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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

When working with blanks, their reliable fixation is often required. FROM the clamp can cope with this task. In some situations it is possible to fix the part with one device, often fix Dimensional products succeed with the help of several clamping devices. Today, a wide range of products is presented on the domestic market clamps from different manufacturers. Choose the best option expert advice will help.

How to choose a clamp

  1. Clamping methods. Classic models are equipped with screw a mechanism that moves the moving part of the device. An effort the clamp is manually adjustable, so both hands of the master. Key clamps are much more convenient in this regard. clamps. They allow you to fix and unclench a part of one hand, which is especially useful when working on stairs or stepladder.
  2. Clamping force. For the reliability of fastening the part is responsible clamping mechanism. In different models, the force can fluctuate in ranges from 20 kg to 1 ton. Choosing the best fit depends on the operation and the material of the workpiece. For example, a strong clamp is required to fix steel billets, especially if the operation is performed on a milling machine.
  3. Functionality Along with fixtures, which only compress the part, there are models that work as struts. For this, a jaw rotation of 180 degrees, which allows you to expand the capabilities of the device.
  4. Weight and materials used. High clamp strength achieved by the use of steel and cast iron. But at the same time adaptation becomes heavy, especially if it is intended to be fixed bulky products. Some manufacturers use cast aluminum and synthetic materials. This way you can find the optimal combination of strength and lightness. To work at home workshop it is better to purchase a compact clamp weighing up to 1 kg. Machine models reach a mass of 5 kg.
  5. Corrosion protection. Clamp capable of serving more than one a decade to its master, if it is reliably protected from corrosion. For this, manufacturers use paintwork and galvanic coating. Optimum protection of the case with powder paint, while the mechanism will work smoothly when blackening with oiling.
  6. Additional accessories. To make the master comfortable to work, manufacturers equip clamps with various accessories. One of them is a T-shaped handle. With her help adjust clamping force. Protect the item from damage rubber sponges. They will be needed when working with soft materials.

We selected 9 of the best clamps in our review. They are all wide presented in the trading network of Russia. Rating compiled taking into account opinions of the expert community and consumer reviews.

Rating of the best clamps

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best G-shaped clamps 1 Matrix 20610 699 rub
2 Stanley 0-83-033 768 rub.
Best F Clamps 1 Bessey gh40 10 019 rub.
2 Gross 20717 2 029 rub.
3 Stanley 0-83-232 869 rub
The best pipe clamps 1 Bessey BPC-H34 3 547 rub.
Best Angle Clamps 1 WILTON 65014 4700 4 700 rub.
2 Stanley 0-83-122 919 979 rub
Best Keyless Clamps 1 BAHCO QCB-900 2 510 rub.

The best G-shaped clamps

The G-shape of this category of clamps allows wooden and metal blanks. Such models are used high demand among carpenters, locksmiths and home craftsmen. The experts praised the performance of the following devices.

Matrix 20610

Rating: 4.9

Matrix 20610.jpeg

Sophisticated design allowed German-Chinese clamp Matrix 20610 take the highest step of the podium in our ranking. The fixture is made of durable steel, as evidenced by the solid weight (417 g). The accessory can be used both for fixing parts when gluing, and when performing locksmith work. The size of the pharynx is conveniently adjustable (2-3 inches), which allows adjust the clamp to the workpiece thickness with high precision. The fixing screw is equipped with a movable handle, thanks to structures can not only be quickly fixed or loosened parts, but also adjust the tightening torque to the level of 272 kg.

Users are satisfied with the clever design of the clamp, its reliability and durability of fixation. Among the shortcomings can be attributed only a high price.


  • step adjustment;
  • high torque
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • durability.


  • high price.

Stanley 0-83-033

Rating: 4.8

Stanley 0-83-033.jpg

Search in the workshop for a Stanley clamp 0-83-033 for a master have to. The bright yellow color of the paintwork is visible even in poor lighting conditions. Experts praised not only reliable protection of cast iron against corrosion, but also a solid frame design. Therefore, the device can withstand increased resistance on bend. The clamping screw is made of steel. To provide a large torque during fixing the workpiece, the manufacturer equipped your product with a T-shaped handle. Clamp takes an honorable second place in our rating, because she does not regulate the pharynx.

Users are satisfied with the manufacturing quality of the device, reliable corrosion protection, bright appearance. And here is a lot of weight clamps (670 g), some masters consider a drawback.


  • spectacular design;
  • reliable protection against corrosion;
  • structural strength;
  • T-shaped handle.


  • the size of the pharynx is not regulated;
  • a lot of weight.

Best F Clamps

The best option for fast fixing large workpieces will be the use of F-shaped clamps. Distinctive feature The design is the presence of a long rail and a movable part. Specialists liked the following models.

Bessey gh40

Rating: 4.9

Bessey GH40.jpg

High speed of work allows you to maintain in the workshop lever clamp Bessey GH40. Fixation and release of parts from clamping occurs many times faster than using standard screw analogs. Mounting blanks is not only different reliability, but also resistant to vibration. Clamping force reaches 850 kg. Anti-slip manufacturer applied weakening lever. Experts appreciated the uniform clamping force distribution, German clamp takes first place in the ranking.

The main purpose of the model is the fastening of metal blanks. The clamping depth is 120 mm, width – 400 mm. To users like fast and reliable fixation, quality workmanship. The downside is the high price.


  • quick fix;
  • powerful clamping force;
  • protection against slipping;
  • high-quality manufacturing.


  • high price.

Gross 20717

Rating: 4.8

GROSS 20717.jpg

High-tech rack clamp Gross 20717 is located in the second position of the rating. It is intended for professional application. With this device you can reliably fix workpieces with a thickness of up to 100 mm. Structural strength provided through the use of steel parts. A keyless VIBRAFIX locking mechanism provides high tightening torque (120 kg). To protect soft workpieces from sponge damage clamps are equipped with rubber pads.

Most reviews from domestic users are positive character. The pros include good manufacturing, excellent clamping mechanism, affordable price. Of weaknesses are often referred to as loose rubber mounts overlays.


  • reliable locking mechanism;
  • strong steel construction;
  • affordable price;
  • rubber pads.


  • rubber pads slip from the sponges.

Stanley 0-83-232

Rating: 4.7

STANLEY 0-83-232.jpg

Stanley 0-83-232 is in our rating for unusual opportunities. It can be used not only in as a traditional clamp, but also as a spacer. Construction the possibility of turning clamping jaws is provided, which expands the scope of the product. Manufacturer applied steel and reinforced nylon, which provided a combination of strength and lightness. Clamp convenient to hold with one hand not only due to its light weight (340 g), but also due to the compact overall dimensions. Wherein the length (150 mm) and depth (76 mm) of the clamp are enough to work with different blanks.

Stanley clamp 0-83-232 loses to ranking leaders in effort clamp (45 kg). Users are satisfied with the ease of use available. price and reliability.


  • convenience in work;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • reliability;
  • affordable price.


  • slight compression force.

The best pipe clamps

Oversized pipe structures can be connected using specialized clamps. The fixed part is mounted on the end pipes, and fixing occurs due to screwing of the rolling item. Experts drew attention to the most reliable model.

Bessey BPC-H34

Rating: 4.9


A hit of sales in the domestic construction market in recent time became the Bessey BPC-H34 pipe clamp. It is universal the device is intended not only for clamping pipes, but also for work with blanks of other sizes. In addition to compression, the device can work and spin. Thanks to the quick fix mechanism as comfortable as possible with workpieces. Model becomes winner of our rating for reliable screw clamp, comfortable steady legs, powerful clamping effort. Clamp equipped rubber pads that allow you to work with soft materials. Corrosion protection of the base provides paintwork.

Users are satisfied with the technical specifications and convenience. in the work of the device. Only high is displeased price.


  • robust construction;
  • universality;
  • steady legs;
  • rubber pads.


  • high price.

Best Angle Clamps

To fix parts at right angles, special clamps. They have two pressure parts that move the parts to right angle rail. Here are a few quality models.

WILTON 65014 4700

Rating: 4.9

WILTON 65014 4700e.jpg

Great tool for working with corner workpieces is a WILTON clamp 65014. A perpendicular vise is equipped wide jaws (100 mm), the working stroke is 85 mm. Model addressed primarily to the completion of metalworking machine tools. The device weighs 5 kg, so move it around workshop or workshop is not very convenient. Workpiece clamping in a vice carried out using a screw clamping mechanism. It is equipped T-shaped handle, thanks to which it is possible to create a high torque.

Experts gave the corner clamp first place in our ranking for high quality workmanship and design reliability. Due Chinese assembly American development has become more affordable for domestic consumers.


  • reliable screw clamp;
  • wide sponges;
  • T-shaped handle;
  • anticorrosive protection.


  • a lot of weight.

Stanley 0-83-122 919

Rating: 4.7

STANLEY 0-83-122 919.jpg

Masters of plumbing and furniture appreciated Capabilities of Stanley Clamp 0-83-122. The device is calculated the large clamping force of workpieces with a right angle and different thick. The clamp base is made of cast aluminum, therefore product weight does not exceed 1 kg. For comfortable work manufacturer provided a two-component handle. Thanks to the swivel top sponge clamp can be used to fix straight blanks. The device is mounted on a workbench with using special holes in the base.

The model is inferior to the winner of the rating in strength and reliability. Users praise the clamp for quality assembly, small weight, affordable price. Optimum application – small joiner’s workshops.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • two-component handle;
  • affordable price;
  • light weight.


  • for convenience, two clamps are required.

Best Keyless Clamps

A characteristic feature of quick clamps is the presence of a pistol grip and trigger mechanism. To control the pressing force is achieved due to the number of pulls on the trigger. The experts appreciated the capabilities of one clamp.


Rating: 4.8

BAHCO QCB-900.jpg

To hold large workpieces, quick-clamping is created clamp BAHCO QCB-900. Swiss fixture provides maximum level of safety and comfort for the employee. Length the slats are 900 mm, the sponges are equipped with rubber pads. Therefore, you can fix the workpiece from wood or plastic. Manage the device is quite simple, for this there is rubberized handle with a trigger. It is worth clicking on it to loosen fasten the part or move the movable part to the required length.

Experts have included the model in our rating for quality manufacturing, a system of stiffeners on the girth bracket. Disadvantage users consider the appearance of rust when hit on the mechanism water.


  • strong rail made of metal;
  • rubber pads on the lips;
  • convenient pistol grip;
  • possibility of use as a spacer.


  • low resistance to corrosion.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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