7 best contraceptives

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Family planning is a very important factor in harmonious development of modern society. And an important role is played in this contraceptives. Modern medicine has a rich Arsenal of various contraceptives and methods of protection. On the the first place is sterilization, in which in men, for example, vasoresection surgery is performed. This method guarantees one hundred percent result, but at the same time have children, alas, in the future is no longer possible.

There are various means of intrauterine contraception, so called spirals, there are hormonal injections, barrier methods of contraception. The most famous representative of this group is a condom. As you know, its advantage is that only he is able to protect not only from fertilization, but also from infections that are sexually transmitted. But with accidental rupture of a condom can result in large numbers various problems. Many women use natural calendar method, when sex is only possible in a safe period, but the effectiveness of this method is unlikely to exceed 60%

Interrupted intercourse can protect against fertilization in 80% cases, but it is associated with known inconveniences, and with constant tension during intercourse. Various also apply sperm killing agents – spermicides. They are issued in the form of various creams, suppositories and tablets, are introduced intravaginally and physically destroy male germ cells. The effectiveness of this method also does not exceed 70%.

Therefore, modern women prefer oral contraceptives, namely, hormonal tablets and their effectiveness application, if indicated, is more than 99%. By reliability they are in second place after sterilization. Therefore in This rating includes modern drugs from the oral group high-quality and effective contraceptives actively appointed by gynecologists. Drug prices are for fall 2018 years, for pharmacies of various forms of ownership located in major cities of the Russian Federation. Will also be considered emergency contraceptives, injectable preparations and local funds.

Rating of the best contraceptives

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best oral contraceptives 1 Monophasic COC 956 rub
2 Biphasic COC 529 rub
3 Three phase COC 267 rub
The best means of emergency contraception 1 Escapel, (Postinor) = levonorgestrel 394 rub
2 Mifegin, Agesta, Ginepriston, Zhenale, Mifolian (mifepristone) 310 rub
Topical contraceptives for topical use: creams, rings, spirals 1 Farmateks (benzalkonium chloride) 237 r
2 Spiral “Mirena” 9 190 rub.

Best oral contraceptives

First of all, in people without a medical education it causes perplexity is the very name of this group of drugs. Nothing to do with oral contraceptives do not have oral sex, just translated from the Latin language “oral” or “oral” use any means means use by mouth. All tableted preparations are administered orally, that is, orally. AND contraceptives have been assigned a shorter name.

There are several varieties of these contraceptives. preparations. The first big and most popular group is combined means, they include two different female hormones are derivatives of estrogen and progesterone. They were called COCs, or combined oral contraceptives. If in the composition of the drug there is only an analog of progesterone, then such contraceptives are called gestagens, and have a second name – mini drank. They are usually given to women who feed. breastfeeding.

All drugs also vary in quantity. hormones that are present in them. Menstrual a woman’s cycle proceeds with cyclical changes in concentration hormones in the blood. In the first phase of the cycle, estrogens predominate, and in the second phase is progesterone. In the event that, regardless of the phases of the cycle apply tablets with the same content hormones, then such a contraceptive is called monophasic. If in tablets the amount of hormones and their ratio varies in according to the day of the menstrual cycle, then such contraceptives called two – or even three-phase.

The amount of estrogen in tablets is very important. Estrogen is normal secreted by the ovaries, and regulates a very large amount various processes in the female body. Therefore contraceptives come in low estrogen, high in, and with microdoses of this hormone. Last group of contraceptives more just suitable for young women who have not yet given birth, but means with a high dosage of estrogen, for example, 50 mcg per day, suitable not only as a contraceptive, but also for treatment some diseases.

Consider the most popular and frequently assigned contraceptives from the group of oral contraceptives. IN Unlike drugs that are used to treat diseases, for example, cough remedies, all instructions for these remedies are very long, multi-page, and contain extremely a lot of very detailed, but extremely important information for the doctor. it due to the fact that hormones affect almost all stages of metabolism substances in the female body. Therefore, information about each drug will be given without unnecessary details. Those who are interested details, be sure to read the official instruction.

Monophasic COCs: Yarina (Jes, Leah, Midian, Anabella, Vidora, Delsia, Dimia) = drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol

Rating: 4.9

Monophasic COC

Usually in accordance with the standard, each package of any means has a designation according to which scheme the tablets are used. This is important for two-phase and three-phase COCs, as in tablets contains different amounts of hormones, and tablets from these groups even marked in the same package in different colors. But for monophasic KOC there is no difference which pill and which day of the cycle take, because all the pills are the same. It is very convenient.

The drug Yarin, and its analogues are monophasic COCs from groups of low dosage. Acts Yarina and her analogues, increasing viscosity of cervical mucus, and by suppressing ovulation. Use the drug is needed every day for 21 days, and preferably in one and same time of day.

The drug begins to be taken strictly on the first day of the cycle – and this the first day of the onset of menstruation. The package contains 21 tablet. After a woman drinks completely one package, you need to take a week break. During these seven days small bleeding develops that resembles menstruation, gynecologists call it withdrawal bleeding. Most often it is occurs two or three days after taking the last pills.

A week after withdrawal, you should continue taking the drug, by purchasing a new package. If a woman did not have time to start taking it on the first day of the cycle, then it can catch up, and start taking the drug on 2, 3, 4 and even on the 5th day of the cycle. But with during the first week of admission, you must use and other contraceptives, such as the use of spermicidal drugs, a condom, or interrupted intercourse. The thing is the contraceptive effect of all contraceptives not right away.

In the event that a woman missed taking the pill, but this It was less than 12 hours late; nothing bad would happen. But at the same time, you must make up for the missed dosage, and the next tablet is taken as usual. And if a woman is just forgot to miss the reception, then the contraceptive protection will already be significantly reduced. The closer this random skip to the end of the course treatment and the beginning of a seven-day break, the higher the risk unwanted pregnancy. As follows from the foregoing, taking pills is simple enough, but it’s very important to know these the necessary conditions.

Releases the drug Yarina famous German manufacturer Schering-Plow, one pack containing 21 tablets, costs, per an average of 970 rubles. And here is the Midian drug, which is produced Hungarian company Gideon Richter, will have a cost of 540 rubles at the same dosage, number of tablets and decent quality.

Advantages and disadvantages

A big plus of Yarina, despite the fact that in the instructions she only mentioned as a contraceptive, it is pronounced antiandrogenic effect. Reducing the concentration of male genital hormones, Yarina helps with acne, or treat acne. therefore this tool can be prescribed as part of complex therapy treating severe acne. The action of the drug is to decrease in sebum production, in antiseborrheic effect. At this Yarina is contraindicated in all thromboses, with diabetes in a complicated form, in people with severe liver and kidney diseases, during breastfeeding.

Two-phase COCs: Anteovin (Bifazil, Sequilar) = Levonorgestrel + Ethinyl estradiol

Rating: 4.8


The drug Anteovin refers to two-phase oral contraceptives. In one convolute (blister) there are 21 tablets, there are three convolutes in the box, i.e. 63 tablets. Anteovin presented white and pink pills. In a white pill the same the amount of 2 hormones, and the pink pill contains fewer gestagens and a previous amount of estrogen.

It is necessary to apply Anteovin in the evenings, daily, one at a time a pill. The ideal start for contraception is from day one menstruation, but you can start taking it on the fifth day, inclusive. IN the first 11 days only white tablets are taken, and then during 10 days – pink tablets. Thus, the entire convolute with 21 tablets. Then follows a seven-day break with an already described bleeding similar to menstruation, and proceed to the use of tablets from the second convolute. Accordingly, one a box of the drug is designed for three menstrual cycles, and approximately corresponds to three months of admission.

The manufacturer indicates that the reliable effect of the application the drug develops only in the second cycle, that is, with the use of the second convolute. If you use this tool regularly and without omissions, even during the required weekly a break the effect of contraception will be maintained. As with monophasic drugs, when you skip a tablet you need it as You can take it faster, but in the event that between receptions has passed more than 36 hours, the contraceptive effect is greatly reduced. IN if you are planning a pregnancy, you must cancel the drug for 3 months, and use non-hormonal drugs contraception.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like many other hormonal drugs, Anteovin contraindicated in hepatic and renal failure, with malignant tumors, severe vascular diseases, with migraines, and high cholesterol. Of the side effects may dyspeptic disorders, headache, may develop decrease sex drive and increase body weight. But how as a rule, when such side effects occur and subsequent gynecologist consultation it is quite possible to replace the drug with another, or switch to monophasic contraceptive. Plus the same biphasic contraceptive is a milder physiological action in relation to the development of these effects since its use in various dosages corresponds to fluctuations in hormones in organism.

Three-phase COC: Tri-regol (Rigevidon, Minisiston) = levonorgestrel + ethinyl estradiol

Rating: 4.7


As a rule, many three-phase oral contraceptives have The composition of the word is the letter combination “three”. In addition to Tri-regola to them include Triquilar, Triziston, and the like. IN unlike two-phase contraceptives, three-phase have three varieties of tablets, and in the case of tri-regol in one package of 21 tablets are pink, white, and tablets are dark yellow colors with different hormones.

You need to start the reception in the following sequence: 6 pink tablets, 5 white tablets, 10 dark yellow. After the pills run out, you need to take a standard seven-day break, and then start the next cycle with a different package. All the above remarks regarding random skipping and the start of taking the first pill is valid and for this drug product. Produces Tri-regol Hungarian Gideon Richter pharmaceutical company, and the cost of one package is an average of 260 rubles. Such a relatively low price for drugs of this group is associated with the need for accurate adherence to the sequence of taking the tablets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Low and affordable price is the dignity of all three-phase oral contraceptives, as well as good tolerance with a rare development of side effects. The disadvantage is there is a need to take pills according to their color, sometimes it is not comfortable. Three contraindicated – regol with a high degree arterial hypertension, gynecological bleeding, with generalized herpetic infection, severe violations liver and kidney, with a tendency to thrombosis and with malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands. Three reception is also contraindicated – regola while breastfeeding.

The best means of emergency contraception

These drugs are not taken before sexual intercourse, but after how it all happened. There are enough cases. These are confused days cycle, torn condom, woman-produced violence. The modern pharmaceutical industry produces quite a limited range of these drugs, and currently the most funds based on levonorgestrel and mifepristone.

Escapel, (Postinor) = levonorgestrel

Rating: 4.9


Escapel contains 1.5 levonorgestrel, and Postinor contains half as much dosage of synthetic progesterone analogue. He has a strong contraceptive action. This remedy suppresses not only ovulation, but also fertilization. A woman has changes in endometrium, which can lead to its rejection and prevent egg implantation. In case the egg is already implanted in the myometrium, this drug, like Postinor, will no longer have the desired effect. Therefore, the maximum period after sexual intercourse, when the remedy can work, is not more than three days. In the first day, the effectiveness of emergency contraception is 95%, and on the third day it drops to 60%.

To prevent pregnancy, you must take one pill, and if after taking the pill a woman vomited, then you need to take another one, if vomiting occurred no later than 3 hours after administration. Apply drugs on Levonorgestrel-based can be on any day of the menstrual cycle. Launches Escapel Hungarian pharmaceutical company Gideon Richter, and the cost of packaging with one (!) Tablet is, in an average of 415 rubles. A postinor produced by the same company is worth it, an average of 330 rubles, but already for two tablets.

Advantages and disadvantages

The merits of these drugs can not speak. Situation emergency, and those side effects that may occur, arise, and quite often. Despite all the exhortations gynecologists, these drugs have always been used, and will be used, although they are far from harmless. Their action is based on shock dosage of hormones that not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but can also significantly harm the female body. Most often after using these drugs, such symptoms like various bleeding, and the cycle is quite long time may not be restored. Also, a woman may have allergic side effects, vomiting occurs quite often, which makes you take a second pill. Perhaps in this is the advantage of Postinor over Escapel, because in The package contains two tablets. After taking these medications, you may there is a delay in menstruation, pains appear in the lower abdomen and others unpleasant symptoms. Naturally advised to avoid situations that may necessitate the application of these funds.

Mifegin, Agesta, Ginepriston, Zhenale, Mifolian (mifepristone)

Rating: 4.8


Mifegin, and its analogues containing mifepristone, are An amazing example of dialectics in pharmacology. The tool serves and for the destruction of life, and for its appearance. What does it mean? Act this agent is associated with blockade of progesterone receptors, and therefore, abortion occurs, but already at the stage formation of the ovum. That is why Mifegin and its analogues effective not within 3 days, like Postinor or Escapel, but until as many as 42 days of absence of menstruation.

But these drugs have a second indication for use. They also help cause childbirth in a full-term pregnancy. Under the action of this drug induces the elimination of the fetus from the body mother, only not in the form of an early miscarriage, but in the form normal birth. Therefore, do not be surprised that these drugs prescribed to women in the later stages.

Take a drug to terminate pregnancy is necessary in special conditions. After all, at such a late date, the woman is already on provocation of a miscarriage. Abortion is carried out in the presence of a doctor, and within 2 hours after a woman I took 3 tablets of Mifegin, 200 mg each, she should for 2 hours to be under nursing supervision. No later than two days it is necessary to perform a control gynecological ultrasound of the uterus. After control, an analysis for chorionic gonadotropin is prescribed, to confirm mifepristone-induced miscarriage.

Launches Mifegin French company Laboratory Macros, and it the remedy is the most expensive – this is the original drug and quality substance. A pack of 3 tablets is available at the price is 3650 rubles. Cheap analogues that have a name Ginepriston and Zhenale can be purchased at a price of about 420 rubles. behind packaging in one tablet, but the dosage is not 200 mg, and 100 mg. Since a woman needs to take 6 tablets at once, this will require an amount of 2520 rubles. As you can see, the price difference is only one thousand rubles, but the difference in quality between the original and local generics can be colossal. AND with such indications it is impossible to save, this is not the choice of a patch for sticking a finger.

Advantages and disadvantages

The colossal and undeniable advantage of mifepristone is the ability to terminate pregnancy up to 42 days after fertilization occurred. But there are serious contraindications. This is the use of corticosteroid hormones, significant impairment of liver and kidney function, decreased blood coagulation, and the presence of inflammatory gynecological diseases (colpitis, cervicitis) in the acute stage. These contraindications are related to the fact that a woman will have to survive a miscarriage, and he will always be accompanied bleeding.

This remedy is also strictly contraindicated, if any suspected ectopic pregnancy. This cannot be applied drug if pregnancy is not confirmed and proven by taking an analysis on hCG and using ultrasound. There are other special contraindications, But this topic is so complex and responsible, that in each specific situation to determine them and assign something there will be an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Topical contraceptives for topical use: creams, rings, spirals

This section of the rating includes funds with very different activity. These are spermicides that destroy sperm, and are introduced into the vagina in the form of capsules, tablets, and also in the form of candles or cream. The effectiveness of these funds is slightly lower than hormonal contraceptives, and is about 70%. therefore it is advisable to use them in conjunction with other methods of contraception. The use of special hormonal is considered highly effective rings, which is also presented in the ranking. Finally women use intrauterine contraceptives (IUDs), colloquially called spirals, which are also sources of hormones, which are excreted in microdoses. Use of intrauterine funds is a separate big topic, but since these devices are also applied locally, the spiral is rated contraceptives in this section, although with the same right and spiral and ring may be on the hormonal list funds.

Farmateks (benzalkonium chloride)

Rating: 4.9


This is a classic example of a spermicidal drug. whose substance is benzalkonium chloride. He immobilizes and destroys male germ cells, and is used in capsules, tablets, in the form of a cream and in the form of vaginal suppositories, or candles. In addition to contraceptive, the drug has a moderate antiseptic effect.

The woman herself chooses which form to use, but is mandatory there will be compliance with certain conditions. And tablets, and capsules, cream and suppositories are inserted deep into the vagina 10 minutes before alleged sexual intimacy. Only candles can be used 5 minutes before intercourse. Moreover, the duration of protection is different. The use of capsules and suppositories protects for 4 hours, tablets three hours, and the cream lasts up to 10 hours. It’s connected with the fact that the cream is introduced using a special dispenser, and very well lubricates the entire surface of the vagina, as well as the structure of the neck uterus. In the event that a second sexual intercourse is planned, then, despite the fact that the time of protection is not over yet, it is necessary repeated use of the drug.

The French company Innotech releases Pharmatex, and the cost pack of 10 capsules suppository is 500 rubles, packaging of 12 tablets – 340 rubles, a tube of cream weighing 72 g costs 500 rubles., and a pack of 6 vaginal capsules can be purchased for 400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Farmateks, as well as other spermicides for local application, has a large number of both advantages and disadvantages. A big plus will be the ability to apply them if women have contraindications to the appointment of hormones, or to staged spiral. Very useful Pharmatex for rare sexual proximity, when you do not need to load the body constantly using hormones. Spermicides act at any age, as well as during breastfeeding, there are no contraindications for use. Cream and suppositories help significantly moisturize the surface. mucous membranes, and facilitate sexual intercourse. Spermicides are well used in if a woman constantly uses combined oral contraceptives but accidentally missed a pill and this one the pass came close to the planned cancellation period, and then this the second way reduces the chances of an unwanted pregnancy.

The disadvantages of Pharmatex and other spermicides can be considered gross psychological defect: sexual intercourse must be planned, and the spontaneous closeness that is born of desire is impossible. A woman is forced to refuse her partner at least 5 or 10 minutes, and during this time a lot can happen, and proximity can then not take place at all. The second drawback will be possible development local allergic reactions. This is the appearance of irritation or itching. on the mucous membrane of the female genital organs, and even on the surface of the penis of a partner. But such reactions occur rarely, and therefore you can safely recommend these safe drugs, especially for combined contraception.

Vaginal ring Novaring (ethinyl estradiol + etonogestrel)

Rating: 4.8

Vaginal ring Novaring

Novaring is a representative of hormonal drugs, but only applied topically. Therefore, it could be described in the section hormonal contraceptives. The conditions remain very similar. applications, schemes and various terms, as with KOC. After all a vaginal ring made of plastic, saturated with hormones, almost the same as those that are combined oral contraceptives. The ring is colorless, smooth and transparent. It acts in exactly the same way as oral tablets. contraceptives – suppresses ovulation.

A woman can independently enter this ring, previously squeezing it with your fingers, and straightening it inside the vagina. The ring must be firmly held inside, and the position of the ring does not matter much for contraception. After introduction quite a long time is needed to hormones that secrete ring, had a contraceptive effect. This term is 3 weeks. After this time has expired, you must remove the ring, and on the same day of the week when she was put. The exact time must be observed. For example, if the woman put the ring on Monday at 6 pm then remove it need also on Monday, at 6 pm in exactly 3 weeks. Then followed by a weekly break, and then at the same time, in Monday, at 6 pm a new ring is introduced, and the cycle repeated.

During the week, while there is no ring, the same thing happens bleeding, like menstruation, which happens with planned a pass in the reception of combined oral contraceptives. There are many subtleties and features (transition to use of the ring after discontinuation of oral contraceptives, the postpartum period), but this should all be clarified at the reception attending physician – gynecologist.

Famous company releases vaginal ring Novaring Organon, and purchase a set of three rings designed for application within 3 months, possible at an average cost of 3240 rubles. You can buy packaging with just one ring. it justified for a short period during which such method of contraception, for example, associated with planned cancellation tableted contraceptives. Average packaging cost containing one ring is 1230 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

This method of contraception has both pros and cons. For example, the “entered and forgot” situation will be a plus. Within a month a woman does not need to take any pills. Ring application may remain a secret for the partner as the ring is not felt a man. Finally, hormones in the body of a woman are practically not act, and they all act locally, and their dosage is minimal. The ring, in addition, helps to normalize the cycle of menstruation, and makes menstruation less painful.

But still, it does not do without minuses. Some women physically cannot bear the situation when inside their body there is a foreign body, and this leads to neurosis. Also minus – this is a fairly high price, contraindications, a list of which great. These are all diseases in which oral administration is prescribed. contraceptives: thrombosis, decompensated diabetes mellitus, migraine, inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, vaginal defects associated with overstretching, prolapse internal organs when the ring simply does not hold and falls out. But in the event that a woman tolerates Novaring well, it will a great way, and not only contraception, but also the treatment of some endocrine gynecological diseases.

Spiral “Mirena”

Rating: 4.8


In colloquial terms, this type of contraception is called a spiral or even “spiral”. In fact, it is a modern, high-tech an intrauterine therapeutic system that allows release the hormone levonorgestrel in a precisely dosed amount – 20 micrograms per day. This hormone has a local effect, and not absorbed into the blood. Mirena is a low-dose contraceptive, which is very important.

Mirena spiral reduces sensitivity hormonal receptors, and the inner surface of the uterus ceases respond to estradiol signal, and therefore becomes incapable to proliferation, and to egg implantation. Other than that, the secret the cervix becomes more viscous, this makes it difficult to penetrate sperm inside and fertilization does not occur. Besides contraception, the intrauterine device Mirena is used for various painful and heavy periods (menorrhagia), as well as with preventive purpose, when a woman is prescribed according to indications large amounts of estrogen and need to be warned hyperplasia, or significant growth of the endometrium.

The intrauterine device Mirena, once inserted inside, exerts its effect for 5 years. Installs system a specialist who is trained in the installation procedure has experience work with this type of contraception, therefore, about how a spiral is established, it will not be told here. During several months (1 – 2) following the installation of the spiral, the body reacts to it by abundant periods. This is normal and no need to be afraid of this. Launches Mirena Finnish spiral a division of the pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering Pharma, and its cost will be the highest of all drugs that have taken participation in the ranking. The minimum price at which you can purchase spiral, is 10,900 rubles., and the average retail price in pharmacies of all forms of ownership is 13,000 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps the most important plus of the spiral is the local effect: the hormone does not affect any other organs, not It has a systemic effect, and does not penetrate the bloodstream. Contraceptive properties are preserved for a long time, and the degree of protection is high. After the spiral is removed, almost through one or two months a woman restores the ability to conceive and pregnancy. The price of a spiral seems incredibly high, but if its decomposed into 5 years of use, then every day will cost only only 7 rubles. In addition, the use of Mirena, makes it possible prevent the occurrence of malignant neoplasms uterus and endometriosis, reduces soreness during menstruation, and in the presence of myomatous nodes in the uterus, it stops them increase.

But still, there are downsides. Some women just can’t allow yourself to immediately give such a large amount. If a woman often changes sexual partners, the presence of any foreign body in the uterus (including IUDs), significantly increases the risk of inflammation, and then it will be necessary to remove the spiral ahead of schedule. This spiral is not saves from sexually transmitted infections. Required you should trust the installation of the spiral to an experienced specialist, because if the spiral is not set correctly, there may be a sensation soreness and bleeding. Of course, there are contraindications, which include acute and chronic inflammatory diseases uterus and vagina, cervical dysplasia, chronic diseases liver, congenital heart defects and other conditions that must be determined by a specialist. But intrauterine Mirena therapeutic complex is modern and very effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, if all indications are taken into account and contraindications.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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