9 best facade paints

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Not only the exterior of the house depends on the quality of the facade paint. Of course, nobody likes peeling walls. However front paint is not only a decorative material. She also protects the walls from mold, mildew and rot. And their aggressive action is much more unpleasant than just a peeling facade. So to her choice is worth come up with all responsibility.

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best facade paints 1 Luxens Facade 4.9
2 Tikkurila ultra matt 4.8
3 Expert facade 4.8
4 Tex PF-115 4.7
5 Façade Deluxe Scanmix 4.7
6 Caparol AmphiSilan-Plus 4.6
7 VGT WDK 1180 SuperWhite 4.5
8 Acrial Suite 4.5
9 Lacra 4.5

We have compiled a rating of the 9 best facade paints, which Suitable for both wooden and brick houses.

How to choose a facade paint

Types of facade paints

When choosing a facade paint, you should first of all draw attention to her type. Distinguish:

Vinyl and polyvinyl acetate;

  1. Acrylic
  2. Acrylic silicone (latex);
  3. Silicone;
  4. Silicon (silicate).

Vinyl and polyvinyl acetate paints – universal a solution that is notable for its low price. But it’s worth considering that they strongly shrink when dried and little resistant to mechanical impacts, so it’s not good for budget plasters.

Acrylic facade paints due to increased mechanical stability and low shrinkage are great for wooden facades, as well as for other materials on mineral or organic based. But due to the low vapor permeability they are not Suitable for lime plaster.

Latex facade paints have a high elasticity and excellent vapor permeability, due to which Suitable for all kinds of substrates. However, due to the high absorbent, the surface covered with them quickly gets wet and easily contaminated.

Silicone facade paints are hydrophobic, vapor permeable and excellent adhesion. But they are prone to burnout. However, these paints reliably protect the base of the facade from any negative impacts.

Silicate facade paints are characterized by maximum adhesion (it is so strong that it should be removed during restoration together with plaster) and effectively protect the facade from mold. But at the same time they are not suitable for organic – for example, wooden – the basics.

Facade Paint Tips

Some tips for choosing a suitable facade paint:

  1. Very cheap solutions should be avoided. They are most likely contain a lot of solvent;
  2. In general, the more binder, the better;
  3. Spreading of facade paint should be at least 100 grams per square meter;
  4. It is recommended to choose paint depending on the used plasters;
  5. To cover a facade exposed to direct sunlight rays, it is better to choose light-resistant paints (acrylic, acrylic-silicone, polysilicon);
  6. Glossy paints have greater light resistance than matte, but at the same time low vapor permeability and do not mask coating defects facade.

Rating of the best facade paints

Luxens Facade

Rating: 4.9

Luxens Facade

Why she: The basis of the paint is acrylic thermoplastic resin.

Front paints from Luxens are based on acrylic thermoplastic resin, making them suitable for any basics. Balanced composition, including – in some options – titanium dioxide, provides excellent reliability. Paints are resistant to temperature, weather and mechanical stress, do not fade, hydrophobic. And covered by them facades can be washed – unless, of course, arises in this necessity.

Inks are compatible with any inorganic bases. However, when this is little suitable for wooden facades – which, in principle, due to acrylic base. She has a bad relationship with surfaces made of organic material.

According to information from the manufacturer, the operational period these materials is up to 10-20 years depending on specific type. Available in white only, but compatible. with tinting pastes.


  • Resistance to weather, liquid, mechanical impacts;
  • Non toxic, suitable for medical facilities;
  • Good adhesion, low degree of weight loss.


  • Tinting paste is required (presented only in white color);
  • Long complete drying, but at the same time drying of a layer – 2-4 hours.

Tikkurila ultra matt

Rating: 4.8

Tikkurila Ultra Matt

Why she: Suitable for wooden facades and raw surfaces.

This polyacrylate based paint is not only different excellent weather-resistant properties, but also suitable for application to untreated surfaces. That is, it can be used on the facades of wood, which were not previously primed. It can also be applied to a layer of old paint. Of course, with with primed surfaces it is also compatible.

This finishing material is also suitable for roughing. – on top of it you can place another layer of paint, already finishing.

Matte paint. Enough liquid, can be applied by spray and dilute with water if necessary. It is tinted with a special paste, it is advisable to use tinting additives from the same manufacturer (Tikkurila). Differs in quick drying, on preparation of a layer It takes 2-4 hours at a temperature of +5 degrees.


  • Suitable for painting wooden facades without prior processing;
  • It can be applied by spray;
  • Quick drying of the layer.


  • Slow complete drying;
  • Contains zinc oxide. Do not breathe mist when spraying, do not pour into soil and water.

Expert facade

Rating: 4.8

Expert facade

Why she: A good combination of price and operational qualities.

In terms of composition and performance, this paint is similar to previous in the ranking, but it costs significantly less. The topics However, it focuses on covering other materials. Himself The manufacturer declares that this water-based acrylic facade the paint is intended for use with plastered or putty surfaces, asbestos-cement and hypo-cardboard plates, bricks and cements, as well as chipboard and fiberboard.

For better stability, a painted surface is recommended. pre-primed. Finishing materials of the Expert series Façade “, of course, themselves have excellent performance, but combined with trained bases provide maximum water resistance and resistance to mechanical stress.

Matte, white, compatible with tinting pastes. It is recommended for application by spray, can be diluted.


  • Low price;
  • Convenient packaging options;
  • Good mechanical stability and water resistance.


  • Recommended for use on prepared surfaces;
  • Slow complete drying (up to 4 weeks).

Tex PF-115

Rating: 4.7


Why is it: Universal, suitable for all surfaces.

This acrylic enamel is suitable for most facades. materials. It can be applied according to information from manufacturer, on the surface of unprepared (un primed) wood, metal, plaster regardless wall base, drywall sheets, fiberboard and particleboard.

Glossy. It features optimal reliability properties, resistant to mechanical, liquid and aggressive atmospheric impacts. Adhesive characteristics are average, it is worth considering slight effect of screed. Low vapor permeability, not recommended use with stucco lime mixtures surfaces.

From the manufacturer enamel is presented in a large assortment flowers. White paint supports tinting means. Operational period, according to the official information is up to 6 years.


  • Compatible with most materials;
  • Bright colors, a large factory palette;
  • Good reliability.


  • Relatively short operational period;
  • Very long drying (drying of a layer – 5-7 hours).

Façade Deluxe Scanmix

Rating: 4.7

Façade Deluxe Scanmix

Why she: Silicone paint with excellent performance characteristics.

This facade paint is based on silicone, thanks to which is excellent for use on surfaces with constant aggressive environmental influences. She is different hydrophobic properties that prevent moisture from entering other finishing materials, repels dust and alone it is cleared of pollution. In addition, thanks to the special composition, it slowly burns out in the sun, providing saturation facade painting for many years.

Suitable for almost any surface. Will become good a solution for decorating facades in which as a heater mineral wool is used. In this case, the paint is additionally protects it from moisture.

Matt Stock color – white, supports tinting in various shades. It can be diluted with water up to 10% of the volume and applied with a brush, as well as with a roller or spray.


  • Reliably preserves color;
  • Excellent waterproofing properties;
  • Quick drying of the layer.


  • Before applying to absorbent materials, treat them with a waterproofing primer;
  • Slow, complete drying.
  • Needs very thorough cleaning of the surface;

Caparol AmphiSilan-Plus

Rating: 4.6

Caparol AmphiSilan-Plus

Why is it: Mineral facade paint with a base in the form of silicone resin.

This paint has some of the best hydrophobic properties in rating. Thanks to the combination of silicone base and mineral additives, it provides effective repulsion of moisture in a capillary manner, as a result of which it is suitable for protection even water sensitive surfaces – e.g. plasters on historical sites during their restoration.

Moreover, the vapor permeability of the coating is excellent. As a result, this paint is also suitable for application on facades with composite thermal insulation pads, including mineral wool. Recommended for coating surfaces made of plasters and mineral materials.

Matt Available in transparent and white stock colors, however can be tinted by machine using special coloring additives. Supports application by any convenient way, including using a spray gun. May be previously diluted with water.


  • Excellent hydrophobicity;
  • There is a basic transparent shade to create the foundation;
  • Resistant to mechanical and aggressive weather impacts.


  • For best results, multilayer application is recommended. which leads to paint consumption;
  • Incompatible with wood and most untrained surfaces.

VGT WDK 1180 SuperWhite

Rating: 4.5

VGT WDAK 1180 SuperWhite

Why she: Excellent waterproofing properties, bright white Colour.

The main advantage of this paint is its attractive stock (up to tinting) shade. It has a rich, bright white color. Technically, it is acrylic enamel, therefore it is resistant to any aggressive effects leading to burnout – attractive the shade will remain for a long time.

In addition, it is compatible with almost all coatings – from wooden to concrete, ceramic and drywall. Provides good adhesion regardless of the base material. Excellent waterproofing qualities of this paint allow washing surfaces, on which it is applied, and treat them with disinfectants means. Suitable for use in hospitals and children’s institutions.

Matt Supports tinting. Has good vapor permeability and frost resistance characteristics.


  • Resistant to aggressive influences;
  • Excellent waterproofing properties;
  • Attractive pre-tint shade.


  • Relatively short operational period;
  • Long drying of the layer;
  • The manufacturer does not recommend using it on unprotected aggressive weathering surfaces.

Acrial Suite

Rating: 4.5


Why she is: Excellent resistance to negative atmospheric impacts.

One of the most weather resistant facade paints in the ranking. Thanks to the basis of specially prepared acrylic resins, it can be applied at a temperature to -15 degrees, and after drying maintains operation at even more severe frosts. Withstands harsh weather changes, including temperature, pressure, icing and much, much more.

Like other acrylic resin based materials, this differs in resistance to UV radiation (does not “burn out” under direct sunlight), waterproofing properties (even supports washing with disinfectants), to mechanical damage and abrasion.

Designed for application to inorganic coatings. The manufacturer recommends using it on facades with all types of plaster. It has good flowability and low shrinkage parameters.


  • Supports application and operation at very low temperatures;
  • Excellent strength parameters;
  • Supports tinting.


  • Not suitable for wood;
  • Not suitable for plastered surfaces;
  • It is delivered only in large volumes.


Rating: 4.5


Why she: A line of professional facade paints.

The company “Lacra” produces a whole line of facade paints, different base (there are acrylic, siliconized and based branded resins), but at the same time focused on professional using.

For example, the F60 brand is an acrylic-based finishing material, intended for application on wooden surfaces and characterized by increased adhesion. The F60 brand is based on “elastic” acrylic resins, which makes it resistant to large and small cracks (capable of stretching 200% without loss operational and visual qualities). Brand F51 uses Degalan branded base that supports year-round use and forms a super-resistant matte coating that preserves their qualities under any aggressive influences, whether climatic or mechanical.

Thus, all of these materials are superior. operational qualities.


  • Technological, well-developed composition;
  • A wide range of solutions;
  • Excellent strength characteristics.


  • Not always uniform quality of batches;
  • Long drying time;
  • Needs tinting (low saturation of stock white colors).

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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