7 largest zoos on the planet

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Zoos on our planet are not uncommon for a long time. For centuries they provide an opportunity to see firsthand the animals that you can meet only in the wild, and some – and that is unlikely. With many zoos have changed their concept over time and spend today significant resources for conservation of threatened species extinction. When rating the largest zoos you can take into account both their area and the number of inhabitants species. It will be more correct to focus on both factors, which made by our experts.

Giant zoos: top 7 largest on the planet

Nomination a place Name of product ZOO AREA Variety of animals
Giant zoos: top 7 largest on the planet 1 Beijing, China 89 ha 950 species
2 Toronto Canada 300 ha 500 species
3 Columbus, USA 234 ha 793 views
4 Berlin, Germany 35 ha 1,500 species
5 Henry Durley Zoo and Aquarium, USA 52 ha 962 views
6 Pretoria, South Africa � 85 ha 705 species of animals
7 San Diego Zoo, USA 40 ha 650 species

Beijing, China

Rating: 5.0


Area: 89 ha

Variety of animals: 950 species

“Garden of ten thousand animals” and one of the most important attractions of the Chinese capital – Beijing Zoo It is considered by tourists all over the world to be visited. Founded about 110 years ago in a vast area of over 89 hectares, it has become home to 5,000 animals belonging to 950 different species. Here you can find many rare, endangered representatives of the fauna. Most of them have been grown since reign of the Qing Dynasty.

Among the most visited animals is a large panda. Also among popular – Manchu tigers, polar bears – residents of the North Poles, Tibetan Yaks, Australian Kangaroos, African Zebras and many others. The exposition of the zoo covers not only hundreds of aviaries with animals, but also structures that attract the attention of tourists: various canals, pavilions, trees, etc. Beijing annually the zoo opens its doors to more than 1 million tourists.

Toronto Canada

Rating: 4.9


Area: 300 ha

Variety of animals: 500 species

The largest metropolitan zoo in the whole country has opened its doors visitors over 45 years ago. Divided into 7 conventional parts, he offers tourists to see rare and unusual animals from all over of the world. The Canadian Zoo has become a cozy home for 5,000 individuals who conveniently located on an impressive territory. Locals consider it the largest in North America and one of the best on the planet. And they are not far from the truth: this zoo is the largest in world, the total length of all its paths is more than 10 km.

The living conditions of animals were close to natural as much as possible: the territory is divided into several huge pavilions, inside of which is created optimal for certain natural zones microclimate. Each pavilion has its own name (for example, “Savannah”, “Australia” and others) in accordance with the types of animals, dwelling in them.

Defining the boundaries of the pavilions is almost impossible, since animals move freely from one to another. Here you can admire the hardworking beavers, huge hippos, take a ride on the makeshift savannah in jeeps, watch proud lions and see a huge collection of the most unusual insects from around the world.

Pride of the zoo – giant monitor lizards from Komodo Island (“dragons”), kindly provided by the Government of Indonesia. Toronto Zoo also pleases its visitors with a huge aquarium, which boasts a mini copy of the Great Barrier Reef with bamboo sharks, live corals, colorful fish, separate pool with jellyfish and other representatives the underwater world.

Columbus, USA

Rating: 4.8


Area: 234 ha

Variety of animals: 793 species

This zoo in Ohio brought world fame to him. incredibly diverse fauna: easy to find here any representative of the animal world, be it a cheetah, gorilla or Australian Kiwi. Visitors can experience the atmosphere of North America (wolves, bison, etc.), African savannah (forest giraffe, lion, gazelle), Asian Dales (Amur tiger, red panda) and ocean coast (flying turtle, manatee, etc.).

On an impressive territory, conventionally divided into 7 zones (in depending on the characteristics of the regions of natural habitat of animals), 7,000 individuals of various shapes, sizes and species live accessories. In addition to traditional exhibits, the park regularly pleases visitors with thematic events in honor of various events (for example, Earth Day, etc.). In 2009, Columbus was recognized best in the united states.

Berlin, Germany

Rating: 4.7

Berlin, Germany

Area: 35 ha

Variety of animals: 1,500 species

Another record holder of our rating is the zoo of the German capital albeit difficult to call the largest in area, but here in the number and diversity of inhabitants it has no equal. On the A rather modest territory is inhabited by about 17,000 “inhabitants”. The species diversity of animals is amazing, and every year Berlin attracts a considerable number of tourists – more than 3 million. person.

The country’s first zoo, opened in the distant 1844, a long time was one of its main attractions. Lot years, he changed, expanding and developing. During the second Berlin Zoo world destroyed almost to the bottom: out of 4000 Its inhabitants managed to survive no more than 100.

The restoration of the landmark took more than 10 years, and Today it is one of the largest in the world. For animals created here ideal living conditions as close as possible to natural. Some zoo inhabitants have so much room for comfortable the existence that visitors have to literally search for them in binoculars.

In the Berlin zoo you can admire the fluffy black and white beauties in the “Garden of the Pandas”, luxurious elephants in the “Elephant House”, enjoy bird song in Bird World, etc. Predators feathered, exotic, rare, endangered species of animals, as well as numerous species of fish, reptiles, reptiles, amphibians – all Any visitor to the famous zoo can see it.

Henry Durley Zoo and Aquarium, USA

Rating: 4.6

Henry Durley Zoo and Aquarium, USA

Area: 52 ha

Variety of animals: 962 species

Founded over a century and a half ago, today the Henry Zoo Durli is considered unique: no one in terms of population can compare with it – for more than 17,000 animals it has become real home. A unique “brainchild” appeared on the territory of the Riverview Park, created back in 1864 in Omaha. His current name is received a century later when the widow of Henry Durley donated to zoo development of about 1 million dollars with a request to rename him in honor of the late husband.

Today, the zoo sets a paramount task a study of animals and the salvation of those species that are on the verge of extinction or close to this. Omaha Zoo offers more than 25 expositions, among which there are unique ones: Desert Dome is the world’s largest desert simulation with the ability to to watch the inhabitants there, “the kingdom of the night” – not having equal on the planet indoor night exposure.

Omaha Zoo, in addition to impressive exhibits and unique animals also offers several training programs for volunteers with the possibility of “adoption” of animals. These programs other than theories include field camps, expeditions, etc.

Pretoria, South Africa �

Rating: 4.5

Pretoria, South Africa

Area: 85 ha

Variety of animals :: 705 species of animals

Located on the vast territory of Pretoria in South Africa, the zoo some time ago was recognized as a national and received a new name – “zoological garden”. Today he is the only one on the continent with a similar status. His main the task is to study and preserve the fauna and flora of Africa. Divided by the Apis River, flowing throughout its territory, into flat part and hilly, occupying a whole slope.

Officially, the zoological garden owns several centers, whose purpose is to save animals in other African regions. Pretoria Zoo offers many interesting exhibits with animals, as well as the opportunity to spend the night in nature to relax away from civilization or make a fascinating an excursion to explore the nightlife of the wild inhabitants nature.

The zoological garden boasts a huge park with reptiles, as well as a huge collection of South African plants – one of the few largest on the planet. Underwater lovers of the world will be able to get acquainted with its inhabitants by visiting the impressive Pretoria Zoo Aquarium.

San Diego Zoo, USA

Rating: 4.4

San Diego Zoo, USA

Area: 40 ha

Variety of animals: 650 species

San Diego Zoo is hardly the largest in our ranking, but he is definitely the most progressive of all. Created in 1921 Zoological community of the city (“Zoo Global”). Main him concept, invariably implemented, was proposed by the doctor Harry Wedgford – give animals the opportunity to exist outside closed space and without any cells.

But the inhabitants of the open air living in the open air, all fenced off from visitors (more to protect the latter) almost imperceptible wire. San Diego Zoo is divided into many zones: it will surprise and delight all visitors. Here there are theme sites ranging from tropical jungle and ending with frosty taiga. Each zone has a strictly observed microclimate with typical flora and fauna for this or that zone.

Among the many zones you can highlight a unique exposure tropics with a variety of exotic birds and monkeys bamboo “, where pandas live (giant among them), huge the pool near which spectacular predators live – cougars-cougars, polar bears, etc. By the way, it is in this zoo for the first time in the USA giant pandas were born and lived a long life.

In San Diego you can get to know not only the animal world, but also with a colossally large collection of plants, very rare in that number (bamboos, for example, several dozen grow here varieties).

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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