8 cheapest and most reliable screwdrivers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Battery-powered screwdrivers are one of the most common types of power tools along with drills and grinders. For small repair and installation work can do without the usual with a screwdriver, but already on an average repair, the number of screwed self-tapping screws (for example, when installing drywall) is calculated hundreds, and without a screwdriver can not do. Market expected replete with a variety of models, but today’s rating from dedicated to a separate segment – the best screwdrivers from the category the cheapest.

All of the 8 models listed are made in a shock-free form factor. Drills with a screwdriver function, equipped with a keyless chuck type, work from a removable battery.

Rating of the cheapest screwdrivers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the cheapest screwdrivers 1 MILITARY CD10.8Li 2 228 rub.
2 Edon CF-1202 2 222 rub.
3 Hammer ACD122 2 499 rub.
4 BISON DSHL-121 2 300 rub.
5 Vortex DA-12-1 1 760 rub.
6 Bort BAB-10.8-P 1 370 rub.
7 Kolner KCD 10.8L 1 290 rub.
8 CALIBER DA-18/1 770 rub.


Rating: 4.9


Let’s start the review with a screwdriver of the MILITARY trademark. it a Chinese-made tool that has gained trust and respect for users in the CIS countries for decent quality, Convenience and reliability at an affordable price.

The device is made in a very expressive design in a casing of high-quality plastic bright red. Net weight – 1.1 kg. The diameter of the cartridge is 10 mm.

This is the most productive model in the review in terms of the maximum idle speed is 1350 per minute. The maximum torque developed by the engine is 25 N · m. Two electronically adjustable speeds supported rotational speeds. Forced brake function integrated engine. For the convenience of long-term operation, the start button can to fix. Useful fixture – spot lamp backlight.

When used as a drill, limitations should be considered. drilling diameter – 10 mm for metal and 15 mm for wood.

The screwdriver works from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. Operating voltage – 10.8 V. Time required for full charging – 3 hours. A standard charger is used for charging device that is supplied.

Basically, this screwdriver is recommended for domestic needs from case by case. For major repairs or daily use It is worth looking at a more productive and powerful model.


  • ease of use (grip, rubberized handle);
  • precise alignment;
  • “bonuses” in the form of lights, brakes, etc .;
  • nice design.


  • some comments about insufficient engine power.

Edon CF-1202

Rating: 4.8

Edon CF-1202

Continues the rating of another good “Chinese” brand Edon. The tool is largely similar to the previous model, but there are important differences that we will describe.

This screwdriver is 200 grams lighter than the previous one – 0.9 kg. A screwdriver in a housing made of durable plastic with black and red shades in the design. The diameter of the cartridge is 10 mm.

The performance screwdriver is almost not inferior to the above models: torque – up to 30 N · m; idle speed – up 1300 per minute. There are two speeds with electronic adjustment frequency, reverse, backlight, battery protection against overloads. Button inclusion can be blocked for continuous operation without effort.

A noticeable advantage of this screwdriver is the presence in the kit supplies of two whole lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah every. Combined with a pulse charger reduced full charge time up to 1 hour. The operating voltage is 12 V.

In addition to the additional battery in the package also Compact carrying case for easy transport.


  • two batteries and a case included;
  • light weight;
  • strong assembly;
  • fast charge;
  • ergonomics.


  • come across complaints of a heartbeat while drilling.

Hammer ACD122

Rating: 4.7

Hammer ACD122

The third item in our rating is a screwdriver developed engineers of the famous German company Hammer Werkzeug GmbH. Model practically in no way inferior to the two solutions described above, some in than surpassing them and having some interesting additional functions.

This model is heavier than the previous two – 1.3 kg, mainly due to size and weight of the battery. Executed tool in the same “pistol” form factor in a case made of durable plastic dark green color and interesting design in style “high tech”. The diameter of the cartridge is 10 mm.

Two speeds with electronic adjustment are supported rotational speeds and a simple switch to reverse. Marginal idle speed – 1200 per minute. Torque up to 15 Nm When used as a drill, maximum diameter drilling for metal is 5 mm, for wood – 15 mm.

A screwdriver works from a nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity 1.2 Ah The operating voltage is 12 V. To charge the battery a conventional (non-pulsed) charger is used. Time full charge – 3 hours.

Useful devices and additional functions: start button lock, spotlight located on the housing holder mounted in the housing level.

The standard delivery set includes a screwdriver, two battery case.


  • two batteries included;
  • famous German brand;
  • magnetic holder and level integrated in the housing;
  • ergonomics.


  • no automatic shutdown of the charger when fully charge.


Rating: 4.6


Now in the ranking of the best inexpensive and reliable according to the version we will pay attention to the product sample domestic brand. Despite the fact that the assembly of the tool still made in China, a 5-year manufacturing warranty and a network of service centers widely developed throughout the Russian Federation serve as a serious addition to the list of benefits of this model.

Dimensions of the device itself – 292x196x70 mm, packaging – 293 × 195 × 75 mm, net weight – 1 kg, in a package – 1.5 kg. Screwdriver completed in the most popular pistol form factor with a bright, slightly even Aggressive in a good way. Variable chuck diameter – from 0.8 to 10 mm.

At idle, the tool speeds up to 1.3 thousand per minute with a maximum torque of 25 N · m (not bad indicator for low speeds). 2 speeds supported with electronic speed control, simple switching on reverse and the ability to fix the spindle.

2-speed planetary gearbox allows not only screw in high torque screws but also efficiently drill at high speeds.

There are also functions of a forced engine brake, electronic overload protection, pulse operation.

When used as a drill, the maximum diameter for metal is 10 mm, for wood – 21 mm. Of useful additional functions in this model there is a spotlight workstation and a built-in magnetic socket for attaching bits.

The operating voltage of this screwdriver is 12 V. Battery – lithium-ion, with a capacity of 1.3 Ah. Pulse charger allows fast charging – just 1 hour.

In addition to the screwdriver, battery and the charger also includes bits 50 mm – PH, PZ.


  • fast charge;
  • high-quality customer service;
  • 5 years warranty;
  • convenience;
  • power;
  • reliability;
  • bright design.


  • expressed flaws were not found.

Vortex DA-12-1

Rating: 4.6


Our experts included another screwdriver in the rating domestic brand. For the first time products “Whirlwind” came out of production lines of a motor plant in Samara (at that time – Kuibyshev) in 1974. Now production is concentrated in PRC

This model is already noticeably and quite significantly behind any of previous power and performance. It is expressed in first of all, in the idle speed indicator – 550 per minute. However, the price of the instrument is significantly lower.

Torque – up to 16 Nm, one work speed is supported with electronic adjustment of the circulation frequency (22 steps) and reverse. The diameter of the cartridge is variable – from 0.8 to 10 mm. At work with metal in drilling mode, the maximum hole diameter is 8 mm, with a tree – 18 mm. The power button is equipped with a lock. IN The housing has a built-in magnetic bit holder.

The tool runs on a 1.5 Ah nickel-cadmium battery with a working voltage of 12 V.


  • holds a charge well;
  • ease of use;
  • honest technical specifications;
  • reliability.


  • the charging base is not quite well thought out.

Bort BAB-10.8-P

Rating: 4.5

Bort BAB-10.8-P

The rating continues another “German” Chinese assembly. Trading Bort brand belongs to the well-known holding company SBM Group. Production established in China on a contract basis.

The tool weighs 1 kg. Made in the same form factor pistol, like all the previous ones. The battery is fully placed in handle without protrusions from below. Housing made of sturdy plastic mostly blue, the start button is orange.

As in the previous model, there is one speed mode with electronic adjustment of the frequency of circulation. At idle a speed of 550 rotations per minute is reached. Marginal torque – 18 Nm There is a reverse and a forced brake engine. When working as a drill, the maximum hole diameter for metal – 8 mm, for wood 20 mm.

The tool runs on a 1.3 Ah battery with a lithium-ion battery operating voltage 10.8 V. Full charge time – 3 hours (charger the device is ordinary, not pulsed).

Additional functions – start button lock, working backlight zones.


  • compactness and light weight;
  • proper balancing;
  • holds a charge for a long time;
  • sufficient power for domestic needs.


  • problems with the purchase of batteries, and a spare battery in no kit.

Kolner KCD 10.8L

Rating: 4.4

Kolner KCD 10.8L

The next model in our rating creates German trademark associations. But this impression deceptively, and the KÖLNER brand is actually Russian. The production of power tools is, of course, carried out in China.

Overall dimensions of the package – 21x6x19 cm. Net weight iehegjdthnf similar to the previous model – only 1 kg. Design a little more interesting, the color is more contrasting and expressive – a combination of bright yellow and black. Case material – high-quality plastic. The diameter of the cartridge varies from 0.8 to 10 mm.

High-speed mode is provided for one with the possibility of electronic adjustment of revolutions to a maximum of 550 rotations per minute. Twisting moment – up to 16 Nm There is a reverse and a forced engine brake. At work in drill mode; maximum hole size for metal – 8 mm, for wood – 16 mm.

The tool works from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.3 Ah operating voltage 10.8 V. The charger is normal, not impulse. A full charge from scratch is 2 hours, but many users claim that even one is enough for a charge hours.

For convenience and safety, the power button equipped with a lock. Compact LED integrated in the housing lamp and magnetic holder for bits.


  • lightweight and compact – convenient to operate with one hand;
  • smooth adjustment of turns;
  • there is a charge indicator;
  • holds a charge long enough;
  • fast charge;
  • nice design.


  • low real power for full operation in the mode drills.


Rating: 4.2


And the rating is completed by another screwdriver of domestic design and Chinese assembly. This trademark appeared on the market in 2001. year, and quickly gained recognition among consumers due to low prices with good technical performance. Actually, in this and the manufacturer’s informed policy was kept – minimizing options of doubtful necessity in favor of cheaper. In our This review is the most affordable screwdriver.

A much higher power is immediately evident here. against the background of the three previous models. By using battery high capacity upper limit of idle speed makes 1150 rpm with a torque up to 18 N · m. Diameter cartridge – 10 mm. There is one speed mode. There is a reverse. IN drill mode, the maximum hole size for metal is 10 mm; wood – 30 mm. There is a lock start button.

Completed a screwdriver in a simple design in the form factor the gun. Powerful and overall battery, along with some others the details significantly adds weight to the product – net weight is 2.6 kg

The battery capacity (nickel-cadmium) is 1.2 Ah operating voltage of 18 V. The declared time of a full charge from a charger of a conventional, non-pulse type – 1 hour.

The screwdriver comes with a compact case for transportation.


  • record price;
  • reliability;
  • short charge time;
  • Battery capacity;
  • power and performance;
  • case included.


  • a lot of weight.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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