8 best building hair dryers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Construction hair dryers are used in different spheres of human life. They convert electrical energy into heat by directing hot air into the work area. With this device, you can quickly heat any surface. Building hair dryers are used not only in the construction or repair of houses. The thermal blower can be found in auto repair shops that are engaged in painting work. Electricians use this device when they heat insulation or cambric to soften the material. The hair dryer allows you to connect individual elements into a single whole by soldering or seam welding. Therefore, choosing the right tool is necessary taking into account the purpose. Experts recommend paying attention to several characteristics.

Criteria for choosing a building hair dryer

  1. One of the main parameters of a hair dryer is power. It directly affects heating temperature and performance. The optimal power range is 800-3000 watts.

  2. An important characteristic is not only the maximum temperature. When performing different work, you have to set the minimum modes (cold airflow). For simple home activities, a device with a maximum temperature of 450-550 ° C is enough, and professional models are capable of operating in the range of 50 … 800 ° C.

  3. The volume of air supplied becomes the defining characteristic of performance. The flow rate varies from 150 to 600 l / min.

  4. In the process of heat treatment, it is important to control the main modes. This is most conveniently done with an LCD display.

  5. Nozzles are an integral part of the hair dryer. They allow you to regulate and direct the flow of hot air to a specific area.

Our review includes the best building hair dryers. When compiling the rating, the following criteria were taken into account:

  1. technical specifications;

  2. price;

  3. equipment;

  4. expert opinion;

  5. consumer reviews.

Rating of the best building hair dryers

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive building hair dryers 1 Caliber TP-2100DM Case RUB 2,740
2 RYOBI EHG2020 LCD Case RUB 3,589
3 Interskol FE-2000E Case RUB 1,550
The best building hair dryers in terms of price-quality ratio 1 Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case RUB 6,759
2 Bosch GHG 660 LCD Professional nozzle x5 Case RUB 6,170
3 Makita HG651CK Case 7 707 RUB
The best professional building hair dryers 1 STEINEL HG 2620 E Set Case RUB 27 170

The best inexpensive building hair dryers

For work at home, an inexpensive building hair dryer is suitable. It can be used to remove old paint and other finishing materials. Of all the parameters, buyers should pay attention to the heating temperature and flow rate. The experts have selected several suitable models.

Caliber TP-2100DM Case

Rating: 4.8

Caliber TP-2100DM Case 2100 W

Building hair dryer Caliber TP-2100DM Case 2100 W represents the optimal combination of power and affordable price. The experts gave the device the first place in the rating. The model copes well with heat treatment of parts. The hair dryer comes to the rescue when drying wet surfaces, soldering parts, removing paint and varnish coatings, etc. The device has a stepless temperature and air flow control, LCD display. The maximum heating temperature is limited to 600 ° C, and the air flow rate is 500 l / min.

The body is made of durable plastic, which significantly increases the service life of the device. The manufacturer has completed a construction hairdryer well. The set includes interchangeable nozzles, a scraper, reflective, glass-protective and flat nozzles.


  • affordable price;

  • high power;

  • rich equipment;

  • ergonomic handle.


  • short cord.


Rating: 4.7

RYOBI EHG2020 LCD Case 2000W

The powerful RYOBI EHG2020 LCD Case 2000W hot air gun is capable of solving many problems in the construction industry. It has the highest operating temperature of any competitor that can be monitored on the LCD. The model is equipped with overheating protection, which increases the service life. The construction hair dryer also boasts high performance, the air flow can be adjusted in the range of 250 … 500 l / min. The manufacturer used durable corrugated plastic for the body. For ease of use, there is a folding stand.

The set with the hairdryer comes with replaceable attachments, a hanging loop and a scraper. The model deservedly ranks second in the ranking.


  • high power;

  • overheat protection;

  • smooth adjustment;

  • LCD display.


  • heats up slowly.

Interskol FE-2000E Case

Rating: 4.6

Interskol FE-2000E Case 2000 W

The building hair dryer Interskol FE-2000E Case 2000 W can become an excellent home assistant. This device is often used in professional activities when long-term use is not required. Although the manufacturer claims the possibility of continuous use for 14 hours. The model is practically in no way inferior to the leaders of the rating. It has a high operating temperature (600 ° C), decent performance (500 l / min). Only the minimum temperature of the device is higher than that of competitors (80 ° C versus 50 ° C).

Of the additional options and accessories, experts note overheating protection, a set of nozzles, a long cable (2 m).


  • high-quality assembly;

  • nice design;

  • case for storage and transportation;

  • low price.


  • difficult to regulate temperature;

  • there is no cold air option.

The best building hair dryers in terms of price-quality ratio

Technical hair dryers from the middle price category can be used both in everyday life and in professional activities. These models have a continuously adjustable temperature and air flow rate. Several models have received high marks from professionals and amateurs.

Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case

Rating: 4.9

Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case 2300 W

The technical hair dryer Metabo HE 23-650 Control Case 2300 W has a high performance and an affordable price. This combination was appreciated by experts, giving first place in the rating. The device is equipped with a powerful heating element (2.3 kW), which is able to bring the air temperature to 650 ° C. The lower limit is 50 ° C. The air flow is adjustable in the range of 150 … 500 l / min. This hot air gun can remove old paint, dry the painted surface, make seam welding, and defrost pipes.

There are no problems when working with a hairdryer. LCD – the display allows you to monitor the settings, there are 4 programs to choose from. Overheating protection is provided by a fuse.


  • high performance;

  • wide scope;

  • ease of use;

  • affordable price.


  • not detected.

Bosch GHG 660 LCD Professional nozzle x5 Case

Rating: 4.8

Bosch GHG 660 LCD Professional nozzle x5 Case 2300 W

German construction hair dryer Bosch GHG 660 LCD Professional nozzle x5 Case 2300 W did not disappoint the experts. The device has a high power (2.3 kW) and an effective air flow (500 l / min). The temperature range is adjustable in the range of 50 … 660 ° C. The user can choose one of 4 programs depending on the type of selected activity. In addition to the programmed modes, the installation of 10 more positions is provided. The liquid crystal display allows you to constantly monitor the operating parameters.

The model is well equipped, there is a protection against overheating, a set of nozzles, a flat, glass-protective and reflective nozzle. The kit includes not only a case, but even cambric. The experts put the model in second place for the high price.


  • high heating temperature;

  • four programs;

  • rich equipment.


  • high price.

Makita HG651CK Case

Rating: 4.8

Makita HG651CK Case 2000W

A worthy competitor to the leaders in the rating is the Makita HG651CK Case 2000 W thermal blower. Despite the lower power indicator, the model is capable of heating air within 80 … 650 ° С. In this case, the air flow rate can be adjusted from 200 to 550 l / min. The device is easy to use due to its compact size and low weight (0.8 kg). Professionals note the wide scope of application of the building hair dryer, from removing old paint to soldering polymer materials. The user can choose one of 14 preset programs, the preset mode will be supported by the electronic system. The kit contains the nozzles necessary for operation, a pressure roller, a welding tip, a reflective nozzle and a case. Fen deservedly entered the top three leaders of our rating.


  • electronic regulator;

  • a large selection of settings;

  • light weight.


  • there is no cold airflow;

  • there is no Russian language in the menu.

The best professional building hair dryers

For serious tasks that professional craftsmen solve, a reliable and productive hot air gun is suitable. These models are distinguished by high power, a wide range of adjustments, rich equipment, as well as additional options that facilitate work. The following professional hair dryers have attracted the attention of experts.

STEINEL HG 2620 E Set Case

Rating: 4.9

STEINEL HG 2620 E Set Case

The renowned brand STEINEL has developed a high performance hair dryer for professionals. The STEINEL HG 2620 E Set Case 2300 W was recognized by experts as the unconditional winner of the rating. The product outperforms its closest competitors in all main parameters. The hair dryer is capable of heating air to a maximum temperature of 700 ° C, the air flow rate is limited to 500 l / min. The device is designed to operate for 10,000 hours.

The manufacturer was also pleasantly surprised by a long electric cable (3 m). Considering its low weight (0.8 kg), the hair dryer becomes a convenient and mobile device for performing various jobs. The electronic system is protected from dust by a fine filter.


  • high performance;

  • durability;

  • long cable;

  • reliable electronic system.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.8


The LEISTER TRIAC ST professional hairdryer is in second place in the rating. This Swiss device looks decent at the level of competitors, but loses due to the higher price and lower performance. With a power of 1.6 kW, a hairdryer is able to heat air from 40 to 700 ° C and pump it at a speed of 240 l / min. Among the advantages, experts point out the presence of air filters that are easy to remove and clean. For safety reasons, the heater and collector are automatically turned off.

A distinctive feature of the device is ease of control and reliability. About 80 attachments are suitable for a hairdryer. The model is perfectly balanced, the handle fits comfortably in the hand, although the weight is quite large (1 kg).


  • high-quality air preparation;

  • simple control;

  • robust construction.


  • high price;

  • great weight.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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