6 best expansion tanks

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

An integral part of a modern private heating system home is an expansion tank. It allows you to level thermal expansion of the coolant. Experts have calculated that when the temperature rises by 70ºС, the volume of water will increase by 3%. Heated liquid from the pipeline enters the tank, and after As it cools, it goes back to the highway. In the domestic market A wide range of expansion tanks is presented. They differ in volume, design and price. Choose the right one equipment for a specific heating system will help recommendations of our experts.

Recommendations for choosing an expansion tank

Types of expansion tanks. In heating systems can several types of tanks are used.

  1. Open type tanks for heating systems with natural circulation (without booster pump). In that In case the tank is installed at the highest point.
  2. The scope of closed expansion tanks is sufficient wide. It can be open systems without pumps or closed forced circulation lines.
  3. Membrane expansion tanks are today the most advanced equipment. The advantage of such devices is work in automatic mode. The coolant in such a circuit does not in contact with air, so the inner surfaces metal parts are not destroyed.

Volume. Many consumers pick up an expansion tank without calculations, spending money for excess volume. Experts recommend do some simple math.

  1. To calculate the volume of coolant in the heating system it is necessary to take the passport data of the boiler and all radiators, to them add volume of fluid in the pipes. Multiply the resulting figure by 0.1-0.12.
  2. For example, if 100 liters of water are poured into the heating system, then the size of the expansion tank should be 10-12 liters.

Membrane. In modern accumulators an important role membrane plays.

  1. Some manufacturers make it interchangeable, which allows through carry out repairs or scheduled maintenance for a while.
  2. There are expansion tanks where the membrane is non-replaceable. In this case equipment life is limited by durability membranes.

Installation method. Expansion tanks are mounted by two ways.

  1. Vertical installation is easy. Enough tank set on supports or adjustable legs to tackle equipment strapping.
  2. In case of horizontal installation, you will have to mount the tank on the wall or make a special stand. These devices do not always go in the kit.

The editorial board selected the 6 best expansion tanks for the review. All of them are sold in specialized stores in Russia. When distributing the positions, expert opinions were taken as a basis, with This did not go unnoticed by reviews of Russian homeowners.

Rating of the best expansion tanks

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best expansion tanks 1 JILEX 100 2 567 rub.
2 Reflex NG 100 (8001411) 100 L 5 567 rub.
3 Wester WRV 50 2 180 rub.
4 STOUT STH-0006-000050 50 L 2 410 rub.
5 Wester WRV 8 719 rub
6 JILEX 6 720 rub

GILEX 100 100 l vertical installation

Rating: 4.9

Expansion tank JILEX 100 100 l vertical installation

Broad opportunities for owners of private houses gives an extension JILEX 100 tank. The model is capable of working with submersible and surface pumps, it can be used for 2 points water intake. The hydraulic accumulator is placed vertically, its capacity is 100 liters. Maximum working pressure limited 6 bar. Experts appreciated the metal flange, reasonable price and high-quality manufacturing of the tank. Body made of steel 1 mm thick, it is protected against corrosion by phosphate and paintwork. There are 3 for installation supporting legs attached to the body by resistance welding. The position of the tank is adjusted with plastic legs.

Users praise the Russian tank for excellent quality, reasonable price, ease of installation.


  • universality of application;
  • adequate cost;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • spaciousness.


  • not detected.

Reflex NG 100 (8001411) 100 L vertical installation

Rating: 4.8


Another 100-liter tank hit the prize three of our review. Reflex NG 100 is designed for indoor installation. heat and cold supply systems. Pressure tank 6 bar. The constituent elements of the expansion tank is metal body and elastic rubber membrane. Through membrane separation of the tank into air and water chamber. Operating temperature range may vary from 0 to + 70ºС. Experts note German quality, long life service (10 years), compact size and light weight (11.5 kg). Only the high price did not allow the product to get around the winner.

Russian homeowners are satisfied with the quality of workmanship, simplicity of change of pressure, compactness. Of the minuses, they note a fixed membrane.


  • German quality;
  • long service life;
  • compactness;
  • ease of use.


  • high price;
  • fixed membrane.

Wester WRV 50 50 L vertical installation

Rating: 4.7

Wester WRV 50 50 L vertical installation

The Russian expansion tank Wester WRV 50 is designed for compensation for thermal expansion of the fluid in systems heating. It can work both with ordinary water, and with antifreeze (glycol concentration up to 50%). Experts liked wide temperature range (-10 … + 100ºС) in which the tank can work. For the manufacture of the case, the manufacturer used epoxy polyester carbon steel in red. The membrane is made of EPDM monomer. Model inferior to leaders not only in volume (50 l), but also in maximum working pressure (5 bar).

Consumers primarily praise it for its low price, compactness, high-quality assembly. The downside is considered unreliable packaging that does not protect the case from mechanical damage.


  • low price;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • steady support;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • it is difficult to find a membrane for replacement;
  • unreliable packaging.

STOUT STH-0006-000050 50 L

Rating: 4.6

STOUT STH-0006-000050 50 L

STOUT expansion tank is easily integrated into the heating system STH-0006-000050. It is designed for water or antifreeze (up to 50% glycol), the working temperature of the coolant should be from -10 to + 100ºС. The manufacturer used carbon steel, the membrane is made of butyl and natural rubber. The tank is mounted on reliable supports. Experts on appreciated the durability of anti-corrosion treatment, high working pressure (6 bar), affordable price.

While domestic property owners are eyeing Russian accumulator. There are few real users reviews are positive. Buyers report availability replaceable membrane, compactness. Of the minuses, a lot of weight (17 kg).


  • universality of application;
  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • high working pressure;
  • affordable price.


  • few real buyers;
  • a lot of weight.

Wester WRV 8 8 L

Rating: 4.5


Affordable price and good workmanship have helped expansion tank Wester WRV 8 to get into our review. Equipment designed to work in heating systems, where the role the coolant is played by water or a 50% aqueous glycol solution. Experts liked the sturdy carbon tank epoxypolyester coated steels. The membrane is made of butyl rubber. In the production process, modern two-level crimping technology, welding seam checked laser scanner. Replaceable tank included membrane.

Users like the compact size and lightness (1.55 kg). The disadvantages are the lack of supports and fasteners, primitive packaging in a plastic bag.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • strong case;
  • reliable protection against corrosion;
  • affordable price.


  • unreliable packaging;
  • no fastenings and supports.

GILEX 6 6 l vertical installation

Rating: 4.4

GILEX 6 6 l vertical installation

Among the compact accumulators, the attention of experts attracted Russian expansion tank JILEX 6. The model is equipped with a 6-liter a tank made of durable steel 1 mm thick. Tank protected against corrosion with powder paint, the coating thickness reaches 120 microns. Product weight is 1.7 kg, the device is placed vertically. The accumulator is designed for maximum working pressure 5 bar. The coolant temperature may be in range -10 … + 120ºС. Tank design does not allow contact water or antifreeze with atmospheric air. The manufacturer installed an air valve with a plastic cap for measuring pressure.

Domestic consumers praise the model for compactness, ease and reasonable price. By cons, they include a small amount reservoir.


  • attractive cost;
  • good quality;
  • compactness;
  • light weight.


  • small volume.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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