9 best manufacturers of hardware for plastic windows

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Window fittings are a combination of metal and plastic elements located along the sash perimeter. They are designed to open a plastic window in different modes, and also prevent burglary from the outside. The tightness of the closure and the insulating characteristics depend on the quality of the fittings. Our experts analyzed the reviews and assortment of products from different manufacturers, which helped to compile a list of the best companies that produce window fittings. Consider this brief overview to select metal-plastic windows with acceptable quality not only of the profile, but also of the executive parts.

How to choose fittings for plastic windows

Before reviewing the best manufacturers, let's touch on the criteria for choosing fittings in order to better understand the issue under discussion. When buying plastic windows, you need to pay attention to such hardware features as:

  1. Use cases. One type of hardware can only allow the sash to open towards itself. Other types include reclining and micro-ventilation mode. The more functions, the wider the possibilities for the supply of fresh air.
  2. The quality of the clamp. Heat and sound insulation depends on the tightness of the sash locks. When buying a window, insert a sheet of paper into it and close the sash. If the sheet can be pulled out in this position, then in winter it will see through from under the plastic window.
  3. Number of locking points. There can be from 3 to 7. The more such elements, the more tightly the opening part is fixed.
  4. Protection mechanism against erroneous action. This function implies the impossibility of turning the handle to tilt the window when it is open in a hinged way. If there is no protection, then this action can easily break the hinge or disconnect the opening part.
  5. Protection from children. The function is realized in the form of an additional lock with a key at the bottom, in the handle itself, or by removing the handle and closing the socket hole with a plug. Increases safety in the presence of small children and prevents unauthorized opening (for example, in the enterprise, so that valuable objects / materials cannot be taken out through the window opening)

Tilt limiter. Sets the swing angle of the sash to adjust the optimal air flow. In a draft or strong wind, the window will not slam.

Rating of the best manufacturers of accessories

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
Review of the best fittings manufacturers 1 MACO 5.0
2 ROTO 4.9
6 SCHUCO 4.5
7 FORNAX 4.4
8 KALE 4.3
9 VORNE 4.2

Now, let's jump straight to the Top Brand List based on product characteristics and customer reviews.


Rating: 5.0

MACO 2.jpg

The first place is occupied by the company Maco, which appeared in 1947. It is an Austrian manufacturer with two factories in its country. In addition, enterprises have been opened in Poland and Russia. The company manufactures accessories for plastic windows and doors with a high level of burglary resistance. The manufacturer's products are sold in 40 countries of the world. The company employs over 2000 people, and products can be ordered at one of 15 representative offices. The locking system for plastic windows is always carried out by this manufacturer around the perimeter, and not only on the side of the handle, which guarantees that there are no drafts. Buyers in the reviews like that a microlift with such fittings really works, and is not just an advertising move to increase the cost.

We consider the manufacturer to be the best in terms of protecting metal elements in plastic windows from corrosion. For this, the company processes the fittings with special wax. It does not wash off from washing windows and covers parts from all sides. When exposed to negative temperatures, the coating is not destroyed. Due to this, Mako fittings retain their attractive appearance for 10-15 years.


  • many options for decorating a window;
  • thin metal strips do not spoil the appearance of an open window;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • there are options with 6 pressure points.


  • high price;
  • the discrete opening tongue is more 'gentle' here;
  • difficult to adjust on your own.


Rating: 4.9


It is the second world-renowned manufacturer to be the main competitor to Maco. Often, the choice of buyers who want to buy the highest quality fittings comes down to these two companies. The Roto brand is marketed as 'smart window solutions'. The firm has its headquarters in Germany, as well as an office at the plant in Moscow. Due to the presence of a large warehouse in the Moscow region, the products are always in the assortment for the manufacturers of plastic windows who purchase them for the manufacture of the final product. The Roto firm stands out for its constant improvement of its products. For example, she recently unveiled a plastic sash limiter designed for swiveling up to 90 degrees and featuring smooth braking. This protects furniture and walls from being damaged by a sudden gust of wind.

We considered the manufacturer to be the best in terms of the softness of the hardware opening. This is confirmed by the reviews on the forums. The rotation of the handles is very easy and smooth, while they are fixed quite tightly. This performance will be especially convenient for the weaker sex and the elderly.


  • the handles have no backlash;
  • are often exhibited in showrooms for visual and tactile familiarization;
  • large selection of opening options;
  • there is a production in Russia.


  • do not sell products to the end consumer;
  • some of the handles are rough.


Rating: 4.8


Siegenia-Aubi is a KFV division that recently celebrated its 150 year history. The company actively strives to improve the indoor environment through technological solutions. The main specialization of 'Aubi' is the manufacture of locks for plastic, wooden and metal windows and doors. The company has several factories in Poland, India and other countries. They carry out a full cycle of production of fittings, including the galvanization process to protect the iron from corrosion.

According to our experts, the manufacturer is the best, since it produces accessories with increased wear resistance. Competitors create a locking mechanism with friction elements (drive of the kegs into the grooves), which gradually leads to the development and formation of backlash. Over time, it will begin to blow from under such a sash. Siegenia-Aubi manufactures fittings with a rolling mechanism when locking, which gives less wear and allows you to maintain a firm hold. If you are looking for fittings with such a realization, then take a closer look at the A300 models.


  • produce accessories for plastic, wooden and aluminum windows;
  • there are strapping systems for sliding windows;
  • roller type lifters;
  • hidden execution of the clamp.


  • high price;
  • a number of plastic fittings (striking plates).


Rating: 4.7


Further in the review is the German manufacturer 'VinkHaus'. The concern's engineers are constantly striving to improve the fittings for plastic windows, introducing new developments into it. The main feature of the company is the AutoPilot series, which has increased corrosion protection, is made with anti-vandal elements, is made of high-strength steel and closes a plastic window around the entire perimeter, and not only on the side of the handles. Despite this, the design uses fewer parts than competitors, so the mechanism is simpler and more reliable, which is confirmed by the window owners in the reviews.

In our opinion, the manufacturer can be classified as the best, since it has developed fittings that do not require an adjustment tool. To change the density of the porch, it is enough to pull the pin towards you and turn it. Shifting the mark closer to the elastic band makes the baffle of the plastic window denser. Removing the mark from the rubber loop weakens it. If you master this functionality, you can easily customize the operation of windows in a large building in a short period of time, so developers of office and administrative facilities should pay attention to the fittings.


  • certified by Gosstroy of Russia;
  • complies with international standards;
  • there is a plant in Russia;
  • burglar protection at the corners;
  • high-strength steel fittings.


  • some systems creak and crunch when used;
  • hard work;
  • the anti-burglary clamping bar from below catches the sash at the moment of closing.


Rating: 4.6


It is a leading German manufacturer that has been making locks and hardware for over 100 years. The brand has been known in the Russian market since 1996. Customers in reviews like the large selection of plastic window handles, where you can choose the shape and color to give more personality to the interior. The company owns about 500 patents related to the functionality and configuration of fittings. For example, to protect metal elements from rust, a special coating is used. Open and closed fittings are used on the windows. Some systems can even be retrofitted on a finished product.

This is one of the few manufacturers that produce high-quality parallel-slide fittings. This configuration of plastic windows allows the use of opening sashes in a limited space. But due to the heavy weight, the mechanism quickly begins to sag. The brackets from this manufacturer guarantee easy and precise operation of the baffle thanks to the latest development of the sliding carriage. If you have a lot of furniture on the loggia or in the office, then look for plastic windows with GU fittings and this principle of work.


  • all CE certificates are available;
  • official website in 5 languages;
  • in the catalog of systems for tilt, swing and sliding type of opening;
  • high aesthetic appearance of the system.


  • maintenance is required twice a year;
  • the brand is less common to buy than other brands.


Rating: 4.5


This manufacturer originated in 1951 and is headquartered in Bielefeld. The company specializes in the production of facade systems with windows and doors. In 1999 the company was merged with another manufacturer, Jansen, dealing with steel systems in Switzerland. This allowed us to increase the range of products and affected the quality for the better. I would especially like to draw your attention to the handles of the window manufacturer, which differ in anatomical shape and are comfortable to grip. It takes a little effort to close the sash. At the same time, there is no grinding or unpleasant sound inherent in designs from other companies.

We considered this manufacturer to be the best due to the production of strong hinges designed for increased load. Judging by the reviews of window owners, even with structures with high sashes up to 1300 mm, which weigh a lot, such hinges will need to be adjusted no more than 1 time in 4 years. This means that they are quite hardy. You will not encounter a sagging window or a sealed porch.


  • large selection of handle designs;
  • the system provides a dense porch and increases thermal efficiency;
  • there are parts for plastic and aluminum doors;
  • resistance of iron parts to corrosion.


  • the line of black fittings is of lower quality;
  • not all design options have a solid outline.


Rating: 4.4


This brand is the brainchild of a joint production of Georgia and Turkey. Today, Fornax products are also produced in Russia, for which the manufacturer has opened its representative office here. The company focuses on the production of solutions for PVC profiles and aluminum frames. Judging by the reviews, the owners of the products like the retainer that the 'scissors' are equipped with. This element prevents spontaneous slamming of the window in drafts. Fornax fittings without fail contain locks that protect against erroneous opening in ventilation mode. The manufacturer also provided a hinged lock, which creates less pressure on the rubber seal, extending its resource.

We consider this manufacturer to be the best due to the reduced number of parts in the locking system. The reduced number of elements facilitates easier installation on the profile, increases the service life, reduces the likelihood of breakage and requires less maintenance. For PVC window manufacturers, this will help to reduce the inventory when accepting and using goods.


  • solutions for plastic and aluminum profiles;
  • delivery of goods is valid in all regions;
  • there are parts for sliding systems;
  • versatility of elements for installation on the right or left sash.


  • options with an adjustable overhead clamp are not the most beautiful;
  • products are less known, and therefore not all window manufacturers work with them.


Rating: 4.3


This manufacturer is originally from Turkey. The company was founded in 1953 and initially specialized in locks. Gradually, window fittings began to be produced under this brand. Now it is a powerful corporation KALE Endustri. Tilt and swivel systems are manufactured in the KALE Sapfir range. Buyers in reviews like the protection of the structure against burglary, for which corner switches with an increased cross-section are used. The parts do not require special maintenance and it is enough to lubricate them once every 6 months. To ensure that the window solutions are not damaged, they include: blockers against incorrect opening, protection against gusts of wind and additional slats from the bottom, reinforcing the locking.

We decided to highlight the manufacturer because of the increased strength of the rubbing mechanisms. The developers use special steel to keep the barrels and grooves of the system working without working out. The surface of the locking locks also has an alkaline zinc coating, which additionally protects the metal from corrosion. All this, combined with a lower price, makes the brand and the manufacturer the best.


  • PVC fittings are suitable for strapping wooden windows;
  • you can often get acquainted with samples at exhibitions;
  • relatively affordable cost;
  • there are many distributors in Russia.


  • the adjusting screw in the lower loop is gradually unscrewed – you need to follow;
  • not the most reliable microlifts and blockers.


Rating: 4.2


This review is completed by the manufacturer 'Vorne', which offers fittings for plastic and wooden windows on the construction market. The brand's products are certified by the State Standard of Russia and have international documents confirming their quality. The range of the manufacturer includes solutions for flap and swing doors as well as sliding options. There are multi-locking mechanisms for 7 fixing points, which reliably protect the premises from unauthorized entry. Any type of hardware has anti-burglar pins.

As the reviews of the masters show, Vorne fittings can be installed only in two cases. The first is when the pre-sale renovation of the apartment is carried out. This allows you to create coziness with plastic windows and increase the cost of housing in the secondary market. The second – when building a house by a developer. The main advantage of the products of this manufacturer is the affordable price, with which famous brands cannot compete. Some installers choose such fittings for their home, because they can set up and adjust everything on their own without resorting to the services of other companies.


  • have ISO 9000-2001 certificates;
  • easy to adjust;
  • affordable cost;
  • the manufacturer claims an opening resource of 25,000 cycles.


  • some note a thinner metal;
  • play appears over time;
  • brackets are poured from silumin;
  • the clarity of the response disappears.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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