7 remedies for the treatment of mastopathy

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

At present, when there is a tendency in domestic medicine to reduce the cost of treatment, to replace imported drugs to domestic, there is a need to clarify the obvious facts. For example, how correctly assigned one or another means. A large number of “pseudo-drugs” and food additives which, in fact, are not medicinal drugs are actively being introduced into clinical practice.

At the same time, manufacturers actively and accurately attack doctors, making of them their adherents. We will not talk about legality or the illegality of this method of promotion, our goal is to give an opportunity for a person who is not related to medicine, at least in a first approximation to understand how competent the doctor is, and how much he right in their appointments. How to achieve this? First of all, checking prescribed medicines with international and federal recommendations, with treatment protocols, according to exactly set the diagnosis. By Today, we have chosen for biased study mastopathy.

We will adhere to the standard scheme. At first a little we will tell about the pathology itself, about its significance in medicine, and then move on to the description of those drugs that used in international practice for treatment. In the last section will be described those means by which mastopathy cannot be cured, and if they can be used, then only in complex therapy, or after real treatment, for example, hormonal drugs. Therefore, if the patient has a confirmed diagnosis, but her doctor prescribes, for example, only homeopathic pills, (and homeopathy is recognized worldwide pseudoscience), it is better to look for another specialist. Decide First of all, with the name, and with those specialists who should treat mastopathy.

What is mastopathy and who treats it

Mastopathy is called an heterogeneous group of benign changes in the mammary glands that have certain clinical manifestations, and is very common in reproductive, reproductive age. These changes may increase your risk of developing breast cancer. glands. It should be emphasized that mastopathy itself, what is whatever it is, is by no means mandatory precancerous disease.

How common is mastopathy? In many countries she occurs in half of all women, and the peak of detection of this pathology accounts for the age of 30 to 45 years. In the scientific literature you can meet various synonyms: “benign dysplasia of the mammary glands “,” fibroadenomatosis “,” fibrocystic dysplasia “, and so on Further. There are usually four different types of diffuse mastopathy, that is, without nodes, a mixed form, except diffuse changes in the tissue of the gland there are nodes as well as nodular the form. In addition, in the thickness of the mammary glands, various benign nodes and other etiologies, such as lipomas, atheromas or vascular tumors.

It’s important to understand that treating mastopathy is extremely important. function: this is breast cancer prevention.

Diagnosis of this pathology is simple, and the basis is ultrasound, or ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, mammography, and, if necessary, histological Breast tissue biopsy study. It is known that the use of instrumental research methods significantly increases the detection of pathology. If diagnosed only on mammological examination, interrogation and palpation of dairy glands, then signs of mastopathy are found only in every 5 women. If you use ultrasound, mammography and histological studies, then detectability rises more than twice, and comes to 50%. Professionally engaged in this pathology of dairy glands are mammologists and this specialty is extremely cramped associated with gynecology and endocrinology. Mammologist is not at all must be a surgeon. Most often, by mammologist surgeons are oncologists. But meeting them is usually not part of “planned program” for a woman. Therefore, in order not to bring the matter to Oncology dispensary, every woman should independently and regularly carry out self-examination and palpation of the breast, and the results tell your gynecologist in a antenatal clinic. And already the next step will be to refer her to a mammologist if follow the state official pattern of attracting narrow specialists. What is the significance of this pathology, and how is mastopathy associated with malignant neoplasms of the mammary gland?

What is the connection between mastopathy and breast cancer?

Mastopathy is a kind of lighthouse, or flashlight, which allows doctors to be especially wary of different forms of breast cancer. It is known that in our country any forms breast cancer in the structure of mortality of women from oncological diseases take the first place. So, only for 2017 was issued 75 thousand (!) Diagnoses, regarding new cases of breast cancer. This is on a national scale – more 5 cases per 10,000 women, or one new case per 2,000 women annually. Even more alarming is the fact that over the last 10 years, this indicator has grown very much, by almost 23%, that is the increase in the incidence of breast cancer is more than 2% per year. By according to some reports, various forms of mastopathy are diagnosed in 60% percent of all women.

Why is there more cancer?

What is the cause of alarming statistics? One reason is later onset of menopause, a small number of children, born of women: a woman began to give birth infrequently. It is very important that women stopped breastfeeding for a long time, and stagnation of milk and lack of breastfeeding is a factor leading to the occurrence of mastopathy.

It turned out that the woman’s reproductive age has also increased, and the number of menstrual cycles for such a long term also increased, and if earlier the number of cycles during the reproductive period of a woman of the XIX-XX centuries was about 200, then in present, their number has doubled. It means that modern civilized woman experiences much more a long period of influence of estrogen on your body.

Common risk factors for mastopathy and cancer

The connection of various forms of mastopathy with the appearance of cancer has long been proven. the mammary gland. Here are some of them. Mastopathy and cancer there are common risk factors, such as genetic, reproductive and hormonal:

  1. genetic refers to the presence of blood relatives, patients cancer or mastopathy;
  2. to reproductive risk factors and mastopathy, and cancer neoplasms include early onset of menstruation and absence pregnancies, rare births;
  3. hormonal risk factors in both cases considered high estrogen levels, low concentration progesterone in the second phase of the cycle, a high concentration of prolactin and especially – a lack of thyroid hormones against this background.

Extragenital pathology is of great importance. And in one, and in another case, the presence of diabetes mellitus, obesity (especially after menopause), the presence of metabolic syndrome contributes to the appearance of both malignant neoplasms and various forms of mastopathy.

To this can be added the environmental factors. AND mastopathy and cancer cause “standard”, urban disorders nutrition. These include the usual skew diet. It:

  1. a large amount of refined fat, canned foods, “fast” carbohydrates, fast food;
  2. the appearance of palm oil, a carcinogenic oil in cheap milk and cheeses as “substitutes” for milk fat;
  3. excess calorie foods and high concentration of animals proteins;
  4. a small amount of fiber, vegetables and fruits.

Smoking and lack of sleep lead to the development of mastopathy and cancer. physical inactivity and chronic stress. If we add to this that cancer cell development and mastopathy have common features, for example excessive proliferation of the epithelium of the lobules and ducts, then everything will become clear. Various forms of mastopathy and cancer are very crowded connected. This is all the more proved that when removing milk glands due to cancer, in the tissues surrounding the tumor quite often there are signs of mastopathy, which are confirmed histologically.

It was revealed that proliferative, that is, growing forms of mastopathy lead to the appearance of large quantities in estrogen tissues receptors, the processes of programmed cell death are disrupted, or apoptosis, the vascularization of the mammary gland tissue increases, then there is an excess of blood vessels leading to excessive growth of the epithelium. And this is a wonderful springboard for growth. cancer cells, because cancer tumors behave exactly the same way. IN in the end, we can assume that in itself, (although mastopathy is not is cancer), but it may well be considered independent and serious risk factor.

Looking ahead, let’s say that one of the signs of mastopathy, for example, mastodynia or mastalgia (this is a prolonged pain in the milk associated with the cycle), increases the risk of cancer by almost 5 and a half times. And there is some kind of temporary reserve, on during which a woman can seriously engage in her health? Is there really cancer after mastopathy? Yes, such a range exists. Usually the average age of detection mastopathy, and confirmation of the diagnosis using histological research, that is, the most reliable way to diagnose, is about 46 years old. Moreover, the average age of a woman, which is diagnosed with any malignant neoplasm mammary glands, on average, in the Russian population is 56 years old.

As a result, we can conclude that from the diagnosis of mastopathy before cancer (if it appears), on average, 10 years pass. AND during this time you can manage to do a lot. However, one cannot misinterpret the foregoing. Mammary cancer it will not necessarily develop 10 years after production diagnosis of mastopathy. He may never appear at all. But still, statistics show that a woman with mastopathy has a higher risk of cancer.

It is also very important to remember that just a diagnosis of mastopathy also does not give the right to automatically tell a woman that she has a sharp increased risk of breast cancer. It causes fear, stress, and depression. AND depression is also a cancer risk factor. In order to do this conclusion, you need not just the doctor to have a diagnosis of mastopathy, but it is worth carefully evaluating all the factors affecting a woman, about which was said above, ranging from hormonal to hereditary. How is mastopathy manifested?

Clinic for mastopathy

What are the main signs of mastopathy? How does this manifest functional and then organic hormonal disorder? First of all, these are symptoms such as:

  1. pain that occurs in one or both mammary glands. The pain can be very different, it can be given to the shoulder blade, in armpit or shoulder. A very characteristic symptom is disappearance of pain with the first day of menstruation, or around this time, with the onset of the menstrual cycle;
  2. a combination of tenderness of the mammary glands and their sensation bursting, enlargement of the mammary gland, its edema. Some women figuratively they say that the breasts are as if “pumped up”. However, in some women, pain may be completely absent, or it is, but does not depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle;
  3. discharge from the nipples, is it or a clear fluid secreted by drops, or whitish, similar to colostrum;
  4. a combination of bursting chest pain and other symptoms premenstrual syndrome. It is a one-way pulsating a headache that resembles a migraine, swelling is also possible, the appearance of nausea, and sometimes vomiting;
  5. there is depression, tearfulness and irritability.

Such an anxiety state is often combined with carcinophobia, especially if the patient the doctor did not explain all the features of this diseases, but at the same time frightened the patient with the opportunity to get sick cancer.

Why does this clinical picture arise? It was said above about that the mammary glands are organs that are very good respond to changes in hormonal levels, and rightly so. Usually estrogens, or hormones secreted by the ovaries, stimulate breast enlargement, and this usually occurs on day 8 of the cycle. The increase comes from the fact that hormones bind to specific estrogen receptors, and stimulation occurs proliferation of galactogenic cells located in the mammary gland, and producing milk.

In addition, estrogens affect the epithelium as growth factors, and weaken the influence of inhibitory factors. From cumulative action and depends on the clinical picture of pain, swelling and swelling of the milk glands.

After ovulation, in the second phase of the cycle, hormones change “in places” and the estrogen begins to influence the mammary glands, but progesterone. But this does not mean that immediately all the symptoms pass, not at all. Progesterone is able to delay extracellular fluid, and this leads to the fact that the chest is additionally increases and condenses.

But if a woman is not pregnant, if she has not formed corpus luteum pregnancy, and progesterone ceases to act, then the duration of its effect on the mammary glands does not exceed 2 weeks. As soon as its effect ends, and estrogens are still in blood did not appear in high quantities, that is, to the beginning menstruation, then all symptoms decrease, or completely disappear.

How to treat mastopathy?

If we look at the clinical picture, then it’s clear what is complex and complex endocrine changes in the body need to be treated with given the symptoms. Therefore, a variety of funds, ranging from tonic, adaptogens, and ending with antidepressants, and biogenic stimulants.

But still a real, specific treatment is clinically severe mastopathy, which reduces the quality of life, carried out taking into account the recommendations of the gynecologist-endocrinologist, and associated with the use of various hormonal drugs. it gestagen drugs, antagonists of the pituitary gonadotropin hormones, monophasic combined agonists of gonadotropin releasing factors oral contraceptives (COCs), which are widely used in clinical practice of gynecologists-endocrinologists and mammologists, who treat mastopathy.

There is another “pole” when patients, despite the presence of indications, hormone treatment is not carried out. It is possible in if the symptoms of mastopathy are mild, and her the histological characteristic does not cause any concern, and the degree of proliferation of glandular tissue and the risk of node formation small. In this case, it is indeed possible to apply a variety of non-hormonal drugs, to which just include nutritional supplements.

Consider these two large groups of drugs – hormonal and non-hormonal drugs that are used to treat mastopathy different types. An international generic will be given for medicines name (INN), then the name of the most famous, or the original drug, which began to be produced in the first queue. Then, if any, commercial counterparts will be considered, or generics. A price range relevant to all pharmacies will also be given. Russian Federation for the end of 2019. Given medicinal drugs are not rated, they are not assigned a place, and the sequence of their inclusion in the text is explained or random selection, or alphabetical order, or belonging to one or another class, according to the anatomical and therapeutic classification. Author does not aim to promote any tool, or especially criticize some drugs for the sake of certain to manufacturers.

Hormonal drugs for the treatment of mastopathy

Since the functional state depends on hormones breast tissue, then their role in the formation of mastopathy the greatest. The greatest importance in the appearance of dishormonal state, as mentioned above, is assigned to the anomalous ratio between estrogen and progesterone, which boils down to a deficiency progesterone.

Estradiol is known to be the most important estrogen affecting the mammary gland. This is proved by the fact that the concentration in the tissues of the mammary gland can exceed 20 times maximum permissible concentration in blood serum. As it was said above, it stimulates all processes of differentiation and development in the mammary gland, enhances cell division, and increases volume of connective tissue.

Progesterone has the opposite effect. It inhibits reproduction cells, and its concentration in breast tissue may be 10 times higher than in blood. It is a progesterone deficiency that is accompanied edema and hypertrophy of the connective tissue, which is stroma for epithelial lobules. Therefore the greatest use in the treatment of mastopathy found hormones belonging to progestogens, and antiestrogen drugs. Application also plays an important role. gonadotropin agonists and certain types of oral contraceptives (COCs). First, consider gestagenic drugs, so how exactly with them most often the treatment of mastopathy begins.

Means for treating mastopathy

Nomination a place Name of product price
Gestagens 1 Duphaston (dihydrosterone) 576 rub
2 Utrozhestan (progesterone) 395 rub
3 Depo Provera (Medroxyprogesterone) 108 r
4 Progestogel 935 rub
Monophasic COCs: Yarina (Leia, Anabella, Midian, Vidora, Delsius, Jes, Dimia) = drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol 1 Yarina and analogues 1 110 rub.
Gonadotropin antagonists, agonists gonadotropin releasing factors 1 Buserelin (nasal spray), Suprefact 626 rub
2 Toremifen (Fareston) – a modern estrogen antagonist 2 282 rub.


Gestagenic drugs inhibit the connection between the pituitary gland and ovaries, and reduce the stimulating effect of estrogen on mammary gland. In the treatment of mastopathy they use either natural or, most often, synthetic drugs. In the latter case, this levonorgestrel and its analogues. Progestogenic agents should be prescribed taking into account the concomitant symptoms, especially if it is it is a combination of mastopathy with uterine myoma, endometrial hyperplasia or endometriosis.

Drugs from this group are used in the second phase of the cycle, and may or may not have androgen-like side effects. Some drugs may be administered intravaginally, for example Utrozhestan. This is important in the presence of concomitant liver pathology. Also in the treatment of mastopathy are used and prolonged gestagens, for example, Depo-provera. They do not affect normal tissue in the mammary glands, but inhibit active proliferation. All progestogens should not be used in women with severe disorder liver function, in the presence of thrombophlebitis, or cardiovascular insufficiency. Currently, their local application is also possible. (Progestogel).

Duphaston (dihydrosterone)

Popularity Rating: 4.9


Dufaston is a “standard” progestogen, which is indicated for all possible cases of progesterone deficiency. He is not only acts in the endometrium, reducing the risk of its hyperplasia, but it also works inside breast tissue, inhibiting proliferation and, accordingly, carcinogenesis associated with estrogen.

Interestingly, in the official indications for the use of Duphaston there is no such diagnosis as mastopathy. It is used for menacing and habitual miscarriage, with secondary amenorrhea, with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, as well as to support the luteal phase, and with endometriosis. But in the official instructions there is such a general indication as a “condition characterized by deficiency progesterone. “This is where various kinds of mastopathy.

Duphaston is used orally, in the second half of the cycle, in the usual dosage of 10 mg 2 times a day, but dosage indication in detail gives the attending physician. Dufaston is manufactured by Abbot, and packaging from 28 tablets of 10 mg, calculated on average for 1 month or two weeks of admission, will cost from 650 to 750 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is important that Duphaston does not have a contraceptive effect, and dihydrotesterone does not suppress ovulation. Big advantage is the fact that Duphaston is not androgenic, anabolic activity, does not have the properties of glucocorticosteroids and also latent estrogenic activity.

It is contraindicated in the presence of cancer processes, sensitive to progesterone, in the presence of a pronounced violation liver function and vaginal bleeding with breast feeding, as well as with severe thrombotic conditions, with deep vein thrombosis, myocardial infarction and pre-infarction conditions, cerebrovascular pathology, and with many others diseases. Duphaston may have side effects such as depression, migraine-like angiocephalgia, nausea, and some menstrual irregularities.

Utrozhestan (progesterone)

Popularity Rating: 4.8


Utrozhestan is pure progesterone that is used, so same as other progestogens in diseases such as dysfunction ovaries, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, habitual miscarriage and infertility, premature birth, a state of menopause and even in vitro fertilization. However, Utrozhestan already has an official indication for use, as diffuse cystic mastopathy.

The drug can be used, including intravaginal capsules that are prescribed to patients with impaired function liver, and in this case, the active substance does not pass through portal system, and does not affect the furnace. In all other cases the drug is taken orally, and the drug is usually taken with mastopathy is necessary in a daily dose of 200 or 400 mg, take it it is necessary within 10 days, and usually it is a period from 16-18 to 25 or 26 cycle day.

Launches Utrozhestan Thai company Olik, and one package of 28 capsules of 100 mg, calculated for one week of admission to the maximum dosage of 400 mg will cost retail from 360 to 400 rub.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Utrozhestan is the possibility of intravaginal introduction, but standard contraindications to taking gestagens. These are deep thromboses, vaginal bleeding, or suspected malignancy, including cancer breast or genitals. The drug can not be used with girls under the age of 18, and there are a number of restrictions, for example, bronchial asthma, and arterial hypertension.

There may be side effects on Utrozhestan, and most often it is menstrual disorders, headache and bloating. There may be overdose effects, such as drowsiness, dizziness or euphoria. It is very important to add that Utrozhestan can not be used with food, and patients with cardiovascular diseases should be additionally observed by a cardiologist in the background treatment, as well as patients with thrombophlebitis.

Depo Provera (Medroxyprogesterone)

Popularity Rating: 4.7


This medicine is a synthetic drug. medroxyprogesterone, which is intended for intramuscular introduction. This tool was originally intended as antitumor drug, but can also be used to treat severe forms of mastopathy, affecting hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system, as well as receptors estrogen. Do not be afraid that in the indications for use there is only cancer pathology: metastatic cancer endometrium, breast, or kidney cancer. Patient with lung nobody will prescribe this serious drug as a form of mastopathy, must be extremely strict evidence. Usually with breast cancer intramuscularly daily for a month, and dosage if available mastopathy will be determined by a mammologist. Releases this tool Pfizer company, and one injection will cost from 90 to 125 rub.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage of this tool is a powerful systemic effect, the ability to develop thromboembolic complications, depression and various uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, and decreased libido. It is strictly forbidden to use Depo-Provera in the form of self-medication, indications must be carefully determined, as well as well as concomitant pathology. Medication Increases Risk thromboembolism, fluid retention, osteoporosis, contributes weight gain. Unlike the above drugs, Depo-Provera may produce glucocorticosteroid effects, for example, the same osteoporosis or impaired glucose tolerance. Therefore, it can not be stabbed for a long time, and be sure to – under control analyzes.


Popularity Rating: 4.7


This Belgian drug is a progestogen for local applications, which is very rare, and in Russia it exists since 1999 of the year. Progestogel is progesterone, which is used as skin application, on the mammary gland in the form of a gel. His outer application allows to increase the concentration of progesterone inside breast tissue, and thereby eliminates the imbalance between estrogens and progestins. This drug directly affects inactivating Estradiol, affects the epithelium and vessels of the mammary glands, and reduces the permeability of capillaries. As a result he reduces edema and relieves pain. Progestogel is very good transferred and applied using an applicator to the skin of each breast, except for the area of ​​the nipples and areola. Apply it you need 2.5 g of gel for each gland once a day, and the duration of the course should be several months, until six.

Already an hour after the application of Progestogel, he maximally absorbed into the tissue. The main indications for use are mastodynia and diffuse fibrocystic mastopathy. Start off treatment is needed in the second phase of the cycle, from 16 to 25 days, and only if the desired is not achieved, then it will be necessary to proceed on a daily mode of applications. Belgian Releases Bezen company, and 1 tube of 80 g of transparent, alcohol gel will be cost from 830 to 550 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Progestogel’s most serious advantage is his local injection, and therefore into the systemic circulation, even with daily use, it is absorbed by no more than 10% of the total applied drug, systemic absorption is very low. Medicine can be prescribed not only for mastodynia, or pain in the milk gland associated with mastopathy. It can be applied in case of the presence of side effects from oral contraceptives. is he in demand in the puberty, in the presence of premenstrual syndrome.

There are contraindications. This presence is not diffuse, but nodular form of mastopathy. Therefore, simply in the presence of unspecified, or the alleged diagnosis of “mastopathy” apply this a wonderful tool is impossible, you need to get confirmation diffuse nature of the process by ultrasound or mammography. Progestogel is also contraindicated in the second and third trimester pregnancy, with breast and endometrial cancer.

Monophasic COCs: Yarina (Leia, Anabella, Midian, Vidora, Delsius, Jes, Dimia) = drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol

Yarina and analogues

Popularity Rating: 4.9


A list of oral COCs is monophasic. It is them used to treat various forms of mastopathy. Big advantage of these drugs, for example Yarina, is the ability to take any pill on any day of the cycle, because the amount the active substance in them is exactly the same. But for two and Three-phase preparations necessarily have a dosage regimen. “How horrible “it is forbidden to take them, it can cause serious effects. The cycle can be so upset that you have to perform a temporary full stop – medication castration, so that he recovers again. In some cases tablets have a different color, they are assigned numbers and so on. For Yarina, Jes, other monophasic COCs and their analogues, this can be not to do.

Yarina and analogues are low-dose monophasic oral contraceptives. How do they work? Increasing cervical viscosity mucus, in which the sperm eventually get stuck. But even if they get through the barrier, then an egg ready for fertilization, they will not detect, because ovulation is not occurred. However, certain admission rules must be followed, although they are the simplest of all oral groups birth control. But the disappearance of the symptoms of mastopathy and Improving the condition of the mammary glands is associated with the right, “imposed” hormonal rhythm.

The tool is used for 21 days (one cycle of admission) and in one and same time of day. If a woman decided to start using COC this group, then she can’t start taking it any day, as desirable – only on the first day, when the menstruation began, that is, first day of the cycle.

Since the package contains exactly 21 tablets, then after after the packaging is finished, a break is made for 7 days. IN this time the woman will have bleeding that resembles menstruation, and doctors call it “withdrawal bleeding.” This the phenomenon develops literally 2-3 days after the woman took the last, 21st pill. When these seven days pass, then You can purchase a new package and continue to take it again.

What to do if a woman does not have time to start on the first day of menstruation take yarina? She, of course, can have time to start on the second day, in the third, and even in the fifth, but then during these days it is necessary apply other contraceptives. But what if have you missed a pill for forgetfulness? If less has passed half a day, you can just make up the dosage, nothing scary will not happen. The next tablet is taken as usual. But if the reception is missed for a day, then the effect will be lower.

A characteristic representative of this group will be the drug Yarina, (Schering-Plow, Germany). One package costs about 1000 rubles. If we take analogues, then the Hungarian Midian from Gideon Richter costs 650 rubles, with the European quality of the substance.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of funds from this group is not only the effect and comparative ease of use. Yarina and other monophasic COCs have pronounced anti-androgenic effect. They also work against concentration of male hormones. Therefore, these COCs are applied by indications for the treatment of severe acne, as it decreases sebum production, and its intensity is just regulated male sex hormones – androgens. But it should be remembered that if a woman has vascular thrombosis, diabetes with neuropathy or kidney damage, if a woman is breastfeeding, then this drug and other monophasic birth control (and all other COCs) to her contraindicated. Although breastfeeding is a natural way prevention of mastopathy, and if it is possible to save natural feeding, you need to be a little patient. Nature orders wisely.

Gonadotropin antagonists, agonists gonadotropin releasing factors

In addition to the above medicines, for the treatment of certain forms of mastopathy also use the so-called “heavy artillery”, which already works not even at the level of pituitary hormones, but higher. For example, gonadotropin releasing factors are those substances which in microdoses are produced by the higher division of the vegetative nervous system – the hypothalamus. Naturally apply these funds can only be very rare, and only under control mammologist, and gynecologist-endocrinologist, or oncologist – mammologist. We describe some of them.

Buserelin (nasal spray), Suprefact

Popularity Rating: 4.9

Buserelin (nasal spray), Suprefact

Buserelin is a widely known “in narrow circles” medicinal a drug that relates to synthetic analogues gonadotropin releasing factors. This allows him to provide antitumor, antiandrogenic and antiestrogenic effect. is he generally suppresses all the effects of gonadotropic hormones indiscriminately, regardless of whether they are male or female. His application has its own subtleties. At the very beginning of the introduction, he stimulates the release of gonadotropic hormones, i.e. follicle-stimulating and luteinizing, but the constant application blocks this function of the release of sex hormones the pituitary gland, which happens somewhere after 2 weeks.

As a result, the synthesis of sex hormones in the ovaries is reduced, and their level drops to approximately menopausal values. If a If Buserelin is canceled, then the hormones gradually come back to normal. This allows it to be used in various forms of endometriosis, for for treating prostate cancer and breast cancer in women. Moreover, the last indication requires receptors for estradiol and progesterone about the tumor. And we know that it is an excess estrogen receptors and forms the clinical picture of mastopathy. Buserelin is administered in the form of an intranasal spray, as well as in the form of intramuscular and subcutaneous injections according to special schemes. Is produced Buserelin domestic company and spray containing several doses, can be purchased at a price of 600 to 820 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this drug is its good, long action. But in order to apply it, a combination of specific indications is required, e.g. high risk development of breast cancer, or the belief that the patient balances between mastopathy and the initial manifestations of the tumor on background of a large number of risk factors.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy, the drug should be used especially carefully in patients with depression, and you can not use Buserelin with other medicines, which contain sex hormones. Various side effects are possible effects such as headache, changes in appetite. But the main – these are symptoms of drug castration. Libido goes down almost to zero, there is a dry vagina, and possibly others symptoms.

Toremifen (Fareston) – a modern estrogen antagonist

Popularity Rating: 4.8

TOREMIFEN (FARESTON) - A MODERN antagonist of estrogen

Toremifene is also an antitumor agent that refers to antiestrogen drugs. But, unlike Buserelin, it does not affect the functioning of the brain, but acts directly in the tissues of tumor cells, as well as other structures, blocking estrogen receptors. Toremifene is modern and quite an expensive tool. The drug is made by Finnish Orion, and one pack of 30 tablets, 20 mg each, per sale can be found at prices from 1600 to 2700 rubles.

And here is an older and long-known drug from the same group, tamoxifen is sold much cheaper: at prices from 110 to 130 rubles., it is a domestic product. At the same time, Tamoxifen is also is a blocker of estrogen receptors, and the strength of action and Toremifene and Tamoxifen are approximately the same. So why Is Toremifen more expensive than Tamoxifen at least 14 times? But let’s say he produced by an import company from Finland, and Tamoxifen – domestic company. But the price gap is very high. Why?

This is because Toremifen is safer than the city. a milder and more favorable range of side effects. So, classic thromboembolic complications that are inherent these drugs often cause women to stop therapy Tamoxifen, due to the development of thrombosis or embolism. Toremifene acts softer, and you do not have to stop therapy, therefore, except mild side effects, it is highly safe in the same efficiency that has been proven by modern randomized trials. Its use in higher doses are safer, and the onset of the full effect is shorter than Tamoxifen. This is very important if you need to get faster. Effect.

This medicine has one official indication – such as cancer. estrogen-dependent breast during menopause. But many experts believe that its use in mastopathy by appropriate indications, and in necessary conditions is also possible, and there is relevant clinical experience, and publications in medical magazines. We will not give dosage regimens here so as not to tempt patients to self-medicate, prescribes medicine just a doctor. Therefore, we will not talk separately about advantages and disadvantages, they are quite understandable and from a brief descriptions.

Non-hormonal drugs

Now we know the most serious drugs that are good help from mastopathy, and affect hormonal metabolism. But almost always in pharmacies there are a lot of non-hormonal drugs. These medicines are sold over the counter. Unfortunately, they belong to them. and completely unhelpful homeopathic remedies that are before still sometimes advertised even by doctors, even though homeopathic there is no drug even the principle of action. As known, Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences recognized homeopathy as pseudoscience, and individual attempts reanimate her at the highest level only prove a catastrophic lag of domestic medicine from the global level.

How non-hormonal drugs for mastopathy are very many herbal remedies that are advertised as “only natural plant components. “They may contain iodine, kelp extract, fatty acids, chlorophyll derivatives, beekeeping products, proteolytic enzymes – anything down to the mummy.

However, all of these remedies that relate to nutritional supplements, smart manufacturers will not recommend for monotherapy. IN instructions for use will definitely be recommended to “apply its only in complex therapy “, that is, together with others, “real” drugs. Those who can read “between the lines” even official documents understand that this phrase means only one thing: individually, taken on its own, “preparation of natural ingredients” signs in its own powerlessness.

Therefore, in order to avoid unjustified costs of cash, in the presence of symptoms of mastopathy, or risk factors, it is not necessary listen to pharmacists who have a specific sales plan over-the-counter domestic drugs, and go to the mammologist, Gynecologist-endocrinologist, perform mammography and ultrasound of dairy glands, and experts will decide which medications you need necessary.

Popularity rating based on analysis of demand data service wordstat.yandex.ru.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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