7 best garden carts and wheelbarrows

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

When a modern person has a need moving cargo, cars and carts immediately come to mind. These small “vehicles” facilitate the fate of the owner, taking all the burden of luggage on its wheels. There are many different models and modifications of trolleys and wheelbarrows, they differ lifting capacity, design, price, etc. to choose the most suitable option for yourself, you should listen to recommendations of our experts.

How to choose a garden trolley

Destination. First of all, when choosing a car or trolley should define a range of tasks for her.

  1. If you plan to do construction in the country or updating the soil in the greenhouse, then definitely you need to buy a garden a wheelbarrow. These workers are spacious, durable, ease of movement on grass and soil.
  2. But when it comes time to transport the crop from the cottage to the apartment, then you need a shopping cart. It can be reliably fasten a box or bag with fruits or vegetables, and in full growth drag the cart along with you. Small wheels are designed for movement on a hard and even road surface.

Capacity and carrying capacity. Next important a factor in choosing a reliable assistant will be spaciousness and carrying capacity.

  1. When carrying out construction work, attention must be paid for carrying capacity cars. Sand, concrete, stones, bricks weigh quite a lot, so it is better to give preference to models with safety margin. Its carrying capacity should be 150-250 kg
  2. For work in the garden or in the garden have to move large volumes of grass, branches, foliage, compost. In this case, more important body volume becomes a characteristic. Even filling the wheelbarrow plant waste to the top, the weight of the cargo will be small. therefore for work on a personal plot it is preferable to buy a volumetric model with a body of 100-150 liters.
  3. Carts should be selected based on capacity. Even bulk luggage can be securely fastened with ropes. And here with excess weight, the wheels may not withstand. Optimal for summer residents option – a trolley with a load capacity of 60-100 kg.

Design features. There are several constructive features for wheelbarrows and carts that should be considered when purchase.

  1. Wheels for machinery for gardening or construction work should be wide, tall and pneumatic. Unicycle models favorably differ in maneuverability and speed of movement. But keeping balance at full load becomes difficult. Two-wheeled cars show the best stability, besides the design is more durable. But turn around in place already problematic, and even on an uneven area efforts to advance. Carts are equipped with small, one-piece rubber wheels. Their weakest point is the internal landing diameter. It is best to give preference to models with bearing in a metal disk.
  2. The frame of both wheelbarrows and carts is most often made of pipes. Only their diameter is seriously different. Maximum durability have frames in which pipes are connected by welding. To the equipment frame has remained strong for many years, it should be protected by galvanic or paintwork. The maximum durability is demonstrated by powder (polymer) paints.

We selected 7 best shopping carts and garden trolleys wheelbarrows. All of them are sold in the trading network of our country. Making up rating, expert opinions and reviews of domestic were taken into account users.

Rating of the best garden carts and wheelbarrows

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best garden cars 1 Santool 090501-121 4 489 rub.
2 Belamos 800P 3 850 rub.
3 GRINDA 422394 3 760 rub.
4 Fit 77555 2 453 rub.
The best shopping trolleys 1 FIT 65476 2 620 rub.
2 Zubr 38750-60 3 280 rub.
3 Stella KG-100 5 015 rub.

The best garden cars

Work on pleasure at the infield with the smallest physical costs allow cars. With their help move fallen leaves, soil, crop, and also lead construction works. Experts have selected several high-quality models.

Santool 090501-121

Rating: 4.9

SANTOOL 090501-121

The optimal set of features for owners of suburban The property is available in the Santool 090501-121 garden wheelbarrow. Model possesses universal qualities, allowing the owner to care for garden plot or carry out large-scale construction work. A spacious bowl with a volume of 110 liters is made by stamping metal. IN it is convenient to move not only dry leaves or grass. Thanks reinforced frame design, the car can withstand loads up to 230 kg Experts appreciated the easy movement of cars on uneven areas, maneuverability and reliability.

For a good workmanship, the model becomes the winner our rating. Domestic gardeners praise Santool 090501-121 for lightness, maneuverability, spaciousness and durability.


  • spaciousness;
  • corrosion protection;
  • high carrying capacity;
  • universality.


  • not detected.

Belamos 800P

Rating: 4.8


Belamos wheelbarrow is designed to perform the most difficult work 800p. It is widely used both in gardening and in the construction industry. Thanks to the robust and roomy body in one flight it is possible to carry cargo up to 120 l or weighing up to 250 kg Experts note the high stability of the car, the manufacturer equipped his product with two pneumatic wheels. Body made made of durable steel, it is protected against corrosion by zinc coverings. Thanks to the thoughtful design, accidental tipping of cargo. The model takes second place in our ranking, yielding to the winner only in price.

Users praise the Belamos 800P for its versatility, stability, easy move. The only limiting factor in buying becomes a high cost.


  • high carrying capacity;
  • sustainability;
  • robust construction;
  • durability.


  • high price.

GRINDA 422394

Rating: 4.7

GRINDA 422394

A lot of positive reviews on thematic forums can read from Russian summer residents to the address of a garden-building car GRINDA 422394. Experts explain the high interest in the model several reasons. The model has a robust construction that allows you to carry cargo weighing up to 200 kg. The supporting frame is made of steel pipe with a diameter of 32 mm. The presence of two pneumatic wheels favorably affected the stability of the car when moving along uneven surface. Steel body protected against corrosion by zinc coating. The product takes an honorable third place in our ranking, slightly inferior to the leaders in convenience at work.

Users are satisfied with the quality of manufacturing cars, sustainable position, capacity. Of the shortcomings, short pens.


  • sustainability;
  • universality;
  • reliability;
  • durability.


  • short handles.

Fit 77555

Rating: 4.6

FIT 77555

Affordable price and lightweight construction (9.6 kg) stands out Canadian-Chinese car FIT 77555. I especially like the model women and adolescents for maneuverability and ease of management. The manufacturer installed one pneumatic wheel, which is easy rotates thanks to the bearing installed inside. Model inferior to the leaders of the rating in carrying capacity (140 kg) and capacity (65 l). The body is made of thin galvanized fastening to the frame is carried out by bolts and nuts.

Unfortunately, the reverse side of the coin has a small weight. Users consider the design fragile due to the use of thin metal. Unreliable owners and rubber are called when hitting obstacle often tires become worthless. But to the quality of the paintwork at summer residents there are no complaints.


  • ease;
  • maneuverability;
  • low price;
  • resistant protective coating.


  • low strength;
  • weak wheels.

The best shopping trolleys

To make march-throws from the city to the cottage and back to public transport can not do without a shopping cart. It must take on all the weight of baggage, obediently moving following the owner. Specialists liked the following models.

FIT 65476

Rating: 4.9

FIT 65476

The maximum level of comfort will provide the owner with a household Trolley FIT 65476. Canadian development, manufactured in China, optimally combines stylish appearance and good load capacity (70 kg). The manufacturer used to make the frame and Lightweight aluminum alloy platform. As a result, the weight of the trolley is only 2.88 kg. Foldable handle allows one movement lengthen or shorten the platform, and maneuverable wheels provide easy running of the trolley with the load. Experts took into account all the advantages of the model, giving her first place in our ranking.

Domestic users in the reviews praise the trolley for lightness, compactness, usability and stylish appearance. Affordable price becomes an additional factor for purchases.


  • elegant appearance;
  • ease;
  • ergonomic folding handle;
  • strong wheels.


  • not found.

Zubr 38750-60

Rating: 4.8

ZUBR 38750-60

A worthy competitor for our rating winner becomes Russian-Chinese trolley Zubr 38750-60. Model can be applied not only for domestic purposes, but also in production activities. Experts appreciated the reliability of the design, solid wheels and convenient transformation mechanism. Maximum load limited to 60 kg, for which durable aluminum is responsible profile. At the same time, he gives the product lightness (3.13 kg). IN comes with a special cord to fix the installed cargo.

Russian trolley owners praise it for convenient folding mechanism, sturdy frame and platform. Product features affordable price and beautiful appearance. Users call minus weak telescopic handle.


  • Beautiful design;
  • convenient folding mechanism;
  • reliable fixation of cargo;
  • affordable price.


  • unreliable handle.

Stella KG-100

Rating: 4.7


The maximum capacity has a shopping trolley Stella KG-100. It can carry luggage weighing up to one centner. Experts consider the distinctive feature of the model folding structure and welded platform structure. For protection stainless steel manufacturer used powder paint that provides high corrosion resistance. The product is equipped with Italian rubber wheels, thanks to steel discs they withstand high loads. Model takes honorable third place, behind the leaders of the ranking in weight (13 kg) and appearance.

Most of all, users like durability and reliability. Russian carts, compact size when folded. Only many people consider the price of the product to be too high.


  • strength and durability;
  • high carrying capacity;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • folding design.


  • heavy weight;
  • high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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