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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

When breaking down the terrain to create topographic maps, do not dispense with a total station. The geodetic instrument is also used for measurements of vertical and horizontal angles, definitions coordinates, calculating the height of points, moving coordinates to the terrain, building direct and inverse design points. it highly specialized optical equipment will simplify and speed up geodetic work, so it’s worth figuring out which The total station is the best and how to choose it for specific tasks. In that material collected by our experts will help. Here you will find constructive tips and customer reviews to narrow your search goods.

Selection recommendations

People who are already versed in it are resorting to buying a total station characteristics. These are specialists in applied geodesy, employees for survey, cadastral or land management. But we recall the main selection options, if it is difficult to navigate variety of features of the devices:

  1. Range of measurements on the reflector and without it. Than larger future building under construction or more spacious terrain for research, the further the device should “see”. Distance for measurements without a reflector range from 500 to 1000 m. With reflector, this figure increases to 3000-10000 m. But it is not always possible to install a reflective element (mechanical obstacles on the way), so you should focus on the first value.
  2. Class and angular accuracy. Total station readings recorded in arc second (“). Depending on the class accuracy, there are models with characteristics from 5 to 20 “. The higher figure, the more accurate data the device is able to provide. Yet the range of angle measurements depends on this. Accuracy for every km distances can be 1.5-3 mm or more, which should be taken into account for objects to which requirements are raised rigor.
  3. Weight. The mass of the geodetic apparatus varies from 2.5 to 7 kg, which affects the usability with frequent movement to object.
  4. Interface. 3-5 inch screen size affects ease of reading. USB and micro USB ports for transfer CSV, GSI, LandXML, DXF, ASCII formats simplify data exchange with other devices.
  5. Nutrition. All total stations receive energy from battery. The autonomy time depends on its capacity, component of 10-30 hours.
  6. Functions The availability of additional features enhances convenience of working with the device. Bluetooth allows data transfer wirelessly to a computer. High capacity internal memory simplifies storage of a data packet. Laser centering will help for sure point the machine in place.
  7. Equipment. A tripod allows you to immediately use the total station in work. The case will simplify the storage and transportation of expensive instrument. The reflector will help you work in a spacious area. The tribrach serves as an intermediate insert between the tripod and total station and Designed for easy rotation and direction selection.

Rating of the best total stations

Now consider the best total stations, which are positive experts speak out in reviews, and whose characteristics I liked the experts.

Nomination a place Name of product price
Overview of the best total stations 1 Leica TS09 RUS R1000 5quot 1 037 211 rub.
2 Leica TS09plus R500 (5 “) 457,149 rub.
3 Sokkia fx-105 572 115 rub.
4 Nikon XS 5 “LP 472 853 rub.
5 Spectra Focus 2 (5 “) (SUMM-2005) 218 773 rub.

Leica TS09 RUS R1000 5quot

Rating: 5.0

Leica TS09 RUS R1000 5quot

In the first place the TS09 tacheometer with a measurement range without reflector up to 1000 m. The geodetic instrument is equipped with a touch 5 inch heated screen. Heat is supplied to additional keys, so you can operate the device outdoors when temperature -20 degrees. IP66 case protection will not allow rain spoil the electronics. Total station is able to highlight the grid of threads on five levels. Users in reviews like huge memory equipment containing 60,000 measurements and a mark of 100,000 points. IN two batteries are supplied, so it’s possible to work all day. Measurement accuracy without reflector is ± 2 mm.

We considered the total station to be the best in range of work with a reflector. With milestone and fixed active plate equipment capable of measuring distances up to 10 km, which makes the product suitable for very large objects and topographic surveys. Still here Bluetooth wireless, so switching from PC and other devices simplified and requires no wires.


  • 5-inch touch screen with backlight;
  • there is a laser plummet;
  • Record in five common formats;
  • anti-theft system.


  • value above 1 million rubles;
  • no tripod or pole with reflector included.

Leica TS09plus R500 (5 “)

Rating: 4.9

Leica TS09plus R500 (5

In second place is the product from the same brand, only with a range work 500 m. In the case of using an active reflector will measure distances up to 3500 m with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm. The model has tracking mode for continuous reading, in which accuracy deviates by only 3.0 mm up or down. This feature helps to significantly increase productivity and reduce time to complete work. Customers praise in reviews total station for touch Q-VGA screen with bright colors and intuitive intuitive control using icons. For work in a frost display has heating. Optional connection possible additional keyboard for enhanced usability geodetic apparatus.

We have put the product in the list of the best because of the most complete package FlexField Plus software that is suitable for widespread applications. IN the device already has everything necessary for indirect measurements, coordinate geometry, 3D volume calculation, road calculation in 2D, transferring data in kind, transferring marks, creating a basic and reference plane.


  • convenient handle for transportation;
  • touch color screen;
  • full set of application programs;
  • range of 3500 m per reflector.


  • no robotic shooting;
  • high price;
  • loses to protect the case to the leader of the review (IP55 against IP66);
  • can’t take pictures.

Sokkia fx-105

Rating: 4.8

Sokkia FX-105

Further in the review is an engineering total station from the Japanese brand Sokkia. The model is capable of taking measurements up to a distance of 500 m without reflector and 4000 m with an active response device. Supplied goods in a durable case with a tribrach, a power adapter and two batteries. Their work will last for 40 hours. Inside pre-installed programs for working with projects (deletion, creation and configuration), coordinate calculation, route design, volume measurement. Customers praise the product in the reviews for not sensitive to obstacles. Total Station measures through mesh netting, foliage or branches, without deviation from the norm. Yet owners like a coaxial laser sight that helps for sure point the device to the desired location.

According to the editors of the magazine, this tacheometer is the best in view of Windows CE 6.0 operating system, while the above competitors – CE 5.0. This will help maintain longer. all updates and better interact with “fresh” programs on the pc.


  • not sensitive to obstacles;
  • easy switching of modes with the press of a single button;
  • coaxial laser designator;
  • Conveniently located Start button.


  • loses a little to the two above models in accuracy in reflectorless mode (± 3 mm vs ± 2);
  • Bluetooth module is built-in and does not come in kit;
  • laser sight range of only 150 m.

Nikon XS 5 “LP

Rating: 4.7

Nikon XS 5

The famous brand among photographic equipment “Nikon” releases its angular total station for surveying and land surveying accuracy of 5 “. Without a reflector, the optical power of the device is enough for distances of 800 m. The angle of view here is 1º25, and minimum focal length 1.5 m. To set the device to target, optical focus is used. Two batteries included which is enough for 10 hours each. Users in reviews like that the batteries can be replaced in two touches, and this is important, when responsible measurements are taken and a message is displayed low battery. USB is provided for data transfer to a PC connector. Internal memory has a reserve of 50,000 points.

We have entered the total station in the list of the best because of the presence of two sensory screens. Monitors are located on each side and control the operation of the apparatus is more convenient. Each control panel is protected. With a PIN code to exclude a confusion or to prevent unauthorized access.


  • with a tribrach included;
  • backlit buttons for working in the dark;
  • autofocus system is provided;
  • panels are protected by a code;
  • quick battery replacement.


  • accuracy accuracy ± 3 mm;
  • the battery charges for 6 hours;
  • minimum focal length 1.5 m, while others 0.3 m

Spectra Focus 2 (5 “) (SUMM-2005)

Rating: 4.6

Spectra Focus 2 (5

The review is completed by a total station from the Japanese company Spectra. it geodesic instrument with optical focus and range action 500 m without reflector. With active counter plate The device is suitable for land surveys at a distance of 3 km. Angular accuracy is 5 seconds of arc with an accuracy of 3 mm on every kilometer. The design uses a biaxial compensator. Through the lens, you can enlarge the image 30 times to more accurately aim at the target. The manufacturer took care of highlighting the network of threads. The minimum focal length is 1.5 m.

Users in reviews like battery life, reaching 31 hours. Other competitors in the review this indicator does not more than 20 hours on a single battery. Included with the product two batteries, therefore, the duration of operation increases up to 62 hours, for which a total station is recognized as the best. Another advantage protects the lightest weight – 2.8 kg already with power sources.


  • built-in memory and slot for CD cards;
  • can be applied at -20 degrees;
  • two Li-ion batteries included;
  • on the reflector, the range is 3000 m.


  • the screen is not color, but monochrome;
  • accuracy ± 3 mm;
  • backlight only on the screen – you can see the keys in the dark badly.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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