5 best washable wall paints

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Washing paint in the interior decoration will help keep the room perfectly clean. Any dirt can be removed from it, whether just dust, traces of liquids, even a drop of fat. Also she suitable for disinfection treatment. Thus washing paint can be used both in public places, and in residential.

For lovers of radiant clean homes, we have prepared a rating of 7 the best washing paints for walls that are durable, security and vibrant colors.

Rating of the best washable paints

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best washable paints 1 Tikkurila liitu 1 310 rub.
2 Alpina Effekt Impression 440 rub.
3 Dulux colors of kingdom 660 rub
4 Marshall Maestro Interior Fantasy 200 rub
5 Beckers Elegant Vaggfarg Helmatt 1 037 rub.

Tikkurila liitu

Rating: 4.9

Tikkurila Liitu

Why is she: A slate paint that works well for children’s rooms.

Tikkurila Liitu washing paint is presented by the manufacturer as solution for covering blackboards. However, it can be used and in other conditions – for example, on the walls. Especially good she will show itself in the children’s room.

This washing paint is a slate paint. Her special texture provides good adhesion of chalk and other paints materials, due to which the trace from it will be clear and contrasting. The child will definitely like this – the entire wall will become a platform for creativity! And then chalk or pastel pencil is easily washed off an ordinary damp cloth.

The paint is characterized by increased environmental friendliness. Refers to water-borne, can be applied by spray or roller. IN the assortment of the company is black and white, with the latter it is well tinted by branded means. On drying layer only 6 hours are required, but complete drying is achieved through a week.


  • Perfect for walls in a children’s room, in the kitchen, for furniture. Designed specifically for writing on it chalk;
  • It is easily tinted with signature tone pastes;
  • It is steady against insignificant influence of moisture (wiping damp napkin).


  • A minimum of 3-4 coats of paint is required for sustainable coverings;
  • Relatively high price for a jar;
  • Liquid consistency, it is recommended to apply with a spray gun.

Alpina Effekt Impression

Rating: 4.8

Alpina Effekt Impression

Why is she: Resistant to various negative factors structural paint.

Alpina Effekt Impression waterproof wash paint – good solution for custom interior design. Thanks to its bright it creates pronounced structural properties on the surface of the walls Visible and tactile texture. It’s fine will complement the interiors in the style of “loft” and “minimalism”, as well as fit to any others.

In addition, it is worth noting the excellent strength properties this washing paint for the walls. Finished, dried coating not only the effects of moisture, but also the appearance of mechanical damage. It does not scratch, does not wear and does not peel off – Of course, with proper preparation of the foundation. Paint spread can on almost any material except wood and metal, since it requires good adhesion to the surface.

It has a pasty consistency, it is recommended for application roller or spatula. Comes in white, supports tinting.


  • A characteristic, coarse texture that supports individual modeling with a brush or trowel;
  • Excellent strength characteristics, high resistance to moisture
  • Relatively low price.


  • Only manual application, which will require endurance when processing large areas;
  • Infrequently found on sale;
  • The difficulty in self-manual tinting is due to paste-like consistency of paint.

Dulux colors of kingdom

Rating: 4.7

Dulux Colors of Kingdom

Why she: Does not need tinting, the most recognizable and trend colors.

The collection of washing paints for walls Dulux Colors of Kingdom included 33 finished shades created by leading British by designers. Therefore, they do not need tinting. And the colors themselves quite non-standard – but characteristic of traditional English interiors. The collection includes shades such as Indian Spices, Watermelon Pulp, Endless Ocean – and more 30 ready-made pastel solutions to create indoors British-inspired interior.

Paint performance is also one of the best in rating. Thanks to high hiding power and excellent connectivity It can be applied in one coat. Haze helps her hide slight surface defects. Washing paint is environmentally friendly and safe, can be used in children’s and medical institutions. It can be applied by brush, roller for water-dispersion mixtures or spray gun.


  • A collection designed by British designers specifically for life and relaxation in pastel shades;
  • Excellent coverage and cohesion. Not spreads, can be applied in one layer;
  • When washing on a surface there are no stains left.


  • It is not tinted, if the shade does not suit – you need to look other;
  • Not very pleasant sour smell to the very end drying out;
  • Dense, not all spray guns can handle it.

Marshall Maestro Interior Fantasy

Rating: 4.6

Marshall Maestro Interior Fantasy

Why is she: Deep-matt interior wall wash paint on water based (supports dilution for easy use with spray gun).

For processing large areas – for example, several rooms or the entire apartment at once – without additional requirements for texture or surface finish wall wash Marshall Maestro “Interior Fantasy” fits better than others options in the ranking. Thanks to the water-dispersion base, it supports dilution – and, as a result, can be used with spray guns of any type.

In addition, the wash ink has excellent durability. to moisture. After complete drying, it can be washed not only with wet rags, but also with wet sponges.

Due to its high hiding power and matte texture, the paint able to mask small surface defects. Also she does not glare, which makes it suitable for bedrooms and other rooms, where a precisely calibrated amount of light is required. Water base and use with a spray gun makes it economical.


  • High profitability. When applied in two layers, the flow rate is about 1 liter per 4.5 square meters;
  • Excellent hiding power, fits well on almost any base, except for smooth wood and metal;
  • May be washed with plenty of moisture.


  • Sensitive to hygroscopic surface. Not recommended applying gypsum plasterboard sheets to the gypsum side, actively moisture absorbing plasters and similar materials.

Beckers Elegant Vaggfarg Helmatt

Rating: 4.6

Beckers Elegant Vaggfarg Helmatt

Why she: Latex base with high resistance to various external aggressive influences.

This washable wall paint is latex-based, which is characterized by maximum resistance to any external aggressive influences. Surfaces coated with it can be washed with quite a lot of moisture, as well as with some types household chemicals. It is also resistant to mechanical stress. (scratches, abrasions), is elastic and retains color set during tinting even under direct sun rays.

The elastic base allows the use of this material on sensitive to mechanical stress, including tightening, surfaces. For example, on drywall, gypsum plaster and like that.

The deeply matte surface of the mixture also helps mask. slight defects in the walls and ceiling. Application supported with using a spray gun without additional dilution. Differs in safety and environmental friendliness.


  • One of the most resistant to mechanical damage and exposure to moisture inks in the rating;
  • It can be applied on sensitive surfaces – for example, from gypsum;
  • Smooth velvety texture.


  • Continuous full drying, taking up to four weeks
  • Relatively high price;
  • Application in two layers is recommended for maximum sustainability.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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