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The ability to move to the desired point through the air has become its time is a real sensation. Today, a flight from one end of the Earth to another will take only a few hours. And all this thanks to the aircraft. Sometimes, for their comfortable landing, strict conditions and size / surface quality of take-off / landing strips – an important factor. Your attention is a selection of the cleanest, functional and large airports of the planet.

Welcome to … or about giant airports: the top 8 most big in the world

Nomination a place The airport Annual passenger flow
Rating of the largest in the world 8 Charles de Gaulle, Paris, (France) 60 million people
7 Hong Kong (Chkheklapkok), China 68 million people
6 Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 70 million people
5 Schiphol, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 71 million people
4 Heathrow, London (UK) 80 million people
3 O’Hara, Chicago (USA) 83 million people
2 Los Angeles, USA) 87 million people
1 Hutsfield-Jackson, Atlanta (USA) 90-100 million people

Charles de Gaulle, Paris, (France)

Rating: 4.3


Annual passenger flow: 60 million people

Named after one of the French presidents, the airport Charles de Gaulle is known not only in Europe but also throughout the world. Founded almost half a century ago, it is famous as one of the most large airports on the planet and is considered one of the best on European continent: it’s convenient to get from here to any point of Europe. In addition, on the territory of Charles de Gaulle 2 railway stations linking the capital function immediately with any city in the country.

Built in futuristic style, metropolitan french the airport looks like it came off the pages of a fantastic the novel. Many movies and music videos were shot exactly here.

The territory of the complex is divided into 3 terminals. The first, made in the style of the avant-garde, designed for intercontinental flights. It is fully open for viewing: instead of the deaf transitions here are transparent tunnels. The second, originally built to service flights of the national airline AirFrance, Today it is available for any airline in the world. And finally the third is exclusively for charters.

Despite its fame, convenience and great passenger traffic, the airport has gained notoriety: for the last years, he slightly spoiled his reputation with numerous complaints travelers who have been stolen from being stolen baggage.

Hong Kong (Chkheklapkok), China

Rating: 4.4


Annual passenger flow: 68 million people

The main and undoubtedly the best Chinese airport. It was open most recently – in 1998 and for such a short period of time managed to repeatedly visit various ratings of the best airports of the world. He is one of the most expensive, large and beautiful among existing ones. Despite its gigantic size, getting lost here difficult even for a novice traveler: at every step installed all kinds of pointers and services.

An interesting fact Chklapkok built on the island of the same name artificial origin, where dozens land daily aircraft, both passenger and cargo.

Hong Kong Airport is a colossal project. On his more than $ 20 billion was spent on sales: Cheklapkok – participant in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive airport the planet. Due to its partial location on the island, Cheklapkok was significantly increased in size: the size of the aviation station amounted to about 1200 hectares. In 2007, the second was built the terminal where the prestigious shopping center with many boutiques and restaurants.

Runways have a total length of 3800 kilometers and reach 60 kilometers wide: this is quite enough to receive any airliners. Hourly in Cheklapkok it lands and takes off up to 60 aircraft, and in volume Hong Kong airport is one of the passengers and freight traffic world leaders.

Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Rating: 4.5

Frankfurt am Main

Annual passenger flow: 70 million people

German pride, the largest in Germany and one of the largest Airports on the planet. By the way, it is worth noting that the road to the airport is not the closest. Nevertheless, the city authorities make sure that guests of the country can get to the airport with comfort: not only do special routes here buses, but also trains.

Double Terminal Frankfurt International Continental hub for most major airlines in the world: more than 50% of passengers landing at its terminals transfer to another flight. This is one of the biggest international air hubs. Has 4 km runway allowing you to take the world’s largest board – Airbus A380.

The airport, also known as the Rhine-Main, offers its guests have many relaxation areas, excellent shopping conditions, quality food establishments, playrooms for children, own cinema, hotel directly on the territory, etc. Here many pointers that simplify the process of moving around territory of the air harbor.

Schiphol, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Rating: 4.6


Annual passenger flow: 71 million people

Observation Decks with Superior Panoramic View, Branch National Museum of the country with Dutch painting, library, place of registration of marriage, own casino, many shops, restaurants and entertainment spots for tourists, and even a morgue – which just can not be found in the main metropolitan airport.

Schiphol appeared back in 1916. But initially he was created as an air base and was not intended for civilians transportation. He began to fulfill his present function only after completion of the First World War.

Interesting fact. In ancient times, the airport was located Harlemmermer Bay, which was drained in the middle of the 19th century.

Schiphol is considered the largest and busiest airport in Europe, but at the same time it is arranged how convenient, what is comfortable in it even inexperienced travelers. And for those after flight either on its eve feels tired of the environment turmoil and noise, a comfortable rest is offered in private with oneself yourself in the Meditation Center. This is a soundproofed room where You can meditate or pray. Also presented here a library with holy books of various faiths.

Schiphol is the lowest airport among European giants: it located at an altitude of 3 meters below sea level. Airport takes 16th place among the largest structures on the planet with a total area of all premises about 600,000 m2. Throughout its Schiphol existence was repeatedly recognized as the best in the world.

Heathrow, London (UK)

Rating: 4.7


Annual passenger flow: 80 million people

The famous airport is considered the busiest and one of the most large in Europe. And this, despite the fact that it has far from best location. The fact is that it is located on too low altitude – only 25 meters above sea level. because of this his runways often disappear in frequent London fog.

Built back in 1930, Heathrow first became famous. thanks to the presence of as many as 6 take-off lines. Today their only 2. But this is quite enough, because for many years the strip lengthened, gradually expanded. At the same time, their quality remained consistently high. Close proof of that – close Heathrow’s collaboration with nearly a hundred airlines in the world.

The airport is designed for a maximum load of 40 million passengers per year, but in fact the figure is almost 2 times more, which is not could not cause Heathrow overload and frequent departures delays. From here – a lot of negative reviews. In the coming years, it is planned solving the problem by building another strip take off / landing.

As for the infrastructure of the airport, here – no complaints. There are numerous rooms for air travelers. recreation, prayer places, restaurants, saunas, hairdressers, shops, etc.

O’Hara, Chicago (USA)

Rating: 4.8


Annual passenger flow: 83 million people

Built in 1943, O’Hara was originally factory for an American aircraft manufacturer. Named after the main character of a famous novel, one of the most The world’s largest airports are located in the Midwest and are considered one of the most “problematic”: the daily passenger turnover here is just crazy. But it is he who entails a decline in quality service: about 20% of all O’Hara flights are simply canceled. IN 2005, the airport became a kind of record holder, serving more than 1 million departures.

Although the majority of passengers travel exclusively on national air routes from Chicago the airport can easily fly to more than 60 points around to the world.

There are currently 4 operating at the airport terminal, but in the future it is planned to build more a few. This is due to the incredibly heavy load on the complex. For the same reason, the city authorities decided to reduce ’s passenger flow to improve service and reduce the number of canceled flights.

Interesting fact. The airport is partially connected with the city line through a small strip of land less than 70 meters wide. She was included in the territory of the city for the sole purpose of: city ​​authorities could control O‘Har’s work.

Los Angeles, USA)

Rating: 4.9

Los Angeles

Annual passenger flow: 87 million people

Truly gigantic, yet incredibly simple and comfortable arranged airport – the largest in the city and one of the most functional in the country. 8-terminal complex looks from a height peculiar: the terminals are arranged in the form of the Latin letter U, well, or horseshoes. It is at this airport that United Headquarters is located. Airlines LAX departures to 69 different locations of the world.

November 1, 2019 at the airport activated a new system LAX-it, designed to reduce traffic jams before entering the air harbor of the city. Passengers arriving at the airport should have use the shuttle to get to specially designated area for calling a taxi Uber or Lyft away from the 1st terminal.

In fact, the system was so slow that it caused huge traffic jams (some passengers had to wait for their cars for about an hour). Airport management expressed apologies and promised to optimize the route, as well as supplement road marking.

Colossal reconstruction work for which a record was allocated for cities from non-profit organizations – about 4 billion dollars.

Hutsfield-Jackson, Atlanta (USA)

Rating: 5.0


Annual passenger flow: 90-100 million people

Airport congestion is considered one of the important indicators the success of his work. And for now, in this criterion the Atlantean the complex has no equal in the world since 2007. Its confident can be called the largest in terms of passenger traffic. To understand the real scale of air travel at this transport hub, just find out a few facts.

Firstly, they can land in Hutsfield-Jackson right away 3 the plane. Secondly, every day the airport serves 250,000 passengers. Thirdly, the area of ​​the complex reaches 2000 hectares. If you add to all this high quality service (exclusively by user reviews), one of the most the best harbors on the planet. Hutsfield-Jackson First Time opened its aerial “doors” in 1926: landed here postal luggage.

For the comfort of passengers at the airport was built 24-hour parking for up to 30,000 cars. Besides In addition, buses run every 3-7 minutes. Complex Hartsfield-Jackson is considered the largest in the world and, being here for the first time, you can easily get lost.

The airport offers its guests a wide range of services for increase the comfort of waiting for a flight. Work here around the clock recreation areas, there are separate rooms for sleeping, boxes for mothers and baby, where you can change clothes, wash and feed the baby. Souvenir shops are also available for travelers. shops, catering facilities, a dog walking park, as well as free Wi-fi access without any traffic restrictions.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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