27 best beaches in Greece

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Each of the greek beaches have a special atmosphere and unique, truly Mediterranean charm. Some of them are suitable for active rest, others beckon with their solitude and silence. How to find suitable? In our ranking of the best we offer you a selection gorgeous beaches of Greece for every taste.

Features of relaxation on the beaches of Greece

Greece is widely known for its many kilometers and incredible diverse beaches. There are luxurious coasts covered velvet sand. There are cozy “kids” who hide in secluded bays. You can find real energy “bombs” with large the number of tourists actively vacationing and loud music.

As for the prices of beach accessories, it all depends on from the fame of the coast and the number of vacationers. average price set “umbrella + deck chair” – 5-8 euros.

Blue Flag beaches deserve special attention – international mark of “quality”. They are the purest and equipped. Most of these are located on Halkidiki, the islands of Crete, Kefalonia and Lefkada.

During relaxation, you should remember about beach etiquette. For example, walking barefoot outside the beach or in a swimsuit is considered shopping bad taste. Smoking is not prohibited (given that most Greeks – heavy smokers). But leave cigarette butts on the beach strictly prohibited. As for nudist holidays – European tourists are not this account is not much bother. But still, it is preferable to choose the appropriate places.

Pets not prohibited: a furry pet can without problems floundering in sea water, but it is better to be with him side of other vacationers.

About the dangers. The first and main danger is the sun. Greek the sun is merciless and do not forget about it. Be sure to stock up protective SPF cream. The second danger is sea urchins. Ubiquitous. But prefer to “walk” on a rocky bottom. Jellyfish in water are rare. Mostly “wander” to the shore only after a storm.

Rating of the best beaches in Greece

Nomination a place greece beach beach rating
The best beaches in Greece for family holidays 1 Ornos (Fr.) Mykonos 4.9
2 Manganari, Fr. Ios 4.8
3 Elafonisos (Elafonisos), about. Crete 4.8
4 Kamares (Kamares), about. Sifnos 4.7
5 Vouliagmeni, Athens 4.7
The best pebble beaches of Greece 1 Anthony Quinn Rhodes 4.9
2 Emblisi, Fr. Kefalonia 4.8
3 Myrtos, Kefalonia 4.8
The best beaches in Greece for diving 1 Shipwreck Beach (Shipwreck Beach), about. Zakynthos 4.9
2 Vrulidia (Vroulidia), about. Chios 4.8
3 Kathisma (Kathisma), about. Lefkada 4.7
The best “wild” beaches of Greece 1 Stafylos, Skopelos 4.9
2 Balos (Balos), about. Crete 4.8
3 Lalaria (Lalaria), about. Skiathos 4.8
The best “colored” beaches of Greece 1 Elafonissi (Elafonissi), about. Crete 4.9
2 Red beach, about. Santorini 4.8
3 Perissa (Perissa), about. Santorini 4.7
The best beaches of Greece for a secluded holiday 1 Logaras, Paros 4.9
2 Plaka, about. Naxos 4.8
3 Egremni, Fr. Lefkada 4.7
The best beaches in Greece for adults 1 Vai, Fr. Crete 4.9
2 Sani, Halkidiki 4.8
3 Paradise, Fr. Mykonos 4.7
The best “universal” beaches of Greece 1 Mylopotas (Mylopotas), about. Ios 4.9
2 Koukounaries, Skiathos 4.8
3 Paleokastritsa (Paleokastritsa), about. Corfu 4.7
4 Matala (Matala), about. Crete 4.6

The best beaches in Greece for family holidays

Ornos (Fr.) Mykonos

Rating: 4.9

Ornos, Mykonos Island

Ideal for families with children who dominate here. Excellent gentle entry into the water, soft fine sand. To the nearest cities – about 10 minutes by car, so there is always crowded.

Note: if you like to sunbathe on the sand, here it is unlikely whether you can do it – the beach is almost always tightly packed sunbeds.

Manganari, Fr. Ios

Rating: 4.8

Manganari (Manganari), about. Ios

Became world famous after Luc Besson captured this little piece of paradise in his film The Blue Abyss. The coastal strip is 5 tiny secluded beaches hidden in secluded bays. The descent into the water here is rather shallow and gentle – The sea is perfect for kids. Surf fans will also not disappointed: surfers are available for hire to conquer the Aegean waves. There are many taverns nearby.

Note: for those who would like to spend near the coast a few days, it is possible to rent an apartment, located near the beach.

Elafonisos (Elafonisos), about. Crete

Rating: 4.8


One of the sand pearls not only of Crete, but of the whole of Greece. Located in the southwestern part of the island. Luxurious sand with light pink tint, clear water without waves, convenient location made Elafonisi one of the “favorites” among visitors resort.

Note: the depth here is shallow (about 1 m). So that in the pleasure of swimming and diving, you have to go far in sea.

Kamares (Kamares), about. Sifnos

Rating: 4.7

Kamares, island of Sifnos

The beach of the resort of the same name is considered one of the best in Europe. Equipped with everything you need for a comfortable and sporty sea ​​recreation, it is distinguished by fine, velvet sand, calm by the sea. There are many taverns and hotels nearby.

Vouliagmeni, Athens

Rating: 4.7

Vouliagmeni, Athens

Many beaches of the Greek capital are distinguished by excellent service. and grooming. The water here is very clean, the bottom is sand. Everything you need for an active marine holiday is provided.

Note: perhaps everything is connected with the fact that the beaches are metropolitan, but you will have to pay for entry to each of them and not bad (from 10 to 30 Euro). Moreover, the fee is not per day: when leaving the beach a second call to the territory will be paid again.

The best pebble beaches of Greece

Anthony Quinn Rhodes

Rating: 4.9


Stunningly beautiful pebble beach with emerald sea. Known far beyond Greece. It got its name in honor of famous American actor – Anthony Quinn, who during filming on the island of the film “Greek Zorba” really loved the place because of his unique landscapes and privacy. Located in a small the bay, fully equipped Anthony Quinn is surrounded by pine vegetation and rocks. Places there are quite few, but divers will have a place to roam: the underwater world is amazing variety.

Note: since the place is quite famous to be comfortable here to relax, have to take a seat in the early morning.

Emblisi, Fr. Kefalonia

Rating: 4.8


A luxurious pebble beach with clear water is surrounded by pine vegetation. Despite its modest size, here There is always a place to relax. Water sports lovers can also relax for glory. There is a spa nearby town.

Myrtos, Kefalonia

Rating: 4.8


Visit Kefalonia and not visit the famous Myrtos – the holder of the Blue Flag – like a crime. This is a business card. card of greece. Feature – dazzling white sand and the same pebbles. It is necessary to stock up on special shoes. By the way going into water without shoes will also be difficult – pebbles are pretty large.

Note: the depth begins almost immediately when entering water, so the beach is suitable for relaxation without children and only to those who can swim.

The best beaches in Greece for diving

Shipwreck Beach (Shipwreck Beach), about. Zakynthos

Rating: 4.9


The world famous beach, on the coast of which is located smuggled ship thrown by the waves. Often here crowded, and the waves in the sea rarely subside. Incredible the scenery, nearby there are many caves that you can explore, at the same time feed the fish. Pebble bottom ideal for diving.

Note: not suitable for families with children – water is here quite cold, there is a strong current nearby. You can get there only by water.

Vrulidia (Vroulidia), about. Chios

Rating: 4.8


Situated under a huge cliff, secluded emerald place by the sea and velvet sand is ideal for a relaxing holiday and comfortable diving: here is a rich underwater world and transparent water. There is a cozy cafe on the cliff with excellent views of the the bay.

Note: the beach is hard to reach – you can get to it, going down a steep stone staircase. That’s why here often not crowded.

Kathisma (Kathisma), about. Lefkada

Rating: 4.7


A cozy well-equipped sandy beach stretches along coastline at 7 km. It is surrounded by picturesque cliffs. For tourists all kinds of water sports are offered. Crystal clear turquoise water is ideal for diving.

The best “wild” beaches of Greece

Stafylos, Skopelos

Rating: 4.9


The beach of the greenest island of Greece is better known among the local residents than among visiting tourists. Considered wild, therefore sun loungers and umbrellas are not found. But here is just an incredible landscape, fantastically clear and clear water, a lot of fish, bottom the sea is pebble. The diving spot is just perfect.

Note: there are no trees near the coast, so there’s no shadow also. A rather steep and difficult descent leads to Staphylos. Going through a little further (for a small hill), you can get to the nudist beach.

Balos (Balos), about. Crete

Rating: 4.8

Balos (Balos), island of Crete

One of the most inaccessible beaches on the island: you can get there only by car or as part of an excursion group on a ferry. it – a unique place of “meeting” of the three seas: Libyan, Aegean, Ionic. Balos amazes with a variety of shades sea ​​surface and snow-white sand. Convenient entry into the water.

Note: people do not live nearby, so there are no taverns or shops. All you need to take on the road (including water).

Lalaria (Lalaria), about. Skiathos

Rating: 4.8


The northernmost beach of the island is considered the most picturesque and romantic of all. The coast is striking in its colorful pebbles surrounded by high cliffs. Almost always here not crowded, and in the afternoon hours there is almost no one at all.

Note: you can only get by water.

The best “colored” beaches of Greece

Elafonissi (Elafonissi), about. Crete

Rating: 4.9

Elafonissi, Crete  src=

Lovers of “colorful” beaches will appreciate the luxurious Elafonisi, who, as if in a fairy tale, surprises with an unusual pinkish the sand. The entrance to the water is shallow, the sand is fine and velvety, no large waves. This is a great place to relax with children.

Note: you will have to wade – to get to treasured coast, just walk about a hundred meters on the water about 20 cm deep.

Red beach, about. Santorini

Rating: 4.8


The island is famous for its unusual gray, black and red. beaches all over the world. Among the famous volcanic coasts sand also includes the notorious Red Beach. Ideal for lovers of custom landscapes and wildlife. Here are luxurious severe form of rock, red sand and turquoise sea surface. Formally, the beach is wild, but here you can sunbathe on a sun lounger, there is restroom.

Note: it is undesirable to wear a light swimsuit – sand can stain the fabric.

Perissa (Perissa), about. Santorini

Rating: 4.7


A wide beach with black sand and azure clear water. There are taverns nearby, you can rent a deck chair (about 5 Euro / day). Suitable for a comfortable, relaxing holiday.

Note: black sand can stain a light fabric, therefore swimsuit is better to wear dark. Shoes are also best used. dark. By the way, sand is very hot during the day. At least comfortable paths are laid for him, you need to walk carefully.

The best beaches of Greece for a secluded holiday

Logaras, Paros

Rating: 4.9


The most secluded on the island. It is comfortable and quiet in view of lack of a large number of people, calm waves (from the wind the coast is perfectly protected by a cliff). You can have fun take a swim.

Plaka, about. Naxos

Rating: 4.8


Without a doubt, the best beach of the island. You can get to him at by bus – the flight runs from the capital of the island every 30 minutes. Water surprisingly transparent and calm, velvet sand, golden – the dream of an esthete. Plaka is considered not crowded, very quiet, but, moving away away from the “civilized” part of it (with sunbeds and taverns), you can enjoy sunbathing naked.

Egremni, Fr. Lefkada

Rating: 4.7


Secluded pebble beach of the island about 2.5 km long unique landscapes and clear water. Ideal for connoisseurs natural species and appeasement. Due to the remoteness, there is no active recreation. The sea deepens rather quickly, there is the waves.

The best beaches in Greece for adults

Vai, Fr. Crete

Rating: 4.9


The beach is quite crowded, comfortable (equipped with everything necessary), the water here is warm and clear. Suitable for comfortable, have a good rest. Nearby is a luxurious palm grove. To achieve will have a serpentine.

Note: the entrance to the water is quite deep and rocky.

Sani, Halkidiki

Rating: 4.8

Sani, Halkidiki

The beach – the holder of the Blue Flag – ideal for comfortable measured rest. The place has a unique view of the mountain. Olympus, luxurious white sand and warm, crystal clear water.

Paradise, Fr. Mykonos

Rating: 4.7

Paradise (Paradise), about. Mykonos

Famous for its noisy and crowded beaches of Mykonos for Paradise did not make an exception. The place is only suitable for youth, adult relaxation. Here you can often find representatives of sexual minorities. All day loud music plays, and disco begins in the evening. Paradise in itself is good: large sand, clear water, there is a pontoon entry into the water.

The best “universal” beaches of Greece

Mylopotas (Mylopotas), about. Ios

Rating: 4.9

Mylopotas (Mylopotas), about. Ios

Luxurious beach with velvet golden sand and crystal clear located by the sea in a cozy bay in the form of a horseshoe. Considered the best on Ios and one of the “most” among all the island beaches of Greece. A great place for a rich marine holiday. Along the coastal There are many taverns and restaurants where you can good food, and the variety of water sports activities will make unforgettable vacation.

Koukounaries, Skiathos

Rating: 4.8

Koukounaries, Skiathos

Perfectly equipped, ideal for active sports rest (lovers of such will be offered all kinds of sports equipment), comfortable rest with children. Here is a shallow approach in the sea, luxurious golden sand. The coast is surrounded pine vegetation.

Paleokastritsa (Paleokastritsa), about. Corfu

Rating: 4.7


Luxurious white sand, turquoise crystal clear water (to the bottom) – a real paradise for a beach holiday and comfortable diving. Nearby – well-developed infrastructure: taverns, boats on hire, entertainment for children. Young people love this place because of Blue lagoon (there is a bar in the rock), opportunities to ride on boat through the caves, excellent conditions for diving.

Note: although Paleokastritsa is considered warm, calm place, the sun sets here very quickly – after 17.00 on the coast will already be cool. By the way, in places sand is mixed with pebbles.

Matala (Matala), about. Crete

Rating: 4.6


Great pebble beach with a special hippy atmosphere. Big coastal area, beautiful views, convenient entry into the water, proximity taverns and unique caves give you the opportunity to relax, swim with a mask, eat deliciously, explore the local grottoes.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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