7 best psoriasis remedies

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Psoriasis is a common dermatosis with a chronic course: every person out of 50 is affected by this disease, and only in our there are about 50 million such patients in the country. Largest suffering from psoriasis causes itching and peeling, the appearance of plaques on the skin and under the hair, damage to the nails, and in severe cases – the occurrence of psoriatic arthritis and related a significant decrease in the quality of life.

Perhaps there is no other skin disease in which it would be tried so many different ointments, creams, folk remedies, as in psoriasis. This rating includes the best funds. from psoriasis, which have proven effectiveness for medical preparations. Also a great relief to patients with psoriasis bring remedies that are sold in veterinary pharmacies. They are also included in the rating, as they are verified many years of application experience.

What means are not in a rating and why?

But there are drugs that are not included in this review by fundamental considerations. The first group is hormones. Hormonal drugs are indeed indicated for psoriasis. They reduce redness, reduce the intensity of skin cell division, reduce the number of plaques. But the thing is that application hormones – this is a kind of heavy artillery, and it should be in the hands of an experienced doctor. Hormones can cause resistance to all other types of therapy. Use hormonal drugs can only be very short courses, and in when nothing else helps. In no case You can not start an unauthorized treatment of psoriasis with the most powerful and modern hormonal drugs.

Starting treatment of psoriasis with strong hormones, the patient consciously closes all the way to other treatment options. At first he is very happy effect, after a while he notices that more is needed hormonal drugs, and you need to apply it more often, and then progress stops. But after strong hormones, nothing is already helps. The phenomenon of “replanting” into hormones is well known to psoriatics. with experience.

The second group of drugs that I will not consider here is these are numerous homeopathic remedies. As known, homeopathy recognized by the international medical community as a method treatments that have no proven effectiveness, and that action, homeopathy is the result of a well-furnished auto-suggestion. This does not mean that homeopathic remedies do not should be taken by the patient. The fact is that psoriasis is a disease that may cause chronic neurosis, depressed. Belief in healing from homeopathy does its job, and in this homeopathy is a kind of psychotherapy, confirmed placebo.

Finally, the rating did not include those drugs that require the appointment of ultraviolet radiation or puva therapy. These treatments are used in special hospitals, and medications should be used with sessions light therapy. This is also the task of a dermatologist. Therefore to the registry included some effective drugs for topical treatment like symptomatic and systemic effects. Drug Prices given averages, valid at the end of 2018.

Rating of the best remedies for psoriasis

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best local psoriasis medications 1 Dayvonex – calcipotriol 999 rub
2 Tsinokap (Skin-Cap) 272 rub
3 Cartalin 721 rub
4 YM-BK 109 r
5 Cream Dawn 99 rub
Best Psoriasis Oral Remedies 1 Neotigazone (acitretin) 1 858 rub.
2 Taxifolin Baikal (dihydroquercetin) 110 rub

Best local psoriasis medications

Open the top local treatment for psoriasis, which most often represented by various forms of ointments and creams. how clinical practice shows that more than 80% of all patients use it’s the local treatment. Systemic Therapy – Cytostatic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, and other serious expensive drugs are prescribed by a doctor in case of severe the course and complications of psoriasis, such as, for example progressive arthritis.

Dayvonex – calcipotriol

Rating: 4.9

Dayvonex - calcipotriol

Dayvoneks is a special drug developed for the treatment of vulgar psoriasis, i.e. psoriasis only with skin rashes. It is not indicated for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis and nail damage. Calcipotriol is a synthetic active metabolite of vitamin D3.

It is known that with ordinary psoriasis in the summer against the backdrop of the sun exposure is significantly improved, and in many patients all the plaques disappear, only the so-called attendants remain, areas of the elbow and knee joints. If in the skin if there is no vitamin D, then such an improvement will not happen. This vitamin is a key link in speed regulation. growth of skin elements.

Dayvonex suppresses the development of keratinocytes, and improves them differentiation, that is, skin cells continue to develop according necessary, and at the same time they do not stop in development, and do not exfoliate. Dayvoneks has a local immunosuppressive action on skin cells, in relation to T-lymphocytes, while this the drug acts locally, and practically does not affect calcium metabolism in the body.

It is necessary to apply Dayvoneks from 1 to 2 times a day, applying cream a thin layer on the affected areas. It is important to remember that the effect of application will be noticeable no earlier than 10 days from the start treatment. In this case, the course of treatment should not exceed one and a half months without a doctor’s prescription. Dayvoneks is available in the form of ointment and cream. The cost of one package of ointment weighing 30 g is, on average, 1220 rubles. Releases his Irish company Leo Pharmaceutical

Advantages and disadvantages

The big plus of Dayvoneks that it is well tolerated is not contains hormones, and can also be used with others medicines, for example with cyclosporine or corticosteroid hormones, however, there is a drug – Dayvobet, or Xamiol, in which calcipotriol is combined with betamethasone. Dayvoneks is not recommended for use with drugs salicylic acid with keratinolytic action. it the drug is contraindicated in various violations of calcium exchange, ointment is not used in children under the age of 6 years, and the cream is not applied until the age of 18 years. Not recommended apply it to pregnant and lactating women, may also be side effect in the form of skin irritation. Dayvonex not applicable on the skin of the face, and also should not be applied to too large skin surfaces that make up more than 30% of the skin, in avoid the development of systemic action. During treatment should Avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Tsinokap (Skin-Cap)

Rating: 4.8


Tsinokap is a drug that is available in the form of a cream or aerosol for external use, and it contains zinc pyrithione. The active ingredient protects the skin, refers to dermatoprotectors, it has antimicrobial activity, inhibits inflammation and fungal development. Quite often with excessive peeling in the area psoriatic rashes (and especially with papules in the area natural folds, with the presence of weeping) various fungi, because dead skin flakes are food for these pathogens. Zinocap, in addition, contains Dexpanthenol, which has a wound healing effect. Tsinokap aerosol is indicated for exacerbation of the process when plaque growth occurs with possible weeping, and the cream is recommended for treatment in the subacute period psoriasis.

Using Zinocap is easy. You need to apply the cream, and rub it into necessary places, but not more than 3 times a day, with the course treatment is, on average, 1 month. Aerosol sprayed over the desired location at close range for 3 seconds. The multiplicity of application is the same: two or three times a day. Releases Tsinokap cream domestic company Lecco, and a tube weighing 50 grams It costs 600 rubles. One aerosol can weighing 58 g costs 760 rubles., and is manufactured by Pharmstandard-Leksredstva company.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the advantages of Tsinokap is its complex action, it is used not only for psoriasis, but also for seborrheic and atopic dermatitis. This drug does not contain any hormones, and can be prescribed even in babies, starting at the age of one. Tsinokap has no, as in the previous case, restrictions on the maximum area of ​​application, can be applied to the skin of the face, which is quite important, and also it can be used without fear for a course exceeding one month. The drug is tolerated well, it is not absorbed and does not enter the bloodstream.


Rating: 4.7


This protective and preventive cream contains bee honey, raw materials. herbs – chamomile and string, dermatotropic vitamin A, lavender and eucalyptus oil. Also present in it softening horny masses and skin flakes salicylic acid. The main component that is very effective in psoriasis is solidol. This cream reduces inflammation, relieves the progression of exacerbation psoriatic plaques, which, most often, occurs in spring and autumn. The cream soothes the itching and exfoliates very well. He can apply for 2 or even 3 months without causing systemic effect, addiction and possible complications. Represents Kartalin is a thick brown mass with a specific smell.

Apply Kartalin for psoriasis on the skin without rubbing, not more often twice a day, and you need to keep the cream, in general, at least 12 hours. This means that it is best to apply it overnight under a fixative. bandage. This may not be very convenient, so in the summer time if psoriatic plaques occur in open areas body, you can just grease this cream so that the exposure time totaled at least 12 hours. In case if the cream is applied twice, that is, in the morning and evening, respectively, the exposure time for each application should be 6 hours. Other schemes are possible: 5 + 7, etc.

Produces Kartalin domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer – Astropharma, and the cost of one tube of cream with a volume of 100 ml on average, is 940 rubles. Given that most creams are packaged in tubes of an average volume of 30 ml, then such a cost for a large volume does not seem excessive.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of Kartalin is ability in some cases. achieve complete remission. After the disappearance of psoriatic plaques barely distinguishable color spots that are called dyschromic. If you continue to use Kartalin, then through month the effect is fixed, the spots brighten, and plaques usually do not come back. This cream has no contraindications, from side actions there is a slight exacerbation at the very beginning of application, which should not be feared. According to research, after use of this cream for a long course, up to 4 months with daily use, there is a good, stable remission, which can last from 2 to 4 years or longer.


Rating: 4.6


This drug is highly effective, but it is sold in veterinary pharmacies. There’s nothing wrong with that, his efficacy in the treatment of psoriatic rash has already been proven a lot years ago, even dermatologists prescribe it. Acting the substance is zinc oxide and sulfur. Also part of this brown, thick ointment includes keratolytic substance – salicylic acid, creolin, turpentine, tar tar, petroleum jelly and lanolin.

This remedy shows drying, astringent, exfoliating and antiseptic effect. Creolin and turpentine improve blood circulation in the surface layers of the skin, which contributes to improving the cell population. This ointment must be applied thinly. a layer on the affected area, as well as on healthy skin around it. The ointment should be lightly rubbed into the surface, it is better to do it after baths when the skin is wet. Then the ointment is applied easier, and its consumption smaller. Apply the ointment from one to 2 times a day for weeks. Produces ointment YM-BK Veterinary preparations plant, located in the Vladimir region, and the cost of one can weighing 50 g, an average of 170 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

For many patients with psoriasis, this ointment was real an opening and a gift, because in a short time it allows soothe exacerbation, make plaque non-convex, eliminate itching and reduce the number of flakes. Significant improvement is already observed after 3-4 days of use. Perhaps the only drawback of this ointments are an extremely strong and specific smell that can spread throughout the room where the patient is bedding, and even in neighboring rooms. Therefore ideal the option is to apply the ointment for 1-2 hours, at that time when a person can be left alone with himself.

It is highly recommended not to apply it to the skin under a bandage and then go to work. Smell of sulfur, freshly soaked sleepers, tar and turpentine, to put it mildly, is not pleasant for everyone. Of the side effects in addition to individual intolerance to the components, it can be noted mild burning, which can occur within 15-20 minutes after application, this is quite normal. Especially need to keep track of clean hands: after applying the ointment, they must be thoroughly washed, and Do not touch the eyes before washing.

Cream Dawn

Rating: 4.5

Cream Dawn

This name again suggests that this cream is on sale. veterinary stores. But it has long been time to fall in love not only cows (and it is intended, according to the official instructions, for prevention and treatment of mastitis and cracks in the udder). Use it and people to moisturize dry skin, to heal cuts and scratches, just to soften as a night cream.

Cream Dawn contains in phoralizin. It moisturizes and softens the skin, has a healing effect, increases the elasticity of the skin and its elasticity. After application, it protects the skin, forms protective film. It is not a special antipsoriatic action possesses, but when applied during the period of exacerbation and growth psoriatic plaques, cream Zorka very quickly translates the phase exacerbations in a fading exacerbation, and then in the remission stage. When applied for a month, or even earlier, instead of bright, itchy spots, often with weeping, the patient remains on the skin only pale and inactive foci. Releases cream Zorka ZAO Farmaks in the city of Vyatka. It’s nice that just a huge package of cream with a volume of 200 ml (that is, one glass) costs only 90 rubles., and in some veterinary pharmacies it can be found at a price of 80, and even 70 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

This cream is so useful and versatile that I want to say: he has no shortcomings. Except one and very controversial. As a preservative for this cream is used a small amount of aviation kerosene, and the resulting cream has a slight kerosene odor. No comparison with emergency it does not go with a sharp and unpleasant smell of YM-BK ointment, and you can get used to it quickly, and many people even like it. Also, after a few weeks of using the cream, it gradually exhales, and the smell of kerosene decreases. A similar cream is produced for people, but at the same time had to remove kerosene, and replace it with preservative used for cosmetic purposes. But the cost of one packaging immediately soared almost 10 times, so choose: or a light aroma of kerosene and 70 rubles, or the smell of cosmetics and 600 rubles. The effect is the same.

Best Psoriasis Oral Remedies

There are drugs that are taken in tablet form. forms. One of them, presented in the rating, is specially created for the treatment of psoriasis, and the second is effectively used as base remedy for improving skin trophism, is strong antioxidant, and has a membrane-protective effect.

Neotigazone (acitretin)

Rating: 4.9


Neotigazone is a drug for the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis, with which psoriatic plaques cover most of the skin with frequent relapses, or in patients with psoriatic erythroderma, when almost all skin is affected. Active ingredient Acitretin is an analogue of retinoic acid synthesized artificially. When using it, normal processes are restored differentiation of skin cells and their proliferation. Until now the mechanism the action of the drug is unknown, but at the same time it has a high efficiency. In addition to psoriasis, neotigazone is indicated for treatment other keratinization disorders of the skin, which include congenital ichthyosis.

Neotigazone is available in capsules: there can be 10 in one capsule or 25 mg of active ingredient. You need to apply it daily once inside while eating. Starting dose for adults – 25 mg The drug should be long, at least 2 months, and necessarily under the supervision of a doctor. French Neotigazon Releases Senexi company, and the cost of one package, calculated on the monthly rate is, on average, 3,500 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

This drug is able to stabilize the severe course of psoriasis, accelerate the transition to clinical remission, and even reverse the course diseases, for example, translating psoriatic erythroderma into focal psoriasis with patches of fair skin. But treatment is necessary should be carried out under the supervision of a physician. So, adverse reactions observed in more than 50% of patients taking Neotigazone. Often these are symptoms of vitamin A hypervitaminosis. These include dryness lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth, dry eyes, while taking this the drug must abandon contact lenses. Can headache, thirst and dry mouth, muscle pain and joint pain.

This drug is strictly prohibited for use in pregnant women. women. It has proven to cause numerous deformities in the fetus, and therefore, the ban on its use applies not only to pregnant women women, but also all women who may become pregnant, not only during treatment, but also within 2 years after cancellation the drug. A woman who is not just planning a pregnancy, but only able to get pregnant, must necessarily take birth control drugs, and is obliged to start taking them a month before starting treatment, during treatment and for 2 years after completion treatment. Moreover, before starting treatment, they are filled numerous documents, and even a certificate of lack of pregnancy. So no unauthorized reception of this drug for women can not be.

Taxifolin Baikal (dihydroquercetin)

Rating: 4.8

Taxifolin Baikal

Finally, with psoriasis, it is necessary to use not only special anti-psoriatic drugs, but also drugs, which improve microcirculation in the deep and surface layers dermis, and contribute to the stabilization and protection of keratinocyte membranes. This effect has taxifolin Baikal. Stabilization keratinocyte membranes can slow down the rate of their division, and restore the normal structure of the basal layer of the epidermis.

From a large variety of drugs dihydroquercetin is the best effect in patients with various the symptoms of vulgar psoriasis are taxifolin Baikal, which is produced by the Siberian Cedar company. It is issued in 300 mg capsules, and the amount of ultrapure crystalline dihydroquercetin in each capsule – 60 mg. The drug is indicated for course administration for psoriasis, both during exacerbation, and as routine treatment, one capsule per day for 1 to 2 months. The cost of one package, calculated on a monthly basis, is an average of 950 to 1350 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Taxifolin Baikalsky is a good tolerance, lack of overdose and side effects, and also the ability to use it as part of complex therapy, for example, against the background of local preparations, including those containing corticosteroid hormones. The disadvantage of this tool can be considered low prevalence in pharmacies, and limited release, since the product is in great demand, and more part is exported. But in the event that there is an opportunity combine local psoriasis with taxifolin Babaikalsky, then clinical remission, and the reverse development of plaques will go faster.

In conclusion, it should be added that, of course, by means, given in the ranking, the entire arsenal of psoriatic drugs are not exhausted. The most important thing is not even selection a drug that will suit everyone individually. Without compliance general recommendations for treatment, they will be useless.

Neuroses and chronic stress should be excluded as much as possible, somatic diseases, including colds and infectious. It is advisable to normalize the weight. Be sure to refuse from bad habits, and especially from drinking alcohol, before all – beer. Psoriasis can be healed under the influence of the sea air, and swimming in sea water. Therefore, a spa treatment, especially in the Black Sea, in the resorts of Israel and Slovenia, in the Mediterranean area can lead to long lasting remission, or even a complete clinical recovery.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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