8 best sound level meters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

One of the harmful factors that negatively affects well-being and human health is noise. No wonder people working in conditions of strong sound exposure, relies surcharge or additional days of rest. To estimate the noise level, there are special appliances. Through the microphone to the device the sound gets caught, which is then converted to decibels, and the results are displayed on the sound level meter. Today in Russian stores A wide range of these appliances is presented. Among them there is how professional models and home appliances. Recommendations Our experts will help potential buyers find their noise meter.

Selection recommendations

Filters One of the most important elements in a sound level meter is sound filters. They are 4 species, each of them is responsible for sound level and degree of its pressure. In noise meters most often two filters are applied.

  1. The sound filter marked A is responsible for the operation of the device and demonstration of the data at a small level volume.
  2. Filter C is required to determine the degree of maximum volume.

Classification. All noise meters for accuracy are divided into 4 categories.

  1. The zero class is distinguished by the most accurate measurements, its the scope is very narrow due to the space price.
  2. For certified laboratories conducting experimental works created first-class appliances. They are distinguished by minimal an error.
  3. High noise metering devices demonstrate the second class. These are the most common devices in industrial sphere. They allow you to monitor the state of sound exposure, both in the whole room and in a limited area.
  4. In everyday life, high accuracy of noise measurements is not required. Man it is important to know the approximate value in order to conclude safety one or another technique. In this case, the device must be accessible by the price. The third class models meet all these requirements.

Temporary properties. Noise meters differ and time intervals of measurements.

  1. Assess noise exposure continuously allow devices marked F (fast).
  2. If the task is to measure noise with interruptions in work, then models like S (slow) will do.
  3. To measure pulsed sounds, it will take devices marked I (pik).

Additional options. In sound level meters manufacturers introduce different modern options.

  1. The backlight of the display allows you to take readings in poor conditions visibility.
  2. Communication with a personal computer allows you to organize a connector USB
  3. An analog output is required to connect to the oscilloscope.
  4. Built-in memory allows you to store specific number of measurements.

We selected 8 best sound level meters in the review. You can purchase them at trading network of our country. When allocating seats, the editorial board based on expert opinion, taking into account reviews of Russian consumers.

Rating of the best sound level meters

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best sound level meters 1 Testo 815 17 800 rub.
2 SoundTest-Master 17 900 rub.
3 MEGEON 92140 14 500 rub.
4 CEM DT-8852 480755 10 600 rub.
5 Smart Sensor AR814 4 000 rub.
6 Megeon 92135 2 990 rub.
7 ADA ZSM 135 A00517 1 750 rub.

Testo 815

Rating: 4.9

Testo 815.jpg

High accuracy of measurements is demonstrated by the German sound level meter Testo 815. The error is only 1 dB, for protection from the wind there is protective screen. The manufacturer provided for the ability to install instrument on a tripod. Thanks to the integrated display for users It is convenient to carry out visual control of the results. For management the operation of the device has a keypad. Measuring range Sound level values ​​range from 32 to 130 dB. The sound level meter is powered from the crown, the operating time is 70 hours. Working range temperatures vary from 0 to + 40 ° C. Experts gave the device second place in the review.

In reviews, users praise the sound level meter for the accuracy of measurements and German quality. By cons, they include a small amount of memory (remembers the minimum and maximum values).


  • high accuracy;
  • German quality;
  • Ease of controls;
  • There is a windproof screen.


  • low memory capacity.


Rating: 4.8


For operational control of noise level in industrial Premises suitable for Laserliner SoundTest-Master. German engineering equipped with sensitive capacitor a microphone that is protected from dust by a special cover. The experts praised the sound level meter for intuitive operation and availability in software bundle. When connected to a PC, you can monitor the measurement results in real time. IN The memory can store up to 16,000 measurement results. Device Designed to operate in the frequency range from 31.5 to 8000 Hz. The range of measured values ​​of sound level: 30 – 130 dB. Accuracy measurements: ± 1.5 dB. 6 batteries are used to power the sound level meter AAA type, which contribute to the total weight of the product (350 d).

The model takes an honorable third place for a clear display with backlight, reliability and a small margin of error.


  • sensitive microphone;
  • protection against dust and wind;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • the ability to connect to a PC.


  • a lot of weight.

MEGEON 92140

Rating: 4.7

MEGEON 92140.jpg

Instantly evaluate the noise level in a production room allows the MEGEON 92140 device. The range of measurements makes 30 … 130 dB, all results are reflected in the display with backlight. A special soft cover protects the microphone from dust and wind. The manufacturer has provided the ability to connect a sound level meter to computer via USB. In order to save battery power (4×1.5 V) the product is equipped with an auto power off function (after 10 minutes inaction). Experts appreciated the accuracy of the device, the error of readings does not exceed 1.2 dB. Complete with sound level meter There is a telescopic tripod and a hard plastic case.

Users praise device for quick measurement noise, internal memory (4700 readings), rich equipment, but note such a significant drawback as small print on display.


  • quick noise measurement;
  • the ability to connect to a PC;
  • rich equipment;
  • accuracy.


  • fine print on display.

CEM DT-8852 480755

Rating: 4.6

THIS DT-8852 480755.jpg

Chinese can memorize a large number of measurements (up to 32,600) CEM DT-8852 480755 sound level meter. Experts liked this model for Large and clear characters on the display. Soft nozzle prevents contamination of a sensitive microphone, protects it from strong the wind. The level of detected noise varies from 30 to 130 dB; 4 measurement modes (1 automatic and 3 manual). It is worth noting, that the error rate during measurements does not exceed 2 db The device can be connected to an oscilloscope or spectral analyzer, for this there is an analog output. Manufacturer equipped his product with a tripod, battery, case, USB cable and a screwdriver.

Users consider the combination of value and functionality. The device has been running on the crown for a long time. (30 hours). There are only minor complaints about the build quality.


  • backlit display;
  • windproof nozzle;
  • long working time;
  • rich equipment.


  • limp build quality.

Smart Sensor AR814

Rating: 4.5


Noises of any origin (mechanical, electromagnetic, etc.) e.) can register Smart Sensor AR814. This device converts sound signals into electrical impulses. The manufacturer made the sound level meter a modern device with a rich feature set. The model can record a signal, transmit data on a PC for further processing. The measuring range is 30-130 dB, the results are displayed for 2 s. The experts liked the clear characters, the backlight, the charge indication, auto shut off option. The model falls into the TOP-6 review for ease (126 g), compact and comfortable price.

User friendly operation, democratic price and functionality of the Chinese sound level meter. By cons you can attributed to low measurement accuracy and slowness.


  • multifunctionality;
  • ease;
  • compactness;
  • affordable price.


  • inaccurate readings;
  • reacts slowly.

Megeon 92135

Rating: 4.4

Megeon 92135.jpg

For the role of a simple household sound level meter, domestic development Megeon 92135. The model is designed to measure sound background in homes, offices or schools, as well as for testing production equipment. The device is able to work in a wide range (30-130 dB), powered by three AAA batteries. Thanks to the backlight of the display, you can use the sound level meter in poor visibility. Experts have noted such a useful option, as an automatic shutdown of the device with prolonged inactivity. results measurements are displayed on the LCD with an error of up to 1.5 dB.

Domestic users liked the best available price, lightness (150 g) and compactness of the device. Together with the device comes only with a windproof cap and batteries.


  • affordable price;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • display backlight;
  • auto power off.


  • poor equipment;
  • modest accuracy.

ADA ZSM 135 A00517

Rating: 4.3

ADA ZSM 135 A00517.jpg

The most affordable sound level meter ADA ZSM 135 A00517 was still and cold resistant. Unlike competitors, he continues to do measurements even at a negative temperature (to -20 ° C). The experts also praised the Hong Kong development for speed, time The response is only 300 ms. As for the noise range, then it should vary from 35 to 135 dB. Frequency span is in the range of 31.5-8000 Hz. The product should be added to the asset. LCD display with backlight. The device is powered by energy 3 AAA finger batteries, lasting 60 hours work.

This device closes our review, getting to higher the position was prevented by a high error (from 2 dB). I do not like users and black screen background. But for auto power off and price the manufacturer is commendable.


  • low price;
  • performance;
  • wide temperature range;
  • auto power off.


  • high error;
  • black screen background.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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