9 best manufacturers of bathroom faucets

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The main criteria for choosing a bathroom faucet

  1. Calculate how much you can spend on purchasing a new bathroom faucet. Remember that even expensive goods are fraught with flaws, however, in general, a high cost is a payment for many years of reliable work (in the event that we are talking about a reputable manufacturer).

  2. Decide which mixer functions will be most in demand in your home. If you have children, consider purchasing a thermostat. If your bathroom has an impressive size, you can afford to install a built-in mixer, hiding the main structure behind a drywall screen.

  3. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the features of the water supply in order to buy the device that is closest to Russian realities.

  4. Do not forget about the style combination: an expensive retro mixer will only look appropriate when surrounded by other 'aged' interior items. Otherwise, it will become just a ridiculous spot that catches your eye.

What type of faucet to choose in the bathroom

Depending on the design, all bath mixers are divided into four groups:

  1. Valve. These mixers are considered classics in sanitary ware. It is with such devices that the history of the development of devices for mixing hot and cold water in one tap begins. The main part in them is a crane-axle box, which regulates the intensity of flows during rotation. Advantages: low price, versatility. And the disadvantages include: leaks due to damage to the seals after prolonged use.

  2. Single-lever. Ball or cartridge – such a mixer is distinguished by the presence of a single handle, the horizontal movements of which set the temperature, and the vertical ones – the power of the water supply. Despite its compactness and ease of adjustment, the product also has a significant disadvantage – the rapid wear of rubber seals.

  3. Thermostatic. A special sensitive valve, which such mixers are equipped with, ensures that the set temperature is maintained. Feeling a change in pressure in one pipeline, he immediately adjusts the second flow to it. Thus, it is possible to adjust the desired water heat only once, and then simply switch it on and off. They are more expensive than previous models and have a significant drawback: automatic shutdown of water supply in the absence of one of the streams. But thermostatic mixers significantly save water consumption and are made in an original design.

  4. Contactless. These faucets operate using infrared sensors that respond to the appearance of hands in their line of sight. The devices operate on mains power or battery power. The water supply can be stopped immediately after the completion of the procedure or after a specified period of time. Advantages: significant water savings, ease of use. Disadvantages: high price, difficulties in filling large containers, incompatibility with hard water.

In addition, among the products of all brands in our rating, you can find models that differ in the method of fastening. So, they are all divided into open and built-in.

  1. Open mixers, in turn, can be wall-mounted, table-top and floor-standing:

  2. Suspended are mounted on pipe ends protruding above the surface. Their design is easy to see, since all components are brought out. To install such devices, almost no special skills are required; you can do it yourself.

  3. Bench faucets cut into the sink or bath tub. Attaching these devices requires special care, since it involves creating additional holes on the surface of the earthenware products. It is better to entrust such work to professionals.

  4. Floor faucets are usually installed next to bathrooms and require prior piping under the floor.

  5. For the installation of built-in bathroom faucets, free space is required to create a niche behind which the structural elements will be hidden, leaving only the handles, a spout and a shower head outside.

Rating of the best manufacturers of bathroom faucets

Nowadays, it is not at all necessary to spend a huge amount of money to be sure of the quality of the chosen product. Our rating will help you not to get confused in the wide range of water fittings on the market, as well as to choose the best option, relying not only on the price, but also the functionality and quality of the models for sale.

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best brands of inexpensive bath faucets 1 Hansgrohe reliable and concise solution of traditional German quality
The best manufacturers of mid-range bath faucets 1 Lemark INEXPENSIVE EUROPEAN QUALITY
3 Edelform Reasonable balance of price and quality

The best brands of inexpensive bath faucets

Hansgrohe – a reliable and laconic solution with traditional German quality

Rating: 4.9


Having appeared on the market more than 100 years ago, this company has not only won the well-deserved success, but also continues to develop and improve its products year after year. The company's product range includes hundreds of models, among which each customer will find exactly what he needs.

Hansgrohe pays great attention to the development of cutting-edge technologies and the creation of new developments. By participating in international competitions and exhibitions, the brand wins first places and numerous awards for its active participation in the preservation of the environment. So, for example, thanks to the EcoSmart and AirPower functions, which are equipped with almost all bathroom faucets, the consumer spends 60% less resources, which, however, does not affect the quality of the water supply.

in Russia, the European standards according to which Hansgrohe devices are developed are not always applicable, for example, hot water supply from the left and high vulnerability in the absence of coarse filters.


  • 5 years warranty;

  • ergonomic design.


  • fragility of some parts, which, in case of breakdown, must be purchased on order and expected for several weeks;

Grohe – advanced German technology in a stylish design

Rating: 4.8


Ask for a recommendation of the best quality plumbing and any specialist will confidently answer you: 'Grohe'. In our rating, it did not become a leader only because of its cost, which significantly differs from the price tags of the previous German company. Nevertheless, for this money, the buyer receives equipment that has passed the strictest quality control, for which the manufacturer guarantees, guaranteeing its uninterrupted operation for 10 (!) Years.

Years of research and advanced development by SilkMove, StarLight and EcoJoy ensure the smoothest lever movement, accurate temperature setting, a flawless appearance throughout the entire life cycle, and a minimum water consumption of 50%.


  • availability of all possible types of mixers in a variety of design solutions;

  • high build quality;

  • ease of equipment installation.


  • lack of original spare parts on the Russian market, which is why the repair of devices is delayed for a long time;

  • high price.

Timo – individual design solutions at an affordable price

Rating: 4.8


Timo is originally from Finland, which, focusing on the general economic situation and consumer purchasing power, manufactures its products in China. Thus, their product is much cheaper than its European counterparts, while at the same time not inferior to them in quality.

A distinctive feature that allowed the mixers of this company to take the third place in our rating is the variety of style solutions. Classic, retro and hi-tech, chrome, matte and colored finishes, whimsical curves or strict lines – all this allows you to match the device to any bathroom for personal or commercial use. Along with this, it should be noted that only valve and single-lever models are available for sale, there are currently no thermostats and sensor designs in the Timo product line.


  • affordable price;

  • unique design decoration.


  • in the reviews, many owners complain about the quick breakdown of the plastic aerator.

The best manufacturers of mid-range bath faucets

Lemark – inexpensive European quality

Rating: 4.9


Lemark mixers include valve, single-lever and thermostatic models in a wide variety of shapes. However, there is a feature that unites them all and makes them recognizable in the market for similar products. Smooth lines and rounded shapes are characteristic of all the products of this Czech company.

Inside, the devices are equipped with everything that guarantees reliable and trouble-free operation for many years: ceramic cartridges, Spanish-made rotary axle boxes, flexible hoses and plastic inserts in the handles and ebb. The product is supplied with all the necessary components, so installation is easy at home, even by a non-professional.


  • high quality materials;

  • acceptable cost.


  • most models have a fairly high noise level.

WasserKRAFT – the brilliant bathroom solution

Rating: 4.8


This German brand appeared on the plumbing market quite recently – in 2000. Nevertheless, the company has already shown itself to be quite good, which takes the next place after the Swedes in our ranking. The secret of their success is constant quality control and the use of advanced technologies. For example, ceramic crane trailers with water hammer resistance and environmentally friendly materials. What's more, the body of the bathtub faucets is made of robust, rust-resistant brass with a galvanized finish, which gives the products a special sheen that distinguishes this brand from other manufacturers' sanitary ware.


  • affordable price;

  • quality components.


  • lack of installation instructions in many models;

  • limited range of products.

Edelform – a reasonable balance of price and quality

Rating: 4.8


Edelform products are manufactured at German factories, but taking into account the technical features of Russian operating conditions. This explains the elongated ½ fittings and the swivel spout up to 40 cm long. Inside the faucets there are two-stage ECO cartridges that help reduce water consumption and therefore conserve natural resources as much as possible.

Edelform products are of high quality, thanks to the use of the company's own innovations: Easy Clean – special shower heads for quick removal of limescale; Edelform Mute – design features to reduce noise levels; Fixnow is a system for simplified installation of mixers on the sink.


  • carefully designed ergonomics;

  • low cost;

  • a complete set of all necessary components.


  • many models have a narrow jet;

  • increased soiling.

Jacob Delafon – Rich Experience and Refined Grace

Rating: 4.7

Jacob Delafon

Not without the French in our ranking. Founded in 1889, Jacob Delafon is one of the leading companies in the European sanitary ware market. Despite the fact that the designers of this brand prefer rounded outlines and smooth lines, both classic and ultra-modern models can be found in the product line. The company specializes in lever devices and thermostats.

The manufacturer pays great attention to saving energy and water consumption. All bath mixers are equipped with a temperature limiter, and when switched on, cold water is first supplied, which is then mixed with hot water. Aerators allow you to use water economically. It is possible to install a built-in filter to obtain the purest water possible.


  • premium appearance;

  • high-quality assembly.


  • the hot water handle gets very hot due to the thin pad;

  • in the event of a breakdown, it is absolutely impossible to find the necessary spare part, because the devices are delivered fully assembled.

Top Luxury Bath Faucet Companies

KLUDI – meeting the highest standards

Rating: 4.9


The products of this German company are extremely diverse. It features valve, lever, thermostatic and contactless faucets, designed in accordance with the concepts of six styles: rustic, modern, classic, organic, purism and soft purism. KLUDI did not follow the widespread trend of moving production to China. All products of this brand are manufactured in five factories located in Europe. Also in every European country there is a representative branch of the brand for the implementation of warranty service.

For the manufacture of bathroom faucets, the manufacturer uses only the most advanced technologies. So, in all bathroom products a special s-pointer aerator is installed, which allows you to choose the most convenient angle for the water supply. The body of the device guarantees safety and comfort of use, since it does not heat up at all, and it is absolutely impossible to get burned when you touch it. The company takes care of its customers and constantly takes care of their needs, therefore it offers special models with a pull-out body, which allows you to choose the height that is optimal for each sink.


  • high quality workmanship and assembly;

  • prompt service.


  • high price;

  • water supply from built-in flexible hoses.

Bugnatese – family traditions of the elite class

Rating: 4.8


The Italian company Bugnatese was founded in 1950 and since then has been owned by the one and only Marietta family. Carefully controlling the quality of products, the owners pay special attention to the appearance of their products. Bathroom faucets in vintage, classic and high-tech style are made of high-strength brass with chrome, bronze, gold or copper plating. All products have a one-piece die-cast body as well as die-cast handles and levers.


  • exclusive design;

  • body strength.


  • high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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