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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

A gas holder is a reservoir for storing and supplying gas. Inside the chemical may be in gaseous or liquid form. Such vessels are used in private homes, at gas stations and in industry. From them you can serve propane-butane and others. mixtures to a cooking stove, boiler, or factory installations powered by liquefied blue fuel. This is the best option in places where there is no gas pipeline. we prepared a rating of the best gas holders based on analysis of product characteristics by our experts. We took into account reviews users about a particular manufacturer. Material will help choose a gas holder for specific tasks and not regret spent means.

Types of gas holders

Before considering the ranking of the best models, let’s look at varieties of gas holders to understand the features hardware and configuration benefits. Gas holders of all types intended for:

  1. storage and supply of blue fuel;
  2. gas distribution between consumers;
  3. measuring the consumed volume;
  4. maintaining the desired pressure in the tank.

But individually, the equipment differs by the principle of operation, position in space and type of installation.

Volume Parameters

There are gas holders with a variable volume inside and a constant. The first ones allow you to accumulate a small amount of gas (pressure is close atmospheric), and as it is consumed, the inner chamber decreases due to the falling cover. For this, instead of tight the top of the tank uses a large piston or water dome. Vessels with a constant volume have rigid walls, up to 12 mm thick, which allows them to pump a large amount of propane-butane or other mixtures.

Position in space

More gas tanks from our rating are divided into vertical and horizontal. In both cases, these are cylindrical containers, but at vertical installation the vessel will take up less space on plot. The disadvantage of this form is the reduced area evaporation, as a result of which in winter it is necessary to heat the fuel, so that it goes better to consumer devices. Horizontal there are no such problems as there are a lot of places for gas tanks evaporation of liquid contents. But to install such a vessel will have to allocate enough space.

Installation method

Gas tanks from our rating and installation method differ. Underground models require more installation costs (dig pit, pour a sand cushion, lower the container with a crane, fall asleep and create a blind area). But this ensures conservation blue fuel in the liquid phase even in the most severe frosts. Yet one plus is increased safety, since leakage propane, which is heavier than air, will go to the ground. At ground gas tanks are easier to install, but in winter in cold regions it can require additional gas heating. More such models considered more dangerous.

Transportation option

Some gas tanks are equipped with a chassis, which allows transport them like a trailer by attaching to a car. it applied by repair services. Mobile installation easily changes location, but usually differs in small capacity and Needs to be heated in the cold season.

How to choose a gas holder

Understanding the design features of the gas tank, we note what pay attention when choosing:

  1. Volume. Small enough for cooking cylinder for 100-500 liters. If heating is required at home, then use 1000-20000 liter tank Large containers with a capacity of 20000-50000 l fuel, used only for cottage villages or in industry.
  2. Land area. If the land is nearby with a small object, it is advisable to purchase a vertical gas holder. But then you should think about additional heating, accelerating evaporation. When the installation area is not limited by anything, then an optimal horizontal vessel.
  3. The temperature in the region. In warmer regions, enough fill the foundation and place the gas tank above the ground. It is cheap and effectively. Residents of cold regions are better off spending money on underground installation, which will provide year-round gas supply and eliminates the need to heat the contents of the tank.

How to refuel a gas tank

  1. Refueling can be done by people who have passed special training and having a certificate. For this invite a certified propane delivery service to tank cars. To refuel the stationary tank, access to it is required – maximum hose length refueling tank is 40 m. Connection to inlet gas tank is carried out only with a steel clamp, no improvised constructions are unacceptable.
  2. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes. Allowed to fill up to 85% containers and leave the rest for evaporation. Gas station spend only in the daytime. The tank on the chassis is blocked “shoes” and must be grounded. An employee should be dressed in personal protective equipment.
  3. The calculation for refueling is carried out on the meter installed on car tank. In the domestic sphere, it is better to prepare cash. Refueling industrial facilities often allows cashless payments by details, in a pre-drawn up contract.
  4. Propane is transferred from the tank to the gas tank at using a pump, compressor or by heating, to increase pressure from evaporation. For heating, it is better to refuel gas in the fall. If the balloon is used year-round and its volume allows, then refueling is performed at the end of winter when propane is a bit cheaper. With small vessels (50-200 l) allowed loading on a car and self-transportation on gas station.

Rating of the best gas holders

Understanding the main parameters of choice, let’s move on to the rating of the best gas holders. TOP-9 will show checked products with optimal characteristics.

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best gas holders 1 Vps 5.0
2 Tosto serbatoi 4.9
3 City gas 4.8
4 Antonio Merloni 4.7
5 Fas 4.6
6 Deltagaz 4.5
7 Kadatec 4.4
8 Chemet 4.3
9 Bear 4.2


Rating: 5.0


In the first place in the ranking of the best are products from Czech manufacturer of VPS. The company produces gas holders only in horizontal configuration. There are five options in the catalog for volume from 2700 to 10000 l, which is suitable for organizing heating private house, ranging from 50 to 550 m². This is enough to provide the necessary fuel supply for a boiler with a capacity of 25-85 kW. Most tanks are designed to operate at temperature from -40 to +40 degrees, and only a small model of 2700 liters needs additional warming or heating in winter, since the gas in it freezes at -20º C.

Our experts awarded the product first place in the ranking due to increased protection against cracks. For this, each gas tank passes inspection by a flaw detector. At the manufacturing stage, the vessel is exposed 650 degrees heat treatment to relieve residual stresses. All this allows you to withstand pressure up to 15.6 bar, which is like users in the reviews. Ultimate Corrosion Protection provides an Ilaepox epoxy coating, so bury in Soil cylinder is possible without additional processing.


  • 5 options for choosing the volume;
  • technical passport in Russian;
  • it is completed with a manometer;
  • increased resistance to mechanical stress.


  • high price;
  • most often requires an underground installation or concrete base;
  • tank weight from 730 to 2480 kg – only special equipment is needed for unloading;
  • only horizontal models are available.

Tosto serbatoi

Rating: 4.9

Tosto Serbatoi gas tank

Tosto products rank second Serbatoi. The Italian manufacturer produces gas holders under Amico brand. The vessels are made of plastic that can withstand load up to 1000 kg per m². This protects the material from corrosion during storage in wet soil. To reinforce the design applied complex system of shells. The kit already comes with a safety equipment, shutoff valves and gas extraction valves in two phases (steam and liquid). Owners in reviews like a double pointer gas level – one is placed directly on the tank, and the second (electronic) is conducted into the room and duplicates the testimony.

In our opinion, the product has earned a place in the ranking due to additional reinforcement of the walls of the tank, which makes it easy transfer soil pressure. The gas holder is protected by a profile pipe, welded around the circumference of the cylinder. Between each other stiffeners connected by vertical jumpers to increase strength constructions. This allows you to dig a vessel near the road in the yard, on which not only people walk, but also cars drive.


  • high neck with a strong cover;
  • inside there is already a manometer and a reducer;
  • compact placement thanks to vertical design;
  • all gas tanks pass hydraulic pressure test 2.265 MPa.


  • high price;
  • only vertical models;
  • the walls of the container are plastic;
  • There is no capacity for more than 4,500 liters.

City gas

Rating: 4.8

City Gas

The third place in the rating belongs to the product from the Bulgarian manufacturer of gas tanks for ground and underground installation. In this regard, the catalog contains models with high necks, convenient for servicing the tank underground, with high nozzles when the tank is partially buried and with low necks for outdoor installation. Feature of gas holders Bulgarian brand is a one-piece cylindrical body having there are three welds in the design. Walls outside additionally treated with a polymeric epoxy compound, so the company does not afraid to give a guarantee for goods up to 30 years, which is like to buyers in the reviews. But to keep the warranty required regular maintenance of equipment by certified services with fixing works in the passport.

We added the gas holder to the ranking of the best because of the availability additional sensors for monitoring excess fluid placed in selection valves. This increases operational safety and stops flow when feed is disturbed.


  • strict compliance with the norms of the Russian Federation;
  • warranty from the manufacturer up to 30 years;
  • different options for the height of the neck and nozzles;
  • operation in regions with a temperature of -40 … + 40º С.


  • high price;
  • horizontal models only;
  • no capacity less than 2700 liters.

Antonio Merloni

Rating: 4.7

Antonio Merloni

Fourth place ranking belongs to another Italian a company producing a wide range of gas holders. In the catalog there are cylinders with underground and ground location, vertical and horizontal. By volume, units from 1000 to 5000 liters are produced. Thanks to the largest gas holder, it’s possible to organize heating in a house with an area of ​​350 m². Buyers in reviews like that the manufacturer supplies the vessels together with the concrete base (for vertical models). The kit includes a plastic bag and anode-cathode protection.

Our experts included Antonio Merloni gas tanks in the rating due to the increased attention of the manufacturer to the tightness of the necks. On all tanks, the niche contour is thoroughly welded and has a durable a top cover to prevent rainfall from entering the gearbox and sensors. The brand also has the largest number of tank modifications according to the installation method and position in space.


  • a small slab does not require a concrete slab;
  • high legs of gas holders;
  • proper preservation of goods in stock, eliminating corrosion or damage during storage;
  • All assembly takes place at an Italian enterprise.


  • no tanks over 5000 l;
  • high price;
  • Underground models require a 20 cm sand cushion and foundation pit with a depth of 3.2 m.


Rating: 4.6


In fifth place in the ranking is a gas holder from domestic manufacturer “FasHimMash.” The company produces vessels with ground and underground location. To protect the metal from corrosion, an epoxy compound is applied, which is applied by technology hot airless spray. In this case, the components are fed separately, and not mixed, which makes the type of coating particularly enhanced. Tanks are completed with corner valves, control tubes, manometers and mechanical levels.

We put the gas holder in the rating due to the presence of high a manhole of 800 mm, which allows you to deeply dig in a container for increase security. Such a vessel can be installed next to a residential room or even in a child care facility for heating. Still at this the manufacturer has a special model of gas tank with double metal walls, which is popular at gas stations in Of Russia. FAS leads in the range of volumes provided cylinders where there is a range from 2.7 to 25 m³.


  • more affordable price than competitors;
  • horizontal and vertical installation options;
  • neck height selection;
  • there are tanks with a capacity of up to 25 m³.


  • some models do not have a neck;
  • the mass of even a small gas tank 2.7 m³ is 500 kg;
  • the manometer has a pipe spring.


Rating: 4.5


In sixth place in the ranking is a gas holder from German a brand manufactured in Germany and Czech Republic. The company produces gas storage tanks for more than 20 years, therefore, has accumulated sufficient experience and offers a very high-quality and reliable products. Distinguishing mark of goods is the yellow color of the gas tank housing, which helps safely transport the overall structure and not damage it accidentally, during ground work near the installation site. Tank capacity can be from 2.7 to 100 m³. All varieties of gas tanks powerful legs are provided, with already prepared holes for mount. Owners like compact eyes that don’t spoil the appearance of the goods in a land location.

We placed the gas holder in the ranking of the best because of the possibility installation of valves and valve groups from the edge of the tank, and in the middle. This is a rare solution that has almost no analogues from competitors, but this design is more convenient for service. Still this type of gas holders is in the lead in a rating by volume of 100,000 liters


  • compact mounting eyes;
  • large selection of volumes (up to 20 options);
  • 100,000 liter model suitable for heating the whole cottage the village;
  • vessels from 10,000 l have three rows of legs.


  • high price;
  • all welds are made only from the outside.


Rating: 4.4


This ranking place has been given to Czech products under the Kadatec brand. The gas holder is known for its bright green color. The vessel is equipped with all certificates for use in residential buildings, administrative buildings, gas stations. All welds are exposed X-ray inspection for pores, crevices and lack of penetration. To protect fittings and devices from precipitation, goods are completed plastic caps of the necks of non-freezing polymer, which users praise in reviews. During the test, tests are carried out. with a pressure of 25 bar, ensuring safe operation at standard 15 bar.

According to our experts, the product is worthy of a place in the ranking due to increased wall protection against corrosion and high strength constructions. The cylindrical part is connected to the spherical ends two circular seams, overlapping, which increases rigidity. The surface is treated with epoxy polymer. basis, 1 mm thick that surpasses competitors. A thick coating not only protects the metal from rust, but also extends the cylinder operating temperature to + 45º C.


  • range of volumes from 500 to 100,000 l;
  • reliable protection against corrosion;
  • x-ray control of welding;
  • lids made of frost-resistant plastic.


  • condensate collector is not included in the standard package;
  • anode-cathode protection will have to be purchased separately;
  • in most versions there is no signaling device gas contamination.


Rating: 4.3


This ranking place was taken by goods from the Polish manufacturer Chemet. The gas holder is available with a standard diameter of 1250 mm and three options in length – 4300, 5850 and 7850 mm, which determines vessel capacity: 4122, 5440 and 7820 liters. Painted tank in dark green color. Produce low-carbon gas tanks steel degassed by vacuum. Due to this, the cylinder is good tolerates shock and is characterized by a low spread of corrosion. The epoxy layer is applied hot, increasing the protection of steel. Chemet is one of the few that provides a guarantee for storage modules gas for 40 years.

Experts put the product in the rating due to the particularly reliable positive and positive valves buyers. The Polish manufacturer produces only cylinders himself, and installs equipment from the American brand Rego, which increases resource valves and gearbox. Even if moisture gets in the neck, the equipment will not go bad.


  • high reinforcing pipes for ease of installation regulators;
  • can be equipped with an enlarged neck to control tank condition through the manhole;
  • complies with the standards of the Russian Federation and EU countries;
  • anti-deformation collar amplifier from seasonal soil movement.


  • only three volume options;
  • happens in one horizontal execution;
  • there are no small versions, so a lot of space is required for placement.


Rating: 4.2


The last place in the rating is given to goods from domestic manufacturer. Products are manufactured in the city of Klim, Moscow area. Gas holders are available from 2200 to 14200 liters. Balloons painted in dark blue with a protective epoxy layer and have bear logo under the roof of the house. Construction welded from steel, with a section of 10 mm. Estimated number of refills make up 1000 cycles. All installations are designed for underground installation, saving space in the yard. To buyers in reviews like the price of a gas tank, which is an order of magnitude lower than imported analogues.

We included capacity in the rating due to endurance. Although the guarantee it is given 35 years, but in practice the gas holder is able to serve up to 50-60 years. He also has a particularly durable neck, made with embossed walls that can withstand increased pressure from shifting soil. Strength of the body of the gas tank provide shells, which can be up to 8 units, in depending on the length of the tank.


  • fully adapted to the Russian climate;
  • attractive price;
  • produced in the suburbs, which is convenient for logistics.


  • even the largest tanks have only two pairs of supports;
  • maximum tank 14,200 l;
  • not the most accurate eyes.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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