7 best construction vacuum cleaners

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Repair and construction work is always fraught garbage formation, volatile small fragments of which are very common cause damage to electrical tools. Besides this is harmful to the health of workers. Trash also interferes take the necessary actions, as visibility worsens, and all objects of labor are covered with a layer of dust. In the fight against it will help industrial vacuum cleaner.

About how such devices differ from household analogues and on what to look for when choosing, we will tell in this article. Our experts have prepared a rating of the best construction vacuum cleaners, presenting 7 models.

Several factors about choosing a construction vacuum cleaner

Such industrial devices differ in functionality, equipment used in the manufacture of materials, purpose, dimensions and weight.

Of paramount importance is the type of cleaning. Their total there are three:

  1. Models that use removable bags (disposable or reusable).

  2. Vacuum cleaners with rigid containers and optional by filtration.

  3. Devices with aquaboxes that reliably clean like air in indoors, and any surface.

Three main selection criteria

  1. An important indicator of a vacuum cleaner is the volume of the dust bag. When determining the appropriate one, one should proceed from the type of work, which are planned to be carried out.

  2. Do not forget about power. The higher it is, the more large-scale tasks will be handled by a construction vacuum cleaner.

  3. Equipment, dimensions and weight are selected in accordance with individual requirements and preferences.

Rating of the best construction vacuum cleaners

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive construction vacuum cleaners up to 6000 rubles 1 Thomas JUNIOR 1516 5 690 rub.
2 Einhell TH-VC1820 S 4 114 rub.
3 UNION PSS-7320
4 Bort bss-1015 3 980 rub.
The best construction vacuum cleaners in the middle price segment up to 15 000 rubles 1 Bosch GAS 20 L SFC 14 760 rub.
2 KARCHER WD 5 Premium 10 464 rub.
3 Thomas SUPER 30S Aquafilte 12 591 rub.

The best inexpensive construction vacuum cleaners up to 6000 rubles

Thomas JUNIOR 1516

Rating: 4.8

Thomas JUNIOR 1516

The first place in the ranking went to a vacuum cleaner with wide functionality. The device is equipped with a pump for collecting water. Users note a description mismatch because The model does not perform wet cleaning. Garbage and dust collection carried in a bag or container, depending on what The user selected it.

For the manufacture of the body used shockproof plastic. The device is compact and weighs a little, only 6, 2 kilograms. Thanks perforated flexible hose, control the pipe comfortably. IN 4 nozzles supplied.


  • powerful engine with a two-stage high-speed turbine;

  • spacious bag for collecting garbage – 16 liters;

  • 4 wheels for ease of movement.


  • power consumption – 1500 W;

  • noisy work.

Einhell TH-VC1820 S

Rating: 4.7

Einhell TH-VC1820 S

On the second line of the rating is a construction vacuum cleaner with a budget at the price. You can buy a model for 4 thousand rubles. Device is different the presence of blowing, due to which it is easy to clean hard-to-reach places from dust, chips and other things.

Stainless steel case is not subject to corrosion. Works device with both dry debris and liquids. The vacuum cleaner is equipped wheels and weighs only 5 kilograms, so it is easy to move. For easy carrying there is a wide handle.


  • cyclone filter with a capacity of 20 liters;

  • easy assembly / disassembly;

  • on the case there is a place for cable winding;

  • there is a place to store nozzles.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.6


In third place is an industrial vacuum cleaner with the ability sharing with electric tools that possess power up to 2000 watts. On stainless steel case a socket is provided. As a dust collector in the device can to be both a bag and a container, which gives the user the choice.

The model is suitable for collecting fluid. In case if the tank is full, water collection stops automatically. Light weight (5, 2 kilograms) and 4 wheels provide sufficient maneuverability of the device.


  • blowing function;

  • there is an air flow power regulator;

  • low noise level – up to 80 dB;

  • HEPA filter.


  • power consumption – 1600 W;

  • short network cable – 3, 5 meters.

Bort bss-1015

Rating: 4.5

Bort BSS-1015

The fourth position went to a construction vacuum cleaner with a powerful engine and the ability to adjust the suction force. On the case stainless steel socket for connection power tools, for example, a rotary hammer, a plane, machines for grinding and others. In case of overheating, the device automatically disconnected.

The model is compact and has a small weight – 5 kilograms. There is a function of blowing and collecting fluid. Using them is easy. dry painted surfaces, clean hard-to-reach spots, blow off the foliage from the site, drain the surface.


  • powerful engine – 1250 W;

  • suction power – 280 W;

  • dust collector volume – 15 liters;

  • noise level – 78 dB.


  • few nozzles.

The best construction vacuum cleaners in the middle price segment up to 15 000 rubles

Bosch GAS 20 L SFC

Rating: 4.9

Bosch GAS 20 L SFC

The fifth in the ranking is the pleated vacuum cleaner, allowing to reliably hold construction dust inside. Device collects liquids and dry garbage. High performance, 62 l / s, makes it possible to speed up the cleaning process.

As in other models, a socket for electrical tool connections as well as present blowing function. Thanks to the convenient handle, the device is comfortable carry, and due to the presence of wheels that rotate 360 degrees – move during operation.


  • power – 1200 W;

  • capacious capacity – 15 liters;

  • adjustment of suction force;

  • low noise level for this type of device – 71 dB;

  • light weight – 6 kilograms.


  • few nozzles.

KARCHER WD 5 Premium

Rating: 4.8

KARCHER WD 5 Premium

In the penultimate place of the rating is a model of a construction vacuum cleaner, characterized by cartridge filtering system. She lets collect water, dry debris and dust without changing the filter. Lasting the case is made of stainless steel, so the user may not worry that large debris will damage the inside. Is being cleaned filter at the touch of a button, followed by a powerful air stream knocks dust into a container.

The vacuum cleaner has the function of blowing and collecting liquid, but sockets for power tools not provided. Users mark a big the weight of the device, 8, 7 kilograms, which is why it is not so easy with it work.


  • power – 1100 W;

  • a large dust collector – 25 liters;

  • low noise level – 71 dB;

  • automatic shutdown when overheating;

  • mount for storing nozzles on the body.


  • few nozzles.

Thomas SUPER 30S Aquafilte

Rating: 4.7

Thomas SUPER 30S Aquafilte

The last place in the ranking was taken by a construction vacuum cleaner capable of clean bulky rooms. Equipped with an aquafilter device, therefore it works in two modes, performing not only dry, but also wet cleaning. According to user reviews, even with traditional cleansing the air becomes cleaner and fresher. Container holds up to 30 liters, so you can remove a large amount of garbage at a time.

Additionally installed a motor filter that does not allow small particles out. Thanks to a long power cord (6 meters), significantly increased working radius.


  • power consumption – 1400 W;

  • spacious detergent tank – 10 liters;

  • water collection function;

  • telescopic tube;

  • rich equipment – 6 nozzles.


  • large dimensions;

  • big weight – 9, 7 kilograms.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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