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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Digestion is holistic process, but it is divided into parts that seem opposite and incompatible. So, in the stomach it’s very acidic environment, and in the duodenum – already alkaline. For in order to reduce the acidity of gastric juice trapped in intestines, and neutralize the activity of gastric enzymes, and translate the change of digestive phases from acidic to alkaline (intestinal) in the liver produces a special fluid called bile.

Every day an adult is formed and excreted person about a liter of this fluid. Healthy bile has a greenish or yellow color, it tastes extremely bitter. After formation, it is transported through its own ducts in vesica fellea, or gall bladder, where it is stored. After reduction smooth muscle of the gallbladder, it is secreted into the intestinal lumen by as necessary by participating in digestion.

Bile also promotes emulsification, or the dissolution of fats in intestines, and prepares them for digestion. She improves intestinal motility, increases the production of digestive hormones. Its role in binding and elimination from the body is very important. cholesterol, and the breakdown product of hemoglobin contained in the blood. It is called bilirubin. Since this substance is not capable filtered through the renal glomeruli, then bilirubin is excreted through bile, and leaves the body with feces.

Most often in clinical practice, conditions associated with delayed formation of this fluid, with difficulty getting into the small intestine, in connection with the development of cholelithiasis – stone disease, chronic inflammation of the bladder – cholecystitis and another pathology of the pathways that remove bile. Chemical or mechanical obstruction to the normal flow of bile into the intestines cause a number of painful symptoms.

This is discomfort in the abdomen on the right, bitterness, nausea, in severe cases may cause obstructive jaundice, bloating, discoloration of feces. In order to normalize the passage of this important fluid, and choleretic drugs are used. At this ranking included the most effective and frequently assigned funds from this list. Cholagogue means vary in to its mechanism and according to indications for their appointment. The review begins with the so-called choleretics.

Rating of the best choleretic drugs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best choleretic – choleretics: education stimulants 1 Allochol 44 rub
2 Odeston 381 rub
3 Holosas 105 rub
The best choleretic-kinetics: stimulants of the removal of bile 1 Magnesium sulfate 26 rub
2 Sorbitol 128 rub
3 No-shpa (drotaverinum) 112 rub

Best choleretic – choleretics: education stimulants

Means stimulating the formation of bile from her predecessors are natural, or true, synthetic, as well as herbal choleretic drugs that have bile-forming effect. True choleretics are often means of animal origin. Below will be listed the most popular choleretic drugs from all subgroups. Of these, Allohol true choleretic, Odeston is a synthetic agent, and Holosas –Pretty drug, consisting of one herbal component.


Rating: 4.9


Allohol is perhaps the most popular and affordable “folk” choleretic medicine. This is a combination remedy, and Allohol contains dry cattle bile, dry nettle and garlic, as well as Activated carbon. All of these components together give a stronger choleretic action than just one bile. Allohol capable increase intestinal contractions (peristalsis), and due to the presence of activated carbon, which has antimicrobial and sorption action, it reduces the processes of decay and fermentation, which can occur in the intestines.

Allochol is shown in the complex treatment of chronic cholecystitis, with cholangitis, and with the phenomena of atonic constipation. Take it usually two tablets, after meals, so that he displays as much as possible choleretic effect. If the patient is prescribed fractional nutrition, then you need to take the drug no more than 4 times. This technique must be observed. month, and then it is halved by dosage. Repeatable course, but between them you need to take breaks of at least 2 months.

Produces Allohol domestic company Pharmstandard, and a large package containing 50 coated tablets is worth only 42 rubles. In some pharmacies it can be found for 33 rub., and the smallest package of 10 tablets costs only 12 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Allocholum acts, “choleretic” rather gently, unlike synthetic drugs. Still, it contains natural bile. But, nevertheless, with a sufficiently high dosage, he is capable of cause diarrhea and flatulence of the abdomen, and allochol is contraindicated in acute ulcer, with mechanical (obstructive) jaundice, and if gall bladder there are calculi. This leads to a sharp increase. secretion, and if she has nowhere to go, then expansion may occur bubble and even its rupture with the development of peritonitis. Contraindicated Allochol in acute and subacute hepatitis – inflammation of the liver, and progressive dystrophy. But it’s a choleretic, indicative, mild and improves digestion and normalization of stool in a variety of groups patients.


Rating: 4.8


Odeston belongs to the group of infrequently used synthetic choleretics, and he has a fairly pronounced choleretic action. This agent in the form of an active substance contains gimekromon, and is available in the form of tablets weighing 200 mg each.

Odeston reduces the phenomenon of stagnation, reduces the processes leading to the formation of cholesterol stones, that is, reduces loss cholesterol in the form of crystals, and is indicated in the treatment of such diseases like biliary dyskinesia by hyperkinetic type, chronic cholecystitis and cholangitis. Assign it after surgery on the gallbladder, and as a result chronic decrease in bile secretion.

Odeston is used half an hour before meals, 1 or 2 tablets, thrice a day. The daily dose should not exceed 6 tablets. Course admission about 2 weeks. Skipping a dose is not recommended, but not and catch up later, taking a double dose right away. Releases Odeston is a Polish company Polfa, and purchase a package of 50 tablets, it is possible in the fall of 2018 in large cities of the Russian Federation Federation at an average price of 550 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all choleretic drugs, Odeston has contraindications. It’s possible to attribute obstruction to them, formed in the biliary tract, the phenomenon of renal and hepatic insufficiency, stomach ulcer, bleeding disorder and childhood. The drug has side effects, credit its rather strong choleretic action. This can lead to bloating, diarrhea, allergic reactions and abdominal pain. Since the tool is synthetic, many doctors note along with strong action its some rudeness: Odeston is not Designed for gentle stimulation.


Rating: 4.7


Perhaps Holosas is one of the most delicious and enjoyable drugs in general since it is concentrated rosehip syrup with sugar. In some if not hidden from young children, they may drink the whole bottle, and after that they will suffer profuse diarrhea due to overdose, but still, do not worry with they will no longer happen.

Holosas is indicated for various viral hepatitis, for inflammation biliary tract and bladder, with poisoning with various drugs, with drugs that are metabolized, secreting into bile, he indicated for poisoning with alcoholic beverages. Holosas may to be prescribed as a general strengthening remedy, and for vitamin deficiencies vitamin C.

It should be used 2 to 3 times a day, for adults – 1 teaspoonful spoon to receive, and children – half a teaspoon, or even less. Produces Holosas domestic company Altaivitamins CJSC, and the cost of one bottle of 140 ml is an average of 86 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Holosas is a natural herbal monotherapy, and only an individual will serve as a contraindication intolerance as well as severe diabetes because Holosas contains sugar. There are no side effects of the drug, again, with the exception of individual intolerance. Little at who will experience unpleasant side effects on delicious syrup rose hips. This tool is inexpensive, Holosas can add to boiling water and drink with a restorative purpose, taking one teaspoon Holosas fully satisfies the daily requirement in ascorbic acid.

About hydrocholetics

Some dining rooms are called hydrocholetics mineral water. They simply reduce the density, viscosity of bile, and make it more fluid. Unlike ordinary water, when sucked mineral water in the intestinal lumen and its penetration into portal blood flow, it is absorbed by liver cells in the first turn, and increases the pressure in the bile ducts by osmosis. If a it is necessary to increase the secretion of bile, then you need to choose such water, like Essentuki No. 4 (low mineralization) and No. 17 (rich mineralization), Jermuk. They must be consumed 30 minutes before food, preferably in a warm form and with gas released, if is available.

The best choleretic-kinetics: stimulants of the removal of bile

Cholagogue drugs of this list are divided into two types opposite action. In the event that the bubble is hypotonic, his smooth muscles are flabby and weak, then it is necessary to increase his tone and strengthen his ability to abbreviation. At the same time, these remedies reduce tonic tension, and increase the lumen of the structures of the common bile duct. They simply irritate the intestines by activating the cascade. gastrointestinal hormones (cholecystokinin). An example of this choleretic medication will be magnesium sulfate, or magnesia.

These drugs are prescribed mainly for biliary dyskinesia. pathways of the hypotonic type, stagnation in the gallbladder with a decrease his tone. These funds are indicated for gastritis with reduced acidity as well as cholekinetics that reduce gall bubble shown during duodenal sounding in healthy person.

The second group of drugs includes antispasmodics, which relax excessively contracted gall bladder, reduce it spasm, and along the way relax the bile ducts. This allows you to improve abstraction of bile, and No-shpa are an example of such a cholekinetic Papaverine, or stronger atropine and platifillin, which used in medical institutions and when calling an ambulance help.

These funds are necessary for hypertensive forms of dyskinesia, in the presence of stones in the gallbladder and bile ducts. They able to reduce the pain syndrome that often occurs in the background spasm of the biliary tract and in the presence of gallstone illnesses.

Consider the most popular and effective cholekinetics, which sold in pharmacies and entered the ranking.

Magnesium sulfate

Rating: 4.9

Magnesium sulfate

Magnesia is the simplest and most accessible choleretic and laxative. This colorless powder, easily soluble. in water, has an intense bitter-salty taste, and drink magnesia unpleasant. But she, in addition to the choleretic effect, has anticonvulsant effect, helps normalize the rhythm heart, has a hypotensive effect and is able to fight constipation. Magnesia is used for cholecystitis and cholangitis, for for receiving a bubble portion of bile with duodenal sounding, with hypotonic type dyskinesia of the gallbladder, for cleansing intestines. Magnesia must be applied by dissolving one packet (25 d) in one glass of warm water, and after drinking between meals 3 times per day, before meals. In this case, on average, after one or two hours, the drug will have the necessary choleretic effect, which will last for 4 or even 6 hours. Usually after that there is a certain relaxation of the stool, since osmotically an active solution of magnesia will facilitate an intensive flow water into the intestinal lumen.

The Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory produces magnesium sulfate, and one packet of 25 grams weighs an average of 32 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of magnesia include its accessibility and low cost, onset of quick effect, and simple and intuitive mode application. But this drug also has contraindications. Magnesia should not be taken if the patient has loose stools, symptoms of renal failure, amid low pressure and slow heartbeats (bradycardia). Magnesia contraindicated in patients with various cardiac arrhythmias, since it can significantly worsen their condition, especially in case of complete atrioventricular block, when the impulses from atria are separated from ventricular contractions.


Rating: 4.8


Sorbitol, or more precisely, sorbitol, is a polyhydric alcohol, and in addition to the choleretic, it has an osmotic and laxative effect. Sorbitol is also used in some cases to reduce symptoms of intoxication: it removes the toxic substance into the lumen intestines.

Sorbitol is produced in the form of a powder for oral administration, in sachets, 5 g each, sometimes in powder, packing 200, 300, 500 g. It is indicated for the reception of sorbitol with biliary dyskinesia along hypotonic type, with chronic hepatitis in the complex therapy, with a tendency to constipation.

It is necessary to use sorbitol with a cholagogue, dissolving 5 g the drug in half a glass (100 ml) of water, slightly heated. Take This sweet solution is needed 10 minutes before meals twice a day. Course The treatment is 1 month. Domestic company produces sorbitol Sweet world, and purchase the largest packaging weighing 500 g possible at an average price of 122 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of sorbitol is its great cheapness, great breadth of application, since it can be assigned not only for dyskinesia and cholecystitis, but also to treat constipation. However sorbitol contraindicated in all acute conditions, with intolerance fructose, which is part of it, and if you exceed the required quantity, and make the solution either too strong or drink it too much, intense diarrhea, dry mouth, nausea, and symptoms of dehydration. But sorbitol can be safely use for diabetics, since it is not included glucose.

No-shpa (drotaverinum)

Rating: 4.7


The most famous antispasmodic tablets No-shpa, or drotaverine hydrochloride, manufactured by the Hungarian pharmaceutical Hinoin company. No-shpa is the means that allows reduce spasms of smooth muscles not only the gallbladder and bile ducts, but also smooth muscles of the urinary tract, therefore, this drug is indicated for renal colic.

No-spa helps to reduce severe pain with hypertensive form of biliary dyskinesia, with cholangitis, and with cholecystitis. But-spa is not only available in tablets, but also in solutions, so very often it is administered intramuscularly. Only antispasmodics are indicated for pain in abdominal cavity, with a state of “acute abdomen”. The fact is that if you use strong painkillers, you can remove pain, and miss the condition where emergency surgery is required, for example, with acute appendicitis. Antispasmodic drugs are not have an analgesic effect, and all he can do is relax your muscles.

Therefore, if in the abdominal cavity there is a focus of progressive inflammation, for example, with the same calculous cholecystitis, then But-shpa will not help, but if the pain is caused by a spasm in the neck gall bladder, then the necessary effect will be achieved, spasm resolves, bile will enter the intestines, and the patient’s condition will improve.

It is necessary to use No-shpu in tablets from 1 tablet of 40 mg up to 6 tablets per day, that is, no more than 2 tablets three times per day, it is advisable to take it before meals, so that during the reception of food, she exerted her action and relaxed smooth muscles biliary tract. One pack of No-shpa costs 24 tablets about 100 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

A great advantage of No-shpa is its rather high activity and performance. Such symptoms are quite rare. overdose, like arrhythmias, but for this the patient initially there must be severe heart disease. No-shpa is universal drug, it not only contributes to an increase outflow of bile, but also it helps to normalize the outflow of urine, because both in the ureters and in the bile ducts there are one and the same the same smooth muscle elements. There are few side effects. Of rare symptoms – tachycardia, headache and nausea, allergic reactions. But, despite all the minor minuses, But-spa is quite in demand, and has long existed in every home medicine cabinet, as a means of choice for abdominal pain, since only taking antispasmodics will avoid serious complications in case of the need for surgery.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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