6 best cordless rotary hammers

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many of our readers are aware of the existence of network punchers. These power tools help in drilling concrete walls, mixing the solution and solving some other problems. However not in all cases the network option is suitable for use. Sometimes repairs occur in non-electrified indoors or even outside. In this case, you have to pull extension cord by feeding it from a neighboring room, or use generator. And you can do without all this, having acquired cordless rotary hammer. It is about the best power tools this kind will be discussed in this article.

Rating of the best cordless rotary hammers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best cordless rotary hammers 1 DeWALT DCH733N-XJ 59 990 rub.
2 Milwaukee M18 FHM-0C 73 900 rub.
3 Makita DHR400ZKU 55 696 rub.
4 AEG BBH 18 Li-402C 27 490 rub.
5 BOSCH GBH 180-Li 4.0Ah x2 19 860 rub.
6 RYOBI R18SDS-0 8 799 rub.


Rating: 4.9


An excellent hammer drill from an American manufacturer. He is painted in yellow colors familiar to this company. Immediately take over attention to the dimensions of the tool. They are very large. Device even supplemented with a D-shaped handle – without it, holding it would be quite difficult. Dimensions clearly hint that with such a puncher you can drill a hole even in the strongest concrete. Indeed, the impact energy here reaches 13.3 J! I can’t even believe that such a tool is capable of receiving electricity from the battery!

An additional handle is supplied with this tool. It is rubberized, but it joins almost instantly. You can’t do without it, as otherwise A 9 kg punch is extremely difficult. Another buyer will receive case, greatly simplifying the transportation of the tool. And here no battery and charger included buy separately. It’s sad, because the instrument turned out very expensive – they ask for about 60 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that this model only works in the mode hollowing. Its engine idles only 355 rpm. But then powerful blows will destroy any concrete wall or drill a huge hole. It’s nice that the punch got many remedies. In particular, there is an electronic overload protection that will not allow the battery or motor fail due to overvoltage. The manufacturer also installed anti-vibration system, thanks to which internal components will not suffer from tremors. There is and safety clutch.

The tool has electronic frequency control rotation. The maximum drilling diameter available to the worker in concrete is 48 mm. This is an impressive figure, unattainable. many other representatives of our rating! Concerning chiselling, it is carried out with a frequency of 2705 beats / min. Such even some bumpkin can envy the parameter a hammer!

Of course, the spindle lock is not forgotten here, making a replacement snap more secure. Well, the LED illumination of the working area can be considered a kind of bonus. As for the battery, then DeWALT DCH733N-XJ rock drill requires a lithium-ion battery with voltage of 54 V. Such a battery is very expensive. However, its price is nothing compared to the cost of the instrument itself.


  • There is a highlight of the working area;
  • Comes with side grip and carrying case;
  • Implemented anti-vibration system;
  • There is a safety clutch;
  • Excellent overload protection;
  • When idle, the spindle locks;
  • Very large drilling diameter;
  • Huge impact energy;
  • Very high beat rate.


  • The kit does not have a charger and batteries;
  • Heavy weight;
  • Astronomical price tag.

Milwaukee M18 FHM-0C

Rating: 4.8

Milwaukee M18 FHM-0C

Another punch from the American manufacturer, albeit already completely different. Its body is painted in red and black colors. Here D-shaped handle is also used. There is also an auxiliary handle, without which it’s very inconvenient to work – it is mounted right behind the cartridge. The dimensions of this tool are also impressive. But more the price tag reaches 74 thousand rubles. Well, what did you want? Destruction of concrete and drilling holes in it without nearby power networks are expensive.

As with the tool discussed above, here SDS-Max cartridge is used. The difference between the punch is that it offers both popular operating modes: here supplemented by drilling with chiselling. However, for quick do not expect the rotation of the snap – even at idle speed is not exceeds 380 rpm.

The high cost of the tool is due to the fact that it is capable of to create particularly large holes. If you use a hollow crown, then the maximum drilling diameter will be 150 mm! Itself by itself, in concrete this parameter will be less – the drill will allow you to drill 65 mm holes. But this figure will definitely impress some buyers!

As for hollowing, it is carried out with a frequency of 2900 bpm It’s amazing that such a tool is capable of eating from the battery. It remains to add that the impact force is 11 J. Many do not need more.

Inside this tool is advanced electronics. She knows how to maintain speed, focusing on the current load. It also plays the role of protection against overloads. Can not to note a high-quality anti-vibration system – it saves insides from damage, not to mention the user’s hands. Implemented by the manufacturer and fixing the spindle.

Such a tool could not do without a button lock inclusion. Therefore, the employee will not need to constantly keep the button pressed. If the punch is even lighter was – he wouldn’t have a price … And 9.5 kg is a very impressive weight, he says that for home use the tool is for sure not suitable. However, the astronomical price tag also hints at this. Surprisingly, this hammer drill also comes without a charger. device and battery, only a case will be found in the kit. However, the instrument requires only 18-volt batteries, which have a relatively low price tag.


  • It is delivered in a suitcase;
  • There is an additional handle;
  • Implemented a high-quality anti-vibration system;
  • There is overload protection;
  • Built-in electronic speed control;
  • Two operating modes are used;
  • Very high beat rate;
  • High impact force;
  • Huge drilling diameter.


  • The kit does not have a battery or charger;
  • Extremely high cost;
  • Very heavy weight.

Makita DHR400ZKU

Rating: 4.7

Makita DHR400ZKU

This cordless hammer drill is made by famous Malaysian company. It is made in its signature colors, and on it the end is a D-shaped handle. She can simultaneously used as an emphasis – with its help you can literally press on the tool. Of course, not forgotten here and additional lever. It is mounted near the cartridge. I am glad that it can be turn – sometimes this allows you to make the work more comfortable. AND there is also a mount for the measuring line. Using this a simple accessory you can find out in time about what you have achieved desired depth.

This tool costs about 58 thousand rubles. He is a little cheaper some of its competitors, in connection with which the perforator received several simplifications. This is most noticeable in chiselling. The thing is the fact that the instrument gives out strokes with a force of only 8 J. However, this is definitely enough for most buyers. Another limitation related to drilling diameter. When using a hollow crown this The parameter will not exceed 105 mm. Well, when drilling concrete as much as possible the achievable hole diameter is only 40 mm, as with the use of significantly cheaper rotary hammers, especially networked.

However, in some things Makita DHR400ZKU is not inferior to more expensive analogues, or even surpasses them. For example here The excellent cartridge belonging to the SDS-Max type is used. is he very convenient, and its service life is almost an eternity. Also here a more revving engine is built in. When idling snap starts to rotate at a speed of 500 rpm. To the beat frequency too not to complain – it is 2900 bpm. But even more pleased electronic part of the instrument. That’s what the Malaysian company ate the dog! Electronic speed control here supplemented by an engine brake – a function by which the battery punchers most often do not have. Also available here safety clutch. There are no questions to anti-vibration system thanks to which the employee almost does not feel the return, as and many internal components. Well, a kind of bonus you can count reverse. Oddly enough, many other rechargeable instruments of this type are also deprived of them. Of course, not forgotten and spindle fixing. However, even the most cheap punchers.

Alas, this model also comes without a battery and charger. But then the buyer Makita DHR400ZKU will be able pick up the battery of the capacity he needs. Battery voltage should be 18-volt, so it is unlikely that the purchase will be very expensive. But note: you need to buy at least two batteries. The fact is that the power to this tool is provided by two battery, which gives a total of 36 V.

Well, what comes with the punch? Firstly, This is a quality plastic case. Secondly, it is already mentioned side handle. Thirdly, the depth gauge is also on location. Of the unexpected, lubricant for the drill can be noted. However where More interesting seems the Bluetooth module for controlling a vacuum cleaner. Is wireless technology breaking into the realm? power tools?

It remains to add that the device received the backlight of the working area. AND LEDs are never redundant, because non-electrified the room in winter is lit only for a short time.


  • There is a drill grease kit and depth gauge drilling;
  • The additional handle is not forgotten;
  • Equipped with a wireless control module a vacuum cleaner;
  • Comes in a good case;
  • There is a safety clutch;
  • Implemented engine brake;
  • There is an electronic speed control;
  • Added reverse;
  • Decent impact energy;
  • High frequency of blows;
  • Slightly increased idle.


  • Comes without batteries and charger;
  • Heavy weight;
  • Very high cost.

AEG BBH 18 Li-402C

Rating: 4.6

AEG BBH 18 Li-402C

Another cordless rotary hammer in our rating, which has its composition is a D-shaped handle. At its end, how easy guess the battery is located. Just one. Her tension is 18 V, and the capacity is 4 Ah. With such parameters it is impossible to rely on the record characteristics of the tool itself. AND indeed, in many ways AEG BBH 18 Li-402C is inferior to those considered higher than competitors. But this power tool is worth it – twice cheaper, about 28 thousand rubles. And this is a kit with two batteries! Therefore, please accept that the impact energy here is only 2.3 J. Crush the concrete of an old house in the manner of work with a jackhammer will not work. But if you don’t have one tasks, you are unlikely to find yourself unhappy.

This tool was created to create holes, not for eliminate concrete walls. This is evidenced by the presence of three operating modes. That is, it is not necessary to hammer a wall, in any moment you can switch to conventional drilling, for a short while turning a hammer drill into a drill.

This model uses the SDS-Plus mount. Change operating speeds are not supported, this is the main difference tool from the same drill. When idling snap rotates at a speed of 1400 rpm. Nice setting, but with drilling of some materials is still not enough. what Regarding chiselling, the impact frequency reaches an impressive 4,200 bpm

Alas, impressive holes with such a perforator do not create. The maximum achievable parameter when drilling concrete – only 24 mm. Things are a little better when working with wood – this the material can be drilled a 30 mm hole.

Inside this tool is a good electronics. It protects the insides from overload, and also controls the frequency rotation. This means that the drill will rotate at the same speed, no matter how thick the concrete is. Also the hammer received a safety clutch and anti-vibration the system. It’s nice that a special switch allows you to translate tool in reverse mode. This means that AEG BBH 18 Li-402C replaces not only a drill, but also a screwdriver. However, not completely. The lack of choice of speed and power of rotation makes itself felt to know – with such a tool you can easily “lick” by chance hats.

Of course, this model received a power button lock. Also, one cannot fail to notice the presence of an additional handle making work more comfortable. You can also complete with the device detect the depth gauge. This measuring line will give to find out in time that you should stop by going to drilling the next hole. This whole thing comes in familiar plastic case.

It remains to add that the weight of this tool is only 3.5 kg. it makes it two to three times lighter than the competitors discussed above. Is it necessary to say that you can work with such a puncher a much longer time? By the way, the duration of charging the battery is 1.3 hours. This gives hope that two batteries are enough, buying an extra battery will not required.


  • Decent idle speed;
  • High frequency of blows;
  • Light weight;
  • There are three modes of operation;
  • Reverse available
  • There is a safety clutch;
  • There is electronic overload protection;
  • Built-in electronic speed control;
  • Implemented a decent anti-vibration system;
  • Comes with two batteries and a charger a device;
  • There is an additional handle and depth gauge.


  • Not very large drilling diameter;
  • The energy of the blows cannot be called enormous;
  • A hook for attaching to the belt would not hurt;
  • There is no suspended dust extraction system.

BOSCH GBH 180-Li 4.0Ah x2

Rating: 4.5

BOSCH GBH 180-Li 4.0Ah x2

As you know, the German company Bosch produces a huge number of power tools. There are in its assortment and cordless rotary hammers. One of them got into our rating, so how its characteristics evoke positive emotions. Especially if take into account that this tool is worth no more than 20 thousand rubles.

This is one of the smallest representatives of our selection. At In this case, it is also equipped with an SDS-Plus cartridge, one of the most convenient in use. You can find the familiar switch. With it, you can use this or that mode work. In fact, there are four of them – drilling, chiselling, drilling with chiselling and work with fasteners. Therefore, in the person of BOSCH GBH 180-Li 4.0Ah x2 you get not only a hammer drill. It is also a drill, and screwdriver. With some, of course, limitations.

If we are talking about drilling, then it should be noted that huge holes cannot be created with such a tool will work out. But 20 millimeters is enough for many users. Speech Of course, about concrete. The diameter of the holes in the metal will be slightly smaller – it will be equal to 13 mm. In the tree you can create 30 mm holes. By the way, the drill will rotate with very high speed – at idle it reaches 1800 rpm

But, of course, conventional drilling is unlikely to interest the buyer of such an instrument. Slotting, I must say, pleases. Yes, the impact energy is not high, it does not exceed 1.7 J. But then the frequency of these strikes is impressive. Manufacturer Declares 4550 beats / min, and there is no reason not to believe him.

If you regularly work with fasteners, then you definitely should appreciate the reverse function. Also not to be noted the presence of the spindle lock. She saves in those moments when you change the equipment – no one wants to hurt themselves at such moments fingers. The device also received electronic speed control – In cheaper punchers it usually does not happen. Not forgotten manufacturer and safety clutch.

Included with the tool is not only a case, but also additional handle. She literally saves at some points. And the worker will have access to the limiter of the drilling depth. This is an ordinary plastic ruler of small thickness. Such an accessory it can easily break, but to buy a new one is not difficult will make up.

Continuing the conversation about a complete set, it is impossible not to note the presence in a suitcase of two batteries at once. This is a GBA 18 V capacity of 4 Ah There is also a quick charger. But if your job will be continuous, then the third battery still does not hurt.

What else can be said about this tool? He is good enough. The power button lock is not forgotten here, and additional the handle cannot but rejoice. Only weight confuses. Seriously? 6.8 kg? Why a tool with such characteristics is enough modest size turned out so heavy? This remains just guess. You can also complain about the lack of bundled lubricants for the drill. As you know, it significantly extends the durability of the cartridge used here. No in the case and anther, but cordless rotary hammers are equipped with extremely seldom.


  • Comes with two batteries and a charger;
  • The kit has an additional handle and depth gauge;
  • Good case;
  • High rotation speed;
  • A huge number of beats per minute;
  • There is a safety clutch;
  • Several operating modes;
  • Reverse available
  • There is an electronic speed control;
  • Not a very high cost.


  • Impact energy might be higher;
  • Not very large drilling diameter;
  • Decent weight;
  • No lubricant for drill.


Rating: 4.4


By far the smallest hammer drill in our ranking. Not, you can’t call him a crumb. But this is a rare case when The cordless rotary hammer almost does not exceed its size some kind of network model. And in terms of cost, any superiority is also barely noticeable. The fact is that in many RYOBI R18SDS-0 stores can be bought for only 9-11 thousand rubles. What does the manufacturer offer for this money, on what is it saved?

To begin with, we note that the SDS-Plus cartridge is used here. At of such a cost, having a less convenient cartridge would be no wonder. However, this time the manufacturer decided not to be greedy, sacrificed part of her profits, albeit very modest. Further note that the familiar switch is clearly visible on the case. is he allows you to switch from one operating mode to another. Their total there are three: drilling, chiselling and chiselling. The latter is the most effective. Like it or not, but hollowing without drilling at an impact energy of 1.3 J is unlikely to lead to noticeable and quick results. Well, drilling without chiselling useful when working with fasteners and various materials such as metal or wood. By the way, the drill will rotate at idle at a speed of 1300 rpm. Not bad, even if it’s not a record. But ryobi R18SDS-0 is not a drill or a screwdriver, but a hammer drill.

Finishing the conversation about grooving, the worker will surely be surprised by five thousand beats per minute. However, even this is unlikely Enough to drill huge holes in concrete. Alas, but this model is somewhat limited in this regard. Concerning brick and wood, then the diameter of the holes created in them will be equal to 16 mm. When drilling metal, 13 mm will be waiting for you.

The tool received a good anti-vibration system. Still here there is a spindle lock and an electronic frequency control system rotation – indispensable attributes of any more or less expensive punch. As for power, it provides 18-volt battery. Which, unfortunately, is not included. Missing and case. In a word, the equipment of this tool is extremely poor. That must be why the hammer drill is so inexpensive.

In the end, we note two indisputable advantages of this model. Firstly, the tool turned out to be very light – without a battery, it weighs only 2.08 kg. Secondly, the manufacturer endowed his creation a long guarantee – you are waiting for two years instead of one.


  • Light weight;
  • There is a decent anti-vibration system;
  • There is an electronic speed control;
  • Long warranty
  • Three operating modes;
  • The reverse is not forgotten;
  • High frequency of blows;
  • Low cost;
  • High speed rotation tooling.


  • There is no case;
  • No batteries and charger included device;
  • Not very large drilling diameter;
  • Impact energy is small.


This is the list of the best rotary hammers working with battery. All of these power tools can be found in most Russian stores selling similar goods. And certainly you will not have problems with their purchase in any specialized online store.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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