7 most popular channels in Russia

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Unfortunately, over the past year, most of the “representatives” the most-most ranking lost some of their viewers (and this trend started back in 2018). However, the channels listed below are all still remain media giants and provide their audience the opportunity to enjoy high-quality television content. Next seven the best – the most popular channels in Russia.

What you need to know about telemetry?

Influential telecommunications research companies regularly conduct a comparative analysis of various television channels, defining viewer priorities. Thus determined taste preferences of the audience of cities with a population of more than 100 thousand people.

Using special devices, the meter fixes the number, type and duration of viewing certain programs on various television channels with an audience of 13 thousand people living more than than in 5 thousand households. Then the received data is transferred to residents of all major cities of Russia.

What is audience share? Percentage of viewers who watched a particular channel, to the entire audience who have this the moment the tv worked. As the data of the last two years have shown, dark trend for media professionals: average daily share of viewers steadily declining (and in all age groups).

Nomination a place Channel Average daily audience share
The most popular channels of the country 1 Russia 1 9.9%
2 First channel 9.4%
3 NTV 6.7%
4 STS 6.2%
5 Ren-tv 5.2%
6 TNT 5.0%
7 Channel Five 4.8%

Russia 1

Rating: 4.9

Russia 1

Average daily audience share: 9.9%

This is not the first year that this channel occupies a leading position in the country by the number of views by fans of broadcasting. The official “heir” of Soviet television, Russia 1 pleases their fans with an abundance of series for every taste and in their number and quality can be compared with the “giants” of the country in this matter – NTV and Domashny TV channels. Among the most popular with viewers an original domestic alternative to the famous Dr. House – series “Sklifosofsky”.

Although movies occupy the second most popular view the place, the canal and here managed to distinguish itself, having won interest TV shows screening the movie “The Last Knight”. This is indicative a moment that clearly defines the main age category of people, those who prefer Russia 1 – persons over 55 years old.

First channel

Rating: 4.8

First channel

Average daily audience share: 9.4%

Although the leader of the rating is Russia 1 and more, the audience giving preference for series and films, the first holds the palm firmly superiority in popularity thanks to entertaining television programs. For example, the wave of popularity of 3 programs immediately leading which is Maxim Galkin: “Oldest than all!”, “Best of all!” and “Under hypnosis.” Moreover, all three programs have significant success. not only on the First, but also on any other channel.

It is worth noting that the prevailing audience of Channel One is conservatives. Even the TV people themselves complain about this fact, stating that excessive Blue Lights are to blame it’s the audience. And yet, the channel constantly offers its new shows to the audience, often far from conservative. Vivid example – Sports show adaptation of the Japanese Sasuke – “Russian Ninja”. Obstacles on this show are so complex that not a single participant failed to reach the finals.

Over the past year, the channel has slightly changed its main the direction, or rather, expanded it – the First began rapidly Explore online space. This step allowed him to add almost 2% to your audience.


Rating: 4.7


Average daily audience share: 6.7%

One of the largest television channels in the country, NTV, unfortunately, gradually losing its rating. However, he still remains very popular among the audience not least thanks TV shows. Well, people love TV shows, and that’s it. Over the past year for channel the best was the comedy “Dinosaur” with a light criminal a touch about unusual characters with a dark past and a good soul. Not less pleasant to watch was the series “Ambulance” in starring with Gosha Kutsenko.

Like it or not, but the NTV audience is losing, like the rest of the participants Seven of the best TV channels in Russia. Although he is still stays true to their mature audience (viewers over 45 years).


Rating: 4.6


Average daily audience share: 6.2%

The channel is designed primarily for teenagers: most of it is made up of viewers from 12 to 17 years old. Unfortunately in recently, STS is not very smooth. Not the last role in this the sad situation was played by the loss of the production group Yellow, Black & White, who created such television hits as “Eleon” and “Kitchen”.

The channel made an active attempt to return everything back to square one (than it will turn around while it is not clear): the original was launched on air show “Success”. This is essentially an adaptation of The Final Four, where non-professionals in music not only compete among themselves on this field, but also lead the game of survival. Who knows, maybe it’s will allow STS to regain its former popularity, although it’s still a sin to him to complain.


Rating: 4.5


Average daily audience share: 5.2%

The brainchild of the media holding “National Media Group” television audience sometimes jokingly calls an alien channel, hinting at specifics TV programs offered to the viewer. The main specialization of Ren-TV is shocking secrets, mystical conspiracies, intrigues, scandalous Investigations, etc. What can you do about it: the adherent watching Ren-TV in high esteem.

But there is also a flip side, not so rosy: for its too active in the non-standard sense of the word, but, more precisely, anti-scientific, the channel was awarded (if you can call it that) “Antipremy” from the Ministry of Education of the country.


Rating: 4.4


Average daily audience share: 5%

To some extent, TNT is similar to STS: we are talking about his youth audience. So, TNT is considered a popular media spot for students. and young professionals (the age group of viewers is from 18 to 35 years old). As for the channel’s broadcasting direction, the answer is obvious: the main activity is entertainment. Lion’s share airtime falls precisely on various shows and series comedic character.

By the way, some of these series have become very real the progenitors of a whole direction in media art – to make laugh viewer at all costs. In addition, TNT is considered one of “favorites” Runet (he is the leader in the number of views). In general, The channel’s online audience is only 2.5% of the total his viewers.

Channel Five

Rating: 4.3


Average daily audience share: 4.8%

St. Petersburg television representative also managed to “break through” in the rating leaders in popularity among all Russian channels. Several times during his career, he radically changed the concept programs offered to the viewer by redrawing the ethernet grid to fit the audience.

The latest conceptual decision by the channel’s management is to abandon any socio-political programs and significant “compression” airtime entertainment TV shows. Today The fifth channel is a mass of various TV shows for every taste.

It is noteworthy that this media point prefers to broadcast TV shows are mainly of their own production. And what’s even more surprisingly, they were so popular that they allowed the channel enter the international television arena.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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