6 best adhesives for metal

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

There are many ways to connect two metal parts. Them can be welded or soldered, drilled and fixed with bolts, punch with rivets … But they all either violate the integrity of the part, either require heating to high temperatures, or impossible without special equipment. But glue for metal allows you to reliably connect elements – even if they are tiny or heat them not allowed.

To simplify such unusual work, we compiled a rating of 6 best adhesives for metal that provide reliable and durable connection.

Rating of the best adhesives for metal

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best adhesives for metal 1 Weicon VA 110 (NSF Certified) (60 g) 3 630 rub.
2 Strong steel stick renewal composite 114 g 3 256 rub.
3 Two-component structural adhesive Weicon RK-1500 (60 d) 1 978 rub.
4 Epoxy adhesive EpoximaxX 1.2 kg 1 990 rub.
5 Special glue Poxipol “Cold welding” (gray) 779 rub
6 Super-glue universal super Bison Super Glue Gel, 3 g 138 rub

Weicon VA 110 (NSF Certified) (60 g)

Rating: 4.9


Why is it: Eco-friendly, healthy composition.

Wiecom VA 110 Universal Cyanoacrylate Certified NSF, which confirms its safety in use and zero emissions of unhealthy substances. With it you can stick together parts and elements that come into contact even with water or food products, including metal ones.

In addition, the adhesive is resistant to temperature impact and can be used in the range from –30 to 80 degrees. The advantages include fast polymerization, which The metal base takes up to 20 to 50 seconds. However complete strength occurs 24 hours after placement. Finishing polymerization is very shear resistant – up to 20 N per square millimeter after sandblasting.

The glue is transparent and colorless, so that the seam becomes invisible. Weicom VA 110 is suitable not only for metal, but also plastic, rubber, rubber and other materials.


  • Very high strength, up to 20 N per mm2 after sandblasting;
  • NSF certified safety and environmental friendliness;
  • Relatively fast polymerization.


  • Full polymerization requires 24 hours, during which do not load fastened elements;
  • It is not recommended to apply the composition in a layer thicker than 0.15 mm, which requires caution when using;
  • Comparative high cost.

Strong steel stick renewal composite 114 g

Rating: 4.8

Strong steel stick renewal composite 114 g

Why is it: Chemically resistant, as fast as possible hardening.

Despite the fact that this material is intended for quick repair of various products (including installing a patch on pipes), he also can be used as metal adhesive. He’s good grabs onto the surfaces it is applied to and very quickly polymerizes.

Unlike the previous composition in the ranking, this material based on epoxy resins. Due to this, he has plastic texture that simplifies surface application. It is enough to stretch it in your fingers, give it the desired shape and place at the junction or patch. For sufficient polymerization lasts 20 minutes – after this time it will become hard and very resistant to any mechanical or other aggressive influences.

The glue is also characterized by high chemical resistance. He can contact with caustic substances, including alkaline and acidic solutions, as well as esters and alcohols.


  • Chemical and mechanical stability of the material;
  • Easy to use, the ability to place as patches
  • Fast drying, taking about 20 minutes.


  • Poor for thin, small seams, joints in joint “;
  • Inaccessibility of the composite in Russian retail shops;
  • Comparative high cost (which is primarily due to rarity on sale).

Two-component structural adhesive Weicon RK-1500 (60 d)

Rating: 4.7


Why is it: High strength, suitable for joining in butt “.

Two-component structural adhesive for metal Weicon RK-1500 designed for fastening aluminum, steel and the like materials in various ways. It is suitable for butt fastenings, overlapping and other ways. The composition is of the highest strength – tensile strength after drying is up to 26 N per mm2, and the operating temperature range is from –50 to 130 degrees, withstands short-term heating up to 180 degrees.

Thanks to fast polymerization when used correctly activator tempering strength is reached after 5 minutes after application. The layer thickness can be up to 0.4 mm at one-sided application of the activator and up to 0.8 mm with bilateral.

Adhesive can be used until materials are bonded to low surface adhesion. For example, they can attach glass to to metal. The composition can also be used to hold elements together. made of plastic, ceramic, etc.


  • Suitable for creating thick adhesive joints up to 0.8 mm with bilateral application of the activator;
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces;
  • It can be used for gluing metal in a joint.


  • Careful application is required, as it is a two-component glue for metal;
  • 100% strength is achieved 24 hours after application, but vacation resistance occurs after 5 minutes;
  • The activator is very liquid, can spread.

Epoxy adhesive EpoximaxX 1.2 kg

Rating: 4.7


Why he: Low price – one of the cheapest metal adhesives in the ranking.

EpoximaxX is an advanced composition of the classic EDF on epoxy based. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the time for which composition hardens, up to only 3 hours. Also some other performance properties of this metal adhesive also improved.

So, the heat resistance of the compound increased to 120 degrees. His can be used to connect process heaters exploitation of items. It is also resistant to exposure to moisture.

The consistency of this glue for metal is liquid. Thanks to this he Suitable for application with a brush. Implied use with activator. This material is recommended. for fastening parts with an overlap, then a high tensile, shear and other mechanical stresses. So, tensile strength is 60-80 MPa, depending on materials on which it is applied.


  • Low price;
  • Convenience when overlapping, as it is easy to apply with a brush;
  • High tensile strength, which is up to 80 MPa.


  • Poorly joining;
  • Fluidity, which is important to consider when working with some parts (e.g. small ones);
  • Relatively long hardening time on vacation.

Special glue Poxipol “Cold welding” (gray)

Rating: 4.6


Why is it: Short hardening time, low price.

Two-component epoxy adhesive for metal “Cold welding” differs from Poxipol in extremely short hardening times. The necessary and sufficient rigidity comes in 10 minutes after application! And after an hour it becomes so strong that the parts connected by it can be machined – drilling, sawing, cutting etc. However, it is worth considering that – like other adhesives based on epoxy resins – it takes about a day to complete polymerization.

The glue is highly resistant to aggressive external impacts. It does not collapse upon contact with moisture, direct sunlight, extremely high or low temperatures. Also, this adhesive is characterized by increased adhesion to most surfaces. The tightness and reliability of “Cold Welding” makes It is suitable even for the repair of water pipes or gas pipelines.

Gray color makes it invisible on the surface of the metal.


  • Fast hardening – 10 minutes are enough for separation mechanical stress lasts an hour;
  • Stability under the influence of aggressive external environment;
  • Very low price, one of the cheapest metal adhesives in rating.


  • Complete polymerization occurs one day after application;
  • Poorly joining;
  • Poor for small, inconspicuous seams, forms thick a layer between overlapping parts.

Super-glue universal super Bison Super Glue Gel, 3 g

Rating: 4.3


Why he: One of the most durable universal superglue.

Bison Super Glue Gel durability and reliability. It is suitable for minor household repairs. a variety of items, including those made of metal alloys. Special gel texture prevents leakage and spreading, so that the various parts will be held together much more convenient and safer.

It is worth noting that this material is required for solidification a bit more time than regular superglue – enough tear-off strength is achieved after 1-2 minutes. But it is also reduces the risk of errors and improves safety during use, and also simplifies overlap joints – by moving fastened elements, uniform distribution of the composition over their surface can be achieved to increase reliability.

The material quickly and reliably fills pores and microcracks on surface. Due to this, increased durability.


  • The thick composition simplifies application and protects against spreading;
  • Excellent filling ability;
  • Wide temperature operation.


  • Small volume, only 3 grams, only suitable for small household repair;
  • Relatively low resistance to aggressive chemical exposure;
  • Comparative high cost.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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