6 best vitamins for memory

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Physiologists and doctors attribute memory to cognitive function. Besides memory, cognitive sphere includes speech, cognitive human activity, intelligence, ability to acquire and use complex motor skills (drawing, labor, playing on musical instruments). Memory can be called the ability the central nervous system of a person perceive, process, save and reproduce as needed information. Anatomically, the memory is connected with the deep centers of the brain, entering the hippocampus.

The most severe type of memory disorder is dementia, with the collapse of the human person. The diagnosis of dementia is legitimate put only if the severity level cognitive impairment affects the daily routine of human life, while the patient is in clear consciousness, and he has any diagnosis of organic brain damage. The most striking example of a serious memory impairment associated with dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

But the purpose of this review is not to list the serious medications prescribed by doctors for treatment specific cognitive impairment. Therefore, such drugs like memantine, drugs that affect NMDA receptors, and others “real” drugs will not be covered in this review.

It lists the most popular and softest acting vitamins, metabolic agents that are indicated for prevention of memory disorders, to improve blood circulation brain, as well as to improve its metabolism: decrease the severity of oxidative stress, and inhibition of peroxide lipid oxidation. The first group describes vitamins that you can freely used primarily for prevention, and to the second the group includes substances that, in addition, are included in approved standards for the treatment of many neurological diseases and functional memory disorders in the elderly and senile age.

Rating of the best drugs to improve memory

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best vitamins for the prevention of memory disorders 1 Glycine 80
2 Taxifolin Baikal 1,350
3 Vitrum Memori Plus (Tanakan, Bilobil) 557
The best vitamins for the prevention and treatment of disorders of memory 1 Encephabol 823
2 Cavinton Forte (vinpocetine) 294
3 Picamilon (nicotinoyl – GABA) 90

The best vitamins for the prevention of memory disorders

This group includes dietary supplements, vitamins and mineral complexes that healthy people can take, including if they have a period of increased mental and psychoemotional load, for example, in preparation for exams. These vitamins are prescribed for gentle relief. residual effects in various neurological diseases and injuries. These “vitamins for memory” can be used in complex concussion therapy to reduce disorders memory in the initial stages of hypertensive encephalopathy, with age-related cerebral atherosclerosis and in other cases. Opens rating popular popular drug – Glycine.


Rating: 4.9


First of all, Glycine is safe. It consists of glycocol, and this is – the simplest amino acid, which is part of almost all proteins of our body. Along the way, this amino acid works in central nervous system as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is able to increase performance, improves memory mechanisms, and reduce the stress of a psycho-emotional nature. Glycine available in tablets as well as in lozenges (sublingual).

It is known that any medicine absorbed into the vessels of the bottom of the mouth cavity, bypasses the portal circulatory system, and is absorbed directly into the brain, therefore sublingual, or sublingual the introduction of glycine has a quick effect. Glycine Reception Course able to improve memory, concentration, facilitate the process falling asleep and eliminate mild functional insomnia. Glycine has a mild sedative effect, facilitates social human adaptation, relieves aggressiveness and nervous tension. Also in complex therapy, this brain vitamin is indicated for treatment of behavioral abnormalities in children and adolescents with lung disorders of memory and attention, with neurosis and vegetative-vascular dystonia. Glycine is used actively in complex therapy for the treatment of chronic alcohol and post-traumatic encephalopathy, for the treatment of ischemic stroke etiology.

Glycine must be taken under the tongue, for prevention – by one tablet two or three times a day, for a month. For treatment of functional lesions of the nervous system is recommended adult patients use Glycine in the same dosage as can be increased on the recommendation of the attending physician. For improvement falling asleep it is necessary to dissolve one or two tablets of glycine per 20 minutes before bedtime. Glycine in tablets for sublingual release domestic company Biotiki introductions, and a pack of 50 such tablets with a dosage of 100 mg each, are very inexpensive, on average 30 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The big plus of Glycine will be its low price, wide distribution in pharmacies of various forms of ownership, lack of contraindications, except for individual intolerance, and many indications for use. In addition to improving memory and concentration attention, glycine helps to stop menopausal vegetative disorders and also unpleasant conditions associated with toxic the action of ethyl alcohol. Glycine is a molecule that is part of many tissues of the human body, and therefore there is no toxic effect, this remedy is as safe and hypoallergenic as possible.

Taxifolin Baikal

Rating: 4.8

Taxifolin Baikal

This natural vitamin is ultrapure dihydroquercetin, which is produced from the butt part of the Siberian trunk larch trees. It is important that it is a natural compound, and not synthesized artificially. Many varieties are sold in pharmacies dihydroquercetin, but only Taxifolin Baikal has ultra-pure composition: at least 97% of the active substance is in a crystalline state. The mechanism of action of dihydroquercetin is to improve the metabolism of neurons and glial tissue, inhibition of lipid peroxidation, it reduces free radical oxidation. These processes exist in normal brain tissue, but their activation leads to various memory disorders and the progression of aging of the nervous tissue. But their intensity at times increases with significant mental stress, with hypoxia, in the presence of various metabolic diseases after injuries.

Therefore, the use of Taxifolin Baikal is recommended in recovery period after concussion, with emotional stress and increased mental activity, for example, when preparing for exams or writing a dissertation. It is shown in the complex treatment of various neurological disorders in old age. Taxifolin is used in capsules, 1 capsule weighing 300 mg, it contains the optimal dosage – 60 mg of dihydroquercetin, this drug is recommended one at a time capsule 1 time per day for 1 month. Produces these vitamins for memory the company Siberian Cedar, and the cost of one package Monthly rate taxifolin Baikalsky is from 950 rubles to 1350 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Taxifolin Baikal is a modern natural vitamin, and gaining a niche in the market is currently quite difficult. Therefore, the disadvantage of Taxifolin is low awareness doctors about him, a rare occurrence in pharmacies: it spreads through dealer network, it has a fairly high price, which dictated by a complex cycle of purification and refining, and while it is being produced in small volumes. But in the event that you will be able to purchase packaging of this supplement, and within a month you will take it, then the body will be able to tolerate increased memory load, concentration will improve, quickness, reaction will accelerate. In this case, taxifolin is good tolerated, and usually patients notice the effect of taking already through several days.

Vitrum Memori Plus (Tanakan, Bilobil)

Rating: 4.8


This vitamin for memory is monocomponent, and contains in one Ginkgo biloba leaf extract tablet. Various supplements from this there are many wonderful plants, but only a few highly pure medicines really stand standardized content of flavones and glycosides of this plant according to the pharmaceutical formulation. And that makes Vitrum Memory plus able to actively influence the metabolism of substances in the nervous tissue.

Flavan glycosides, which are complexly called ginkgolides and bilabolides, improve capillary circulation in the brain tissues, increases the oxygen potential of neurons, improves supply brain glucose. Ginkgo biloba extract also contributes to improves blood flow and promotes disclosure of reserves cerebral microcirculation. The product dilates small vessels and at the same time tones veins of small caliber, this process prevents the formation of blood clots in the vessels of the brain. This herbal vitamin is able to fight chronic brain hypoxia, improves memory, attention, restores speech function in the elderly with dementia, increases the ability of the nervous systems for learning and stress tolerance.

Vitrum Memori Plus is shown in healthy people with disorders memory, high exhaustion of thinking, with a decrease in attention, with increased mental stress. Take these vitamins for memory you need one tablet, 2 times a day with meals. Average the duration of treatment is from 2 to 3 months. Launches Vitrum Memori plus the American company Unifarm, and the average cost one pack of 60 tablets, calculated per month of admission, is worth 970 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantage is the high quality of the original vegetable raw materials, which allows 10-15 days after reception to feel the changes that are manifested in improving memory, greater clarity of thinking, increased “tenacity” of attention, ability to remember little things. But this tool is still enough expensive, and a course duration of 3 months will cost about 3000 rubles, so not all categories of the population can afford it let it. This memory vitamin is contraindicated in the acute phase. stroke and myocardial infarction, with gastric ulcer, period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. But in the event that he is appointed by testimony, then Vitrum Memory Plus will allow you to quickly reduce clinical symptoms, or adapt the body to higher intellectual stress in a healthy person.

The best vitamins for the prevention and treatment of disorders of memory

Of course, all the natural and metabolic vitamins of the first group, which are used to prevent memory disorders, including among healthy people, they are quite successfully used for treatment various neurological diseases with cognitive impairment. But this group will include several drugs that are very active, and therefore it is necessary to start with them in if you already have any symptoms of the disorder memory, attention, and thinking.


Rating: 4.9


Encephabol contains one active ingredient – pyritinol. is he acts as a mediator, increases the capture of carbohydrates by nerves cells, accelerates the secretion of acetylcholine in cholinergic synapses, and enhances neurotransmitter transmission. Encephabol has a membrane stabilizing effect, and prevents lipid peroxidation. Improves as a result resistance to oxygen starvation and metabolism of the nervous tissue, and this leads to a reduction in symptoms such as distraction and forgetfulness. The patient recovers memory, attention, its concentration improves, coordination of movements is normalized, the long-term memory function is activated and play the desired data.

This nootropic substance is also indicated for the treatment of various forms. dementia. In healthy people, Encephabol is used for mental increased loads, this tool is widely used in children with delayed mental and physical development. Pyritinol is prescribed neurologists with concussion. This vitamin for memory contributes to the rapid reduction of cerebro-sthenic symptoms after encephalitis and meningitis, after intoxication, and can be used to treat chronic alcoholism.

Take Encephabol as a suspension 3 times a day, 2 teaspoons each. If the patient suffers from insomnia, then it is necessary take the evening dose as soon as possible, but in any case not later 18 p.m., since pyritinol may have an activating effect. act. Encephabol is produced by the German company Merck, and the cost one bottle of suspension with a volume of 200 ml, on average, is 1000 rubles. This means that at a daily dosage of 30 ml (5 ml per teaspoon) one bottle is enough for a week. Monthly course will require an expense of 4 thousand rubles, which is not for everyone pocket.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Encephabol is the possibility of appointment in pediatric practice, it can be given if necessary even children starting from the first day of life. But at the same time he has there are contraindications. These are severe, severe violations liver and kidney disease, anemia and thrombocytopenia, acute rheumatological and autoimmune pathology, myasthenia gravis. Relative contraindication to use is the appearance of a decrease memory increased irritability, viciousness, agitation and development insomnia. In this case, Encephabol may aggravate the symptoms, because it has an activating effect on the brain structure.

Cavinton Forte (vinpocetine)

Rating: 4.8


Cavinton is an original medicine, and is positioned as agent for improving cerebral circulation. It contains vinpocetine, which is a derivative of vincamine alkaloid. His isolated from a beautiful plant of small periwinkle. To many friends this beautiful unpretentious purple flower with shiny dark green leathery leaves that cover the lawn with solid carpet.

Vinpocetine, like the previous vitamin, increases the ability of nerve cells to consume glucose and oxygen, and converts sugar utilization to aerobic, more energetic economical type of metabolism. All this allows neurons as much as possible. perform their functions longer even in long-term conditions existing hypoxia. In addition to dementia and memory impairment, Cavinton widely prescribed for tinnitus, neurovascular diseases of the inner ear, with Meniere’s disease, with retinopathy, or retinal pathology. It is shown in common cerebral atherosclerosis and various forms of post-traumatic and hypertensive encephalopathy, because encephalopathy is very often accompanied by disorders of memory and attention. Cavinton prescribed as symptomatic treatment for the consequences concussion.

Cavinton Forte is available in tablets of 10 mg of vinpocetine, and simple Cavinton – in a dosage of 5 mg. It is recommended for use. after eating, one tablet 3 times a day. But you need to start with a dose – half a tablet 3 times a day, that is 15 mg. Duration of Admission determined by the attending physician. Produced by Cavinton Forte Hungarian Gideon Richter, and the average cost per package is 90 tablets for a month of admission, costs 740 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Cavinton will be an active effect on the vascular memory mechanisms, good tolerance, and rare side effects effects. But be sure to consider that this tool can not prescribe to patients who have special changes on the ECG, manifested in lengthening the QT interval. Therefore, before the appointment cardiologist consultation is required, and especially in patients with various cardiac arrhythmias. Also keep in mind that the effect associated with improving memory, activation of thinking, improving sleep and restoring speech occurs no earlier than after 7 or 10 days. Cavinton is contraindicated in acute phases of stroke, with severe arrhythmias, in pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 18 years. But overall, this vitamin for memory is very well received by the medical community and is considered mild pathogenetic type of treatment for cognitive disorders.

Picamilon (nicotinoyl – GABA)

Rating: 4.8


Picamilon gained the respect of many neurological doctors, and widely prescribed: it improves blood flow, It has an anti-aggregation effect, reduces peroxide lipid oxidation and free radical oxidative stress, promotes increased capillary circulation in the vessels brain. The active substance of this medicine is nicotinoyl gamma-aminobutyric acid having nootropic and psychostimulating effect. Picamilon is also able to influence the tone of the cerebral vessels, which allows it to be used in a complex treatment of migraine, has a tranquilizing effect and stimulates memory and attention. In addition to dementia and cognitive impairment in various diseases, Picamilon is actively prescribed for treatment vegetovascular dystonia, asthenic conditions, in the treatment chronic alcoholism, with the consequences of neuroinfections and traumatic brain injuries.

Picamilon is produced in tablets of a dosage of 50 mg. At cognitive impairment, with symptoms of a memory disorder, take Picamilon one tablet 2 to 3 times a day, out of touch with food. The course of treatment is from 1 to 2 months. Pikamilon is produced by the domestic company Pharmstandard, and 30 tablets for 10 days pieces, it costs only 105 rubles in pharmacies.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Picamilon is its low cost, soft action, and wide therapeutic use. In some cases it can cause excessive activation of the patient, therefore it can be contraindicated in persons with chronic insomnia, and better than it in general do not prescribe for the night. It is contraindicated in patients with severe renal failure. A very important indication of Picamilon is its use in pediatric urology, it is prescribed in babies to correct urination disorders. Not recommended Picamilon to pregnant and lactating women, but only because relevant studies were not conducted. If assigned to recommended dosage and according to indications, then it is substantially improve quality of life in patients with cognitive disorders.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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