23 best phuket excursions

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Phuket – a piece of Thai tropical paradise with endless sandy beaches and non-stop nightly entertainment. But on some tenth day of vacation even these earthly goods begin bother. And then it’s time to go on an excursion, good Phuket is an island of very large and interesting places on it more than abound.

For those who want to spend their holidays in Thailand and want to to bring from there not only souvenirs, but also vivid memories, we made a rating of the 23 best tours of Phuket – sea, with outdoor activities, sightseeing and others.

Rating of the best excursions in Phuket

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Best Phuket Boat Tours 1 Similan Islands 4.9
2 Surin Island Group 4.9
3 Tachai Island 4.8
4 Khai Islands 4.8
5 Phi Phi Islands 4.7
6 Coral island 4.7
7 Maiton 4.7
8 James Bond Island 4.6
9 Racha Island (Paradise) 4.6
The best excursions in Phuket with outdoor activities 1 Hanuman’s Flight 4.9
2 Rafting 4.9
3 ATV ATVs 4.8
4 Diving 4.8
5 Safari 4.8
6 Tarzanka 4.7
7 Water Park Splash Jungle Water Park 4.7
8 Underwater motorcycles 4.6
9 Horseback riding 4.5
10 Rope park 4.4
The most popular excursions in Phuket 1 Khao Lak 4.9
2 Kao suk 4.8
3 Phuket sightseeing tour 4.6
4 Cheo Lan Lake 4.5

Best Phuket Boat Tours

Similan Islands

Rating: 4.9


Why is she: One of the best excursions for tropical lovers nature and snorkeling.

Tourists who travel to Thailand to explore amazing and diverse tropical nature, strongly It is recommended to visit the Similan Islands. This is a small group of nine tiny islets located not far from Phuket This territory is marked by UNESCO – and therefore the authorities Thailand is in no hurry to make it a “tourist mecca”, leaving The tropical nature of the islands is untouched.

Excursions to the Similan Islands can be day trips and two days. But regardless of duration, they include rest on a tropical beach lined with snow-white and soft coral sand as well as snorkeling. And the last one is most interesting. After all snorkeling takes place in the habitats of sea turtles and cetaceans sharks that can be met in one of the swims. The islands themselves are covered in rainforests, which are also rich flora and fauna.

It is worth considering that the Similan Islands do not have a tourist infrastructure (there are simply no hotels or other bungalows). Therefore, for two-day excursions will have to spend the night in a specially prepared and equipped tent – the benefit of their organizers install themselves.


  • Coral reef snorkeling;
  • The possibility of a beach holiday in a remote, sparsely populated, secluded place;
  • Amazing nature and relief of tropical islands.


  • Uneven program of two-day excursions (for the first day visited three islands, the second day passes completely on fourth);
  • Lack of tourism infrastructure on the islands;
  • It’s an hour and a half to get to the islands, the same amount to sail from them.

Surin Island Group

Rating: 4.9


Why she: Getting to know the Sea Gypsies and snorkeling on the coral reefs.

Surin is a small group of islands that is 150 kilometers south of Phuket. The main feature of this tiny An archipelago is its population. A tribe lives on the Surin Islands “Moken” (“sea gypsies”) – a tiny Thai people who It has a rather unusual way of life.

Like many other tropical island tribes, Moken do not strive for the benefits of civilization. They live simple unpretentious life, in contact with the “big earth” only in time to trade pearls, but at the same time very friendly and welcoming relate to tourists.

However, a trip to the Surin Islands is worth going not only for exploring the Moken. In this territory is protected a natural park that preserves authentic tropical flora and fauna. While swimming with a snorkeling (snorkeling) is quite possible meet manta ray, sea turtle, giant whale shark or some other unusual inhabitants of the southern oceanic reefs.

Excursions to these islands are one-day and two-day. In the second case, the night is spent in tents or bungalows, as tourism infrastructure is minimal.


  • Acquaintance with the life and customs of one of the unusual tropical nationalities;
  • Snorkeling in the tropical lagoons that are protected the state as a national park;
  • Untouched, amazing nature.


  • Lack of tourism infrastructure;
  • Seasonal nature of the tour, in some periods go to these islands will not work;
  • Too different excursion programs from different tourist bureau, it is worth checking in place.

Tachai Island

Rating: 4.8


Why is she: Excursion for secluded beach lovers recreation.

It’s worth going to Tachai Island if you are tired of the eventful tourist life of Phuket, its many guests and visitors from all countries, day and night noisy entertainment … In this place a completely different atmosphere reigns. It is quiet, not crowded and truly secluded.

Excursion to the island of Tachai will not give you vivid impressions. There are no special places like the predecessors in rating. Only long, endless beaches strewn with snow-white coral sand, which every now and then run brisk hermit crabs. Only dense, almost impassable jungle, in the center of which is an observation deck with a view to the blue and boundless ocean. Only silence, calm and privacy. Therefore, this tour can be fully recommended young couples – here they can enjoy each other’s company and the atmosphere of the tropics.

Of course, as in other sea excursions in the ranking, in a trip to Tachai island will be stopped for snorkeling (snorkeling). Tourists in it will be able to meet with small colorful fish that inhabit the ocean warmed by the sun water.


  • Silence, secluded atmosphere, great place for a romantic hanging out or just relaxing from the bustling Phuket;
  • Long, clean and beautiful beaches;
  • Amazing views of the island.


  • Not suitable for lovers of intense relaxation;
  • Few events and unusual places;
  • Not very interesting snorkeling.

Khai Islands

Rating: 4.8


Why she: An ideal excursion for lovers of snorkeling and beach holiday.

Khai is a group of tiny sandy islands near Phuket. And this “archipelago” is perfect for tourists who went to Thailand for a beach holiday. Khai islands are itself, in fact, an embankment of snow-white and soft coral sand, on which is so nice to relax.

In addition, they are also equipped! On almost every islets there are sun loungers, umbrellas, bungalows, small bars and another “infrastructure”. In general, as in Phuket … just not as crowded. On these islands you can relax and unwind in peace and comfort. – and not in the noise of the Thai tourist coast.

Khai Islands will appeal to fans of snorkeling in the company tropical fish. Due to the fact that the sun warms up the water here very deep, marine life here is also extremely diverse. Fish even swim on the beaches!

The tour involves a visit to one or two bays for snorkeling. While swimming with a snorkel, you can meet a huge the number of diverse ocean inhabitants – from tiny tropical fish to manta rays and occasionally visiting this archipelago of sea turtles.


  • Well-equipped islands for a beach holiday;
  • Many tropical fish that even go to the beaches swim;
  • Stops in snorkelling bays that are great for snorkeling.


  • In some seasons, the islands cease to be secluded due to a huge influx of tourists;
  • The high cost of additional services of local infrastructure;
  • Low saturation of rest (this is, in fact, “a tour of beach”).

Phi Phi Islands

Rating: 4.7


Why is she: An archipelago with many interesting places and inhabited an island with tourist infrastructure.

A trip to the islands of Phi Phi is worth going to one or two days to get the most out of tropical Of Thailand. In this archipelago there are uninhabited “pieces of land” with long and unusual beaches, and quite populated – with well-developed tourism infrastructure. Also islands Phi Phi is often chosen by diving enthusiasts due to its beautiful lagoons. with an unusual topography of the bottom.

An excursion to this archipelago includes a visit to many interesting places. In addition to the lagoons for snorkeling (this is Thailand, all boat trips in the ranking include snorkeling), tourists visit the beautiful Maya Bay, surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs; Monkey beach, inhabited by wild monkeys; Cave Viking and many other interesting places.

Finally, it is worth noting that the largest island of the archipelago is Phi Phi Don – offers a very good tourist the infrastructure. There are restaurants, a hotel, and even trendy ones. boutiques as well as well-equipped beaches and regularly arranged nightlife. And two-day excursions offer overnight it is on it.


  • A very diverse and eventful vacation;
  • A visit to many beautiful and unusual places;
  • Well suited for lovers of swimming and snorkeling.


  • “Shock pace” excursions;
  • Excursion programs vary greatly among different carriers, it is worth checking in advance before departure;
  • Day trips are short and uninteresting, recommended take a two day one.

Coral island

Rating: 4.7


Why is she: A long day trip for lovers beach relaxation and snorkeling.

Coral island is a good place for lovers of relaxed beach relaxation, snorkeling on live coral reefs with diverse, but certainly playful and funny fish, as well as walks in the tropical jungle. In general, he looks like Similans, Surin and Phi Phi, however located in the immediate Proximity to Phuket.

The proximity of Coral Island to Phuket adds to this excursion. two advantages at once. First, it lasts longer than most of the “competitors” in the ranking – go from pier to place appointments not an hour and a half, but about 20-30 minutes, but the savings time can be spent just admiring the underwater world. Secondly, it is corny cheaper than analogues.

True, it is worth noting that Coral Island is very loved. tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is constantly noisy and crowded. Not like in Phuket itself, of course, but also to the peace and quiet of the island Touch him very far. But the tourist infrastructure on Coral available – equipped beaches, bars and restaurants in available, marine entertainment is also there.


  • Low price (on average, a one-day excursion will cost approximately in 1000 baht);
  • A lot of time is spent on the island, and not on the way to it. or from him;
  • Live coral reef for snorkeling.


  • Excursion for lovers of snorkeling, swimming and beach holidays. For lovers of other entertainment and amusement, it will seem boring;
  • High demand among tourists, the island is always crowded.


Rating: 4.7


Why is it: A place for secluded relaxation in an atmosphere of luxury.

Excursion to the island of Maiton – a great way to plunge into the most a real luxury, paying for it a little over 2,000 baht. The thing is, that this territory has long been private and therefore closed to tourists. Only the richest and most famous went to the island people, presidents and princes, prime ministers and celebrities. Only recently it was opened for tourists – but, again with some reservations.

In particular, excursions to Maiton Island are organized only several operators. In addition, this area per day may visit no more than 200 people. So whatever the season on Maiton Island will be able to relax from the noise and crowds of tourists, whom there are more than enough in Phuket.

Maiton’s main feature is a luxury tourist infrastructure. Huge outdoor pool overlooking the ocean and fresh water, the purest white beaches, stone arbors for relaxation, convenient viewing platforms … All this is saturated with atmosphere luxury and wonderful tropical vacation that was previously available only to the elite.


  • A rare, unusual place;
  • Not crowded even in the tourist seasons;
  • Well suited for beach holidays and snorkelling (snorkeling).


  • Low saturation of the excursion, almost no interactive or some unusual places;
  • The high cost of services on the island itself (such as renting sun loungers and others);
  • Many Chinese and Korean tourists who are noisy behavior.

James Bond Island

Rating: 4.6

James Bond Island.jpg

Why she: Amazing relief and nature of the tropical islands.

James Bond Island, aka Koh Tapu, is known for the film “Man with a golden gun. “Many scenes of this film were shot exactly there. And so it will be especially interesting to visit people who are fond of bondiana.

But not only fans of films about Agent 007 will like this excursion. The island of Koh Tapu has an extremely unusual relief. Many grottoes, stone and rock arches, caves and lagoons will amaze imagination with its majesty, especially if you set off swim between them in a canoe. Huge lizards live on the island, who are not afraid of people and often go to tourists.

Some excursions also include a visit. Ko Pagni is a village that is built right on the sea. At home placed on stilts. Some programs even produce stop for lunch.

It is worth noting that in this tour – unlike the others in rating – no stops for snorkeling. But it is compensated other, no less vivid impressions – for example, a walk on canoe under the canopy of stone arches with hanging stalactites.


  • Many very beautiful views;
  • Meeting with a small nationality with a very unusual and original culture
  • Speleological excursions.


  • The excursion program varies among different carriers;
  • No snorkeling;
  • Pretty fast pace – you need to visit several islands for a limited time.

Racha Island (Paradise)

Rating: 4.6

Island of Racha (Paradise)

Why is she: A great place for diving and snorkeling.

Located not far from Phuket itself, the island of Racha (Paradise) – one of the favorite tourist spots for diving and snorkeling. The cozy Bungalu Bay, with which he meets visitors, is different amazingly beautiful coral bottom and almost always beautiful weather. Waves, shoals and other negative for lovers Diving and snorkeling phenomena here are extremely rare.

This excursion will appeal to lovers of beach holidays. Island Racha (Paradise) is distinguished by a long coastline dotted with snow-white sand – soft and devoid of sharp stones. Therefore here you can relax even without a sunbed, enjoying the warm caressing body the tide.

Excursions to this island can be one-day or two-day. In the second case, tourists are invited to live in local bungalows, which are also equipped with air conditioning for comfortable accommodation. The island has a fairly well-developed tourist infrastructure, there is everything you need for a pleasant and carefree vacation.


  • Great place for diving and snorkeling;
  • Low price for the tour itself;
  • Well-developed tourist infrastructure of the island.


  • The high cost of tourist services on the island itself;
  • Very crowded – the island is loved by tourists;
  • Low saturation of the program (this is an excursion for fans beach vacation).

The best excursions in Phuket with outdoor activities

Hanuman’s Flight

Rating: 4.9


Why she: Excursion to a huge rope park in the tropical the jungle.

Excursion to the huge rope park Flying Hanuman (“Flight Hanumana “), located directly in the tropical jungle, will help the tourist to check the strength of their nerves. Visitor awaiting descent along the ropes stretched between branches, transitions along cable bridges, rolls on wooden carts and much, much another. Hanuman Flight Park is huge and offers a lot of unusual rides.

So, for example, the longest flight between trees is about 400 meters. Rope track stretched up to 40 meters. So bright, rich and unusual impressions guaranteed.

The attraction is exciting, but safe. Every tourist in front descent into the rope park is undergoing appropriate instruction. Also at all sections of the route the visitor is insured in two ways. Thus, the risk of falling off the rope is minimal.

Like some other attractions in the ranking, in the park Hanuman’s Flight has several limitations. Spread by they are on the weight of a tourist (up to 120 kg), height (from 130 cm) and his equipment (you will need special comfortable shoes, such as sneakers).


  • No special training or any special skills;
  • High safety ride;
  • Vivid, unusual impressions, including from flights between trees on a rope track.


  • Slight restrictions on height, weight and training a tourist;
  • The excursion program is largely dependent on the organizer. check before booking;
  • Not suitable for families with children.


Rating: 4.9


Why is it: An impressive tour in its richness, which includes not only rafting on a mountain river.

Thailand – the country is diverse not only culturally, but also climatically. It has endless beaches with soft and snow-white coral sand; and impassable tropical jungle with amazing inhabitants; and high mountains with stormy rivers, by one of which is proposed to be fused in a company with professional instructors. Actually, this is exactly what the tourist who goes on an excursion to rafting.

The main advantage of this excursion is amazing in its saturation program. It includes not only rafting itself, but also some other entertainment depending on the organizer. So, some travel providers offer rafting, flights on a bungee, an ATV ride through the jungle, swimming in the mountain waterfall, elephant riding and much, much more.

The tour is suitable for inexperienced tourists in such types of recreation. There are no special requirements for the physical preparation of the visitor It is presented, the alloy is run by experienced and professional instructors, so there’s no danger even for the first time inflatable boat people.


  • A rich excursion with a varied program;
  • Suitable for beginners, amateurs and simply unprepared tourists;
  • Quite an unusual form of recreation for Phuket.


  • It may seem uninteresting for experienced rafters;
  • Long drive, as you need to travel far from Phuket;
  • Very crowded.


Rating: 4.8


Why is she: A lot of interesting places away from the tourist Phuket “.

Phuket ATV Sightseeing Tour – Opportunity see Thailand as it is practically not shown to tourists. There are no crowded beaches, noisy markets and numerous night clubs. Proposed route drive a quad bike, lies away from populated areas and goes to the mountains.

In terms of saturation, this tour can hardly be compared with others. in the ranking. But if you want to see Thailand the way they see it locals – it’s definitely worth highlighting the day and heading to a trip. The route runs past a Buddhist temple, through tropical, almost impassable jungle, mango forests, numerous local villages, plantations of pineapple and plants from which produce natural rubber. And it ends on high-altitude observation platform, from where you can see all of Phuket as on the palms.

Depending on the provider, the tour may also include other recreational activities. For example, some tour operators also offer elephant rides and shows monkeys.


  • Visiting very beautiful and unusual places;
  • Familiarity with the authentic culture of Phuket and Thailand;
  • The relatively low price of the tour.


  • Poor for families with children;
  • Short duration of the excursion;
  • Get far from Phuket (travel may take 1-2 hours).


Rating: 4.8


Why is she: One of the most popular activities in Phuket, Suitable for beginners.

Going to Thailand and not diving will be an omission. Almost all the beauties of this tropical country are hidden deep beneath water, where in the ocean warmed to the bottom, nature triumphs. On the amazing, unusual, striking coral reefs imagination of fish, shellfish and other animals. And they are not at all they’re afraid of people, swimming not just at arm’s length – often you have to stretch out your arms in order to carefully push away some particularly curious underwater resident.

And the best part is that for dating the underwater world of Phuket does not require relevant skills and certificates. The excursion is suitable for beginners, as the dive conducted with professional and experienced instructors. Besides, the depth to which tourists descend is safe enough and up to 12 meters off the island of Racha (Paradise).

However, experienced divers with relevant certificates. Only for them a trip is offered to the islands of Phi Phi or the world famous Similan, with extremely unusual tropical underwater fauna.


  • Separate programs for beginners and professionals;
  • One of the most popular excursions in Phuket (and ranking);
  • Simple and quick training.


  • Relatively high price;
  • The relatively short duration of the tour;
  • A detailed follow-up to the instructor’s instructions is required.


Rating: 4.8


Why is she: Acquaintance with Thai life and culture.

This tour is the best in the ranking for those who go to Phuket is not just for the sake of relaxing on the white sandy beaches, but also to get acquainted with the culture, features and life of this unusual Asian country. And Safari plunges deeper into the atmosphere of Thailand, than any other entertainment program.

The program of this tour is very eventful. It includes trips on elephants, entertaining shows of elephants and monkeys, a visit to rice a field with a fascinating story about growing this plant, Acquaintance with Thai peasants and farmers, kayaking in a tiny canal in the mangroves, a visit to the “fish spa” and much, much more.

Especially “Safari” will appeal to lovers of elephants. In addition to riding these amazing, majestic animals, you can take part in their bathing! Also, especially courageous tourists can try massage from an elephant – unexpectedly pleasant and at the same time absolutely safe.

It is also worth noting that all entertainment programs take place far from civilization, so that, regardless of saturation excursions, familiarity with the life of Thais provided.


  • Great for kids;
  • High saturation of the excursion itself – a lot of entertaining programs and shows;
  • Fast transfer.


  • In fact, the tour is a “set of activities”, so there will be no separate guides telling about these or those places – except visiting the rice field;
  • A variety of programs, details of the tour should be clarified with travel provider.


Rating: 4.7


Why she: Indescribable feeling of flying from a height of 60 meters above the lake in the rainforest.

Bungee jumping – or “Tarzanka” – one of the most extreme excursions in phuket. Tourists who dare to go on this attraction, it is proposed to jump from a height of 60 meters! And for shares seconds before touching the surface of the water (“Tarzanka” is located above by a lake in a rainforest) a rubber band will work.

Those who want more extreme can talk with employees attraction – and touch the surface of the water with your hands, or even plunge into it waist-high. But already just to jump from bungee jumping grounds, serious courage is required. Still, this is sixty meters of free fall! Besides, After talking with the attraction staff, you can try and jump “upwards”.

The flight time is about three seconds. But that is enough in order to get the most vivid, unusual and memorable emotions!

As is usually the case for extreme rides, on Tarzanke (bungee jumping) is subject to minor restrictions for tourists. So, visitors are allowed weighing from 40 to 140 kilograms. The same rule applies to tandem jumping. The total weight of both tourists should not exceed 140 kg.


  • Very bright and unusual sensations;
  • The attraction is located in Phuket, so the transfer will take minimum time;
  • An opportunity to try different types of jumps.


  • There are small restrictions related to the weight of tourists;
  • Short, not very eventful tour;
  • Fairly expensive related services, including flight photography (even on their own equipment).

Water Park Splash Jungle Water Park

Rating: 4.7

Water Park Splash Jungle Water Park

Why is she: Excursion to a huge water park with many thematic zones.

There is only one water park in Phuket, but what a! Entertaining Splash Jungle is world famous and invariably attracts tourists. Excursion to this water park – an opportunity to spend a whole a day in an atmosphere of water fun as well as extreme and carefree recreation!

The water park is divided into several thematic zones, which made in the style of all world continents. In each of them There are unique water rides. So, in the territory of the water park There are 15 different attractions (including such unusual ones as Superbowl or Boomerango) and a huge number of just pipes, slides, pools, artificial rivers and other fun places. Of course there is also a children’s area for the youngest visitors, and also several cafes and bars for those who are hungry or just I would like to relax a bit.

Waterpark Splash Jungle – one of the best excursions for family rest in the ranking. However, young couples will also like the place, and just lonely tourists. It has rides for people of all ages.


  • Suitable for families with children;
  • Quite a lot of attractions, you can spend all day – and try not all the slides presented;
  • No prior appointment for the tour.


  • Expensive food in the water park;
  • There are few “cool” or “extreme” rides;
  • Far from Phuket, a long shuttle.

Underwater motorcycles

Rating: 4.6

Underwater motorcycles

Why is she: A new diving experience.

Underwater motorcycle swim is an attraction for tourists, who want a whole new diving experience. Moreover, its use requires minimal skills in behavior in the ocean. Even diver certification is not required. The special design of the underwater motorcycle allows you to get rid from decompression sickness, because the head of a tourist is in air cushion with suitable atmospheric pressure.

The tour is not far from Maiton Island. During dives you can see the inhabitants of the local coral reef, including living starfish, numerous tropical fish, and also another fauna of the ocean floor.

The attraction is controlled by Russian-speaking guides that will help even novice tourists feel free to feel in the water column. IN the excursion program includes not only a swim in underwater motorcycles, but also other marine activities. So, tourists are in depending on the organizer – they can try themselves in snorkeling, ride a banana and also have fun at a party that runs right on the boat.

However, the specific excursion program is determined the organizer.


  • A very unusual attraction;
  • A rich program of excursions;
  • No special training required.


  • It doesn’t always work (seasonal attraction, which is largely depends on weather conditions);
  • The relatively high price of the tour;
  • The tour takes all day and ends very late.

Horseback riding

Rating: 4.5


Why she: High ride duration, interesting places for skiing.

There is a huge equestrian club in Phuket, which is always happy tourists and visitors. Over 60 horses of various breeds are ready go for a walk with a rider who wants to admire coastline from such an unusual angle.

The main advantage of the tour is that it runs on the coastline. All the time riding the rider and his horse will roam the sandy beach enjoying a unique atmosphere attraction. In addition, it is very long-lasting (one of the most long in the ranking) and at the same time relatively inexpensive.

So, for 1200 baht you can go horseback riding along the beach Bang Tao, which will last an hour. Moreover, the departure as in the morning time and sunset. And for 2200 baht the duration of the walk increases to two hours, while the geography of the route is noticeable expands – it only begins on Bang Tao beach, and ends in Layan National Park. Two hour tour can be recommended to horse lovers, as it ends swimming with a horse in the sea.


  • Well-groomed, well-bred horses of various breeds that are well trained to work with beginners;
  • Constant monitoring of instructors and attendants;
  • Beautiful and unusual places where the routes pass.


  • Low saturation of the excursion;
  • It will not be interesting to people who are indifferent to horses and equestrian sports;
  • The equestrian club does not conduct training classes and programs.

Rope park

Rating: 4.4


Why is she: Unusual sensations from the passage of routes in crowns tropical trees.

There are several rope parks in Phuket, including the famous Flying Hanuman (from the first tour in the ranking). However, some of them are not so interesting for tourists, because offer an attraction with a span between the trees or it is not so impressive. But at the same time, they also have something to do.

These are the Tarzan Adventure and Xtrem Adventures rope parks. The first is huge. Its track consists of 42 sites of various types, including flights, descents, ascents and so on Further. Many have ocean views. On passing the tracks will take about two hours, but the instructors understand that so hardy tourists in Phuket are few and are allowed to get off route at any time.

Xtrem Adventures rope park suitable for lovers family vacation. It has several routes on which let children from three years old. So the smallest lovers wander along the rope tracks in the crowns of tropical trees will be satisfied.

Prices and duration of excursions vary depending on rope park. It is worth checking before buying a ticket.


  • An interesting and exciting activity in the fresh air;
  • Many parks in Phuket itself, a variety of routes and Attractions
  • There are options for families.


  • Duration, price and attractions presented vary depending on the rope park and the organizer itself excursions;
  • Requires minimal physical fitness;
  • Parks may impose restrictions on weight, height or age tourist.

Khao Lak

Rating: 4.9

Khao Lak

Why is she: Journey to the pristine, untouched by civilization thai jungle.

Khao Lak excursion is a journey into the depths of the unknown, pristine Thai jungle. The route runs through stormy rivers with clear water, through impressive foothill waterfalls, along difficult for forest thickets to pass by rice and rubber plantations from farms of Thai peasants through mysterious caves, an ancient Buddhist temple and a fruit market hidden from tourists – and therefore, characterized by low, “local” prices. Russian-speaking the guide tells about the life of the monks, about the inhabitants of the jungle. AND tourists will enjoy the beauty and scale of tropical nature, a riot of colors, colors and shapes.

The “Pearl” of the tour is an elephant ride. These animals, despite their impressive size, very calm and friendly. They are not only happy to ride tourists, but also incredibly gracefully moving through the rainforest as well know how to dance – which they will demonstrate with pleasure.

The tour also includes rafting in the hidden jungle. the river. It is relaxing because the flow is calm and controls boat local Thai.


  • Familiarity with the life of ordinary Thais;
  • There is elephant trekking, a visit to a Buddhist temple and just high saturation;
  • Russian-speaking guide and interesting stories about life and nature Of Thailand.


  • Quite a lot of tourists choose this tour, as a result of which there may be discrepancies in the schedule;
  • Virtually no rides;
  • Not always a good organization.

Kao suk

Rating: 4.8


Why she: Excursion to the nature park protected by Thai by the authorities.

Despite the fact that this tour also involves a visit tropical Thai jungle, it is slightly different from previous in a rating. On this trip, tourists will travel to natural park, which is protected by local authorities and in which The amazing flora and fauna of the jungle is preserved.

So, traveling through the rainforests of national natural Khao Sok Park, you can meet wild tigers, diverse and numerous monkeys, rhino bird, reticulated python, king cobra or flying dinosaur. Well, or anyone else – on the territory of this “reserve” is inhabited by hundreds and thousands of species animals!

Of course, the tour is not limited to just walking around the jungle. Tourists will be able to ride on elephants – amazing friendly and at the same time graceful animals, visit the cave of monkeys and treat these sassy mammals with a treat canoe and try the “Flight of the Fox” ride right in the jungle.

Some organizers also offer an extended version of this excursions – overnight on Lake Cheo Lan.


  • The ability to meet amazing animals in their environment a habitat;
  • There are various attractions for tourists (elephant trekking, canoeing, “fox flight” and so on);
  • Opportunity to spend the night on the island.


  • Relatively low saturation of the excursion;
  • The high cost of living on the lake;
  • Various excursion programs from various organizers, worth pay attention before booking.

Phuket sightseeing tour

Rating: 4.6


Why is she: Visiting the most beautiful and unusual places Phuket

Phuket sightseeing tour will take tourists away from familiar places – from long, white beaches strewn with fashionable hotels and numerous night clubs – and will show the most beautiful, unusual and interesting “corners” of the island. Visitors will be invited to observation platforms from which the city is visible as if in the palm of your hand; them will demonstrate a creepy but fascinating snake show with a deadly dangerous cobras; they will be told about a rich and mysterious story Buddhist temple complex Wat Chalong; they will be invited to Famous Phuket Town Old Town, with narrow streets and cafes with traditional thai food. And, of course, it will be possible to peek to the fruit market, where the most exotic gifts are sold tropical nature (and you can even try them).

Like many other excursions in the ranking, this one also offers show with animals. However, they are carried out depending on organizer or program. But most often tourists will be able to enjoy the grace of elephants on the corresponding show – and marvel agility of monkeys.

But the specific excursion program depends on the organizer, so what should be clarified in advance.


  • Acquaintance with the culture and life of Thais;
  • An opportunity to see unusual places in Phuket;
  • Great excursion program for buying souvenirs and memorable photos.


  • Excursion programs from various carriers are very differ, it is worth checking before booking;
  • In some cases you have to walk a lot, it’s worth taking appropriate shoes and clothes, as well as sun-protection facilities.

Cheo Lan Lake

Rating: 4.5


Why is she: A trip to a conservation national park, away from civilization and noise.

Cheo Lan Lake is a part of Khao Sok National Park (where excursions also take, and they are also presented in our rating). A trip there is an opportunity to break away for a short time noise and saturation of the coast of Phuket, where they constantly scurry about numerous tourists. And it’s better to go to this lake with overnight stay.

The local fauna is completely not afraid of people. Tropical birds begin to sing with the first rays of the sun, awakening better than an alarm clock. At breakfast, local squirrels and lizards will make the company for tourists. who will not be too shy to beg for a piece of yummy. And while walking through the nearby jungle you can meet the most different birds, snakes and animals.

Visitors will also be offered boat trips around the lake, managed by local Thais. In addition, some sightseeing programs include a visit to the temple of King Rama X, which located near the national park; fruit visit a market where fruits from wild trees are sold; swimming in hot springs and much, much more.


  • The opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle of Phuket;
  • Real unity with nature;
  • Very beautiful views of the tropical jungle.


  • Low saturation;
  • The specific excursion program may vary. depending on the carrier and organizer;
  • A two day trip is recommended.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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