5 best delta sanders

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Vibratory grinders with a delta-shaped platform allow manipulation in hard-to-reach places, such as corners of rooms, log joints or narrow niches. They are used for grinding walls, car bodies, and polishing furniture. If you need such a power tool, pay attention to the tips for choosing a delta sander and the TOP-5 best models with the most positive reviews.

Recommendations for choosing a delta sander

To figure out which delta sander is better, it is worth remembering the key selection parameters:

  1. Power. Varies from 50 to 300 W. For occasional use, a power tool with an indicator of 100-125 W is sufficient. In case of professional activity, buy a delta sander with a power of 200-300 W, which will withstand all loads.
  2. Platform travel. It happens 1-3 mm. Performance depends on it. The larger the stroke, the wider the wall area is erased in one cycle.
  3. Weight. The weight of delta type grinders ranges from 600 g to 2 kg, which affects the convenience of working on weight for a long time.
  4. Processing frequency. The indicator varies from 8000 to 26000 per minute. For working with soft wood, 10,000 col / min is enough. It is better to grind metal and putty at increased rates of 20,000 count / min.
  5. Sole size. Another characteristic that affects performance. For polishing curly furniture, use small devices with a working area of ​​93×93 mm. It is better to pass walls and ceilings with a large sole, for example 140×140 mm.

Availability of additional functions. They are different and may be useful in certain situations. The sole of delta sanders can be changed from triangular to rectangular or pulled out in the form of a strip, which provides access to different places. The coasting brake allows you to instantly stop the device and move to a new area. Adjusting the vibration frequency will make it easier to work with one device with materials of different density. The dust outlet ensures cleanliness by connecting to a vacuum cleaner or dust collector. Rotating the outsole will rotate the work area 360 degrees to fully utilize the outsole.

Rating of the best delta sanders

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best cordless delta sanders 1 BOSCH EasySander 12 2.5Ah x1 RUB 6 349
The best networked delta sanders 1 Metabo FMS 200 RUB 3,845
2 RYOBI RMS180-SA30 RUB 3,690
3 BOSCH PSM Primo RUB 2,990
4 Interskol PShM-32/130 RUB 1,413

The best cordless delta sanders

Delta sanders with a battery are convenient in the absence of a mains cable and can be used on objects not connected to electricity. But for long-term operation, you will need a replaceable battery. We found only one verified product that we can recommend in this category.

BOSCH EasySander 12 2.5Ah x1

Rating: 4.9

BOSCH EasySander 12 2.5Ah x1

German delta sander from “Bosch”, which has a platform stroke of 1.2 mm and makes 22,000 vibrations per minute. Power is supplied from a 12 V battery. An adapter for connecting to a vacuum cleaner is implemented at the back. A battery with a capacity of 2.5 A / h is already included in the kit and you do not need to buy anything. In customer reviews, customers report that it takes 60 minutes to fully charge, which is relatively fast. There is also a lock on the start button, so you don't need to keep it pressed all the time.

The model is the most productive among the options with a battery. A vibration frequency of 22000 ensures fast surface passage. Not all network analogues are able to compete with this indicator. We also liked the delta sander for its ergonomics. It lacks a separate handle, and the body has received curves that exactly match the inner shape of the palm. The third indisputable advantage of the device is its weight of 0.7 kg, which will not tire the operator's hand even during prolonged manipulations.


  • 2 year warranty;
  • battery included;
  • the battery is removable and replaceable;
  • 3 consumable sanding sheets are provided with the machine.


  • high price;
  • the sole does not turn.

The best networked delta sanders

The mains delta sanders are powered from 220 V and are not limited in time of use. But here you have to use an extension cord and remember about the hanging wire. This is the best option for working in a workshop or apartment.

Metabo FMS 200

Rating: 4.9


The first place in the category of networked delta sanders is taken by a product from the German brand “Metabo”. It has a triangular sole with Velcro tape and measures 147×100 mm. The tool consumes 200 watts per hour. The sole stroke has a reciprocating movement amplitude of 1.4 mm. The handle is covered with a rubber pad, and the power button is placed on the end to reach it with your thumbs. Owners in reviews love that the flywheel counterweight protects the operator from vibration. Customers also note the efficient operation of the built-in dust extraction and an additional container where it is collected.

Our experts liked the product for its performance, which is achieved by the platform oscillation frequency of 26,000 per minute. This is the largest indicator among electric renovators operating from the network. In combination with the 200 W power, the tool is optimal for professional work and for performing large volumes of daily work.


  • weight 1.2 kg;
  • platform stroke 1.4 mm;
  • rubberized handle;
  • effective work of the built-in vacuum cleaner;
  • large tape 147×100 mm.


  • high price;
  • there are no speed controllers – they are always at maximum;
  • it is very difficult to find the power button under the rubber pad, especially when wearing work gloves;
  • rigid power cord;
  • the platform does not turn.


Rating: 4.8


The delta sander has a narrow body with a rubberized grip for a firm grip on the tool. The power of the device is 180 W, suitable for semi-professional activities. The platform makes up to 12,000 vibrations per minute, but their frequency can be reduced to handle more delicate materials. The kit includes a dust collector that collects flying waste. The start button is able to be fixed in a certain position and is protected by a folding cover, which eliminates accidental pressing. The fixing of emery is here not only with Velcro, but also with clamps. In the reviews, the owners are satisfied with the product due to the ability to adjust the speed for different tasks, as well as the equipment with 30 abrasive sheets and a case bag for transportation.

In our opinion, the delta sander is the best in terms of the ability to get to the most difficult to reach places. For this, the manufacturer has equipped it with a folding nose with a narrow shape. This allows you to grind even narrow strips inside furniture or car bodies, as well as between logs in a log house.


  • ergonomic handle;
  • there is a dust collector;
  • power 180 W;
  • you can adjust the vibration frequency.


  • rigid cable;
  • relatively high cost.


Rating: 4.7


The German manufacturer Bosch also produces amateur delta sanders, such as the PSM Primo, which has a power of 50 W but makes 24,000 vibrations. Its platform travel is 1.4 mm. A dust collector is provided at the back, however, it is very small, so you will have to stop more often and shake it out. The delta sander has a rubber coating to prevent slipping in the hands, and the abrasive sheets are secured with Velcro. The set comes with only one sandpaper, which is enough for the first days of work. The start button can be locked in order not to keep it constantly pressed.

We liked the delta sander as the lightest in the power tool category. The mass of the device is only 600 g. The owners in the reviews report that the hand does not get tired of it at all, even if you use the machine for 3-4 hours every day. Although it is small, it grinds well.


  • vibration frequency 24000 per minute;
  • dust collector included;
  • the power button is locked;
  • protection of the network wire from refraction;
  • 2 year warranty.


  • low power 50 W;
  • only one sanding sheet and no bag included.

Interskol PShM-32/130

Rating: 4.6

Interskol PShM-32/130

The TOP-5 is completed by a delta sander from the Interskol brand. The model is endowed with a power of 130 W and vibrates the platform at a frequency of 11,000 per minute. The length and width of the sole here reaches 140×80 mm, so a significant section is traversed at a time. The power button is lockable and does not require constant holding. The set comes with one of the most capacious dust collectors. The weight of 950 g is optimal for using the power tool at a height with arms outstretched.

A clear advantage of this delta sander is its affordable price, which is half the price of competitors. Judging by the reviews of the masters, it is in no way inferior in quality and performance to expensive counterparts with the same characteristics. Another plus is the largest number of product reviews in the Yandex Market, which testifies to popular recognition and proven quality.


  • convenient location of the power button;
  • full rubber handle;
  • weight 950 g;
  • protection of the cord from refraction at the exit from the case;
  • capacious dust collector.


  • short network cable 2 m;
  • only 2 sheets per set;
  • it is inconvenient to grind the blockhouse – a short spout.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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