7 most prestigious universities in Belarus

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The quality of education depends heavily on the correctness of the choice of university. Belarus is proud of many worthy educational institutions (and it’s not just about the capital). Today we will talk about the best universities in the country, offering a high level of knowledge for affordable money. Next – 7 of the most prestigious universities in Belarus.

About rating

When choosing Belarusian universities that fit the category of the best, our experts were guided by 2 important factors: level introductory score and educational institution position in international 2019 rankings. So, in what universities of Belarus education can be considered the most prestigious and high-quality? As the main figures took into account the place of the institution in a number of ratings.

One of them is Webometrics . This system shows the position of universities countries of the world, taking into account their “visibility” on the Internet and global activities, relevance of the provided work results, etc. THE – rating created by the British edition of TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION based on the achievements of the university.

Some of the following educational institutions have managed get into another prestigious international rating – QS. His task – to show universities taking into account the quality and activity of research, professional potential of graduates, opinions employers of these graduates, etc.

As for the passing points, the highest indicators for the country (this applies to the daily budget form training). Our rating shows the average score for several faculties.

The best educational institutions of Belarus: top 7 most prestigious universities country

Nomination a place University Webometrics
The best educational institutions of Belarus: top 7 most prestigious universities country 1 BSU 489 place
2 BSPU them. Maxim Tank 5020 place
3 BSUIR � 3720 place
4 State University named after Yankee Kupala 3350 place
5 BNTU 2720 ​​place
6 GSU 3981 place
7 BSMU 4221 place


Rating: 5.0


  1. Passing score: 355 points
  2. Webometrics: 489th
  3. THE: 1001+
  4. QS: 354th place

The educational institution is considered the leading in the country. Located in the capital and has been operating since 1921. The BSU includes 2 dozen educational institutions, in addition to this – 4 research, 5 – related to retraining of personnel, 13 research centers, several dozen research laboratories, etc.

Over the long history of its existence, the structure of the educational institutions underwent many changes: on the basis of medical a whole institute was formed on the basis of the faculties of law and farms were organized 2 more institutes (economic and financial and economic), in the 70s BSU organized a number of scientific schools in the field of nuclear optics, biophysics, etc.

During the period of Soviet perestroika, the Institute emphasized expansion of the system of humanitarian education. Already in the 2000s based on State University opened several research centers. BSU is an active participant international university associations, has over 300 cooperation agreements with scientific and educational type from more than 50 countries.

In 2012, the university relied on active support student development and university improvement management by implementing several innovative projects.

Since 2008, BSU has been a constant participant in one of the most famous webometrics ratings (Webometrics). Behind the last 3 years there has been a rapid increase in the ranking of the university. BSU takes the 4th place among all higher educational institutions of the CIS countries, second only to 3 Russian – Tomsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow University Lomonosov.

BSPU them. Maxim Tank

Rating: 4.9

BSPU named after Maxim Tank

  1. Passing score: 400 points
  2. Webometrics: 5020th

Pedagogical University is considered one of the oldest universities capitals: he cordially opened his doors to the first students back in times of Nicholas II – in 1914, being called at that time Minsk teacher institutes. After 4 years it was inaugurated as Minsk Pedagogical Institute, which later became the basis for Creation of the Faculty of Education in Belarus state.

In the 20s in the teaching staff University included many outstanding cultural and scientific figures of that period. Among them – Bronislav Tarashkevich, Efim Karsky and others. Over the many years of its existence BSPU repeatedly awarded the highest state awards for outstanding success in scientific activities and quality teacher training frames.

BSPU for the entire time of its activity was renamed several time. The current name of the university was in 1995 – in honor of People’s poet of the country Maxim Tank. Pedagogical University is the only one in Belarus that has a planetarium with an exact model of the starry sky.

In 2018, the educational institution received the status of basic organizations of the CIS countries on training and retraining teaching staff (according to the decision of the Council of Ministers foreign affairs of the CIS).


Rating: 4.8


  1. Passing score: 360 points
  2. Webometrics: 3720th

Moscow University of Informatics and Radio Electronics deservedly is considered a leading university in the field of radio and electrical engineering, information technology and communications. BSUIR – basic organization of CIS member countries on education in the field of computer science and radio electronics.

The educational institution is proud of its research Activities: The university is a permanent participant in international conferences, conducts research in 9 different directions (in their including nanotechnology, cybersecurity, and even systems millimeter wavelength range). The university has 3 a dozen research laboratories, several scientific centers and even a business incubator. BSUIR works closely with more than with 140 higher education institutions from 49 countries of the world.

The university cares about its students, not only providing high quality of knowledge and opportunities for realizing scientific potential, but also providing the opportunity for foreign internships. Provides University and quality, rich student leisure: regularly held creative exhibitions, festivals, competitive programs, 44 creative teams are functioning. For supporters 40 sports lifestyle on the territory of BSUIR sports sections, there is a swimming pool and sports and fitness complex.

State University named after Yankee Kupala

Rating: 4.7

State University named after Yanka Kupala

  1. Passing score: 370 points
  2. Webometrics: 3350th

Not so long ago, the eminent university celebrated its 80th anniversary: ​​Grodno State was founded on the eve of World War II. It got its name in honor of the Belarusian poet and playwright Yanka Kupaly. GRUU is considered one of the exemplary educational institutions countries taking 3rd place. The university was noted and international rated Webometrics: it is in the first 4000 best universities the planet. Since 2011 it has the status of a scientific organization. Possesses Confirmed accreditation of the classical university.

In 2014, the Gregori State University named after Yankee Kupala was included in the ranking of the best Universities of the CIS. In 2016, he co-founded the country’s first An innovative media cluster whose work is aimed at effective development of competitive media space Grodno region.

On the basis of the institution operates 12 research laboratories. Scientific Library University has 700,000 books, including various works in English, French, Italian, Polish, German and even Chinese.


Rating: 4.6


  1. Passing score: 340 points
  2. Webometrics: 2720th
  3. QS: 801-1000

The educational institution is considered leading in the national system education of Belarus among universities of engineering and technical profile. IN 20 years, when the BNTU was formed, practically fell on his shoulders the overwhelming task of training qualified personnel for various sectors of the economy. And the university (on that moment – Polytechnic Institute) fulfilled this task with brilliance, becoming one of the first few decades of its existence leading technical universities of the USSR.

Today BNTU is preparing qualified personnel for any branches of the national economy. University studies directly related to production activities. To get to the lists of those enrolled in the BNTU, you will have a lot try, however, passing points can not be called unbearable: purposeful and knowledge-savvy applicant has every chance of becoming a university student.

Interesting fact. Scientific Library of National Technical University is considered one of the oldest in Belarus among university, and located immediately in 2 buildings.

Back in 1986, the Department of Systems began working at the university. automated programming. And after 10 years of his existence managed to form its own local computer network, gaining fame outside the country. TO For example, back in 1994, the university held a republican conference with the participation of scientists from Russia, Poland, Lebanon and others countries. The educational institution actively collaborated with the Swiss Higher technical school.


Rating: 4.5

Gomel University named after Francis Skorina

  1. Passing score: 300 points
  2. Webometrics: 3981st

Gomel University named after Francis Skorina was created at the base of the pedagogical institute back in 1930. During the Second World War educational institution was evacuated to the Kirov region, but already in 1944 the then institute resumed its activities. First rector A famous Belarusian scientist in the field of mechanics was appointed metal-polymer systems – Vladimir Bely.

In 1973 he became the rector of Gomel University Soviet theoretical physicist, academician of the NAS of Belarus – Boris Bokut, managed over the years of his work to create a scientific school in optics, became famous far beyond the borders of the country. It is worth noting the highest professional level of the teaching staff University, whose experience has been actively used in many countries, by which the Soviet Union assisted in the preparation qualified personnel. Among these countries are Vietnam, Cuba, Algeria, Mongolia, etc.

For many years, the university has been in close contact with many industrial enterprises of the country and research institutes. GSU became the first in the country University, creating branches of its departments at the research institute and various enterprises.

The current name of the institution was relatively recently: in 1988, the decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR was a decision was made to assign the University of East Slavic first printer, translated into belarusian Church Slavonic language a number of religious books.

In the 1990s, the university began to enter the international arena, seeking to strengthen ties with universities in other countries. So, the result of close collaboration with the University of Auvergne Clermont-1 (France) was the creation of the Franco-Belarusian Institute management, which lasted until 2013. In 2017, with The Institute was opened with the support of one of the Chinese universities Confucius


Rating: 4.4


  1. Passing score: 376 points
  2. Webometrics: 4221nd

The last member of the rating and the only representative in it medical industry. Leading higher educational institution of the country. It acquired independence in 1930: on the basis of medical BSU faculty. During its existence, the university several times improved and developed its structure. Back in the 60s the dental faculty began work, after 50 years – pharmaceutical.

One of the key areas of activity of BSMU is close international cooperation in the field of science and education. Medical University – Associate Member of Several organizations: associations of graduates of universities, associations of higher medical education. BSMU actively collaborates with the World Society animal welfare, WHO, etc.

More than half a century at the university research laboratory reorganized in 2012 in research part. In terms of research the level of equipment and staff of the research laboratory is comparable with the industry Research institutes.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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