9 best manufacturers of reinforced plastic pipes

Reinforced-plastic pipes consist of five layers, which provides high strength and at the same time flexibility. The inner and outer cover is plastic with aluminum foil in between. All this is connected by two layers of special glue that turns the structure into a single whole. Such a product has a service life of up to 50 years, bends well, almost does not expand linearly when heated, and does not corrode. Using the rating of the best manufacturers of metal-plastic pipes, we will help you choose a product for laying water supply, heating and other communications so that the expectations from the properties of the pipe and the funds spent are equal. When preparing the rating, we took into account both the characteristics of the products and the reviews of the masters and ordinary users.

Rating of the best manufacturers of metal-plastic pipes


Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of metal-plastic pipes 1 Valtec 4.9
2 Henco 4.8
3 Uponor 4.8
4 Oventrop Copipe 4.7
5 Rehau 4.7
6 Viega 4.7
7 Sanha 4.6
8 Nanoplast 4.6
9 Hydrosta 4.5


Rating: 4.9


This brand ranks first in the ranking and is a product of the Italian manufacturer of the same name. Now he cooperates with Russian companies and there is a wide range of metal-plastic products on sale. All pipes are indexed with the letter V, the number next to which indicates the diameter from 16 to 32 mm. Smooth inner surface prevents overgrowth of water deposits.

Our experts put the manufacturer in the first place in the rating due to the high strength of the pipes, confirmed during tests in independent European centers. The Italian company uses 0.4 mm aluminum, which ensures high structural strength. The bonding layer is so close to the reinforcement that at a pressure of 92 bar, the pipe splits, but without delamination, when the competitors’ plastic core is completely separated from the metal by 68 bar. Considering the average pressure in the system of 6 bar, this is the best option for organizing heating or water supply in a large house.


  • cross-linking of polyethylene by organosilanide method;
  • increased flexibility;
  • the optimal thickness of the reinforcing layer is 0.4 mm;
  • adhesive strength 70 N, while other manufacturers have 50 N.


  • expensive fitting;
  • high cost for 1 running meter;
  • may leak on connections with inept assembly.


Rating: 4.8


This manufacturer is in second place in the ranking and is known throughout Europe for its quality products. The production is established at a huge factory in Antwerp (Belgium) and complies with ISO 9001. The company was founded in 1992 and is a subsidiary of Henrad. 2.1 million meters of reinforced plastic pipes are produced every week. The manufacturer actively tests its products in independent laboratories in Germany (DVGW), the Netherlands (KIWA) and the UK (WRC). This company was one of the first to start producing sealing and crimping elements from both brass and polymers. It offers the concern and rods for laying flat areas so that they do not have waves from storage in the bay – users share in reviews that this has a beneficial effect on the aesthetic appearance of the water supply and heating systems.

We have added this manufacturer to the rating due to a large selection of diameters of multilayer pipes. The company offers products with a cross section from 14 to 63 mm, which many competitors do not have. The brand also contains a seamless technology of a reinforcing layer with a foil thickness of 0.9-1.2 mm, which has almost no analogues.


  • full control of production from the purchase of raw materials to finished products;
  • there are brass and polymer press fittings;
  • butt welding of aluminum;
  • large selection of pipe diameters.


  • many fakes on sale;
  • high cost of the original;
  • pipes with a large diameter are less flexible.


Rating: 4.8


The third place in the ranking is taken by a German manufacturer, which produces up to 100 million meters of metal-plastic pipes annually. The company is known and respected all over the world; its products are sold in 60 countries. The metal in the pipe structure is completely not subject to corrosion, a high level of sanitary and hygienic standards is maintained, therefore, communications are suitable for the food industry. Among the diameters there are models from 16 to 110 mm. The pipe walls are designed to maintain their shape at all times at all temperatures.

Our experts took the feedback from plumbers and ordinary users alike and added the reinforced plastic pipe manufacturer to the rating with its latest Uponor Q&E joining technology that everyone loved. Installation involves a nozzle on a plastic sleeve, which repeats the expansion and contraction of pipes when heated. Thanks to this, all joints remain sealed, regardless of the temperature of the flowing liquid.


  • quick installation due to three end stops;
  • the conical shape of the fitting holes increases the tightness;
  • plastic fitting is cheaper than brass;
  • do not accumulate deposits due to the smooth walls of the metal-plastic;
  • complete oxygen resistance.


  • bend worse than pipes of two previous manufacturers;
  • it is difficult to pull the sleeve on them;
  • The clamp for installation is bulky and inconvenient.

Oventrop Copipe

Rating: 4.7


The German manufacturer from our rating began its activity in 1851. The founder is Arnold Oventrop, who specializes in copper and brass products. The main directions of the brand are communications and valves. Now more than 800 people work in the state, and the manufacturer cooperates directly with developers, therefore, metal-plastic pipes of this brand can be found in new high-rise buildings throughout Russia. The head office of the company was opened in Moscow.

According to our experts, the manufacturer should be in the rating of the best due to the production of specially designed metal-plastic pipes. In addition to conventional products, the company produces pipes in a protective casing, where, in addition to the five classic layers, there is another outer layer. Such protection allows you to use communications not only inside the building, but also to bury them in the ground to lay a water supply system in neighboring buildings, which users like in reviews.


  • high wear resistance;
  • pipes do not block passability when bent by 90 degrees;
  • a wide range of fittings for assembly on nuts and crimping;
  • low temperature elongation.


  • sometimes covered with bubbles when installed on heating from overheating;
  • the quality of pipes produced in Germany and China at the Owentrop factories is different;
  • metal-plastic is hard.


Rating: 4.7


This manufacturer stands out from the rating for a wide range of metal-plastic pipes. There are four types of rulers in the catalog of the Swiss company: Stabil, His, Pink and Flex. All products are labeled with the brand name and pipe parameters in order to maximally protect customers from counterfeiting. The brand has existed since 1948 and has 170 offices in over 50 countries. The production of metal-plastic pipes is carried out at 41 factories, and the concern is now headed by the founder’s son, so a lot of efforts are spent on maintaining the reputation and maintaining high quality products.

Our experts are unanimous in the opinion that the manufacturer deserves a place in the ranking of the best due to the high-quality cross-linking of polyethylene in metal-plastic pipes. Application of Pe-Xa technology gives 85% crosslink quality, while the required standard is 65%. This allows it to withstand a constant operating temperature of 95 degrees without delamination. You should pay attention to the products of this manufacturer when installing hot water supply and heating.


  • a wide range of metal-plastic pipes from different polymers;
  • butt welding of aluminum;
  • there are ethylene vinyl alcohol pipes;
  • tolerate peak temperatures of 110 degrees;
  • service life up to 50 years.


  • poorly withstand pressure surges above 20 atm;
  • the company’s policy is focused on complex deliveries to large developers;
  • high price;
  • the choice of pipe diameters is limited from 10 to 32 mm.


Rating: 4.7


This is another German manufacturer in the ranking, known for its yellow and black logo. The company specializes in the production of one line of multilayer pipes called Pexfit Pro Fosta. Among the manufactured products, you can choose diameters of 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm. To prevent delamination, the manufacturer uses PE-Xc / AI / PE-HD crosslinking technology, which reduces oxygen penetration to zero. The latest development of the brand is the Evon oxygen shield. Judging by the reviews, the craftsmen like to use the SC-Contur safety system on the fitting, which helps to find leaks during installation.

Our experts have added the manufacturer to the rating as optimal in terms of price and quality. All metal-plastic pipes are produced at five factories in Germany (unlike other well-known brands that manufacture their products in Turkey and China). Some buyers even managed to visit excursions to these industries and in their reviews they share that they were personally convinced that the goods for the domestic German market are the same as those shipped to Russia and Ukraine.


  • traditional high quality;
  • complete environmental friendliness of materials and safety for the food industry;
  • produced only in Germany;
  • fully automated production process, excluding defects from the human factor;
  • every fitting is tested.


  • diameter options from 14 to 32 mm;
  • recommended operating temperature up to 70 degrees;
  • poorly tolerate pressure surges above 10 bar;
  • small selection of rulers.


Rating: 4.6


This is the next German representative in our ranking, which started its activities in Germany in 1964. The company is family-owned and takes care of its reputation as a manufacturer of reliable fittings and multilayer pipes. The company constantly employs engineers and developers to conduct experiments and release technical innovations in the field of valves and water supply systems. Masters in the reviews share that working with such material is simple, since burrs are quickly removed and all diameters are easily calibrated for the fitting.

Experts have added the manufacturer to our rating as having the largest assortment for connecting metal-plastic pipes to each other. The brand’s catalog contains the latest Press PPSU systems for instant crimping and creating a reliable joint. The company produces many couplings with union nuts, as well as axial expansion joints for Niro San and Niro Threm, so that the system does not depressurize during strong heating. Here you can even find press rosettes for metal-plastic pipes.


  • laser marking on each element simplifies selection and installation;
  • a wide range of pipe connection methods;
  • there is a universal calibrator for mounting;
  • choice of section from 16 to 63 mm.


  • high price;
  • the thread of the fitting does not match well with similar elements from other manufacturers;
  • some pipe connections are galvanized on the outside and ferrous metal on the inside, therefore they are prone to corrosion.


Rating: 4.6


The Russian manufacturer was also included in our rating as a compromise option for those who want to save money. The company manufactures metal-plastic pipes with an aluminum layer from 0.3 to 0.6 mm. New types of polymers are used to provide high flexibility and oxygen isolation. The products are completed with a fitting made of both metal ferrules and plastic, which reduces the weight of the structure. The company’s products are used for water supply, underfloor heating, soil heating systems, heating, communications for air conditioning.

The domestic manufacturer was included in the rating as the most affordable. Despite the cheapness of goods, the reinforcing layer of aluminum is connected using a seamless technology using direct joining and laser welding, which is liked by all the masters in the reviews. This makes the reinforced-plastic pipe more flexible and uniform in cross-section (without overlap in the seam zone).


  • production is carried out on Austrian equipment;
  • when crosslinking with a polymer, the Monosil technology is used;
  • quality control throughout the entire process;
  • attractive prices;
  • suitable for a constant temperature of 110 degrees.


  • the pipe is highly wavy due to storage in coils;
  • designed for a pressure of no more than 16 bar;
  • the maximum diameter is only 32 mm.


Rating: 4.5


The rating is closed by another domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of multilayer five-layer pipes made of modern Pert material. The use of such polyethylene with improved heat resistance allows the channels to transfer an elevated temperature and not to delaminate. The production is carried out from raw materials that meet the DIN 16833 standard, and the products have received international quality certificates. To connect the reinforcing base and the plastic, Polylink glue is used, which has an adhesion of 70 N, at a rate of 50 N.

Some users inform in reviews about uninterrupted operation when using such a metal-plastic pipe in the country in the heating system. The material shows itself well even together with antifreeze, so that communications do not freeze in winter when the boiler is off. This is another affordable option from the rating for those who want to save money.


  • suitable for indoor and outdoor installation;
  • pipe wall thickness 2-4 mm;
  • wide range of diameters from 16 to 50 mm;
  • low cost.


  • issued under two markings, which introduces buyers into a misunderstanding;
  • behaves more rigidly when bending;
  • cannot be used for drinking water supply – some of the polymers are not completely crosslinked and are released into the pipeline.

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