footwear. You can relax on the beach. There are a large number of sun loungers on it, you will definitely find at least a few free ones.

And what can you find fault with here? First, a shallow entry into the sea will not suit everyone. Secondly, it is upsetting that only one pool is equipped with heating. If you arrive with children earlier than April, you risk not going on the water slides. As for the rest, there are no complaints about the hotel.


  • There are conference rooms;
  • There are swimming pools, one of them is heated;
  • A very large number of rooms;
  • A large number of restaurants;
  • All rooms have a balcony or terrace;
  • There is a water park;
  • The gym is not forgotten;
  • You can do some sports;
  • A wonderful beach with a coral reef.


  • In winter, the child will be deprived of water entertainment;
  • Many restaurants offer meals for an additional fee;
  • Diving, spa center, sauna and billiards – for a fee.

Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.6


Another hotel with a private beach in our ranking. And with large pools, as you can see from his photographs. Unlike some other hotels, Steigenberger Al Dau is located just five kilometers from the city center. The airport is also not far from the airport – only 6 km.

This hotel complex includes 388 rooms. 93% of them have a sea view, which is good news. Unlike other hotels, this one only has fairly spacious rooms. Each of them has an area of ​​at least 50 sq. m. However, some rooms are designed for people with disabilities. There are also 25 elite rooms, several suites of one kind or another, as well as a couple of exclusive villas.

As a five star hotel, each room has a TV with cable channels, individually controlled air conditioning, a minibar, telephone, safe, clothes dryer, toiletries and a balcony. An Internet connection is also provided here, but the speed and traffic will be very limited – this is not Russia for you.

A visit to this hotel is recommended not only for couples in love, but also for full-fledged families with children. Children can have fun in their own pool, which is warm even in winter. There is also a children's club, a children's menu in the restaurant and a playground for them. You can order a babysitting service for your baby. By the way, there will be no problems with a crib either.

Of course, there is also entertainment for adults. In particular, there is a football field on site. Every evening visitors are entertained by a good show program, complemented by live music. The hotel also has a 24-hour fitness center. Well, one cannot fail to note the so-called Jacuzzi-island, where you can soak up the hot and bubbling water absolutely free. But for massage, Turkish bath and steam room you will have to pay – they should be found in the spa. Sports activities include bicycles, tennis, golf, billiards, volleyball and beach volleyball. Unfortunately, the hotel does not specify which of these is paid and which is free. For sure, they will not demand money for visiting the water park – children will really like it.

People who come to Egypt love to eat deliciously. There are no special problems with this here. The main restaurant offers buffet style. Also on the territory of the hotel complex there are restaurants responsible for Lebanese, Oriental, Mediterranean and French cuisine. Of course, all kinds of bars are not forgotten. One can be found by the pool, so you don't have to go far to get ice cream.

The cost of living in a hotel depends not only on the chosen room, but also on the type of food. If many hotels considered in this rating offer only 'All Inclusive' and its improved variation, then here are additionally available 'Half Board' and 'Breakfasts'. You should look in their direction in the event that you are going to spend most of your time in the city, and not in a hotel.

What else is able to please this hotel? There are seven conference rooms for business meetings. Ordinary people will appreciate the free bus to the city center, following its route every day (and twice a week there is a separate bus to the Senzo Mall). The hotel also has an internet cafe, doctor's office, laundry, dry cleaning and currency exchange. As for the beach, there are umbrellas and sun loungers on its sand, and you can also be provided with beach towels and mattresses.

Perhaps this is one of the best representatives of our rating! Not surprisingly, it has very few rooms available during the summer season.


  • Excellent sandy beach;
  • Located close to the airport and city center;
  • Each room has a balcony;
  • All rooms are very spacious;
  • A decent amount of bars and restaurants;
  • Show program with live music is held daily;
  • There is something to keep children busy;
  • The huge pool is just a delight;
  • There is a water park;
  • You can go in for sports;
  • There is a small gym.


  • Very high cost of living.

The Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.5

The Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh

Another hotel, located almost on the beach itself. Many people call it chic. This is not surprising. Wonderful decoration of buildings, magnificent interiors of rooms, pretty pools with clear water and a cozy sandy beach – all this awaits you while staying in this hotel complex.

The hotel opened in August 2011. It is located quite far from Hurghada – 25 km. And you need to go 17 km to the airport. But on the other hand, the hum of the planes will definitely not bother you. And there are not many locals in this hotel – mainly visitors from other countries are visitors. The hotel complex covers an area of ​​48 acres. Not very many, but there are only 102 rooms here. There are no standard rooms, all start at least from the Deluxe class. All rooms are decorated in an elegant oriental style. Unlike the previous hotels reviewed, here the garden is separated from the room by only a glass wall panel. This creates the feeling that you are sleeping in nature. And the area of ​​the room itself is good news – it ranges from 85 to 125 sq. m. There are also full-fledged apartments with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom – the area of ​​such a room reaches 225 square meters. m.

Whichever room you choose, you will definitely get a TV with satellite channels, individual air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, safe, toiletries, hairdryer and telephone.

This resort is famous for its spa center, which offers a variety of rejuvenating treatments. However, their cost will not be affordable for everyone – it starts at $ 90. Especially when you consider that you are already spending a lot, because a weekly tour to this hotel itself will cost about 200 thousand rubles.

Business meetings are often held here. You can use two rooms for this. For large conferences they are linked together. The meeting can use microphones, a projector and an LCD TV.

Ordinary visitors to the hotel will surely appreciate the gym. After a workout, you can relax in the outdoor pool. Then no one bothers to head to the tennis court, again bringing your muscles into tone. Although it must be admitted that there are not very many sports grounds here. Apparently, the owners of the hotel complex believe that people who can pay that kind of money do not come here to play basketball or volleyball. They want to relax, swim underwater, devote their attention to children, enjoy previously unknown dishes … The hotel is ideal for solving such problems!

The hotel offers scuba diving. Mostly on a paid basis, but on Mondays, beginners are served free of charge. It's nice that there are Russian-speaking people among the staff. The hotel also offers a complex of free entertainments aimed at acquaintance with the cultural values ​​of Egypt. The program includes observing the starry sky, making origami from towels and night movies on the seashore. For children, an open area, a children's room with numerous toys and a shallow area in the main pool have been created. A baby bed is provided free of charge. But please note that for two children aged 8-12 years old, you need to book an additional room. You will have to do this even if you have only one child, but he is already over 12 years old.

If we talk about nutrition, then hardly any claims can be made against it. The hotel has a main restaurant and an a la carte restaurant. Numerous bars have not been forgotten either. Of course, two restaurants may not seem like enough. But now remember that the hotel is by no means three hundred rooms. For two hundred residents and two restaurants is enough. Of course, the a la carte menu is paid. You will also have to pay if you order breakfast in your room.

It remains to add that on the territory of the hotel there is a beach with a length of 850 m. The hotel complex provides swimming shoes, without which it is not recommended to get into the coral reef. You will also get umbrellas and sun loungers, so you shouldn't be afraid of sunburn.


  • All kinds of gifts for honeymoon and wedding anniversary;
  • Excellent sandy beach;
  • There are outdoor pools;
  • There are conference rooms;
  • Good food;
  • Entertainment for children has not been forgotten;
  • Educational programs have been implemented;
  • There is a diving center with a Russian-speaking instructor;
  • The rooms are large and have a glass wall.


  • For a child over 12 years old, an additional number will be required;
  • Located far from the city and the airport;
  • High cost of living.

Sunrise Garden Beach Resort & Spa 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.5


Another Egyptian five-star hotel, collecting mostly only positive reviews. It was built in 2004 but underwent a complete renovation in 2016. However, she did not affect his location. Namely, there is some problem in it. The fact is that the hotel is located as much as 25 km from Hurghada. Not the best option for those who want to be outside the hotel every day. But this will definitely not be a concern for those who want to spend almost their entire vacation by the sea. Tourists do not have to leave the hotel territory at all, without denying themselves anything.

The hotel complex consists of a mass of three-storey buildings. In total, it includes 480 rooms. Most of them are standard 45 sq. m. Alas, only expensive rooms, which are most often occupied, have a terrace or a balcony. It should also be noted that there are two rooms for people with disabilities. Well, 22 rooms belong to the Mega Family class – they have two bedrooms, one of which is a nursery. They also have two bathrooms. One of them, as you might guess, is also for children.

Each room has a hairdryer, toiletries, minibar, individual air conditioning, satellite TV and a safe. As in other representatives of our rating, you are provided with the Internet, but with a limited speed. For extra money, you can use the laundry, hairdresser, medical service, and the services of a tennis instructor.

There is only one type of food: 'All inclusive'. This means that starting at 10 am you can go to the restaurant and see the buffet in it. At any time you can take snacks, coffee, tea, cakes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The latter are only of local production. Do I need to say that not everyone likes them? However, this is the limitation in all Egyptian hotels.

In addition to the main restaurant, there are other food outlets. In the oriental and Italian restaurants you can eat for free. There is also a Nasaya restaurant – it provides its dishes for an additional fee. This also applies to the hookah cafe. Bars do not have this limitation.

As you already understood, there are all the amenities for children. The restaurant can put a children's table. The room can accommodate a baby cot. Also you can reserve a nanny. There is also a playground here. And also it should be noted the presence of a children's mini-water park. It has been supplemented with a water park for adults and children whose height exceeds 120 cm.

There is a good spa center on site. Here you will be given a massage, as well as a Turkish bath, jacuzzi and sauna. Of course, all this will have to pay. But the gym, tennis courts, an aerobics room and a diving club are free. On the beach, you can play volleyball. Children will love the animation activities that take place here throughout the day.

The beach owns an excellent fine sandy beach, the length of which reaches 400 m. All visitors of the hotel are provided with umbrellas, beach towels and sun loungers. If children only frighten and annoy you, then you can retire in the adult zone. There is no coral reef on this part of the sea, which will sadden someone. Well, when you get tired of the salt water, you can go to one of the three pools. In winter, two of them are heated.


  • There is a large conference room;
  • A huge number of rooms;
  • Excellent food in several restaurants;
  • There is a water park for adults and a mini water park for children;
  • Animation events are held regularly;
  • Gym available;
  • You can go diving and some sports;
  • The beach has everything you need;
  • Nice heated pools.


  • Almost all rooms are without a terrace or balcony;
  • No coral reef;
  • Located at a great distance from the city and the airport.

Sunrise Romance Resort (Adult only) Sahl Hasheesh 5

Hotel rating (Egypt): 4.5


As you already understood, this representative of our rating opens its doors only to adults. You won't even be able to hold a business meeting here – most likely you will sorely miss at least a small conference room. This hotel complex was created exclusively for couples in love. They will definitely appreciate the comfort and privacy. At the same time, the five-star status does not prevent the hotel from remaining relatively inexpensive – a seven-day stay in a standard room starts from 43 thousand rubles. This, of course, without registration of a voucher. Therefore, you will have to spend money on air tickets and transportation to the hotel itself. By the way, it is located 22 km from the airport and 25 km from the city center.

The hotel complex includes 59 Superior rooms, 156 Deluxe rooms and a number of even more luxurious rooms. Some of them have access to the pool, and 20 rooms have their own jacuzzi!

It should be noted that a jacuzzi can also be found at the local spa. It also offers a sauna, gym, steam room and massage services. All this for an additional fee. But in the open-air jacuzzi you can lie down for free – you can easily find it on the territory of the hotel. It’s hard not to notice the two swimming pools, one of which is heated.

Immediately, let's figure out what else they require additional money for. You will need them in a beauty salon, for scuba diving and sailing trips. Well, do not forget to prepare them when visiting a doctor, laundry, dry cleaning and ordering transport. For free, you can listen to musicians performing every evening, go to the gym, sit in the sauna by the pool, play darts and table tennis.

In fact, it is truly a paradise for newly dating couples. Here they can enjoy themselves in an international, Italian, Asian, Indian and oriental restaurant. Well, if you have extra money, you can go to restaurants that are responsible for cooking seafood and fusion. There are also a large number of bars on site.

Note that there are no chic and exciting entertainment here. As we said, this hotel was created for those who want to enjoy each other every moment.


  • Excellent sandy beach;
  • There is a gym;
  • There are swimming pools, one of which is open in winter;
  • Live music is available every evening;
  • You can sit in the jacuzzi and sauna;
  • A large number of restaurants;
  • There are almost always free rooms;
  • Not very high cost of living.


  • No coral reef;
  • No conference room;
  • You cannot live with a child;
  • It is located quite far from the city and the airport.


As you may have noticed, Egypt is not limited to two or three 5-star hotels. In our article, we have talked about almost two dozen such hotels! And these are only the best of them, in fact, a much larger number of such hotels have been built on the territory of the two main Egyptian cities. Be sure to check the cost of living! We have indicated only the average price tag. In the summer season, it can increase, and in the winter, it can decrease.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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