7 best screwdriver sets

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

One of the most popular tools is a screwdriver. It becomes an indispensable tool for electricians, computer scientists, car mechanics and home craftsmen. But in every area model with special parameters. Today, manufacturers offer potential buyers different sets. They differ in quantity. objects, the size of the tool, the type of working part and price. The recommendations of experts will help you make the right choice.

Rating of the best screwdriver sets

  1. Destination. Today, manufacturers are trying satisfy the needs of all consumers. Therefore, on sale you can Find universal kits that are suitable for the home master. The bias on power screwdrivers is made in kits for car mechanics, which have to loosen oxidized screws. Electricians it is important that the screwdrivers have a dielectric coating. And when assembling Technicians appreciate the accuracy of tightening hardware.
  2. Types of working parts. Screwdrivers differ in the shape of the working parts. The sting can have a flat shape, cruciform, hexagonal as well as the appearance of the TORX sprocket. If at home most often have to face the first two types then in cars or household appliances there are different types of hardware.
  3. A pen. For convenience in operation, the handle of a screwdriver is responsible. The standard is a plastic handle with an ergonomic shape. For electricians, a voltage indicator can be inserted at the end. When carrying out repair work the car helps out the tool with a steel butt plate that can be hit hard with a hammer. Repairmen appreciate shortened handles with a thickened end, which comfortably rests in the palm of your hand. And for tightening the fasteners with with a certain force, torque handles are used.
  4. Case for storage. When a set consists of many items, an important element becomes a case. In a good lodgement screwdrivers are firmly fixed in their positions and do not move when transportation. Preference should be given to sets in which The case has reliable latches and durable plastic.
  5. Additional equipment. To some professionals other than screwdrivers require some additional items. For example, furniture collectors or finishers will need a set of bits that Suitable for working with a screwdriver. To body workers at dismantle moldings, clips and other plastic clips will be required special puller and extension with magnetic tip.

We selected in our review the 7 best screwdriver sets. They are wide presented in the trading network of our country. When determining places The rating took into account the opinions of experts and consumer reviews.

Rating of the best screwdriver sets

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best screwdriver sets 1 KING TONY 9-31124MRV 7 440 rub.
2 SHTOK 09350 5 920 rub.
3 FULL STAR Jonnesway D04PP16S 5 320 rub.
4 KING TONY 9-31919MR 4 560 rub.
5 MASTAK 5-4009D 4 810 rub.
6 Sturm 1040-02-SS1 940 rub.
7 Ankor 19837 625 rub


Rating: 4.9

KING TONY 9-31124MRV.jpg

KING TONY Taiwanese tool is familiar domestic users. A set of screwdrivers 9-31124MRV will help the owner to qualitatively perform various mechanical operations. Excellent quality combined with a large number of items (24 pcs.) allowed the kit to take first place in our ranking. The experts emphasize high resistance of working surfaces to chips and deformation. The manufacturer succeeded in achieving strength due to heat treatment. To make it easier for the owner screwdriver, handles are made in several colors, optional clearly written inscriptions.

Users are pleased with the wealth of models in the kit. There is no only slotted and cruciform models, but a tool with a working part of torx. The only drawback is the high price.


  • wide range of working parts;
  • different lengths;
  • multi-colored pens;
  • convenient case.


  • high price.

SHTOK 09350

Rating: 4.8

SHTOK 09350.jpg

The best assistant for professional electricians will be a set SHTOK 09350 Dielectric Screwdriver. It Can’t Boast a large number of items (7 pcs.) and a variety of lengths. But in the kit has a torque handle that allows adjust the tightening torque in the range of 1-5 Nm. Experts praise Russian-Taiwanese set for accuracy, magnetized tip and dielectric coating. You can adjust the handle with increments of 0.02 Nm, and the accuracy is 6%. When the instrument reaches limit puff, a distinct click occurs.

Users like the reliability and safety of the tool, ease of use. But a small number of items at high price did not allow him to bypass the leader of the rating.


  • dielectric coating;
  • dynamometer handle;
  • strong working part;
  • compactness and lightness.


  • a small number of screwdrivers;
  • high price.

FULL STAR Jonnesway D04PP16S

Rating: 4.7


Another famous Taiwanese brand is in the top three our rating. FULL STAR Jonnesway D04PP16S Screwdriver Set experts liked the quality of the plastic case with reliable snaps. It has convenient niches for every screwdriver. The manufacturer decided to create a set of the most common slotted and Phillips screwdrivers. There are 16 models in total: 8 flat, 8 cross. These two series are distinguished by colorful inserts (red and blue) on the handles. For ease of use there are holes for hanging.

According to users, the strengths of the set is high-quality manufacturing, magnetized tip, convenient case. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the lack of dynamometric tool and modest lineup.


  • durable case;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • comfortable handles;
  • holes for suspension.


  • modest assortment;
  • no torque tool.


Rating: 4.7

KING TONY 9-31919MR. jpg

Workshop and car service owners can use the KING TONY kit 9-31919MR. In addition to conventional screwdrivers, there are drums included models with a steel butt plate, as well as a special puller and magnet. With this tool, dismantling is easier. body parts, linings, clips and moldings. And with the help of flexible Magnetic tip rod is convenient to remove from hard to reach fallen hardware. Experts liked two-component handle, it lies comfortably in the hand. Quickly find Multi-colored handles and marking allow the necessary screwdriver.

Despite the small number of screwdrivers (17 pcs.), Users speak flattering about the set. I especially like shock models, which help to unscrew the “locked” screws.


  • reliable impact screwdrivers;
  • additional accessories for bodyworkers;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • strong working part.


  • no torque tool;
  • not a complete set of screwdrivers.

MASTAK 5-4009D

Rating: 4.6

MASTAK 5-4009D.jpg

A set of impact screwdrivers designed specifically for high loads. MASTAK 5-4009D. Taiwanese manufacturer manned tool tray 9 screwdrivers. Each of them has a reinforced structure and withstands heavy blows to the butt plate with a hammer. To be safe hold the tool, the two-component handle has anti-slip coating. For storing screwdrivers made of EVA material made a special lodgement. Except 4 spline and 4 cross screwdrivers in the kit there is a puller for extracting caps and clips.

The advantages of the tool domestic consumers include high-quality manufacturing and reasonable price. Not everyone is happy equipment, you can not immediately find the right screwdriver in the kit.


  • high strength;
  • anti-slip handles;
  • clip puller;
  • affordable price.


  • difficulties with identification;
  • no case.

Sturm 1040-02-SS1

Rating: 4.5

STURM 1040-02-SS1.jpg

A large set of screwdrivers and bits (28 items) are available in Chinese Sturm 1040-02-SS1 kit. At the same time, the manufacturer offers its product at a very tasty price. Where does the consumer look for a catch? IN First of all, it is worth noting that the set consists of six full screwdrivers. Three of them have a flat sting, three more equipped with a cruciform working part. As for the bits, they have a landing size of 1/4 inch. Of the 20 snap-ons, 5 have slotted shape, 6 – cruciform, another 6 are made with a TORX tip and 3 with hexagon. From additional devices I got into the set flexible extension and handle with swivel joint.

The weak points of the kit are the unreliable swivel joint made of plastic and a small number of screwdrivers.


  • many different items;
  • low price;
  • flexible extension cord;
  • convenient case.


  • poor-quality hinged handle;
  • a small number of screwdrivers.

Ankor 19837

Rating: 4.5

ENCOR 19837.jpg

Russian-Chinese screwdriver set Enkor 19837 closes our rating. Hit in the TOP-7 due to low price and pretty case. Inside the yellow case, 4 slotted and 2 Phillips screwdrivers. All 14 bits have a fit size of 1/4 inches. The set includes slotted bits (3 pcs.), crosswise (4 pcs.), hex (3 pcs.) and TORX type accessories (4 things.). 21 items in the set is a pen with an adapter under bits. For the manufacture of steel parts used chrome vanadium steel, and three-component handles provide comfort during work.

Users are satisfied with the affordable price, good quality, reliable case. Only handles are not very comfortable, and serious screwdrivers cannot withstand the load.


  • low price;
  • reliable case;
  • high-quality manufacturing.


  • few screwdrivers;
  • uncomfortable pens;
  • low resistance to high loads.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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