9 best dolphinariums of Crimea

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

When choosing a place of rest, parents pay attention to many factors: the proximity of the hotel to the beach, gently shelving beach, clean sand. An important condition is the availability of entertainment for children. Resorts offer a variety of programs that kids will like it. One of the most vivid impressions for a long time is a visit to the dolphinarium. Children are delighted with the fun representations from talented inhabitants of the water world. Here you can to meet dolphins, seals, killer whales, whales, beluga, sea lions, and not just to watch their performance, but also to touch, take a picture, and even swim with them.

The equipment of the complexes is different, as well as the dimensions. But everyone of them performs the main function – pleases with communication with cute mammals of both children and adults. Visiting the first time any resort, vacationers do not always know about located in it entertainment centers. To facilitate their search, in our rating we collected the 9 best dolphinariums of Crimea and highlighted all their advantages, and if there are disadvantages.

Rating of the best dolphinariums of Crimea

Nomination a place dolphinarium rating
Rating of the best dolphinariums of Crimea 1 Evpatorial Dolphinarium 5.0
2 Dolphinarium “Watercolor” Alushta 4.9
3 Karadag Dolphinarium 4.8
4 Theater of marine animals “Water Area” 4.7
5 Koktebel Dolphinarium 4.6
6 “Country Dolphin” Sevastopol 4.5
7 Dolphinarium “Nemo” Theodosius 4.4
8 Dolphinarium “Nemo” Pike perch 4.3
9 Alushta Dolphinarium 4.2

Evpatorial Dolphinarium

Rating: 5.0

Evpatorial Dolphinarium

The first place is occupied by a dolphinarium, located in a modern complex in the central part of the promenade. Today he is the largest on the peninsula. Year-round operation Allows you to attend entertaining show programs in any season. Hall with a sliding dome is designed for 800 seats. In sunny weather viewers are sitting in the open air enjoying the Black Sea the climate. In inclement weather, it closes, protecting it from precipitation and the wind.

Three huge pools with sea water are filtered without use chlorinated products. Trained children and adults Black Sea dolphins, white whales, fur seals and lions. At the end the show is allowed not only to be photographed, but also to swim with them. Everyone can buy paintings painted by marine “artists”. Performances are held not only during the day, but also at night. Dolphin therapy will help everyone in need of recovery after injuries and patients with cerebral palsy and nervous disorders.

Children under 4 years old do not need to buy a ticket, they are free. For 4-11 years, it costs 600 rubles, from 12 years – 1000 rubles. Seniors and WWII veterans receive a discount. Evpatorial complex Located on Kievskaya street, 19/20. Phone: 8978855 46 51.

Dolphinarium “Watercolor” Alushta

Rating: 4.9


On the second line of our rating is the dolphinarium, which was opened in 2013, but was already able to compete with the older complex located in Alushta. It is located in the central parts of the city near the promenade. Its undoubted advantage is This is a work year round. Dolphinarium is modern equipment. The hall is designed for 700 people. The dome is transparent, sliding apart. Several huge bowls of water are disinfected without the use of bleach.

The show is impressive in its scope. Take part in it Bottlenose dolphins and fur seals. After the presentation, you can take a memory photo with the most beloved mammals. Daredevils can swim in the pool under the supervision of a trainer or ride in a small boat. People from all over the country come here not only for entertainment. The complex offers a service dolphin therapy. Children with cerebral palsy or autism, adults after severe injuries receive rehabilitation assistance that significantly improves health status.

Toddlers under 3 years attend the show for free. For children older than this age will have to pay 400 rubles. Cost adult tickets vary by sector and range from 900 to 1000 rubles. According to reviews, the dolphinarium earned an excellent rating. No cons were found. Address: Alushta, st. Gorky, 7D. Reference phone number: 8978830 30 30.

Karadag Dolphinarium

Rating: 4.8

Karadag Dolphinarium

The third place in the ranking is occupied by the oldest dolphinarium of Crimea, which has existed since 1977. In those days it was research institution that specialized in the study of marine life. Thanks to many years of experience the interaction of animals and people is established, so the program distinguished by their dynamism and brightness. Dolphinarium is located in conservation area near the sea, which attracts even more to it attention.

The performance takes place in a large hall. Take part in it dolphins and northern fur seals that jump, dance, sing and surprise viewers with their artist skills. Small Hall equipped with an aquarium in which all types of Black Sea fish live. According to the respondents, shows in the Karadag dolphinarium are one of the most the best in Crimea. Many come from other resort areas to enjoy a fascinating sight.

The complex is open from May to October. Tickets are inexpensive: adults – 400 rubles, children – 200 rubles. A plus highlighted that kids under 7 years old pass for free when in other places age is limited 3-4 years. Location: pos. Resort, per. Beregovoy, 11. Telephone for information: 8365622 62 87.

Sea Animal Theater “Water Area”

Rating: 4.7

Theater of marine animals

Next, the rating included a complex that was built on advanced technology and equipped with world-class equipment. “Water Area” is the fourth on our list. This is not just a dolphinarium. This is a full-fledged theater in which smart actors act and charismatic marine life. Open air view can simultaneously watch up to 1000 viewers. Evening sports stunts of dolphins, seals, walruses, sea lions accompany fireworks and fire shows.

Everyone can take a photo for memory, swim in the pool and just chat with your favorite artist. Also possible arrange a romantic declaration of love for your soulmate with their participation. In addition to animal shows, there are many other entertainments. This is a turtle farm, “House Upside Down” Museum UFO, aquarium. There are food points and recreation areas.

Ticket prices start at 400 rubles. Birthday people discount on birthday and for two days after him. There is also a preferential entry for Crimeans. Complex greets guests from May to October. Author’s Dolphin Therapy The technique of leading Russian rehabilitologists is also available in the offseason. Location: pos. Grape, Bakhchisarayskoye highway, 17A. Phone: +7 985 860 22 22.

Koktebel Dolphinarium

Rating: 4.6

Koktebel Dolphinarium

Fifth place in the ranking is given to the dolphinarium, which opened its doors 11 years ago and delights guests with vivid views with involving Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, white whale and fur seals. Is not just an entertainment complex. All specialists are participants of Russian and international programs for the study of marine mammals. The host during the presentation tells a lot interesting information about their life. Dolphinarium is located in the central part of the village, near many others sights and places of rest.

The program is very rich. In one hour you can see acrobatic stunts, juggling, funny scenes, drawing. AND all this goes under well-chosen musical escort. All animals are real artists who create a celebration for large and small viewers. After the show you can take a picture with any of them. The service costs 300 rubles. Swimming in the pool will cost 1,500 rubles.

Kids under 5 years old watch the show for free. Adult ticket costs 800 rubles, children under 11 years old – 400 rubles. Aquacomplex is open only in the warm season. It is located on Morskaya street, 77. All respondents rated the dolphinarium “five”. Of the minuses some highlighted not very comfortable chairs. Contact number: +7 978 790 39 38.

“Country Dolphin” Sevastopol

Rating: 4.5

9 best dolphinariums of Crimea

On the sixth line of the rating is the aquacomplex meeting its visitors since 2006. It is located in the art bay of Sevastopol. Dolphinarium has experienced many difficulties. Raiders also happened here. captures, and even terrorist attacks, in which many marine life died. But today it is fully restored and offers an exciting program with real water artists of the world. The complex is actively involved in the life of the city, showing various thematic programs dedicated to important events.

Dolphins, belugas and seals can do absolutely everything with pleasure show their skills under the guidance of experienced trainers. If you want to be in the sea element near with animals, you can swim with them in a specially equipped pool. At the disposal of the audience is a photograph with a favorite artist.

The complex is open from May to October. Shows are held three times a day. A child ticket costs 600 rubles, an adult – 1000 rubles. Toddlers under 5 years without a separate place – admission is free. Upon providing 50% discount for pensioners, people with disabilities and large families families. Dolphinarium is located on Kornilov Embankment, 2. Phone ticket office: +7 978 333 34 00.

Dolphinarium “Nemo” Theodosius

Rating: 4.4


Seventh place in the ranking is given to the dolphinarium, which is located in close proximity to the “Golden Beach” of Feodosia. He enters composition of the international network “Nemo”. Aquacomplex works in all seasons, only in summer is more active than in winter, autumn or in the spring. Amazing stunts literally fascinate the audience. Black Sea dolphins and seals show all their skills and talents, while the presenter talks about the features of each species, which is of interest in both children and adults.

The show program is accompanied by music. After her You can take a photo on the platform or in the water, swim with the good-natured animals in the pool. The complex hosts sessions dolphin therapy. Many come from remote regions of Russia, to get rehabilitation for children with functional restrictions.

Admission is free for kids up to 5 years old. Tickets cost 800 rubles per any sector. The exception is 1 row. Spectators will pay for a place of 500 rubles. According to reviews, high ratings were rated comfortable location, modern technical equipment, complex a program with many tricks, a pleasant design of the premises. Address: Kerch highway, 9A. Reference number: 8978205 02 02.

Dolphinarium “Nemo” Pike perch

Rating: 4.3


On the eighth line of the rating is the dolphinarium, which is part of that same network as the previous complex. High quality standards, followed by Nemo guarantee a fascinating sight maximum comfort and safety. The company’s goal is not to only entertainment, but also scientific activity that helps unleash the full potential of marine animals and show what they are good-natured and talented.

During the performance, viewers will see acrobatic tricks, and humorous skits, and dances on the water, and also listen to fun choral singing and appreciate the artistic talent of the artists. All what is happening is allowed to shoot on video and photos for free. By the way paintings after presentation can be purchased as a souvenir. As in other establishments of the network, wellness sessions are held here animal therapy. Developed by rehabilitologists programs for different types of diseases.

The cost of tickets is the same in all complexes. Children under 5 years old included without payment. Visitors were satisfied with absolutely everything and advise Nemo as one of the best entertainment centers for children, which is open year-round. Dolphinarium is located by Address: Municipal, 9A.

Alushta Dolphinarium

Rating: 4.2

Alushta Dolphinarium

Another dolphinarium located in Alushta is included in our rating and ranks ninth in the list. He is in a picturesque place – the village of Partenit. Since the complex is gated type, then performances take place all year round. The ticket is not tied to specific place. Spectators sit down at their discretion. Show not just entertaining. During it you can learn a lot. and informative about the life and habits of marine mammals.

The views are very interesting. Black Sea bottlenose dolphins show difficult sports tricks, dance, sing. With them you can not only take a picture, but also swim in the pool with a clean sea water. Positive emotions are provided to everyone without exception. Many come to the wellness center for recovery. Course dolphin therapy includes both adult and children’s programs rehabilitation.

Tickets cost 400-500 rubles. For vacationers in the sanatorium “Crimea” admission is free. Participants in the survey noted that the program very bright with a lot of complex numbers and humorous scenes. Many advised a bit to update the interior, everything else commendable. Questions can be asked by number Phone: +7 978 780 73 33.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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