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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

We already presented readers with a rating of sedatives, including both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. But, when it comes to antidepressants, you have to warn: all of these prescription drugs. Some of them do not require just a piece of paper with the seal and signature of the doctor, but should be written out on a special form, and after purchase the recipe remains in a pharmacy where it is stored for three months. Therefore assign yourself antidepressant only on the basis of an article from the Internet will not work (and should note – fortunately). To do this, you will have to visit a doctor – a neurologist or psychiatrist who will write a prescription based on own ideas about which remedy is most suitable for a specific patient. Therefore, a review of modern antidepressants is for guidance only and in no way case should not become a guide for self-medication.

What are antidepressants and when are they prescribed

The work of our brain, including the general background of mood and emotions, depends on the content in it of special substances – neurotransmitters. One of these substances – serotonin, called the hormone of joy. is he maintains a good mood and creates a feeling of happiness. In people with depression, serotonin levels decrease.

These are purely biochemical processes, and offer a person suffering from depression amid low levels of serotonin, “just pull yourself together and start to move “about the same how to offer a patient with diabetes sugar level by willpower.

Antidepressants increase the amount of serotonin in the body, restoring the “normal” state of a person.

By the way, they are prescribed not only to cheer up. Yet one common area of ​​antidepressant use is chronic pain (in the back, headaches, fibromyalgia, pain in the syndrome irritable bowel and so on). Against the background of constant pain sensations disturbed the synthesis of the body’s own painkillers; doctors call this a dysfunction of the antinociceptive system. Antidepressants Restore Natural Suppression Mechanisms pains. Moreover, if for their main action – improve mood – 2-3 weeks are needed, then the analgesic effect is manifested literally with 1-2 tablets.

Antidepressants are also recommended for anxiety disorders. premenstrual and premenopausal syndromes, urinary incontinence and feces, other pathologies.

Precautions for Antidepressant Treatment

Modern drugs do not cause addiction, but so that the body could adapt to biochemical changes, how to start them reception, and you need to finish gradually. Doctors usually recommend in the first two days, take a quarter of the normal dosage, then take half a tablet a few days, and only then – full dose. You need to complete the course in reverse order.

When starting the use of drugs you need to keep in mind that the desired the effect occurs not earlier than in two weeks, but the minimum WHO recommended course duration – six months (per except in situations where the medicine is not prescribed for treatment depression). You can’t take breaks, so you need to be in advance plan visits to your doctor to update your prescription.

Since serotonin receptors are not only in the head brain (and most of them, oddly enough at first glance, in intestines) the side effects of most antidepressants are pretty are similar:

  1. abdominal pain and discomfort
  2. violation of the stool
  3. dry mouth
  4. taste disturbances
  5. hand shake
  6. pupil expansion
  7. increased heart rate and increased arterial pressure.

Other adverse events are possible. Therefore, taking medicine, you need to monitor your condition and consult a doctor at any suspicion of any problems. Just in case recall: a long list of possible side effects is completely does not mean that they will all appear upon admission medicines.

Antidepressants cannot be combined with melatonin (sold without a prescription and is very popular as an effective and safe sleeping pill, not addictive); St. John’s wort and medicines based on it; sibutramine-based dietary supplements and dietary supplements based on 5-HTP (precursor of serotonin,). It can provoke excessive increase in serotonin levels in the body, the so-called serotonin crisis, extremely unpleasant in its manifestations and potentially life threatening. You can not combine them with a group drugs called monoamine oxidase inhibitors but since these drugs are also prescribed, usually doctors take into account possible drug interactions.

It is often said that antidepressants can provoke suicide attempts. Indeed, in the recommendations for professionals are forbidden to directly assign these funds to people who expressed thoughts of suicide. But it also happens that soon after starting antidepressant use, suicide attempt commit people who have not previously demonstrated such intentions. A business in the fact that during severe depression a person usually has no strength on what – and a conscious suicide attempt also requires strength. After start taking the medicine, but before the necessary therapeutic effect (recall that usually it takes 2 – 4 weeks), strength and determination is added – but, alas, sometimes, these forces and determination goes to irreversible actions. Simply put, before a person simply had no strength to use antidepressants get out of bed and exit the window, and after the start of their use – found. Not every patient with suicidal intentions voices them to relatives or the doctor.

That is why many experts recommend combining antidepressants with psychotherapy or are asked to do controls visits to be able to assess the condition of the patient. Again we repeat: antidepressants are very serious drugs, self-medication which is unacceptable.

By offering our readers an overview of modern antidepressants, It should be noted that the further division into “invigorating”, “soothing” and “neutral” – not an official classification, but an attempt is more or less clear to explain what to expect from certain pills.

Overview of modern antidepressants

Nomination a place Name of product price
Overview of Neutral Antidepressants 1 Sertraline 568 rub
2 Venlafaxine 348 rub
3 Escitalopram 507 rub
4 Duloxetine 641 rub
invigorating antidepressants 1 Fluoxetine 51 rub
2 Paroxetine 322 rub
soothing antidepressants 1 Fluvoxamine 758 rub
2 Trazodon 754 rub
3 Amitriptyline 59 rub

Overview of Neutral Antidepressants

These drugs do not have a pronounced sedative or active tonic effect. Such antidepressants are considered safer since they do not roughly change the “settings” of the nervous systems by adjusting the overall emotional background.


Popularity Rating: 4.9


Trade Names: Zoloft, Stipuloton, Serenata, Serlift, Asentra.

One of the safest antidepressants with relatively fast (about a week) onset of action. Approved for use by children, in pregnancy – subject to an assessment of the ratio of possible risk and benefit. Not recommended for nursing, as it enters breast milk.

The instructions do not indicate incompatibility with alcohol, however, this does not mean that you need to bite vodka with tablets.

Despite the generics available, the average cost of the drug relatively high: from 800 rubles per month of admission (according to beginning of April 2019).


  • low probability of side effects
  • you can drive
  • can be taken by pregnant women and children.


  • high price.


Popularity Rating: 4.8


Trade names: Velaxin, Velafax, Venlaxor.

This antidepressant has long been well known in the world, and on it patent protection valid for 20 years since registration of the molecule. But for our country, this drug is relatively new. It regulates not only the exchange of serotonin, but also norepinephrine and dopamine, also affecting overall emotional status organism.

Becoming effective pretty soon: by the end of the first weeks, but subject to a rapid (5 days) increase in dosage from minimum – 75 mg per day – up to a maximum daily dose of 375 mg He showed himself well in the treatment of resistant depression (by the way – in about ⅓ cases, the initially prescribed antidepressant It turns out to be ineffective and the drug has to be changed). Improves attention, memory, normalizes sleep.

Side effects when taking venlafaxine are not uncommon: approximately 10% all cases. On the other hand, they are safe for life: nausea, weight loss, unusual vivid dreams, sweating. Can increase blood pressure. Adverse events are dose dependent: if you reduce the dosage of the drug, the severity of side effects declining.

With a sharp withdrawal of the medicine, extremely unpleasant paresthesia – a sensation as if a current discharge were passing through the nerves.

Not allowed for use by pregnant women and children under 18 years of age.


  • fast acting subject to rapid increase dosage
  • adverse events do not threaten life,
  • There are many generics, you can choose an inexpensive one.


  • not compatible with alcohol
  • discomfort when discontinuing the drug.


Popularity Rating: 4.7


Trade Names: Cipralex, Selectra, Elicea, Lenuxin.

A little softer than Zoloft, just as rarely causes unwanted phenomena. Effective for anxiety disorders, panic attacks.

Some patients complain that escitalopram increases craving for sweet.

Not indicated for children under 18 years. During pregnancy, the instruction recommends assessing the ratio of risk and benefit, but according to post-marketing research, newborns often required hospitalization and resuscitation due to respiratory failure, vomiting, low blood pressure and other symptoms possibly associated with a sharp discontinuation of the drug.

Does not enhance the effects of alcohol, however, combine the use of antidepressant with alcohol is not recommended.

Does not reduce the reaction rate, therefore, it can be taken by those who drives a car.


  • you can drive
  • You can choose an inexpensive generic.


  • may cause cravings for sweets.


Popularity Rating: 4.6


Trade Names: Simbalta, Duloxenta.

Efficiency and safety comparable to others antidepressants, but has a pronounced central analgesic effect. Therefore, it is especially recommended for prolonged pain syndromes of neurogenic origin.

The medicine reduces the reaction rate, therefore not shown to drivers.

Not recommended for pregnant, lactating and children under 18 years of age due to lack of safety data (obviously consciously experiment on these categories of people no one take a chance).


  • effective for chronic pain.


  • Do not drive.

An Overview of Antidepressants with an “Invigorating” Effect

Depression can manifest itself in many different ways. Maybe – anxiety, nervousness, obsessive thoughts about how “everything is bad.” Then it is better to use “sedative” antidepressants. But often depression causes apathy: a condition in which to crawl out of bed and getting to the kitchen at breakfast becomes a real feat. Exactly to such patients who literally have no strength whatever, and “invigorating” antidepressants are needed.


Popularity Rating: 4.5


Trade names: Prozac, Proflouzak, Deprex.

One of the first non-addictive antidepressants. Behind several decades of active use demonstrated how strengths and weaknesses. It causes a surge of activity, uplifting. But if the selected dosage is too high, increased activity may result in inappropriately elevated mood, psycho-emotional arousal by excessive thirst activities, up to a complete loss of connection with reality. Hypomania or mania, agitation are frequent side effects.

Another side effect is loss of appetite (anorexia). because of of this fluoxetine was and remains popular among visitors “weighty” publics and forums. As well as with increased mood line between the expected action and side effect here pretty thin. It is because of such nuances that antidepressants (and not fluoxetine only) should be taken only under medical supervision.

Since the medicine has been known for a long time, there are many generics (funds with other brand names but the same active substance). Therefore, there is always the opportunity to choose the drug is affordable.

Fluoxetine is contraindicated in children under 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating.


  • causes a surge of activity,
  • eliminates sleep problems
  • affordable price.


  • not compatible with alcohol
  • can change the reaction rate, so it is not recommended who is driving.


Popularity Rating: 4.4


Trade names: Paxil, Rexetin, Adepress, Plizil.

It has not only a stimulating effect, but also a pronounced anti-anxiety action. Especially recommended for patients with compulsive-obsessive disorders and panic attacks. It has a more selective effect than fluoxetine, i.e. less likely that the drug will cause side effects. With another side, and the stimulating effect of paroxetine is less expressed.

Like many antidepressants it enhances the toxic effect. alcohol, so you should not drink alcohol during therapy.

The instructions for use of the drug stipulate that on speed of decision-making and intellectual functions, it does not affect at the same time, manufacturers still recommend not to drive a car and do not work with mechanisms that require quick response during therapy. To what extent this clause is a manifestation of the usual manufacturer of caution drugs – hard to say. The best thing discuss this with your doctor who can assess the condition a particular patient and has experience in the use of the drug, which means and some statistics.

Can not be used by pregnant, lactating, children (no studies security).


  • more selective action.


  • not compatible with alcohol.

A Review of “Soothing” Antidepressants

These are antidepressants with pronounced sedative effect. They well suited to people with anxiety disorders, obsessive thoughts, sleep disturbances.


Popularity Rating: 4.3


Trade Name: Fevarin.

A modern drug that does not yet have generics. Fine restores sleep, which, however, can turn into problems with awakening and drowsiness during the day. Approved for use in children, but only for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders (obsessive states). And in principle, judging by the reviews of doctors, more effective specifically for the treatment of obsessive conditions than depression. He also performed well in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Not recommended for pregnant and lactating.

You can drive a car no earlier than 2 weeks from the beginning of taking the drug – when there will be an obvious absence of side actions in the form of drowsiness.

Due to the fact that this antidepressant does not have generics, it’s worth expensive: about 1000 rubles for 15 tablets.


  • effective in obsessive states.


  • high price.


Popularity Rating: 4.2


Trade Name: Trittiko.

Another relatively new antidepressant not yet available generics.

It normalizes sleep, reduces anxiety. Unlike most antidepressants do not reduce libido, but, on the contrary, strengthens it.

Not recommended for children, pregnant, lactating. May cause drowsiness, so you should only drive after a few weeks of admission, when there will be a clear absence of side effects effects.


  • does not cause a decrease in libido.


  • high price.


Popularity Rating: 4.1


At first glance, this medicine has absolutely nothing to do in review of antidepressants. First generation medicine has many side effects, the easiest of which is constant drowsiness, addictive. But this is the only an antidepressant, which is not only possible, but also necessary for people with suicidal tendencies. It is this condition “afflictions”, which almost everyone who accepts amitriptyline and protect the patient from irreparable steps. Often the drug is recommended in combination with other antidepressants and smoothly cancel as another drug begins act effectively.


  • resolved for suicidal tendencies,
  • effective in pain syndromes,
  • cheap.


  • addictive,
  • a lot of side effects.

Popularity rating based on analysis of service demand data wordstat.yandex.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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