7 best garden vacuum cleaners

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Garden vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular and popular types of mechanized gardening equipment along with almost irreplaceable lawn mowers. They become especially valuable in autumn, when harvesting rapidly falling leaves becomes daily and rather debilitating. Modern external blowers-vacuum cleaners are efficient and user-friendly units with which you can quickly and effortlessly collect foliage and light garbage in a bunch, collect in suction mode in a special bag, and when desire also to grind conglomerate, turning the foliage into mulch – nutritious organic fertilizer. Our specialists have compiled special rating of this kind of garden machines that will help you navigate when choosing a model for your own needs.

How to choose a garden vacuum cleaner

To get started, briefly and succinctly go through the most important points, to consider when choosing a garden vacuum cleaner / blower for those or other goals.

Professional or household

Everything is more or less obvious here. If you need a tool exclusively for yourself – in the fall to tidy up the house territory and possibly some of the neighbors should choose household model. If the cleaning of territories from foliage in the fall, snow in winter and mowed grass in summer – this is your profession, here without options need a powerful, hardy, high-performance professional model.

Distinguish one from the other is not difficult. Electric household power consumption models rarely exceed 2.5 kW. Petrol household appliances, as a rule, have a 0.5 l gas tank. IN In any case, the class of the device can and should be specified at a point sales.


Garden vacuum cleaners most often it makes sense to buy in the event if the device can work in at least two modes – blowing and suction. Most suction models also complemented by the function of grinding (mulching). Such multifunctionality is supported by both gasoline and mains powered electric devices. Models working on battery, have too limited a charge, so manufacturers restrict such a solution only to the blow mode. IN in our review we will consider one such blower, so how sometimes just such a form factor is the most convenient and appropriate.

Gas or electric engine

One of the most important parameters when choosing is the type of engine, on which operates a blower / vacuum cleaner. Available models equipped with gasoline or electric engines. Last still divided into battery and network.

The advantages of gasoline devices – full mobility and socket independence, performance, power. With another hand, most of these devices make a loud noise, produce exhausting hand vibration of the operator, require constant manipulations with fuel and oil inevitably produce harmful exhaust gases often start far from the first time, especially if the operator has little experience with equipment on gas engines.

If, nevertheless, no alternatives are considered, and we need it’s the gasoline option, then it’s worth looking at models where all of the listed disadvantages are at least minimized: availability anti-vibration system; noise suppression; light start or electronic ignition; good governance. Need to understand that, saving on these options, you have to spend at least on headphones and special gloves to absorb vibrations, and possibly also on a respirator and other means of individual protection.

Experts also recommend choosing models for which engine cylinders are equipped with nickel (ceramic-metal) coated.

Electric Network Garden Vacuum Cleaners – Most Popular With summer residents and owners of private houses form factor. These devices incomparably quieter than gasoline, completely environmentally friendly, significantly lighter in weight and more often cheaper ceteris paribus performance. Pay attention to the engine power, the ability to smoothly adjust the intensity of the air flow, flexibility and security of the network cable at the base.

Finally, battery models are the most limited in terms of functional model. Even a very capacious battery is not enough for long work in the mode of absorption and, especially, mulching. Therefore, almost all battery blowers work exactly as blowers, and not otherwise. However, they often find themselves significantly more convenient and appropriate than network “brothers,” when you need to remove a small patio, stairs, attic.

Ergonomics and work comfort

In the presented rating we consider only manual models vacuum blowers, so ease of use here is gaining importance.

Even relatively light electric models are still quite “feel” themselves, especially when it comes to gasoline ones. Therefore, for when choosing, pay attention to the presence of a belt equipment for wearing on the shoulder, as well as the presence of a soft lining in the belt itself.

For suction and blowing modes, different nozzle nozzles – for blowing a narrow flat nozzle, for suction – wide round. Tooling has to be changed mainly manually, but there are models in which the mode change occurs without dismantling the nozzle.

For the convenience of grip and better maneuverability, it is highly desirable the unit has an additional handle at an angle to main.

If you have to clean only flat surfaces – asphalt, paving slabs, concrete – it makes sense to buy a model with special wheels at the very bottom of the pipe.

Regarding gasoline models, as mentioned above, It is desirable to have a lightweight starter, and not just a classic with manual “promotion”. In electric models or gasoline with an electric start, it is highly desirable to have a lock against accidental launch.

Another not very common, but desirable point – the presence of effective filters, since in the vacuum cleaner mode the device drives large volumes of dust and other kinds of suspensions through itself, which may even seep through the garbage bag


An important part of a garden vacuum cleaner is the impeller. For cleaning soft conglomerate – fallen foliage, mowed grass, etc. similar – impellers made of durable plastic will be enough. But if you have to clean the territory from spruce with a garden vacuum cleaner cones, crumbling tree bark or thick branches, you will need a tool with steel knives.

Grinding is used not only to obtain nutritious organic mixture that can be used to fertilize the soil. Often this the function is applied even if the input is not leaves, but plastic bags or bottles. This is done to reduce the amount of garbage. A ratio of 10 to 1 is considered quite effective.

Rating of the best garden vacuum cleaners

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best garden vacuum cleaners 1 Husqvarna 125 BVX 16 900 rub.
2 Greenworks G40ABK6 13 509 rub.
3 MTD BV 2500 E 4 990 rub.
4 Bosch ALS 30 5 739 rub.
5 Black&Decker GW2500 4 399 rub.
6 CHAMPION GBV326S 8 650 rub.
7 BORT BSS-550-R 1 181 rub.

Husqvarna 125 BVX

Rating: 4.9

Husqvarna 125 BVX

Opens the rating of the most remarkable multifunctional production model of the Swedish company Husqvarna, specializing in on this kind of technique. It is a manual blower working on gasoline engine with reverse suction function and garbage handling.

The volume of the gas tank is 0.5 l. Engine power – 1.1 hp at fuel consumption of 0.5 l / h. Garden Vacuum Cleaner Two-Stroke volume of 28 cm3 At idle, it develops speeds of up to 3.2 thousand. per minute. Anti-vibration, hand pump and catalyst systems exhaust gas is not provided. Vibration on the handle manufacturer’s statement should not exceed 11.1 m / sq. cm. Sound pressure recorded near the ear of the operator when working on full power – up to 92 dBA, at a distance of 15 meters – up to 70 dBA.

Airflow characteristics: flow rate in the fan casing – 13.31 cubic meters per minute; consumption in the bell – 12.03 cubic meters. m; bell flow velocity – 76 m / s; outgoing flow rate – 58.12 m / s.

The engineers who developed this garden vacuum cleaner took a lot attention to ergonomics. The bell has a special, well-designed design for optimal balance and easy maneuvering. Starting is facilitated by the introduction of Smart Start® technology. Are available shoulder strap and soft grip. Speed ​​can to fix (a kind of “cruise control”).

The functionality of the unit allows you to use it as a blower and like a garden vacuum cleaner – a conversion kit is available in delivery set. In suction mode, garbage is collected in special bag of 64.35 liters. You can enable the mode mulching to grind foliage and debris to fractions 16: 1.

The garden vacuum cleaner weighs 4.35 kg. Comes with round and flat nozzles nozzles. Manufacturer’s Warranty – 12 months.


  • authoritative highly specialized brand;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • power and performance;
  • ease of use;
  • high-quality mulching.


  • not marked.

Greenworks G40ABK6

Rating: 4.8

Greenworks G40ABK6

The second number in the ranking we will consider the manual battery blower from Greenworks, the exclusive large brand Group of companies Globe Tools Group with headquarters in the USA ( Charlotte, North Carolina). This series is produced in China.

The unit is two times lighter than the previous model – 2.2 kg per pack, and in assembled working form even less – 1.54 kg. Dimensions in packing – 480x250x280 mm. The package also includes lithium-ion battery, charger, manual and warranty toll.

This garden vacuum cleaner is powered by a 6V 40V G-MAX battery Ah The main scope of its application is the cleaning of territories from fallen foliage, dust and light garbage. Thanks to the use of a fan with axial design, the device shows a good productivity: speed / volume of an air stream – 177 km / h and 8.5 m³ / min. The noise level does not exceed 100 dB.

The advantages of this form factor and this model in particular – obvious. This is incomparable, compared with gasoline, convenience use; much less noise; one hundred percent environmental friendliness; unpretentiousness in service. The blower starts literally one touch, airflow is easy to adjust wheel on the handle. The trigger can be locked in position. The device is well balanced for minimal hand pressure operator during continuous operation.

On the other hand, in the context of this particular garden vacuum cleaner, we see rather limited functionality. This is just what blower and nothing else. Suction mode, and, accordingly, chopping and other useful functions are not provided here.

Warranty service from the manufacturer is provided for 24 of the month.


  • quiet work;
  • thoughtful weight distribution and balancing;
  • ease of use;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • performance;
  • unpretentiousness in service.


  • limited by just blowing functionality.

MTD BV 2500 E

Rating: 4.8

MTD BV 2500 E

The third in our rating interesting machine for cleaning open plots – this is an electric blower / vacuum cleaner manufactured American company MTD. Garden vacuum cleaners supplied in European countries and the Russian Federation are made in Germany.

The purpose of the device is the same as that described above. Husqvarna models, with all the benefits work from the electric motor – simplicity in operation, undemanding care, complete absence of harmful exhausts, quiet work. The fundamental difference from the previous electric models – network operation, i.e. mobility will be limited cable length and extension cord.

The electric motor with a power of 2.5 kW idling reaches 14 thousand revolutions per minute. In operating mode, creates air flow up to 75 m / s, while working with minimal noise compared to gasoline models.

When switching the mode to absorption, fallen leaves and light garbage falls into a special bag of 45 liters. Mode Mulching allows you to grind garbage in a ratio of 10 to 1. The bag is easily emptied and cleaned.

Weighs a garden vacuum cleaner 3.9 kg, for the convenience of long continuous use equipped with belt equipment. Cable The mains connection is equipped with anti-kink protection at the base. A wheel is installed at the bottom of the blower tube, facilitating the movement of the unit on smooth surfaces. Significantly adds to the comfort of work well implemented vibration absorption system.

Warranty period from the manufacturer for this model is 36 months.


  • performance;
  • ease of use;
  • high-quality vibration damping;
  • low noise
  • maneuverability;
  • 3 year warranty.


  • A standard bag allows dust to pass slightly during operation.

Bosch ALS 30

Rating: 4.7

Bosch ALS 30

Continues the rating of the famous German blower-vacuum cleaner trademark Bosch. The characteristics of the model are very similar to previous decision from MTD with the only difference being that this machine somewhat more powerful and more productive.

This is exactly the same 3-in-1 machine, capable of working in three modes: blowing, absorption and grinding. The weight of the device depends on specific target assembly: in the blower assembly – 3.2 kg, in the assembly garden vacuum cleaner – 4.4 kg (here the bag-grass catcher adds weight volume of 45 liters and a two-piece pipe).

The unit operates from the mains. Engine power – 3 kW. It develops an air flow rate of up to 300 km / h. Speed ​​at the same time can be adjusted, however, in a small range – from 280 to 300 km / h In mulching mode, crushes the incoming conglomerate into 10 to 1 ratio.

The vacuum cleaner is quite convenient to use – in addition to the belt snap-on, adds ergonomics thoughtful design and extra D-shaped handle for tilting more comfortably hold the device. The grass catcher closes on a tight but good the familiar “zipper”, which allows you to completely empty the bag for seconds

This garden vacuum cleaner comes with blower, assembly pipe, nozzle, protective cap, grass bag, shoulder strap, instructions.


  • build quality;
  • power and performance;
  • ease of use;
  • low noise
  • illustrious brand.


  • expressed flaws were not found.

Black&Decker GW2500

Rating: 4.6

Black&Decker GW2500

Next in the ranking of the best garden vacuum cleaners, according to the version, there is a car production of the legendary American company with a century of history Black&Decker. This series is made in China. Users in Most value build quality and durability case made of ABS plastic.

Technical specifications are almost the same as the previous ones. electrical network models, a significant difference except in design. So, the power of the electric motor in this case is 2.5 kW, but the device’s airflow rate is capable of develop even a little more than the more powerful machine from Bosch – to 300 km / h In terms of “run” of air productivity device reaches 624 cubic meters per hour. In garden mode vacuum cleaner intensity expected lower – up to 210 km / h speed air flow.

A garden vacuum cleaner in working condition weighs 3.2 kg. Enough comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic main and additional handles and shoulder strap. Work intensity can be smoothly adjusted. In vacuum mode, the device collects garbage in a 40 liter bag. Mulching mode up to fractions 10: 1.


  • build quality;
  • strong case;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • fair price.


  • no obvious flaws were found.


Rating: 4.5


Now consider the only garden in our ranking blower domestic brand. Under the brand CHAMPION sufficiently high-quality, reliable, and at the same time inexpensive appliances for the mass consumer. Assembly is carried out in China. In combination, this is the second and last car in this review, powered by gasoline engine.

The vacuum cleaner weighs 4 kg, the weight may vary depending on assembly. Its dimensions are 81x34x38cm. Gas tank volume – 0.5 l Two-stroke engine with a capacity of 1 liter. s or 750 watts. Volume engine – 26 cc see Performance on air run – 612 cubic meters per hour at an air speed of up to 320 km / h. IN suction mode, the garbage is collected in a rubberized bag inside 40 liter capacity In mulching mode, the unit crushes the incoming conglomerate in a ratio of 15 to 1.

Despite its impressive weight, the vacuum cleaner is well thought out with engineering point of view regarding balancing and ergonomics. The shoulder strap allows you to clean large areas with minimal operator load.


  • power;
  • performance;
  • rubberized bag inside.


  • there are claims to the quality of mulching.


Rating: 4.4


Completes our rating is another universal tool for cleaning of personal plots and other open and closed territories. The brand BORT belongs to the famous German holding SBM Group. This series is made in China.

This is the most compact and lightest model in our review. Net weight makes 1.3 kg, dimensions in packing – 24x18x18 cm. Such parameters became possible only when using the engine low power – 550 watts. At idle, the engine develops up to 13 thousand revolutions per minute. The noise of the device is much lower any of the above models – no more than 75 dB. Powered by electric network, cable length – 2 meters.

The vacuum cleaner can operate in blow or suction mode. Speed airflow is easily regulated by a separate wheel on handle. To work in vacuum mode, the tool is equipped compact dust bag. Additionally included includes two spare carbon brushes for the engine and nozzle.

The official production warranty is one year.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • decent performance with low power consumption power;
  • adjustable speed;
  • super affordable price.


  • Some plastic parts emit a strong odor.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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