6 best floor screeds

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In all modern private homes and buildings for leveling floor screed is used. It is a cement-sand composition with different additives. With the help of material, not only prepare the base for the finish, but create a layer of heat and soundproofing. The Russian market is rich assortment of mixtures from different manufacturers. When choosing a material experts recommend paying attention to several characteristics screeds.

How to choose a screed for the floor

  1. Application area. Cement-sand compositions differ resistance to various negative influences. Therefore most of which can be used for work inside and outside buildings. But the degree of frost resistance is often limited to -30 …- 35 ° C, which limits their area of ​​use for the northern regions. At some mixtures are dominated by water-resistant properties, such products Ideal for bathrooms and toilets. The most environmentally friendly it is recommended to buy screeds for finishing bedroom and children rooms.
  2. Layer thickness. Each manufacturer indicates the best the thickness of one layer of screed. If you just want to align the slab floors, you can use thin-layer mixtures (10-100 mm). But when in the screed you need to hide the pipelines or warm floor, then a composition with a maximum coating thickness of up to 250-300 mm.
  3. Drying time. Some rooms do not require just quickly level the floor. It must dry instantly to you could walk on the cover. One of such premises is a bathroom. For such cases, it is better to choose a composition over time. drying 3-4 hours. At the stage of construction of the house you can tolerate and a few days. But the screed is fully gaining strength longer usually finishing can be done only after 3-28 days.
  4. Screed Weight Some supporting structures are not capable to withstand the additional load of the concrete coating. In that case should look at ultralight compounds in which the role filler plays foamglass.
  5. Sound and heat insulation. Some manufacturers introduce the composition of the screed is fillers that give the coating sound and thermal insulation properties. Despite the higher cost material, buying it can become economically more profitable.
  6. The viability of the solution. When to pour ready the solution needs large areas, then such an indicator will be important screeds as the viability of the mixture. In small rooms you can to cope in 30-40 minutes, and at production sites it time increases to several hours.
  7. The consumption of the mixture. Concentrating on the cost of screed, You should also learn about the consumption of material. Often cheap formulations spent in large volumes, and subsequently also seated. Therefore, the purchase of more expensive material may eventually become more profitable event.

We included in our review the 6 best floor screeds. All compositions widely represented in construction stores in Russia, their high rated by experts and domestic users.

What is better screed or bulk floor

Type of leveling coating




+ reasonable price

+ evens out large differences (from 300 mm)

+ universality of application

+ strength and durability

– alignment is carried out using additional fixtures

– surface quality is low

– large layer thickness (not less than 10 mm)

Bulk floor

+ ease of alignment

+ you can do it yourself

+ high quality coating

– high price

– the coating is not subject to restoration

– alignment of small differences

Rating of the best floor screeds

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best floor screeds 1 Weber Vetonit 6000, 25 kg 439 rub
2 Fastening floor coupler Bolars, 25 kg 231 rub
3 Perfekta Fiber Layer, 25 kg 195 rub
4 Axton 25 kg 175 rub
5 Floor screed heat-insulating Paladium Palafloor-307, 12 kg 523 rub
6 Sand concrete M-300 RUSEAN, 40 kg 140 rub

Weber Vetonit 6000, 25 kg

Rating: 4.9

Weber Vetonit 6000, 25 kg

Perform basic floor leveling with a high level of quality. allows Weber Vetonit 6000 screed. Manufacturer recommends make the layer thickness in the range of 10-250 mm. The composition is considered universal, it can be used in residential buildings or public institutions. Using a cement-sand mixture is allowed arrange a “warm floor”. Thanks to quick drying (3 hours) optimal for the most visited rooms. Styling flooring allowed after 15 hours. Experts praised the leveling ability of the Russian composition, giving him the laurels of the winner of our rating.

Users liked the quick drying and strength gain, low shrinkage, absence of cracks and delamination.


  • universality of application;
  • wide range of thicknesses;
  • quick drying;
  • high strength.


  • not detected.

Fastening floor coupler Bolars, 25 kg

Rating: 4.8

Quick coupler floor screed Bolars, 25 kg

It has excellent technical characteristics. quick-hardening coupler for a floor Bolars. Leveling layer dries quickly enough, after about 5 hours to walk. Somewhat inferior to the leader of the rating in the thickness of the layer (10-100 mm). The manufacturer recommends creating monolithic coatings, screeds on the separation layer, floating structures. The mixture can be used in rooms with different levels of humidity, with temperature differences. Construction work should be carried out at temperature +5 .. + 30 ° С, but to exploit the created coating possible in the range of -40 … + 60 ° С. Finishing allowed produce in 3-14 days.

Users are satisfied with the strength of the screed, resistance to moisture, temperature differences. Only not all the reasons can be aligned with using one layer.


  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • high strength;
  • quick drying.


  • a small layer.

Perfekta Fiber Layer, 25 kg

Rating: 4.7

Perfekta Fibro layer, 25 kg

The strengthened basic screed Perfekta Fibro layer is intended for alignment of the floor bases, shelter of pipelines, creation floating designs. Performance specifications maintained in a wide temperature range (-50 … + 70 ° С), the coating has excellent indicator of frost resistance (50 cycles). Recommended the thickness of one layer is 10-120 mm, with the addition of crushed stone this the indicator can be increased to 350 mm. Unlike ranking leaders the mixture dries longer, walking on it is allowed only after 12 hours Due to the high strength of the screed it is allowed to lay concrete and stone tiles.

According to experts, the screed deserves third place for strength, the ability to work in a semi-dry way. Users unhappy only with the drying time.


  • reinforced with fiber;
  • wide scope of application;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • frost resistance.


  • dries for a long time.

Axton 25 kg

Rating: 4.6

Axton, 25 kg

To level the floor bases in rooms with high Humidity is best with Axton screeds. She is gaining fast strength, while the coating does not crack and does not shrink. what concerns the thickness of one layer, the manufacturer recommends not go beyond 10-80 mm. The composition is suitable not only for bathtubs and bathrooms, but also street structures. Loses to the winners rating in the drying time, only after a day you can walk on a leveled surface. Experts say good noise and heat-insulating properties of a coupler.

Users praise the composition for easy alignment, small fraction of stones, good moisture resistant qualities. Disadvantages should include a small layer, the possibility of laying only when temperature +5 … + 25 ° С.


  • moisture resistance;
  • good noise and heat insulation;
  • economical consumption;
  • fine fractions of stones.


  • dries for a long time;
  • limited application temperature.

Floor screed heat-insulating Paladium Palafloor-307, 12 kg

Rating: 4.5

Floor screed heat-insulating Paladium Palafloor-307, 12 kg

The simultaneous leveling of the floor and its insulation can be done using the Paladium Palafloor-307 screed. This ultralight composition on based on cement and foam glass has excellent sound and thermal insulation qualities. The product has earned the attention of experts. its environmental friendliness, so it is suitable for children’s rooms, lounges, dining rooms and kitchens. Single layer thickness is in a wide range of 20-300 mm, but due to the small mass it is allowed to restore dilapidated housing, arrange floors houses.

Screed did not allow us to take a higher place in our rating high price, long drying time (48 h). Domestic builders are satisfied with the quality of the screed, the ease of leveling, thermal insulation properties.


  • noise and heat insulation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • light weight;
  • wide range of thicknesses.


  • high price;
  • long drying.

Sand concrete M-300 RUSEAN

Rating: 4.4

M-300 RUSEAN sand concrete

For large volumes of construction work, the most profitable use domestic floor screed M-300 RUSEAN. It sold at the most attractive price, with experts pay attention to good technical parameters. Through of the composition it is recommended to equalize the height differences up to 150 mm, it Suitable for creating a warm floor system. Commendable and durability of the coating, so sand concrete is suitable for finishing office and public buildings. The leveling layer withstands frost up to -35 ° C.

Large competitors in the ranking did not allow large stone fractions (5 mm), which will require additional grinding after drying out. A very long screed is gaining strength (up to 28 days), although it is allowed to lay the finish after 10 days.


  • low price;
  • wide scope of application;
  • frost resistance;
  • large layer thickness.


  • gaining strength for a long time;
  • large fraction of stones;
  • high consumption.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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