8 best barbecues for giving

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

There are quite a few special devices for a high-quality and pleasant stay in an open space – barbecue makers, grill-grills, pots, cauldrons and, of course, barbecues. Historically, braziers are closer and more understandable to our compatriots. It is with their help that we prepare the central dish of almost any picnic – shashlik. There are literally a huge number of varieties of barbecues, and the editorial staff decided to help you understand this wide range. With the help of our specialists, we have prepared a rating of the best barbecues for summer cottages.

Rating of the best barbecues for a summer residence

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best stationary barbecues for a summer residence 1 MOUSSON VULCAN MAX RUB 20,661
2 Grillver Firecraft Comfort Air RUB 12 690
3 Doorz brazier with a collapsible roof MKR (walls and bottom steel 4 mm) RUB 16,500
4 Vesuvius Successful 12L RUB 10,300
5 Balezinsky LMZ for 10 skewers RUB 8,000
6 TONAR stationary Hephaestus 3mm 895х370х850 RUB 6,325
7 Grillkoff stationary C1 RUB 4,423
The best portable grill for a summer residence 1 TMF Mirtrudmay-2 tall with bag RUB 3,599

The best stationary barbecues for a summer residence

The main selection of the review includes stationary and semi-stationary (collapsible and / or mobile) barbecues for a summer residence or a country house, which are used quite often at least during the warm season for such a purchase to make sense. The models included in the rating differ quite a lot in basic characteristics and options, so that almost everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves.


Rating: 4.9


First, we will consider a convenient and functional brazier of the popular MOUSSON trademark with high physical characteristics and a very decent package.

This is a mobile-stationary grill for a summer residence, equipped with a pair of wheels for easy movement around the site, under a canopy or into a room. However, on a perfectly flat lawn, the brazier should be moved carefully and carefully – the wheels are made of plastic and have a small thickness, which may deteriorate the appearance of the lawn.

The sides of the brazier are made of hot-rolled blued steel with a thickness of 3 and 2 mm. Such steel is not subject to deformation due to extreme temperatures. The frame is a steel pipe with a cross-section of 25mm and a wall thickness of 1.2mm, with a protective coating. On two narrow sides of the brazier, there are wooden tables-shelves for convenient arrangement of appliances and accessories during the cooking process. Removable side panels for easy access to coal. There are five levels of grill fixing. The grill also has a special hole for a skewer-skewer with 2-level fixation – such a device allows you to easily prepare an 'aristocratic' dish like a whole suckling pig.

The brazier is designed for 10 skewers, the notches for the skewers are made with a distance of 6 cm. The notches have a special shape that allows you to fix the skewers in any position when handling for even roasting of meat.

The size of the assembled barbecue is 1300x325x850mm, weight – 24 kg. Assembled in packaging – 800x330x150 mm. The delivery set includes 10 skewers, a food stainless steel grill grid (rod diameter – 6mm), a firebox, a cover. Complete skewers – the well-known ELEYUS trademark, are made of high-quality food grade AISI-304 steel, have a special V-shaped section, due to which they do not bend and are firmly fixed in serifs.


  • hot-rolled blued steel, not subject to thermal deformation;
  • equipment;
  • mobility;
  • side shelves-tables;
  • the possibility of installing a spit;
  • quality materials and assembly.


  • narrow plastic wheels – move with care over the lawn.

Grillver Firecraft Comfort Air

Rating: 4.8


The rating is continued by another mobile grill on wheels of the well-known domestic brand Grillver. In addition to functionality and other positive properties, such as mobility and simple collapsibility of the structure, the brazier is also notable for a rather interesting, stylish and attractive design solution.

The assembled brazier has dimensions of 129.5×52.5x90cm and weighs 36kg. The package adds 2.2kg to the weight (38.2 total weight). Packing dimensions – 91.5x45x27.5cm. The body is made of hot-rolled steel 2 and 3 mm in thickness for the walls and bottom, respectively, with a heat-resistant top layer (does not collapse at temperatures up to 700 degrees above zero). The material is able to efficiently accumulate heat and distribute it evenly over the prepared product.

The design of the barbecue is completely collapsible, it consists of several modules – a box for ash, a lower box for storing accessories and a shelf, a side table-shelf of a folding structure with a cradle – convenient for arranging bottles and jars of sauces, a firebox, a side table, a tool holder. Thanks to a pair of large wide wheels, the brazier can be easily and effortlessly moved around the site and cleaned into the room, holding the special handle.

Perforations are made in the bottom of the brazier for air access. Through the same holes, the spent fuel in the form of ash enters the ash box, which, after cooking, can be easily pulled out and carried away in order to shake the ash out into the trash bin or into the soil for fertilization.

The brazier is characterized by increased stability due to a rigid frame and well-thought-out fastenings. To fix the skewers, curly cutouts are provided on the wide sides of the brazier. The profile of the walls is trapezoidal, this shape simultaneously prevents deformations and evenly distributes heat.


  • robust stable construction;
  • resistance of the case to thermal deformation;
  • functionality;
  • mobility;
  • equipment;
  • stylish design.


  • no pronounced shortcomings and objectively negative reviews were found.

Doorz brazier with a collapsible roof MKR (walls and bottom steel 4 mm)

Rating: 4.7


Now, within the framework of the rating of the best barbecues for a summer residence according to the version, we will consider a model that, although it has a collapsible design, in terms of mobility parameters is the exact opposite of the two solutions described above. This brazier is completely stationary, in extreme cases it can be moved to another place, but it does not have wheels in its design by definition. However, with sudden changes in the weather, there is no need to move it under a canopy due to the presence of its own roof.

The walls and bottom of the barbecue box are made of steel using a hydraulic press, thereby increasing rigidity and resistance to temperature deformations. Wall thickness – 4mm. There is also a completely similar, but cheaper model with 2mm walls and bottom, but our experts preferred a more reliable and durable solution, especially since the price difference is far from impressive.

The brazier has a collapsible design, but this does not make it portable, since its longest part, the side walls, are 190 cm long. The frame contains steel decorative elements that simultaneously perform a reinforcing function. The extended roof is bolted to the frame. Such a connection is not inferior in reliability to a welded seam. The design of the furnace is solid, eliminating the formation of temperature gaps between the walls and the bottom, which automatically implies a significant increase in durability. The metal elements are heat-resistant, powder-coated, resistant to moisture.

The delivery set of the barbecue also includes a firebox, a removable wooden table, a steel roof 110 cm deep with an overhang of the base of 49 cm, stands, a firebox, fastening bolts, an assembly instruction diagram. Each piece is wrapped in stretch film. Package weight – 72 kg. Package volume – 0.36 cubic meters.


  • durable firebox;
  • artistic elements;
  • a roof that protects from precipitation;
  • reliable fasteners.


  • dimensional elements complicate transportation.

Vesuvius Successful 12L

Rating: 4.7


The rating is continued by the multifunctional grill of the famous Russian trade mark Vesuvius. In addition to classic kebabs, you can easily cook pilaf, fish soup or any other dishes that require cooking in the open air.

The brazier has a collapsible design, it can be transported without problems in a car. Dimensions disassembled and folded – 61x37x20 cm, assembled and installed – height / width 110x112cm. The main functional modules are a barbecue grill with serifs for six skewers, and an oven for a cauldron with a volume of 12 liters (a cauldron for this model must be purchased separately). The stove is equipped with a chimney that removes smoke taller than a person's height, due to which it does not disturb the rest. Auxiliary elements – a firebox, a front shelf, a stand for a cauldron, a stand for a barbecue.

The metal elements of the barbecue, which imply contact with solid fuel and significant heating, are treated with special organosilicon enamel with exceptional heat resistance properties. Operating conditions suggest that before the first use, the brazier must be burned without a load for at least half an hour in order for the protective coating to fix properly and acquire proper strength. In this case, active evaporation of the solvent from the enamel will occur – this is the norm.


  • multifunctionality;
  • resistant coating (acquires properties after the first firing);
  • exhaust pipe;
  • transportability.


  • some users point to the lack of transport wheels.

Balezinsky LMZ for 10 skewers

Rating: 4.6


Now, within the framework of our rating, we will consider a brazier, the very material of manufacture of which indicates the possibility of all-season use without the need for shelter under a canopy or indoors. Manufacturer – Balezinsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant, Russia.

The material for the manufacture of the barbecue is cast iron, which is not afraid of corrosion and has exceptional durability – according to the manufacturer, the barbecue serves up to 30 years if properly used. By the way, not only the firebox is poured from thick cast iron, but also the legs. Another advantage of thick cast iron in this context is uniform heating and long-term preservation of heat, which gives better quality barbecue roasting and significant fuel savings.

The brazier has a large capacity – 10 pairs of grooves for skewers are made along the long sides of the firebox, so that the barbecue can be easily cooked for a large company. The 35 cm width allows for the use of long skewers, which further increases the portions.

In the lower part of the barbecue, large holes are made around the perimeter for easy inflation and free air access. In the corners, holes are made for a shovel or a poker. There are cutouts for the skewer at the ends (the skewer is purchased separately). The firebox has high sides, which allows using large firewood. The design is partially collapsible – the firebox can be easily removed from the pedestal for transportation in a car.

The sides of the firebox and legs are beautifully decorated with artistic elements.


  • the main material is cast iron;
  • large capacity – 10 skewers;
  • durability;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • economy in terms of consumption of charcoal or firewood due to long-term preservation of heat by the furnace;
  • decoration.


  • there are complaints about cracking of the bottom, but the reason is most likely due to improper operation.

TONAR stationary Hephaestus 3 mm 895х370х850

Rating: 4.5


Further, in the ranking of the best barbecues for giving according to the version, we will consider another stationary model, which has a number of important advantages of its own. Manufacturer – Tonar group of companies, Russia.

This grill is designed for outdoor cooking of meat, fish, poultry, baking vegetables in large portions for a large company. When assembled, its dimensions are 895х370х850 mm, net weight – 31 kg. Disassembled dimensions make it easy to transport the barbecue in a small car – 900x380x80mm.

The design of the unit is simple enough to be easily assembled or disassembled within minutes. The assembled structure is stable and easy to access – the legs are 85 cm high. The main material of the cooking chamber is high-strength and durable steel 3 mm thick. This component plays an important role in the rigidity of the structure, stability and durability.

The elongated trapezoidal brazier has a length of 85 cm and a considerable depth. This allows you to place up to 12 skewers and two grills at the same time. The height of the coal bed can be easily adjusted thanks to the moving baffle. The aforementioned trapezoidal shape ensures an even temperature distribution and high-quality roasting.

For free air access, special holes are made along the perimeter of the lower part of the firebox. It is convenient to keep accessories and materials on the bottom shelf, which at the same time adds rigidity to the structure. All metal elements that require strong heating are covered with a special safe heat-resistant paint that can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees and protects steel from corrosion.

This brazier, in addition to its wide functionality, also has an attractive appearance – an elegant pattern is applied to the end walls.


  • functionality;
  • stability;
  • optimal height;
  • capacity (12 skewers and 2 grill grates);
  • adjustable baffle for coal level;
  • unassembled transportability;
  • appearance (decoration).


  • no obvious flaws and objective complaints were recorded.

Grillkoff stationary C1

Rating: 4.5


The rating of the best stationary and semi-stationary barbecues according to the version of the well-known brand Grillkoff, which, against the background of other solutions in the review, is a compromise between functionality, durability, portability and affordability, completes the rating.

The main material of the brazier firebox is high-strength steel 2 mm thick. On the narrow sides, there are compact tables-stands, like the first model in the review, only without wooden elements. There is also a lower metal lattice stand for storing tools and food during cooking, it can also be used as a firebox.

The dimensions of the assembled barbecue are 35x120x86 cm, weight – 25 kg. The design is completely collapsible, allowing you to easily transport the unit in a small passenger car. The brazier is extremely easy to use, lends itself to elementary assembly and disassembly without a single special tool.


  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • stability;
  • comfortable height;
  • quality materials;
  • side shelves-tables;
  • affordable price.


  • limited functionality

The best portable grill for a summer residence

In this part of the rating, we will pay attention to the needs of those potential buyers who go to the country very rarely and do not see the point in buying a relatively expensive stationary barbecue. To do this, our specialists have selected the optimal super-portable model, which can be used not only in a country house or suburban area, but also at any picnic, even if you need to get to the place of rest by public transport.

TMF Mirtrudmay-2 tall with bag

Rating: 4.8


In the gigantic market offering of portable demountable models, our experts have singled out this one for reasons of a combination of quality, durability, ease of assembly and operation and portability. In terms of cost, this model is far from the cheapest, but you need to clearly understand that a significantly lower price almost automatically means a 'disposable' barbecue.

Manufacturing material – stainless steel 3mm thick. When used, this wall thickness in combination with the stiffening ribs helps the unit to maintain its correct original geometry when exposed to high temperatures. This also allows you to use not only charcoal for cooking, but also firewood itself.

The working dimensions of the unit are 490x307x480 mm, dimensions in the package (bag) – 490x307x480 mm, weight – 10 kg. The zippered bag is made of strong synthetic material, which allows you to minimize the dimensions of the disassembled kit, can be easily transported in the trunk of a car or even by hand, and it is safe to store all parts for a long time.

The model is characterized by well-thought-out ergonomics of the design – the assembled height is optimal for the most comfortable cooking, and the depth allows you to get juicy finished products, be it meat, fish or vegetables, without fear of burning or, conversely, insufficient frying.

This model is covered by a 12 month manufacturing warranty.


  • complete portability;
  • ease of assembly;
  • stability;
  • thick heat-resistant steel;
  • you can use firewood;
  • 1 year warranty.


  • not found.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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