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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Landscaping is an art that depends on many small details that create a big picture. Everyone who at least once has planned and developed the appearance of their own courtyard or garden will tell you about this. Its 'highlight' is its beautiful, neatly cut bushes and tree crowns, which organically fit into the overall stylistic concept. And in order to give a complete, laconic look and carefully process ornamental plants, turning an overgrown area into a blooming garden, you will need a hedge cutter – a special device designed for processing ornamental plants.

    Which brush cutter is better to buy?

    Contrary to popular belief, the best hedge trimmers are not produced by those firms that produce household appliances and equipment for the kitchen and home. The list of 'top' manufacturers includes only those firms that have 'earned' their name in the production of construction equipment:

    1. Makita

    2. Husquarna

    3. Bosch

    4. Stihl

    5. Echo

    These companies are a kind of trendsetters in the market for construction tools and industrial equipment, among which there are various models of brush cutters, and therefore their products can be safely recommended for purchase.

    Rating of the best brush cutters

    Nomination a place Name of product price
    Best mechanical brush cutters 1 Gardena Comfort 600 RUB 4190
    Best Electric Brush Cutters 1 Bosch AHS 45-16 RUB 5130
    Best cordless hedge trimmers 1 MAKITA UH200DWE RUB 8490
    The best gasoline brush cutters 1 Stihl HS 45 14 490 RUB
    2 HUSQVARNA 555FX RUB 62,990

    Best mechanical brush cutters

    When choosing a brush cutter, many buyers are looking towards mechanical models. There are a great many reasons for this. The first is the price: mechanical hedge trimmers are significantly cheaper than their electrical counterparts. Second, it's ease of use. These models are reminiscent of garden shears with longer blades and more comfortable handles, and therefore easy and convenient to use. Even a person who has never dealt with landscape design before and does not know how hedge trimmers work can use such devices. For purchase, you can safely recommend the products of Gardena, a German brand that has become a real trendsetter in the hedge trimmer market.

    Gardena Comfort 600

    Rating: 4.7

    Gardena Comfort 600

    A compact hedgecutter that perfectly matches the declared quality and price. The scissor blades are made of high-quality alloy steel, and therefore perfectly 'hold' sharpening. The handles are coated with a special polymer that prevents slipping and allows you to work in almost any conditions. The total length of the device is 60 centimeters, which is more than enough for prompt processing of trees in any conditions.


    • Alloy steel blades that do not require sharpening for a long time;

    • 25-year manufacturer's warranty;

    • Patented force transmission gear system that increases compression power by up to 50%;

    • Comfortable handles with anti-slip gel coating;


    • High price;

    • Large weight;

    Top rated electric brush cutters

    Electric brush cutters are special devices that look like a traditional chainsaw. They work from the electrical network, and therefore they allow you to easily cut off even thick enough branches and cope with such work, which would have to spend a lot of time using a mechanical brush cutter. However, there are also disadvantages. For example, an electric brush cutter should not be used in wet conditions due to the high risk of electric shock. In addition, the limited length of the cord makes areas remote from the outlet inaccessible, and the use of all kinds of extension cords also promises a lot of trouble. In general, there are both positive and negative sides.

    Bosch AHS 45-16

    Rating: 4.9

    Bosch AHS 45-16

    This hedgecutter can be called one of the most optimal models of this class of devices, which will certainly suit both advanced gardeners and beginners in this business. The electric hedgecutter is small in size and weighs only 2.69 kilograms, making it easy and convenient to operate it even for a long time. Safety is also at a high level: a two-stage activation system guarantees protection against accidental starting and injury as a result.


    • Compact size and weight;

    • Simplicity and thoughtfulness of the design;

    • Low noise;

    • Two-stage switching scheme, excluding spontaneous start;

    • Advanced cutting head design;


    • Short power cord;

    • Insufficient moisture protection, making it impossible to operate in wet conditions;

    Best cordless hedge trimmers

    Devices that combine the functionality and speed of operation of standard electric hedge trimmers with the portability and mobility of their mechanical counterparts. The power source in this situation is a powerful battery, which is more than enough for a long time of operation. The reverse side of the coin is less power than traditional electric models, as well as a long charging time.


    Rating: 4.8


    The most 'creative' brushcutter on our charts. Thanks to the included interchangeable knives, you get the opportunity not only to cut shrubs and tree crowns, but also to give them an exquisite shape. Lightweight and easy to operate, this compact hedgecutter is lightweight and comfortable to work with and does not cause fatigue. The handle is rubberized, which ensures the most comfortable holding of the device during operation. At the height and security systems – two-level protection excludes spontaneous activation of the device. This brush cutter is an indispensable assistant for a summer resident who regularly travels to a personal plot and is deprived of access to a 220V network.


    • Compact size and light weight;

    • Convenient ergonomic rubberized handle that prevents the tool from slipping out during operation;

    • Two-stage protection system against unintentional activation;

    • A large number of different knives in the kit, allowing you to cut bushes, branches and grass and give them bizarre shapes;

    • Sophisticated system of quick replacement of knives;


    • Insufficient battery capacity;

    • High noise level during operation;

    • Low power of the cutting edge, allowing you to cut only thin branches of trees and bushes;

    Rating of the best gasoline brush cutters

    Combining the power of traditional electric hedge trimmers with the mobility of cordless hedge trimmers, petrol models are now hugely popular. The presence of an internal combustion engine eliminates the need to be tied to an outlet – direct or indirect, and also provides a sufficiently high power of the device as a whole. The reverse side of the medal is a lot of weight due to the presence of an engine and a fuel tank, high noise and unpleasant exhaust gases that are mandatory during operation. In addition, gasoline engines are whimsical in terms of fuel quality and the presence of two-stroke oil in it.

    Stihl HS 45

    Rating: 4.8

    Stihl HS 45

    An extremely demanded and popular device, used not only in private houses, but also in utilities. Differs in high power and extremely unpretentious design. The weight is also a positive point – 4.7 kilograms, it does not cause any discomfort even with prolonged work with it. A well thought-out fuel flow algorithm, coupled with an electronic ignition system and a manual fuel pump, ensure a confident start in any conditions. The convenience of working with the hedgecutter is increased by means of a swivel handle, which makes it possible to operate the hedgecutter equally conveniently both in vertical and horizontal planes.


    • Compact size and light weight;

    • Special design that reduces vibrations during idle and working revolutions;

    • Electronic ignition system and manual fuel priming pump;

    • Sophisticated fuel supply algorithm;

    • Double-sided design of knives;


    • High noise level;

    • Small fuel tank capacity, requiring regular refueling

    • Whimsical to the quality of the supplied fuel;


    Rating: 4.7


    A powerful and productive device made in the brush cutter form factor. Designed specifically for tough working conditions and mowing thick branches and thick grass. This form factor assumes shoulder fixation with an adjustable strap, and therefore does not cause discomfort during prolonged work with the device and does not tire the employee. The double protection system eliminates the unintentional start of the device and causing injury as a result. The main feature of this model is a powerful innovative engine, a new development of the company. It consumes one third less fuel (compared to similar devices), and the level of exhaust emissions is reduced by 75-80%.


    • Compact dimensions;

    • Convenient control algorithm;

    • High enough power;

    • Double system of protection against accidental activation;

    • Innovative engine;

    • Shoulder strap;


    • Overall dimensions and rather large weight of the device (about 9 kilograms)

    Which brush cutter to buy

    When choosing a device of this type, you should take into account the functional features, operating conditions, and the tasks that you plan to solve with it. Not every hedge trimmer can be suitable, for example, for working in conditions of high humidity or where you constantly have to deal with thick branches and dense thickets of bushes. The skills of the person handling the device should not be overlooked: a professional model is unlikely to be an excellent choice for a beginner who has never dealt with devices of this class before.

    1. If you are choosing a device to work on your personal plot, and the scope of work is limited to cutting a couple of trees, Gardena Comfort 600 will be the best choice. Compact, inexpensive, mobile and lightweight – the best option for a summer residence!

    2. If you prefer electric models and have an outlet in the immediate vicinity of the bushes, choose the Bosch AHS 45-16. This hedge trimmer will perfectly handle branches up to 2.5 mm thick.

    3. Is there no outlet nearby? It doesn't matter, MAKITA UH200DWE will come to your aid. Just charge your battery and change your landscape beyond recognition!

    4. Under particularly difficult operating conditions, in serious thickets and when it is necessary to work for a long time in the field, a gasoline brush cutter will be the best option. Stihl HS 45 is a prime example of such a device, providing maximum functionality in almost any environment!

    Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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