8 best districts of Istanbul

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Before traveling to Istanbul, every traveler thinks about the logistics of the area in which he will live. It is important to consider time to the airport and spending money on transport. Our experts carefully examined the areas of the largest city in Turkey, weighed everything pros and cons and made the TOP-12. This rating will allow prepare a tourist for a meeting with an ancient metropolis.

Rating of the best districts of Istanbul

Nomination a place district rating
The best European areas of Istanbul 1 Beyoglu 5.0
2 Fatih 4.9
3 Bakirkey 4.8
4 Arnavutkey 4.7
5 Shishli 4.6
The best Asian areas of Istanbul 1 Tuzla 5.0
2 Kadikoy 4.9
3 Uksyudar 4.8

The best European areas of Istanbul

The Turkish city is located simultaneously in Asia and in Europe. Most of the attractions are in the European zone. Therefore, for the first trip, we recommend it.


Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking is occupied by the district, which is considered the center New Istanbul. Here you can see the pedestrian Istiklal street, Taksim Square, St. Anthony’s Temple, the best branded stores and luxury restaurants. Tourists are waiting for galleries, theaters, cinemas.

The population of Beyoglu is about 245 thousand people daily up to 1 million tourists from all over the world come here. Weekend weekend there are a lot of people. You can safely walk around the area during the day in weekday. Praise the high level of service, a large number Attractions and the friendly attitude of the locals.


  • close to the airport;
  • many iconic objects;
  • a large selection of cafes and clubs;
  • there is a subway;
  • an abundance of hotels.


  • very crowded.


Rating: 4.9


Next in the ranking is one of the most popular tourist areas. Literally at every step there is something interesting. Most facilities can be easily reached. on foot. In the Fatih area are the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Egyptian Spice Bazaar, Grand Bazaar. Happy large selection of hotels.

The minuses include overpriced prices in hotels and cafes. Walks on the streets under the force of people with healthy legs, there are a lot of cool streets and elevations. Taxis can be difficult on the streets often traffic jams. The benefits include fresh sea air, friendly residents, a large number of antique heritage.


  • the abundance of hotels;
  • many attractions;
  • Fresh air;
  • the good attitude of the locals.


  • inflated prices;
  • too steep streets;
  • traffic jams.


Rating: 4.8


Along the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara lies an area with a population of 250 thousand people. Bakirkoy is the business center of Istanbul. Besides beautiful views from the promenade, tourists will be curious about the cultural center of Yunus Emre, Fildama Cistern, 19th century Greek temple, main mosque. Here you can find many cafes and restaurants, hotels and hotels.

The airport is located in the northwest of the area. Therefore get it’s not difficult here. There is a subway line. Pleased network transport. In Bakirkoy, tourists are waiting for accommodation at reasonable prices. It is always noisy here, and traffic jams are constantly on the road.


  • large selection of hotels;
  • adequate cost of housing;
  • proximity to the airport;
  • Suitable share of shopping.


  • very noisy;
  • often traffic jams.


Rating: 4.7


The area is located west of Istanbul. About 200 live here thousands of people. The area has become popular due to the unique architecture. Here you can see wooden houses in the Ottoman style, Istanbul’s largest Taxiarchis church, mosque Teflichi, a bronze sculpture of Ataturk.

The area is praised for its beautifully designed gardens and parks. Evening here admire the sunset, in the morning walk and run along the promenade. Hotels in abound. Recommend to pay attention to Villa denise 5 with well decorated rooms.


  • many fish restaurants and shops;
  • good selection of hotels;
  • unique architecture;
  • beautiful gardens;
  • beautiful landscapes.


  • no significant historical sites.


Rating: 4.6


The next participant in the rating is a cluster skyscrapers, new buildings and shopping centers. In a modern area More than 300 thousand people live. The advantages of this place include developed infrastructure, a large selection of hotels and restaurants. Is worth visit the monument to the Mediterranean Sea, War Museum, Statue of Abide Hyurriet, Ali Sami Yong Stadium. It’s a pity there are few unique in Sisli objects and no access to the sea.

There is a subway in the area, a bus network is developed. This settlement choose tourists who want to relax in Turkey. People here not much. Shopping connoisseurs are advised to take a closer look at the quarter of Medzhidiek.


  • many cafes and hotels;
  • developed transport hub;
  • not a lot of tourists;
  • the presence of the subway.


  • lack of access to water;
  • not many interesting places.

The best Asian areas of Istanbul

Asia has a pleasant atmosphere. Prices here are lower than in Europe, however, the choice of hotels is not as extensive as in Europe. Options for housing in Asian areas is not very much. These places are suitable for those who have already seen all the famous sights of Istanbul and wants to look at him from a non-tourist site.


Rating: 5.0


Opens the nomination Tuzla district, which can be called a suburb of Istanbul. This is a very beautiful and quiet area, which lovers of a relaxing holiday choose. There were centuries ago Greek settlement Akritas. Attractions of the area attract tourists from all over the world. The mineral spring is especially popular. Two sources are located very close and can cure many diseases. They contain magnesium, soda, mineral water, which treat the pathology of the liver and stomach.

There are healing beaches with healing sand in Tuzla, a zoo Yalchyna, a Japanese park with swings, beautiful plants and benches. Luxury hotels are praised, many places for entertainment and shopping.


  • calm atmosphere;
  • the presence of mineral springs with healing water;
  • many places for shopping and entertainment.


  • There are no serious minuses.


Rating: 4.9


The area is well served by tea gardens, unique restaurants and distinctive atmosphere. Easy to get from Sabiha Airport Gokcen by bus or city route. From this area to The main attractions of Istanbul – about 15 minutes drive.

The number of inhabitants of the district exceeds 600,000. It is relative quiet place compared to the European resorts of Istanbul. Advised to see the Greek Church, Toy Museum and train station Khaidarpasha. Youth will love Baghdat Street with a huge amount shops, clubs and bars.


  • proximity to airports;
  • diverse entertainment;
  • developed transport hub;
  • many good hotels;
  • good shopping opportunity.


  • not enough attractions.


Rating: 4.8


A little north of Kadikey is the Uksyudar district. Near it houses the Beylerbey Palace, the fountain of Suldtan Ahmed and the Maiden tower. The population is approximately 550 thousand people. Near preserved eastern flavor in the form of a huge number of mosques.

The objects presented are of great interest to tourists. True, there are not many famous attractions here. IN Uksyudar there is a metro line, there is a railway station and a port. Here very few tourists, and in hotels you can stay at reasonable price. Night life is absent here.


  • adequate housing prices;
  • authentic atmosphere;
  • few tourists;
  • good transport.


  • boring for youth.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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