7 best floor paints

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

The most affordable floor finish is surface paint. To do this, use water-based, oil, acrylic and latex formulations. Paint the floor in the apartment or house with a roller, brush or spray gun. This protects floor materials. from moisture and drying, and also makes the surface attractive. We have prepared a rating of the best floor paints, which is made with taking into account the characteristics of the goods and customer reviews. Having reviewed the material will turn out to make a competent choice for repair.

Rating of the best floor paints

Nomination a place Name of product price per liter
The best paint for a wooden floor 1 TIKKURILA BETOLUX AQUA 1400 rub.
2 Prestige Premium
3 Sniezka podloga 500 rub
4 Tex PF-266 260 rub
The best paint for concrete floor 1 Drylok Latex Concrete Floor Paint 1260 rub.
2 Sniezka beton-posadzka 670 rub
3 Teknofloor teknos 990 rub

The best paint for a wooden floor

Wooden floors are used in private homes, cottages and on cottages. Using boards of various sections, the floor sheathing is performed in rooms, corridors. From beams and boards create interfloor ceilings and stairs. All this needs protection, for which paints are designed on wood. Here is a ranking of the best products in this category for which pay attention when choosing.


Rating: 4.9


The first place in the ranking is occupied by paint from the Finnish manufacturer, released on a polyurethane-acrylate basis. it gives it strength and elasticity, which contributes to reliable protect the wooden floor from damage with hard objects. Paint is diluted with water, so users like it in reviews its simplicity of preparation and the absence of additional costs on the solvent. Goods are manufactured in convenient containers from 0.9 to 18 l

This wood floor paint was rated by its unpretentiousness. According to the instructions, it can be applied to the old coating of varnish, epoxy or alkyd compounds. Substance perfectly lays on old layers, does not destroy them and does not enter with them into a chemical reaction, which simplifies the preparation process surfaces before work. If paint has been spilled on the dried floor can be wiped off with a mild solvent without harm to coverings.


  • suitable for floors regularly in contact with moisture;
  • diluted with water;
  • 20 tinting options are provided;
  • resistant to chemical attack;
  • dries at 80% humidity.


  • high price;
  • with large volumes, you need to tint all the paint, otherwise then harder to choose a shade;
  • if the can freezes during storage, the paint becomes unsuitable.

Prestige Premium

Rating: 4.8


In second place ranking is the floor paint from domestic manufacturer, which also has alkyd-polyurethane base, like the leader of the category, but the price goods are much more affordable. Due to the thoughtful composition, the paint does not only decorates the floor with its color, but also impregnates the wood varnish, additionally protecting it from moisture. After painting one a second layer can be applied after 4 hours, which pleases the masters in reviews, because you do not have to wait long. Dry surface acquires a glossy look and looks decent. And here are the options for the colors of the floor paint are few – only yellow-brown shades.

Our experts put the paint in the rating of the best, as it the most attractive option for the price. She’s almost five times cheaper than imported analogues, although it has a practically similar composition. If it is rolled out in a thin layer with a roller, then to paint over 5 m2 750 g of substance will leave.


  • the most affordable price in the rating;
  • forms a moisture resistant coating (you can paint the floor in the bathroom, corridor);
  • high degree of gloss;
  • increased shock resistance.


  • dries up to 24 hours;
  • can be used only at temperatures from +5 degrees;
  • Needs dilution with a solvent;
  • the wooden floor must be cleaned of old layers.

Sniezka podloga

Rating: 4.8


In third place in the ranking is paint from a Polish manufacturer. Enamel is modified and specially designed for surfaces, subjected to active abrasion. User feedback like three types of shade of walnut (light, intermediate and medium), which allows you to decorate the floor depending on other colors in the interior. You can apply paint to the floor with a spray gun, a brush or roller. For an optimal result, two layers are sufficient. If a the repair will not be soon, but this paint came across at a good price, it makes sense to purchase it – the goods are stored for 24 months.

Our experts placed the paint for the floor in the rating due to universality in application. It is this type of paint that you can use not only for interior decoration, but also for exterior. So, with it you can paint the floor on the terrace, wooden threshold or porch. A tool is also suitable for protecting boards in a street gazebo during courtyard of a private house.


  • can be used with air humidity of 80%;
  • suitable for external and internal use;
  • high adhesion to base materials;
  • endurance to mechanical friction;
  • Bright colors for a variety of designs.


  • Do not paint the floor if the air temperature is below +10 degrees;
  • final drying after 72 hours;
  • the interval between layers in 24 hours greatly stretches the process application;
  • only in containers of 1 and 2.5 liters.

Tex PF-266

Rating: 4.7


In fourth place in the ranking of paints domestic goods manufacturer that is released with an alkyd base without adding polyurethane. This allowed to save on production and offer Buyer goods at an affordable price. It is allowed to paint the floor with a brush, spray gun or roller. Depending on this consumption is 1 liter per area from 9 to 12 m2, which is like users in the reviews. But to prepare the desired consistency need a solvent (white spirit and others). Especially a lot solvent is needed when using a spray gun.

We included the paint in the rating as the brightest for wooden gender. This is ensured by the high density of the substance 1.18-1.31 kg / l with a dry residue of 65-78%. Six colors are available for selection from yellow to brown. The surface is very glossy. Yet goods are distinguished by transport characteristics – they are allowed transport in frost, which will not interfere with the purchase or delivery of paint to the place of repair in the cold season.


  • acceptable price;
  • applied by all means;
  • consumption of 7-12 m2 from 1 liter;
  • packing from 1 to 22 kg.


  • between layers time is 20 hours;
  • complete drying after 36 hours;
  • you need to use a solvent for dilution;
  • bad smell.

The best paint for concrete floor

Uncoated concrete floors are used in garages, technical rooms, hangars, porches. More concrete screed for floors are used in basements, cellars and warehouses. To protect cement-sand coating from dampness and slightly decorate its appearance apply floor paints with good adhesion to concrete and moisture resistance. Here are the best products of this category rated experts and included in our rating.

Drylok Latex Concrete Floor Paint

Rating: 4.7


The first place in the rating of paints for concrete floors product from the USA. The substance is designed for application to concrete and resistant to mechanical stress. Paint has no toxic components in the composition. Due to the high density of the decorative layer masks small irregularities in the concrete floor, which the craftsmen like reviews. Another product sticks well to the base and is not susceptible chips and cracks. It does not deteriorate from gasoline, alkali and acids.

We added paint to the rating as the best in strength and durability service. When applied in two layers on the floor, the coating is capable of Serve up to 10 years without requiring any maintenance. By such sex is allowed not only to walk, but also to ride, which makes paint suitable for use in warehouses where it operates loading equipment. After painting, move around coating is possible after 5 days. If there are any vehicles left on wheels road reagents, they will not damage the paint.


  • the second layer is applied after 4 hours;
  • allowed to walk after 5 hours;
  • withstands increased loads;
  • environmentally friendly.


  • highest price in the category;
  • only one type of packaging 3.78 l.

Sniezka beton-posadzka

Rating: 4.7


In second place rating again goods from a Polish company, known for its quality. This product is made of acrylic. resin and water dispersion, which gave abrasion resistance and reliably protects the concrete base. Manufacturer offers shades of paint: gray, green, brown, red and three more options. The product is stored up to 24 months, so repairs can be plan ahead and stock up on everything you need gradually. After drying, the surface acquires a matte effect. At In developing floor paints, high-quality pigments were used, therefore, the coating keeps its color for a long time.

According to our experts, floor paint should be rated as one of the most resistant to water. Acrylic Composition tolerates rainfall well, so the product is suitable for painting the floor on the open balcony. Resistant to repeated washing, which allows the use of paint for application to concrete stairs in in public places.


  • 7 color options;
  • unpretentiousness by the method of application;
  • delivered in containers from 1 to 10 l;
  • painting up to 8 m2 of floor with one liter;
  • almost odorless.


  • dust is clearly visible on it;
  • not suitable for floors experiencing loads from car tires;
  • complete drying after 24 hours.

Teknofloor teknos

Rating: 4.6


At this place in the ranking is a product from Finnish manufacturer. Floor paint is one-component and consists of from a polyurethane base, which increases elasticity and strength, prevents cracking and exfoliation in case of drops temperatures. At +23 degrees, the paint dries in 1 hour from sticking dust, and after 10 hours you can walk on it. For optimal effect is recommended to apply two layers. The manufacturer releases it with a dry residue of 50% and a density of 1.2 kg / l. Tinted goods by RAL system and many stores offer assistance in finding the right shade.

We have included the paint in the rating as another tool suitable for application to previously painted surfaces. If the concrete floor was covered with alkyd paint, it is not necessary to clean it off, but you can apply Teknofloor Teknos on top. We recommend using it for warehouses or retail space, where periodically repainting the base to maintain protection and attractive kind of.


  • convenient packaging from 0.9 to 9 liters;
  • easy to keep the floor clean;
  • can be tinted in different shades;
  • allowed to walk after 10 hours.


  • high price;
  • not suitable for floors with high loads;
  • it smells bad during work;
  • need to use with solvent.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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