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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

One of the oldest tools for machining parts and blanks is a file. He still enjoys high popular with both home craftsmen and professional locksmiths, joiners and carpenters. The tool is simple and reliability, it consists of a working part (blade) and a handle. To choose a useful and effective set of files should listen to the recommendations of the magazine experts.

How to choose a file

The shape of the working part. There are several popular forms. file blades. They are selected taking into account the features. the processed surface.

  1. Flat is best for smooth processing surfaces.
  2. Trihedral is convenient when working with grooves, grooves and internal holes.
  3. The square working part helps the master to enlarge the hole, make right angles in the internal cavities.
  4. Round is required for sharpening chains, machining holes and concave surfaces.
  5. Semicircular are versatile. With their help to make roundings and process smooth surfaces.

Features notches. The working part of the files is different the size and direction of the notches. When choosing a tool A potential buyer should consider a simple rule. Than the larger the notch, the faster the surface of the workpiece is processed. But after the operation on the parts there will be risks, scratches and high roughness. To get a smooth surface, you should choose a file with small notches.

Blade length. The choice of the length of the working part depends on dimensions of the workpiece. For work with large parts optimally a tool with a blade length of 200-350 mm is suitable. Small it is more convenient to process surfaces with a tool 150-180 mm long. The universal qualities of the files are 200 mm long.

Lever. When the tool is used for a long time for processing parts, it becomes an important parameter ergonomic handle. Manufacturers use such materials, like wood, plastic, polyurethane, rubber.

  1. Wooden handles are traditionally used to equip files and rasps. But they crack over time, rot, get dirty.
  2. Plastic is the cheapest option. The material is not afraid moisture, it does not crack, just maintained. But plastic the handle is not the most convenient and safe option.
  3. Most of all, users like two-component handles, in which the outer surface has a rubberized insert. Such handles lie comfortably in the hand and do not slip during work.

We selected 6 best files for review. They are all wide presented in the trading network of Russia. When compiling a rating the opinion of the expert community and reviews of domestic consumers.

Rating of the best files

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best files for metal 1 nforce 06-09-54 5 pieces 2 300 rub.
2 TOPEX 200 mm grit 2 764 rub.
3 COBALT No. 2, 200 mm, 5 pcs. 247-750 752 rub
The best wood files 1 NEO 3pcs 37-600 727 rub
2 TOPEX 200 mm, 3 pcs. 06A330 410 rub
3 Top Tools 3 Pcs. 06A530 158 r

The best files for metal

A distinctive feature of metal files is hard tool steel, which is used for making a blade. Metal processing kits differ a wealth of forms of working parts. Experts have selected several quality tool kits.

Inforce 06-09-54 5 pieces

Rating: 4.9

Inforce file set 06-09-54 5 pieces

Processing the full range of metal surfaces allows Inforce file set 06-09-54. It consists of 5 tools, which differ in the shape of the blade. Using files you can handle flat, angular, rounded, concave and convex surface. Experts liked polyurethane most pens. They do not slip in the hand, which does the job as much as possible safe. In addition, polyurethane is resistant to gasoline and oils. For high-quality manufacturing, safety and reliability Russian-Chinese set becomes the winner of our rating.

Users praise durable durable blades Ergonomic handles and comfortable fit. Of the shortcomings noted high price.


  • different forms;
  • polyurethane handles;
  • reliability;
  • durability.


  • high price.

Set of files for metal 200 mm grit 2 TOPEX

Rating: 4.8

A set of files for metal 200 mm grain size 2 TOPEX

For manual work with metal, Polish-Chinese is perfect product TOPEX 06A250. All tools have a length of 200 mm, the graininess of the blades is 2. Experts noted a high strength of the working part. It is made of T12 steel, the material makes Blades are wear-resistant and durable. All tools are equipped ergonomic two-component handles that fit comfortably in the palms. For good steel, an even cut and an affordable price set takes an honorable second place.

Cons include rubber handles, tight fit them on the working part, reasonable price. Of the shortcomings follows note rough processing of the file end.


  • high-quality steel;
  • smooth notch;
  • two-component handles;
  • dense landing of handles on a working part.


  • rough ends.

COBALT No. 2, 200 mm, 5 pcs. 247-750

Rating: 4.7

A set of files COBALT No. 2, 200 mm, 5 pcs. 247-750

A wide variety of work, from chamfering to by expanding the holes, it is possible to perform using Cobalt 247-750. The set consists of 5 products that differ in the shape of the blade. On the the working part has a double cross-cut, it is made under angle of 45 and 65 degrees. Thanks to this design, accuracy the treated surface is 0.02 … 0.15 mm. Blades files made of tool steel U13, hardness reaches 62 Rockwell units. For the convenience of the manufacturer equipped files with two-component handles. Rubber pads prevent slipping even in a wet hand.

Users appreciated the quality workmanship and reasonable price. The disadvantages of the set they include fragility work surface.


  • affordable price;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • comfortable handles;
  • high precision machining.


  • short-lived blade surface.

The best wood files

Rough notch file blades have wood. Manufacturers use less hard steel, more attention paying attention to the ergonomics of the handle. The specialists liked the following sets of files on wood.

NEO 3pcs 37-600

Rating: 4.9

Set of NEO rasp 3pcs. 37-600

You can qualitatively process a wooden surface with rasp set NEO 37-600. Includes flat, round and semicircular tool that allows you to perform a wide range operations. Experts liked T12 alloy steel, from it all blades are made. A distinctive feature of the working part of the rasp high hardness has become due to which the tool will serve long years. The manufacturer took care of safety during carrying out work. Rasp handles made of two-component non-slip material. The product ranks first in our rating.

Domestic joiners and carpenters praise reliability and durability of the Polish-Chinese rasp set. Tool convenient and safe to use.


  • strong alloy steel;
  • high hardness;
  • two-component handles;
  • safety.


  • not found.

Rasp set for wood TOPEX 200 mm, 3 pcs. 06A330

Rating: 4.8

A set of rasp on wood TOPEX 200 mm, 3 pcs. 06A330

Another Polish-Chinese rasp set falls into our rating. Experts gave the second line to the TOPEX 06A330 kit. is he consists of 3 rasps with a flat, round and semicircular shape working part. The set is intended for processing wooden blanks. The tool length is 200 mm, which allows use it in a variety of situations. Dial versatility organically complemented by affordable price. It should also be noted and two-component handles, they lie comfortably in the hand and do not slip into working hours.

Users find the rash strengths very comfortable handles, the brush does not get tired even with prolonged use. By cons can be attributed to rough wood processing.


  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • ergonomic handles;
  • acceptable price;
  • universality of application.


  • rough processing.

Top Tools 3 Pcs. 06A530

Rating: 4.7

A set of files on wood Top Tools 3 pcs. 06A530

At the most attractive price it is sold in the Russian market Top Tools 06A530. It consists of three instruments with traditional blade shapes (round, flat, semicircular). Tool length is 280 mm and the weight is 0.19 kg. The working part is made of carbon steel that provides tool durability when working with wood of any species. Bright red pens have a comfortable form, for their manufacture the manufacturer used plastic. Experts appreciated the availability of the kit, good technical parameters, for which he falls into the prize three our rating.

When buying, users do not expect miracles from a budget set. They note instrument flaws such as uncomfortable handles and rough processing of a blade.


  • low price;
  • carbon steel;
  • light weight;
  • universality.


  • uncomfortable handles;
  • roughly machined blades.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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