8 best sealant guns

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Sealant is actively used in construction and repair, and also in car services. To conveniently apply it in large quantities designed pistols, designed to form on standard tubes. Their application provides high performance and complete emptying of the vessel. We present to you rating of the best guns for sealant, which is divided into two main categories. Only the best models with the TOP-8 good features and positive reviews.

Rating of the best guns for sealant

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best mechanical sealant guns 1 FIT Profi 14256 550 rub
2 Armero A251 / 006 1032 rub.
3 FIT Profi 14246 579 rub
4 STAYER Professional 0673-60 489 rub
5 Armero A251 / 008 862 rub
6 BISON Professional 06633-31 470 rub
The best cordless sealant guns 1 Makita CG100DZA 10 990 rub.
2 Ryobi ONE + CCG1801MHG 4 760 rub.

Best mechanical sealant guns

Mechanical guns for sealant are actuated clicking from the user. A rigid handle is provided for this. and a rod compressing the mounting mass with a piston. To start it mechanism, the master pulls the trigger. Such a tool may be professional or amateur, depending on quality assembly.

FIT Profi 14256

Rating: 4.9


The first place is occupied by goods from a branded manufacturer. FIT tool. The handle of the gun is powder coated in black color and long resistance to corrosion. The trigger contains four ergonomic protrusions under the fingers, providing a firm grip and preventing slipping. Users in the reviews note that the design is carefully it is fitted and has no backlash, therefore the sealant always comes out with constant pressure. Such an inventory does not have the opposite leakage. The chamber is designed for refueling tubes and holds up to 600 ml of substance. If necessary, the model can be hung up special hole.

Sealant gun ranked due to closed constructions. The metal tube securely hides the liquid tube nails, preventing her from accidentally getting damaged on a limited space. It is practical for work in car service or other difficult places. Still closed housing provides increased structural rigidity, so the piston always presses straight.


  • no stock distortions;
  • high-quality assembly of the trigger without play;
  • tough construction;
  • comfortable wide grip of the handle.


  • heavier product weight;
  • Only suitable for special capsules with sealant.

Armero A251 / 006

Rating: 4.8

ARMERO A251-006

In second place is the rating of mechanical pistols, an instrument, containing tubes up to 310 ml. The fixture is made in skeletal a structure having two metal strips to support forms. The handle and trigger are cast from aluminum and equipped with stops to the hands of the master did not slide off the sweat. In the rear end a lever is provided for pressure relief and depth adjustment dive piston. Powered pusher mechanism with gear number 18: 1. A special loop is provided for hanging. The users in the reviews like the powerful spring returns the stock back after each push – this prevents creating excessive pressure.

The gun is rated as both light and durable. The product belongs to the category of reinforced – its trigger is attached to body with two powerful rivets so that the most movable part lasted longer. The holder frame is welded by contact welding and ensures that the correct geometry is maintained despite drops and daily operation. At the same time, the inventory weighs about 700 g.


  • the pusher rod is provided with a corrosion-resistant coating;
  • lightweight aluminum alloy handle design and trigger;
  • piston presses with 4500N;
  • comfortable handle with stops.


  • high price;
  • coarse trigger lever for pulling the rod.

FIT Pros 14246

Rating: 4.7


The third place was taken by a mechanical type pistol made in semi-closed configuration. The main body consists of tool steel and aluminum. Outside sheathed shockproof plastic that adds volume to the fixture. it increases the comfort of grasping and holding. The receiving part is designed for tubes with sealant, volume of 310 ml. Owners in reviews like anti-drip system that prevents sealant from leaking into back side.

The product was rated the best because of its counterweight. it the original design of the gun, which is equipped with a weighting agent behind the handle. This solution provides a balance between a tube of 300 g and contributes to less stress on the hand. Recommended to pay attention to the inventory for those who have to apply sealant to many tubes every day without the ability to support the nose of the second by hand.


  • stainless ramrod;
  • there is an anti-drip system;
  • convenient handle for pulling the rod;
  • The plastic trim on the trigger prevents friction.


  • if dropped, the plastic casing may break;
  • to lubricate the gun, it is necessary to disassemble the body;
  • performance gradually decreases due to slippage stock.

STAYER Professional 0673-60

Rating: 4.6


In fourth place is a mechanical pistol from German brand. Model replicas Canadian tool leading in this rating category. Snap too holds 600 ml and is designed for industrial capsules with an internal location. The closed design will not allow the rod to bend or push aside, reducing performance. To easily release hands, a mounting loop is provided. Pressure relief carried out lever on the end of the gun. The device is both durable and lightweight due to aluminum body.

According to our experts, the gun deserves a place in the ranking due to the tightness of the unit with sealant. The closed container holds self industrial capsules with substance and completely isolates the hands masters from the spreading remedy. This allows you to save even Work clothes are clean and non-irritating.


  • smooth chrome plated stem;
  • attractive price;
  • holds up to 600 ml of sealant;
  • rugged aluminum housing.


  • it is inconvenient to turn with a long gun in tight places (on in the attic, under the bathroom);
  • with a full tube, the long stem at the back interferes with work;
  • the gun outweighs forward and you need to support the nozzle for accurate guidance.

Armero A251 / 008

Rating: 4.5

ARMERO A251-008

Continues our rating of the best mechanical pistol models with closed type of housing. You can lay special capsules with sealant up to 600 ml. Conveniently adjust the stem length using the back nickle. Enough to relieve pressure gently press the lever with your thumb. Owners in reviews pay attention to the particularly thin nozzle of the gun, which contributes to supply of substance to the bottlenecks. Disassemble the housing for cleaning both front and rear, so care for the instrument is not amounts to labor. The device remains attractive for a long time, as protected by high-quality spraying.

In our opinion, the gun deserves a place in the ranking in view of 12: 1 reduced gear ratio. It promotes a delicate supplying a semi-liquid substance so that excess does not leak onto the product. When the trigger is released, no residual pressure remains in the container, therefore, the flow of sealant immediately stops.


  • hard case;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • long trigger with protrusions under the fingers;
  • Extra narrow nose.


  • high price;
  • weighs 830 g and tires the hand during prolonged manipulations;
  • long ramrod with the tube full.

BISON Professional 06633-31

Rating: 4.4


Closes the rating category pistol from domestic manufacturer “BISON”. This is another model from the category of reinforced. The case is distinguished by a closed form, but the product is much shorter than analogues and holds up to 310 ml of sealant. So that the stem moves easily, it subjected to additional grinding, and to protect moisture from silicone and other substances coated with zinc. You can hang up the gun mounting hole, and behind the hook of the main axis. Thanks to the whole the construction of the tool keeps its shape perfectly despite everyday activities.

300 mm case length ideal for installation as industrial capsules and standard cartridges. Piston diameter suitable for both types of containers with consumables, so nothing need to trim or fit. This is a versatile pistol in our rating, which is not difficult to find a sealant. Owners note in the reviews a fairly light weight model of 550 g, which is optimal for sealing the cracks at the top on outstretched arms with installing windows or doors.


  • powerful return spring;
  • wide trigger stroke relative to the handle;
  • durable aluminum case;
  • cone rubber piston for thorough cleaning sealant from the walls.


  • at the end of the ramrod is just a bent hook;
  • nuts made of plastic;
  • the trigger is a little loose.

The best cordless sealant guns

Battery pistols are distinguished by the presence of an electric motor, which starts the movement of the staff with teeth. Last crush piston to sealant. The operator only pulls the trigger, without applying special efforts. It is a comfortable power tool for long work.

Makita CG100DZA

Rating: 4.9


First place rating in the category of cordless guns took the Japanese model. The handle of the gun is rubberized and does not slip even in the heat. To adjust the stem depth, convenient T-handle at the back. Semi-closed housing type provides maintaining rigidity and speed of installation of the cartridge. Adjustment feed is in the range from 0 to 28 mm per second of movement pusher. The battery is not included, but in the gun Its protection against overheating and deep discharge is provided. An effort The feed from the motor is up to 5000N. Owners in reviews like the presence of a flashlight to highlight the place of supply of the sealant.

We rated the gun as a rechargeable model holds 800 ml tubes. This is the largest indicator in the category. This design allows you to work for a long time without interruption and close up large areas with seams. Pusher speed controller helps to set the desired flow rate, for which they use a wheel with numbers on the end.


  • powerful pusher rail;
  • diode illumination of the place of supply of the sealant;
  • convenient top refill cartridge;
  • speed controller.


  • high price;
  • implemented without carrying case;
  • no battery and charger included;
  • bulky.

Ryobi ONE + CCG1801MHG

Rating: 4.8


The second place in the rating belongs to the more affordable model price from another Japanese manufacturer. Gun inferior leader of the rating in the feed rate of the sealant (5.5 mm per second versus 28 mm), but it costs three times cheaper. Buyers in reviews like that the gun has a trigger lock – this protects against accidental pressing and squeezing out the substance. To select optimal speed, you can use the switch in the form crescent on the left side. Comfortable retention contributes to rubber grip on the handle. For squeezing sealant apparatus exerts a force of 225 kg, so it can push out and thickened substance.

We put the gun in the rating of the best battery models, because the electric motor is energy efficient. With battery capacity of 5.0 A / h one charge is enough to use 200 tubes with sealant. We recommend looking at the model for those who care period of autonomy and there is no frequent opportunity to recharge apparatus.


  • you can put on a wrist strap so as not to drop;
  • convenient side speed controller;
  • attractive price;
  • quick swap tubes.


  • only for cartridges up to 300 ml;
  • weight 1.7 kg;
  • no batteries included.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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