23 best hotels in Montenegro

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

There are relatively few countries where is relatively inexpensive. For example, you are unlikely to pay especially big money for a flight to Montenegro. Of course it is not The best all-inclusive vacation option. But if you want look at unfamiliar landscapes, as well as see some a new city for yourself, why not wave to this country? Yes and You will not be able to admire the mountains in every country. However Before visiting Montenegro, it will not be superfluous to book a hotel. In order not to get into some unpretentious hotel with dirty rooms and a minimum of entertainment, check out our selection. IN she reviewed the best hotels hosting Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Sveti Stefan and Ulcinj.

Rating of the best hotels in Montenegro

Nomination a place hotel price per day
The best hotels of Budva 1 Splendid Conference & Spa Resort 22 788 rub.
2 Luxury Apartments Mia 16 922 rub.
3 Melia Budva Petrovac 9 807 rub.
4 Iberostar Bellevue – All Inclusive 17 769 rub.
5 Apartments Captain’s Villa 12 347 rub.
6 Hotel astoria 13 740 rub.
The best hotels of Kotor 1 Hotel forza terra 33 160 rub.
2 HUMA Kotor Bay RUB 18,061
3 Palazzo banicevic luxury rooms 13 553 rub.
The best hotels in Tivat 1 Boutique hotel la roche 22 669 rub.
2 La Perla Hotel & Villas 26 565 rub.
3 The Chedi Luštica Bay 18 830 rub.
4 Hotel palma 7 143 rub.
5 Hotel astoria 10 858 rub.
6 Kaliman Villa Lux 15 239 rub.
7 Apartments Kovinic 7 196 rub.
8 Apartments adeona 6 702 rub.
9 Apartments monet 5 354 rub.
The best hotels of Sveti Stefan resort 1 Maestral Resort & Casino 20 954 rub.
2 Hotel california 16 310 rub.
The best hotels of Ulcinj resort 1 Perla luxury 9 355 rub.
2 Hotel senator 11 172 rub.

The best hotels of Budva

Splendid Conference & Spa Resort

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.9


Opens our rating five-star hotel in which has an excellent spa. If you have extra money, you can go through a series of anti-aging procedures, after which you will feel better than after swimming in warm sea.

Holidaymakers at this hotel write exclusively positive reviews. They simply don’t know why to find fault. The hotel has 322 rooms. And it’s that rare the case when almost all of them have sea views. And also a hotel able to offer 4 suites, 13 apartments, a penthouse room and Presidential apartments, where honored guests are accommodated.

Of course, such a hotel has its own beach, to which has absolutely no complaints – it feels like cleaning is carried out as regularly as possible. Nutrition is carried out in three restaurants. If you want a drink soft or even alcoholic drink – at your service four bars.

Many large companies make their choice in favor of this hotel. Here you can hold a meeting of many people. To be precise, the conference area available here accommodates 700 people. More There are no spacious conference rooms in Montenegro. However, not Be sure to hold a meeting here. Hotel owners report that they regularly organize various celebrations here: weddings, anniversaries and more.

It is curious that the Splendid Conference & Spa Resort at one time attended Bill Clinton (42nd US President), Ban Ki-moon (general UN Secretary), popular singer Madonna, as well as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Of the Russians who have been here, one can note a hockey player Pavel Bure and cosmonaut Oleg Kotov.

Perhaps this is the hotel that can be called perfect. Embarrass someone is capable of only the high cost of living. Also here you can easily lose all the money you wanted to spend on something useful. The fact that the hotel is present own casino. We recommend that you bypass it. However, I really want to go inside – at least in order to admire the chic decoration.


  • There is a great spa;
  • A large number of rooms with sea views;
  • There is a huge conference room;
  • There are rooms for people with disabilities;
  • A cot, a pot and other things;
  • There is a playground and a games room;
  • A large number of bars and restaurants;
  • You can relax in the outdoor pool;
  • Nice sand and pebble beach.


  • High cost of living;
  • Little sports entertainment.

Luxury Apartments Mia

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.8


Another hotel for those who love chic living conditions. The owners of this hotel complex have built a large number of pools. One of them is conditionally open-covered. The thing is, that it is in a room whose ceiling and walls are made of glass. As a result, you can swim in fresh water while enjoying views of the sea and mountains. You can also find in the apartment terrace, which is very nice to sunbathe.

Guests at Luxury Apartments Mia can make use of the chic dining area. In the kitchen you can find an oven, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and some other appliances. If you go to bathroom, then in it you can find a bathroom or shower. Absolutely all apartments have a balcony on which you want to spend a lot of time.

As you already understood, here they offer you exclusively apartments, not tiny rooms. Therefore, Luxury Apartments Mia is a great choice for families with children. In this case, this place It is still a hotel, since there are restaurant, sauna, hammam and spa. The latter is free for all guests of the apartment. What a surprise! However, this is not It is surprising, because living here is much more expensive than in traditional hotel.

Many hotels are too far from the city center, which I would like to visit. Fortunately, Luxury Apartments Mia is exception to the rule. The historical part of Budva is only 1 km away! You don’t even need a car or bus. You can get to Sveti Stefan resort – it is five kilometers away. Concerning Tivat airport, then you need to go 16 km to it, which can not be called beyond the bounds of distance.

In a word, this is a great place for family living! But not forget that this is not a hotel complex that has numerous staff and vast territory. There is no sports grounds and the like. Children have fun there’s simply nowhere to go. But you will not sit in the apartment with them? Here you will spend only morning and night, the rest of the time you need to enjoy the views of Montenegro. By the way, near the apartment there is a beach that is never empty in the summer. Also pleases a small park where you can hide from the scorching sun.


  • Magnificent modern interiors;
  • The rooftop apartments have a private pool overlooking sea;
  • The kitchen has excellent appliances;
  • There is a free spa;
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Close to the historical part of the city;
  • In the closest proximity is the beach.


  • No sports entertainment;
  • High cost of living;
  • Apartments are rarely free.

Melia Budva Petrovac

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.8


Very good Montenegrin hotel. People regularly leave on positive reviews. They claim this is the best place in Petrovac city. Budva is 18 km away. Decently but even on the bus travels this distance relatively quickly.

The hotel attracts with its two swimming pools. Nicely, that sunbeds are located on their territory, allowing relax. The hotel also has a spa center, which has sauna and gym. Women run the risk of spending everything at the spa your savings, going through a lot of cosmetic and relaxing procedures.

This hotel often hosts corporate workers. Such people will definitely appreciate the large conference room, having all the necessary equipment for the organization meetings and presentations.

As for the rooms, there are a lot of them here. There are also standard rooms and suites. Whatever number you choose, he will offer you a TV with satellite channels, toilet accessories, coffee machine and more. They look the best Of course, the most expensive suites. They include a seating area, Great terrace and hot tub. In this room you can so much relax that already and nowhere to go want to.

Breakfast is served in buffet style. self-imposing your favorite dishes. You need to choose from Mediterranean and international cuisines. Also on On site you can find a poolside snack bar and lounge bar. Please note when booking a room you can choose an option that includes not only breakfast but also dinner.

A five-minute walk from this hotel is the sea beach. Yet it is impossible not to note the presence of Russian-speaking staff – this significantly simplifies the solution of all issues. And how much is Accommodation in Melia Budva Petrovac? The price tag varies greatly from which room you want to stay in. Anyway will have to pay at least 83 thousand rubles. But if you want a number deluxe with individual air conditioning and sea view then get ready to be generous with 135-175 thousand rubles. Prices are per week residence. As for the junior suite with a hot tub, it estimated at least 180 thousand rubles.


  • There are two swimming pools;
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Some rooms have a spa bath;
  • There is an excellent spa;
  • There is a restaurant with Italian cuisine;
  • The hotel is located next to a clean beach;
  • You can go to the gym.


  • Little children’s entertainment;
  • To the airport – 38 km;
  • The beach does not belong to the hotel;
  • There is really nowhere to go in for sports.

Iberostar Bellevue – All Inclusive

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.7


You might think that our rating would consist solely from five star hotels. However, it is not. Montenegro is not very a large country, in some of its cities there are only two or three hotels of such a high class. But why should we pass past four-star hotels? Often they don’t have quite a bit enough to get a higher status. For example, you are unlikely to experience any serious inconvenience when living in Iberostar Bellevue. This hotel is located in Budva Riviera, and on its territory there are not only numbers, but also Wellness and spa center with views pool, mountains and sea.

Many people who book holidays in Montenegro get here through this or that tour operator. This means that the hotel offers such living conditions that it’s possible not even for a whole week leave its territory. For example, you can eat exclusively in the restaurant present here, open from morning until evening. we We recommend making out the type of food “All inclusive”. In this case, you Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available. Also during the day you can freely take snacks and drinks local production. You can do this not only in the restaurant, but also in several bars, which are available including at the pool and on the beach.

We have already mentioned the pool a couple of times. But there are even two of them! Both are in the open, which allows while swimming enjoy the sunshine. Around the pools installed sunbeds, which can not but rejoice. They are also on the beach, but there they are provided for a fee, like umbrellas. It’s slightly sad. The beach, by the way, is sand and pebble, like many other beaches of Montenegro.

Of course, you can come here with children. They will definitely be Fun in the dedicated pool. Also on the territory of the hotel complex you can find a playground, to which also has no questions. Not forgotten and a mini club in which You can leave your child for several hours. Another guide hotels are able to provide you with a cot – this is already for a very small child. But calling a nanny will not work, such there is no service here.

The hotel consists of a huge number of rooms. In all of them satellite TV, hairdryer, or balcony terrace, toiletries and air conditioning. Family Suite represents two combined double rooms overlooking sea. Entertainment is offered not only on the beach and in the pool, but and, for example, on the tennis court. You can also play here volleyball, handball and even football. Not forgotten and table tennis – the simplest entertainment for two people. More at the hotel Animation programs are held regularly.

Iberostar Bellevue Hotel offers car rental, Currency exchange, pharmacy, laundry and shopping. It is located two kilometers from the old city of Budva. Near the hotel there is a tourist train stop and minibuses.


  • There are ordinary rooms, and suites, and apartments;
  • The type of food “All inclusive” is supported;
  • Located near the beach with a sandy entrance to the sea;
  • There are two adult outdoor pools;
  • You can go in for sports;
  • For children, a pool and a playground are built;
  • An animation program runs regularly;
  • A large number of bars;
  • There is a fitness center;
  • Conference room and indoor pool are not forgotten;
  • There is a car rental.


  • Safe – only with the administrator;
  • Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach – for a fee;
  • Some rooms are very noisy;
  • Sunbeds by the pool and on the beach are rarely free.

Apartments Captain’s Villa

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.7


Another representative of our rating, having four star status. Here you will be provided with apartments, not some tiny number. In this case, they will take quite a bit from you – about 70 thousand rubles. per week stay. So low cost due to the lack of hotel need to contain numerous staff, and build different sports platforms. But this does not mean that the hotel territory is not at all It has nothing interesting. There is a gorgeous pool. One him the angle has a relatively small depth – here splashing around children. Well, most of the pool still allows calmly swim for an adult. Along the edges of the pool sun loungers, where you can lie down, taking a sun bath.

Of course, the hotel includes a variety of apartments. it there may be a studio in which a young couple is comfortable living without children. Well, there are family two-room apartments with a common kitchen – a company of five to six people can live here calmly. Be that as it may, and you definitely get free Wi-Fi, a TV with cable channels, air conditioning, hairdryer, toiletries accessories and modern kitchen appliances.

The hotel is surrounded by fragrant Mediterranean the garden. He does not have his own beach, but to the nearest – only 600-800 meters. I am glad that it is sandy, rest on it definitely like it. If you want to visit the resort of Sveti Stefan, before get to it – only 6 km. Distance to Tivat Airport – only 10 km more. The airports of Podgorica and Dubrovnik are located, of course, much further. Therefore, when booking an apartment be sure to specify exactly how you will get to Budva.

Above we talked about the cost of ordinary apartments. But what are superior apartments, week of stay in which are estimated at 100 thousand rubles.? In them you can find a bedroom and the living room. There is a large double bed and sofa bed respectively. The area of ​​the premises is 65 square meters. m. from the balcony available here a memorable view of sea ​​and mountains. Pleases excellent sound insulation, thanks to which you just don’t hear the other guests. However, this applies to less expensive apartments, the walls are the same throughout the building. There are also barbecue facilities.

It remains to add that this place is owned by Ivana and her husband Lazar. They are fluent in English, but are unlikely to understand anything. in Russian. However, if you do not understand English at all speech, then you better stay in some of the hotels, and not in such apartments.


  • There is an excellent pool;
  • The apartments have modern kitchen appliances;
  • Easy access to the historic city center;
  • No problem with the internet;
  • There are apartments for four vacationers;
  • Nice view of the mountains;
  • You can arrange a transfer from the airport and back.


  • There is no private beach;
  • There are no sports fields and other amenities of hotels.

Hotel astoria

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.6


Another four star hotel in our ranking. On some sites he has a solid score of 5 points. But do not rush to rejoice. It’s just that not many tourists visited him, and therefore made up of just a few reviews. Immediately note cost. A weekly tour of this hotel costs approximately 155 thousand rubles. This price includes air travel, so call it very high not. However, you need to reserve a place very strongly in advance, or you risk choosing some other hotel. The thing is that this hotel includes only 12 rooms!

The hotel opened its doors for a very long time. However in 2007 he went through a massive restoration, thanks to which to his you definitely will not have any complaints about the interiors. Almost all the rooms here are different from each other. If you are on a business trip, then you will be satisfied with a standard room with one bedroom. Bed here can be either double or folding (in the second case the room is complemented by a sofa). Also here you can check into the standard double room with twin beds. Someone should like the superior room, which is not only more but also capable of boasting two double beds. And this is not yet the most roomy rooms. Most people are capable of take the Seaview room, which offers a beautiful view of sea. It has a balcony, a king-size bed in the bedroom, and a sofa and a folding bed in the living room.

As for the filling of numbers, you should not wait here some kind of revelation. Hairdryer, toiletries, radio, safe, A telephone, a TV and a minibar are what awaits you. Difference from Other hotels is the only Jacuzzi in the bathroom.

The hotel has a small open-air restaurant. is he invites you to try a variety of international dishes. There is also a bar where you can enjoy local and foreign wines.

Unfortunately, this hotel does not offer any entertainment. capable of. The minimum number of rooms does not allow management think about building a pool or performing animated performances teams. You can safely say that this is a hotel for here nights, but nothing more. However, if you still want to warm up without leaving the hotel, then tennis will come to the rescue court.

If we talk about the service, then there are no problems with it. Hotel offers car rental, sightseeing tour, breakfast in room, dry cleaning, laundry, ironing and much more another. In a word, pleasant little things are not forgotten. But do not forget what they need to be paid. If you are going to travel all over Montenegro, then rent a car, but not more than three days – this is very little country.

By the way, there is a small paid beach near this hotel. But one of visitors is advised to walk along the Avala Resort hotel – not far from it in the rock a passage was made to a good municipal beach. Here you have to pay only for umbrellas and sunbeds. Well, for drinks that can be bought at the bar that operates here. Yet consider the fact that the Adriatic Sea is long enough warms up, in early May you will be cold in it.


  • Beautiful and spacious rooms;
  • There is a bar and restaurant;
  • Pets are allowed;
  • Soundproofed rooms
  • The bathroom has a jacuzzi;
  • Car rental available;
  • There is a tennis court.


  • There is no private beach;
  • Missing pool;
  • Only 12 rooms;
  • There is practically no entertainment.

The best hotels of Kotor

Hotel forza terra

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 5.0


In the city of Kotor, not the largest number of hotels has been built. But the tourist will still have some choice. We recommend to stay at Hotel Forza Terra. This is one of the few hotels which has not only an outdoor, but also an indoor pool. it allows you to swim even in winter, when the street is low temperature.

This hotel offers sunbathing. For this just go to the terrace, where there are many sunbeds. Also you can go to the fitness center, sauna and hot tub – all this located in the spa located here. Well, if you want stretch your legs, it is recommended to rent a bike. Go long distance better by car – the hotel is capable of boast of leasing it.

Outsiders rarely come to this city of Montenegro. IN In this regard, do not rely on the huge size of the hotel. In its composition only 10-12 numbers are included. It’s nice that despite such modest size, the hotel received its own place on the seashore. On the the beach you can swim, and sunbathe, and just relax. By the way, you You can order a boat where you will see Montenegro from the side seas. Well, you can look at the watery spaces directly from your numbers.

Whatever number you choose, inside it you will find air conditioning and a TV with which you can watch cable and satellite TV. In the bathroom you will find not only familiar toiletries, but also bathrobes with slippers. And here is the terrace or a balcony, unfortunately, not all rooms are endowed.

Perhaps it is not surprising that people resting here write positive reviews. Here no one will impose their services, and breakfast offers fresh and tasty dishes. However, this hotel is not ideal. Firstly, living in it – too expensive. A week stay in a standard room is rated at 151 thousand rubles, and in the superior room – in all 205 thousand rubles. At any of these rooms can accommodate only two people. Secondly, this is not an entertainment area, you still have to daily get out of the hotel. It remains to rejoice that it’s not very far to go to Budva, about 24 km. well and Tivat International Airport is even closer – only ten kilometers. As for Podgorica, it is 88 km to it.


  • An individual approach to each guest;
  • Great spa;
  • There is a private beach;
  • There are indoor and outdoor pools;
  • Quality housekeeping twice a day;
  • You can book an excursion on a speed boat;
  • You can rent a car or rent a bicycle;
  • The hotel is close to the airport and Budva.


  • Not every room has a terrace or balcony;
  • High cost of living;
  • Meals – breakfast only;
  • No sports fields and any entertainment.

HUMA Kotor Bay

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.9


An excellent hotel that offers to enjoy sea views and the mountains. It’s not necessary to rest only in this hotel – just three kilometers from it is the city of Kotor, its historical part.

If you look at the photos of the hotel, it immediately catches your eye huge swimming pool. He is in the open air therefore, in winter, the pool will still be inaccessible. what As for the rooms, they all have a modern interior. Inside the room you should look for air conditioning, kettle, TV with cable channels, hairdryer and toiletries. Some the rooms have a balcony and sea view, but they are a bit expensive.

The hotel was very small. But that doesn’t stop him from bragging. own beach. Also on its territory you can find a bar and a restaurant. This means that with soft drinks problems definitely will not. As for nutrition, it includes only breakfasts. You can also have dinner here, but for money and with a certain by labor. Some visitors complain about the long service in the restaurant during dinner, as well as the lack of certain dishes, present in the menu. In a word, it is better to have lunch and dinner somewhere for outside this hotel.

Strictly speaking, HUMA Kotor Bay does not imply around the clock rest on its territory. Pool and beach can be fast enough bored, but there is no other entertainment. However, you can hold some time in the spa, which is also present here. But you should not hope for a tennis court and other sports grounds. And certainly there will be no animation program. In a word traveling here with children is not recommended.

The main disadvantage of the hotel is its extremely high cost of living. There are simply no standard rooms. Most affordable is a double deluxe, whose area is 29 sq. m. A week of living in such a room costs 140-155 thousand rubles. But such rooms are regularly busy, you need to book them think strongly in advance. The remaining rooms at this hotel belong to Superior Suite, Luxury Suite, and even Connecting Suite. A week in these rooms can be estimated at 250 thousand. rub. and even more expensive. And on the territory of the hotel there are villas in each of which has as many as three bedrooms. Designed for accommodation for six people, the villa is estimated at 600 thousand rubles. behind a week.


  • Tivat Airport is just 11 km away;
  • There are two villas;
  • View of the mountains or the sea;
  • There is a spa;
  • There is a restaurant and bar;
  • Great outdoor pool;
  • Possible transfer from the airport and back;
  • Nice private beach;
  • The rooms are spacious and clean;
  • Good soundproofing;
  • Tasty and varied breakfasts.


  • There may be problems with dinner;
  • There are no sports fields and other entertainments here.

Palazzo banicevic luxury rooms

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.8


Another representative of our rating, built completely near the city of Kotor. Just four kilometers from this hotel is the main entrance to the Sea Gate. Same distance to Kotor Clock Tower. You will have to get to Tivat airport not for long, since before him – about 14 km. By the way, for The hotel agrees to make your transfer from airport, and then back.

This guest house is a five star hotel. This means that you have there will definitely not be any complaints about filling the numbers. In particular, you will get satellite TV, air conditioning and toiletries. Not forgotten and the cabinet in which you can store all clothing brought and bought in Montenegro.

These hotels rarely offer Swedish meals. table. “However, breakfast here may be just that! However, continental breakfast is also possible – this point needs to be specified when reservation and check-in. As for lunch and dinner, their the guest house does not serve. However, there is nothing to worry about. Great the probability that you will spend day and evening somewhere beyond outside the hotel. And if the day is rainy, then no one it will prevent you from quickly cooking something in the shared kitchen.

Many Montenegro hotels earn extra money for account of your spa. Palazzo Banicevic Luxury Rooms – not exception to the rule. Here you can go through some anti-aging treatments, as well as a sauna and hydromassage bathtub. There is also a place for playing billiards at the hotel. well and bike rental is available nearby.

It remains to add that in the courtyard of this guest house there is Illuminated pool with elegant shape. It seems that in it you spend a lot of time. Unfortunately, sports fields or there is nothing of the kind here. As the saying goes, the owner did not add nothing more, instead significantly lowering the price tag. If you come to Montenegro on business, then this is the best option, because a week of living in a double room of 40 square meters. m will cost 90-112 thousand rubles. And this is the best room in this guest home! Options are slightly worse, a week in which costs from 74 to 90 thousand rubles. Interestingly, one of them has even a hot tub!


  • Rooms feature mountain and sea views;
  • A cozy pool with sunbeds around it;
  • Breakfast buffet is available;
  • You can play billiards;
  • There is a spa;
  • Close to the historic city center;
  • In the vicinity of the hotel is a good beach;
  • Excellent soundproofing;
  • Low cost of living.


  • No dinners or lunches;
  • Little entertainment.

The best hotels in Tivat

Boutique hotel la roche

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 5.0


Want to live in a room with a luxurious interior? In this case you need to stay at Boutique Hotel La Roche, which has opened its doors for visitors relatively recently. Reseption works around the clock here, even some issues can be solved late at night. Importantly, the staff includes Russian speaking people! Also on the territory of the hotel is free Wi-Fi, which also can not be appreciated. However more you will enjoy the impressive terrace overlooking the sea – I want to be here forever.

Five star hotel located in Tivat. He disposes private beach and outdoor swimming pool only in summer. The rooms of this hotel are decorated in a classic style. Extras include a seating area and a desk. Itself Each room has a private bathroom. And here not all rooms have a private balcony – this moment Be sure to check before booking.

A continental breakfast is served here every morning. also in the restaurant can find a buffet, including seafood. Unfortunately, lunch and dinner are included in the price. not included. It is assumed that during the day you will be behind outside the hotel. And this is not surprising, because you can easily to get not only to Tivat, but also to the old city of Budva – You need to drive only 23 km. By the way, from Tivat airport to this Hotel – only 3 km. Walkable if your baggage does not exceed the limits of the reasonable. If there are many things, it is recommended to issue paid transfer from the airport and back.

The hotel itself does not offer any mass of diverse entertainment. This is not an Egyptian resort, beyond which You can not go out. The management of this hotel understands that people here They come not to sunbathe and swim in the sea every day. They come to Montenegro in order to look at the country and Admire the mountains from different angles. However, this does not mean that there is absolutely nothing to do at the hotel. You can go to SPA-center. It offers not only beauty and wellness procedures, but also hammam. Not forgotten, of course, and the sauna.

As for the beach, it is difficult to say something interesting about it. The sea is literally a few meters from the Boutique Hotel La Roche. The beach is clean, but the sea in this place warms up only in the summer months. It is thought that much more often you will use by the pool.


  • Housekeeping twice a day;
  • Great outdoor pool;
  • There is a spa with a sauna;
  • The chic interiors of the rooms;
  • There is a restaurant and bar;
  • Very tasty breakfasts;
  • The hotel is located close to the airport and the city;
  • There is a nice private beach.


  • Very high cost of living;
  • Lunches and dinners are not included in the price;
  • Not all rooms have a balcony;
  • There is no gym at the hotel.

La Perla Hotel & Villas

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.9


Another representative of our rating, accommodation in which It costs a lot of money. Seven days in a double a room with one double bed is estimated at 170 thousand rubles. And at 140 thousand rubles, if you agree to refuse to return the prepayment when changing your plans. In fact, you are unlikely to find more Cheap hotel located in Tivat. While you get not only a bed, but also a sofa. This allows you to invite to number of guests, they definitely recognize it as very comfortable without experiencing no inconvenience. By the way, you can settle here even more dear number. It will differ in slightly larger sizes and the presence of a sea view. Living in it will be in the future remember again and again.

The rooms at this hotel are chic and modern. interiors. And all the other rooms too! The hotel is very very different from the rest of Montenegro. I’m glad that there is an outdoor pool, which is incredible to swim in nicely. When you get tired, you can use the sunbed, taking cover under the umbrella. It should be noted that the pool opens extremely beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

Does the hotel have a private beach. But you’ll rarely rest on it, since the pool is often warmer and more attractive. More on The hotel has a gym. It’s real surprise! Typically, Montenegrin hotel owners forget about it. AND After all, resting men need to somehow keep their muscles in good shape. The hotel also has an excellent spa in which conduct a variety of wellness treatments.

But let’s get back to the numbers. Inside each of them air conditioning, cable TV, hairdryer and toiletries. Simple things like a bathrobe are not forgotten. and slippers. If you go to the front desk, you can easily arrange a tour of the Bay of Kotor, which is held at help cruise boat. Pedestrian looks no less interesting. walk in the historical center of Kotor. You can get to him at taxi or bus – you need to go 10 km. A little less distance – to Tivat airport. Transfer from and back is carried out by request.

The hotel staff includes people talking on different languages. The management assures that it is also possible with someone speak Russian too. As for food, hotels Montenegro usually only includes breakfast. La Perla Hotel & Villas is no exception to the rule. Lunches and dinners according to the buffet system it is impossible to organize at least because the relatively small size of the hotel – this is not a resort for you, which is home to three hundred people. In a word, you are only waiting Continental breakfast. But this is very good. By the way here You can order a hookah. Someone will definitely like it.


  • There is a beauty salon and a hairdresser;
  • Excellent soundproofing;
  • Wonderful pool overlooking the mountains and the sea;
  • The hotel is near the city and the airport;
  • 24-hour reception;
  • There is a private beach;
  • Tasty continental breakfast;
  • There is a gym;
  • Nice spa;
  • Each room has a coffee maker or kettle;
  • Amazing interiors.


  • Not all rooms have a balcony;
  • The price does not include lunch and dinner;
  • Few places of entertainment.

The Chedi Luštica Bay

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.8


This hotel is located on the seafront in Trashte Bay. Before The center of Tivat is relatively close, about 14 km. Of course, such a hotel could not get its own beach. Pleases with its perfect cleanliness. Seen that the cleaning is here carried out as regularly as possible. But save on this many hotels – this is easy to see by looking at our A selection of the best Egyptian hotels.

In each room you can find air conditioning, television with satellite channels, kettle, desk and toiletries accessories. The suites have a coffee machine, due to which every morning you can enjoy delicious espresso. Also at the hotel serves a continental breakfast, to which there are also no claims. It is nice that absolutely every visitor will be pleased here. Consume only vegetarian food? No problem she available in the assortment of the restaurant. There are also dishes without gluten free. By the way, the hotel has a second restaurant. Not forgotten, of course, and the bar. In a word, you can easily get yourself Fine local wines and Mediterranean specialties.

In this hotel you can not only relax, but also bring your body in order. To do this, it is recommended to go to the fitness center. If he If you are not comfortable, it is possible to visit the spa. In you lead through a variety of wellness and rejuvenating procedures. Also on its territory there is a steam room and a sauna. There is also an indoor pool, open all year.

Of course, the outdoor pool is not forgotten here either. In the summer he is the best place to relax. When swimming tired, you can lie down on a sunbed. The hotel also has its own beach on the seashore. It is also literally dotted with umbrellas and sunbeds. Entrance to the sea is carried out from a pontoon or pebble-sandy shore. For total happiness here is lacking only a coral reef. But this is you are not a hot African country!

In favor of this hotel make their choice and business people. Large companies organize conferences here – created for them corresponding hall. There is also a full-fledged business center.

It remains to add that The Chedi Luštica Bay is located in eleven kilometers from Tivat airport. A little bit farther The old town of Kotor, protected by UNESCO, is located. Well, Budva located about twice as far.


  • There is a conference room and a business center;
  • Great outdoor pool;
  • There is a spa with indoor pool and sauna;
  • The hotel is located relatively close to the airport;
  • Excellent interiors of all rooms;
  • Nice view of the sea and mountains;
  • Wonderful beach with sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • Good breakfast food;
  • Even dinners can be included in the price.


  • Little fun for the kids.

Hotel palma

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.7


Another representative of our rating, whose numbers They have windows overlooking the sea and mountains. From many rooms you can see the beach, which is literally a few meters away from the walls of the hotel. The beach is relatively small, but it housed numerous sunbeds and umbrellas. Only unpleasant moment of such a decision – you will not be able to lie down on the sand. Yes and there is no sand as such – it is very mixed pebbles. Well, what else did you expect from the country, the main feature which are the mountains?

The hotel was built a long time ago. However in 2016 its global restoration was carried out. If you admire tired of the Tivat Bay, then from the hotel you can wave to the city of Kotor, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get to him – only 8 km.

However, it is believed that most often you will not have any desire to leave the hotel. It is very convenient to sunbathe here. When you want coolness, you can fall into your room, because here there is air conditioning. If you need to stretch your muscles, then You can walk to nearby sports sites.

Like many other hotels, Hotel Palma is capable of boasting spa center. Various anti-aging treatments are performed here, They also offer a sauna. Be that as it may, on the territory hotels there is almost perfect silence – isn’t this the best way to relax from the annoying city noise?

It remains to add that only breakfasts. The lack of lunch and dinner is somewhat sad. But The hotel is very inexpensive. To rent a double room with one a bed for one week is possible for only 58-70 thousand rubles. If in If the hotel is populated by more than two people, it is better to book a suite with sea ​​view – a week of living in it is estimated at 158-176 thousand rubles. This room has one large bed and two sofa beds.

And what can visitors of this four-star hotels? Perhaps only the lack of an outdoor pool. Alas but Only a tiny pool under the roof is available to hotel guests, which is nothing special.


  • Nice beach with lots of sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • Near the hotel there are sports fields;
  • Possible transfer from the airport and back;
  • Many have sea views;
  • The hotel is located near the city of Kotor;
  • Family rooms available;
  • Buffet breakfast
  • There is a good spa;
  • Many rooms have a low cost of living.


  • Not enough gym;
  • Little fun for the kids;
  • The price does not include lunch and dinner;
  • There is no outdoor pool.

Hotel astoria

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.6


A little higher in our rating we were talking about a hotel with such the name. But that hotel was near Budva. The same hotel Located near the city of Tivat. In its territory you You will find plain-looking residential buildings and many palm trees. The interior is much more pleasing. And even more impressive flat pier to which the sailing yacht is moored. what As for the beach, this hotel does not have it. But no one will bother you come to the city beach, which does not cause any complaints, but located – literally a few hundred meters.

This hotel is located in the center of the Bay of Kotor. Quite the largest cruise ships moor nearby. If you settle in a room with a sea view, you will see them daily. But, of course, such a number will cost you quite expensive – approximately in 133 thousand rubles. per week stay. If you are going to spend the minimum amount of time in the hotel, it’s better book a room for 86 thousand rubles. It has the same dimensions identical filling, the same double is used for sleep bed. The only difference is that there is no balcony, but from the window offers unremarkable views of the city.

Each room has air conditioning, desk, minibar, satellite TV and toilet accessories. Girls will definitely appreciate the availability hair dryer. The hotel also provides a bathrobe and slippers, which also come in handy after taking a shower.

The cost of living includes exclusively Continental breakfast. By the way, it can be vegetarian and gluten free! Meals are offered in the hotel restaurant, has a spectacular terrace. Of course, here you can also have lunch and dinner, but for a fee. They will demand money for drinks at the bar. Their assortment of you will certainly please.

As with many other Montenegro hotels, the reception desk in Hotel Astoria is open around the clock. There is also a tourist a bureau where all kinds of excursions and tours are ordered. Well, if you are most confident in yourself, you can rent here car. There is also a bike rental service.

How far is this hotel from other cities? If Tivat is at hand, like its airport, then to the city of Herceg Novi need to go 13 km. Also relatively few! In a word, this is the best the choice for those who decide to explore Montenegro. And the worst for those who wants to spend their holidays only in the hotel – there is no pool, no spa, or any other entertainment.


  • Check-in to the room with sea view is possible;
  • There is a good beach nearby;
  • Located very close to the airport;
  • A delicious breakfast, served until one in the afternoon;
  • There is a restaurant and bar;
  • Palm trees grow on site;
  • There is a rental car and bike;
  • Relatively low cost of living;
  • The staff understands a little Russian language.


  • No pool;
  • There are no entertainments;
  • There is no spa and gym.

Kaliman Villa Lux

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.5


This is not a hotel, but a full-fledged complex of villas. He is in in Tivat, about one kilometer from the church of St. Sava. A little bit more distance – to another attraction of Montenegro, to the Clock Tower of Tivat.

The apartments provided to the guest are equipped with every comfort which you can only dream of. In particular, it’s air conditioning, comfortable bathroom, TV, wardrobe, living room and tiled floor. You can enjoy garden view from the room. discover modern appliances: microwave, dishwasher car, electric kettle and refrigerator. Also at your service a terrace where you can relax watching the sea waves and mountain landscape.

You can relax here in the garden, which surprises the southern by plants. But if you have come so far, it is recommended go hiking while sightseeing the city located here. By the way, for an additional fee the hotel can arrange your transfer from the airport and back. But before him only 4.1 km, so you can take a taxi.

Within walking distance from the villa is a public beach. However, it is embarrassing with its small size, in the summer there is not there is not a scrap of free space. However, a little further You can find other beaches.

As we said, this is not a hotel. It turns out what to cook food you have to do it yourself. Or eat in restaurants that built in Tivat in large numbers. Interesting that the owners Apartments speak not only Serbian, but also Russian. That is why it is often the Russians who rent a villa.

Choosing Kaliman Villa Lux should be done if if you come to Montenegro with a big company. The fact is that two bedroom apartments are designed to accommodate six person. A little cheaper is living in apartments with one bedroom – they are designed to accommodate no more than four person.


  • The hosts speak three languages, including Russian;
  • Wonderful views of the mountains and the sea;
  • The beach is nearby;
  • There are a large number of restaurants in the area;
  • A kitchen with modern appliances is provided;
  • Great interior;
  • All the sights of Tivat – as close as possible;
  • You can populate a large company;
  • The villa is located near the airport.


  • No free meals;
  • Missing pool;
  • The villa does not offer any entertainment.

Apartments Kovinic

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.4


Another representative of the rating of the best Montenegrin hotels, located in Tivat. This is also an apartment. They are located at two addresses. Whatever apartments you choose, you have get to enjoy the fresh air, views of the mountains and the sea, and also cozy rooms inside. It offers guests – not only free parking but also a kitchenette, air conditioning, balcony and own access to the sea. Paradise in Montenegro, inaccessible to anyone other than those booked here accommodation!

As expected, the apartments have a cable TV TV and a private bathroom. There is and terrace that will allow you to meet the morning in the most pleasant conditions. There is a rental point near the guest house. a car. You can also book a guided boat tour. Believe me, looking at the Bay of Kotor directly from the sea is unforgettably!

If you arrive at Tivat Airport, then the owners of the apartments You will be delivered to the guest house free of charge. Well, the transfer from Airports in Podgorica and Dubrovnik – on request and for extra charge. You can also rent a boat for money and water skiing.

As with other villas, Apartments Kovinic does not It has its own restaurant. Cooking will have to own kitchenette. However, restaurants are within walking distance. accessibility, like the attractions of Tivat. Usually like the villas do not have their own pool, but Apartments Kovinic is exception to the rule. Of course, the pool is not very large dimensions, but it has a backlight that allows you to visit him even after sunset. At one address, the pool is capable of boast a gorgeous view of the mountains and the bay. Get out of the water in in this case, I want only to take advantage of one of sun loungers standing near the pool.

As often happens, each villa has several apartments. And this is the best option for those traveling to Montenegro big company. Apartments with private pool are able accommodate as many as ten adults and four children! Rest apartments are designed for six people. And all this for 60-70 thousand. rub. per week stay! Now figure out how much it will cost Accommodation of so many people in a full-fledged hotel?


  • Low cost of living;
  • There are apartments with a private pool;
  • There is a sun terrace;
  • The apartments have modern appliances;
  • Free airport transfer in Tivat;
  • Car and boat rental available;
  • Sights of the city are not far away.


  • There is no restaurant;
  • All entertainment is in the city.

Apartments adeona

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.3


Our rating is continued by apartments located in Tivat city. They roughly correspond to a four-star hotel. At the same time, the cost of living here is cheaper, one week estimated at about 45-55 thousand rubles. All apartments are conditional divided into three types. The first belongs to a room with one bedroom and balcony with sea view. Second the apartments have their own terrace, which is very nice have breakfast and take a sunbath. Finally available to guests and deluxe apartments with a larger area and more refined interior.

The guest house is located along the promenade. It opens perfect sea view. Every day you can watch how around people are swarming – someone decided to ride a jet ski, someone moor an expensive yacht, someone is fishing … Yes, life is in full swing even in such a small town.

But back to the apartment. They are waiting for you air conditioning, satellite TV, open-plan living room, kitchenette and dining table. In the kitchen you can find electric kettle, refrigerator and stove, which are not in a condition no complaints. Outside the house are numerous sun loungers, which beckon to lie in the sun. If you agree spend extra money, you can arrange a walk on canoeing – this will make you even more impressed by the bay. AND Be sure to get an action camera so that you don’t have only memories! You can also be provided with equipment for water sports. This will be especially relevant for those who come to Montenegro in a big company.

It is difficult to tell any details about the apartments. it you are not a hotel with many staff and several restaurants on its territory. There is no entertainment as such, missing even the pool. More precisely, his role here is a piece of the bay with a sandy bottom. Swimming here is very nice. Well and in the immediate vicinity of the guest house is the beach – here you can swim with the whole family. Sunset at sea here is gentle, which will appeal to those who do not like depth.

Almost all guests of this mini-hotel stay from him in delighted. Many of them liked the regular cleaning. and bedding is changed three times a week. Not everyone apartments can boast of this. Also does not cause any problems guest house location – go to Tivat airport it takes only 10 minutes, but only a few to get to the city center longer. By the way, one cannot fail to note the presence of a safe. It is on that case you do not trust the staff in such places.


  • 24-hour reception;
  • You can use the safe;
  • Many sun loungers outside the walls of the house;
  • Nearby is a clean beach with a gentle entrance to the sea;
  • You can take a walk along the bay by canoe;
  • Convenient location of the guest house;
  • The apartments are furnished with excellent furniture and appliances;
  • You can swim right in the waters of the bay.


  • There are no special entertainments nearby;
  • The accommodation does not include meals;
  • The apartment can accommodate no more than four people.

Apartments monet

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.2


Another apartment in our rating. And perhaps this option has the lowest rating. His rating on hotel aggregators equals approximately eight points. What are guests dissatisfied with? let’s find out.

The apartment complex is located in Tivat. In only three minutes walk is Movida beach, free space on which can be found even on a sultry summer day. To the city of Budva – 22 km. Sights of Tivat – literally at hand. When not want to go nowhere – you can use one of several sun beds. So you can sunbathe right in the guest house, enjoying sea and mountain views. The private beach itself is here no, but you can go down the stairs directly into the water of the bay. Such swimming option will not suit only those who do not like big depth. Guests of this apartment can also enjoy a catamaran swim. Well, near the guest house there are bike rental and cars. It’s easy to find a water sports center where You will be allowed to go fishing and diving.

As for the apartments themselves, they are equipped with air conditioning, living room, dining table, kitchenette, which has microwave and other appliances, satellite TV canals and a good bathroom. Used for sleep double bed. However, this applies only to the cheapest apartments, the week of accommodation in which costs only 60 thousand rubles. (and at times the price tag drops to 40 thousand rubles altogether). Are available in this guest house and apartments with sea view supplemented by a sofa bed – there may be no longer two, but three person.

Perhaps the highest rating of this guest house is not deserves it because of the capacity. If you are six, you will have to rent two apartments, and it will take 120 thousand rubles. However, in a full-fledged hotel accommodation of so many people will cost even more. The rest is to complain about the apartments extremely difficult. A picturesque place, the absence of noise from a large the number of guests, the opportunity to swim in the sea, diving into it from a private pier – can you still dream of something else?


  • Very low cost of living;
  • Bicycle and car rental available;
  • Kitchenette with good appliances;
  • The purest sea water in which you can swim;
  • The apartments have sea views;
  • The guest house is located near the airport;
  • Excellent soundproofing.


  • During the day, passing cars are regularly heard;
  • The apartment accommodates two to three people;
  • The price does not include meals.

The best hotels of Sveti Stefan resort

Maestral Resort & Casino

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.9


Some people come to Montenegro in order to visit casino. As you know, in many countries they are prohibited. Yes and in In Russia, only three cities are reserved for casinos. In short, do you want risk your money – go to Montenegro! To settle you can at Maestral Resort & Casino. This hotel is located in the resort of Sveti Stefan. This means that you are also here relax, enjoying the sun, views of the sea and mountains, as well as swimming in a huge pool by the standards of such hotels.

This hotel is one of those where you can stay, in no way needing. There are four restaurants on its territory, offering international and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as an abundance of all kinds of wines. There are also bars in which A variety of snacks and cold drinks are available. Quite a large spa offers massage and beauty treatments procedures. You can also stay in the hot tub, steam bath and sauna. Well, next to the hotel is not only a casino, but also a sports ground including tennis courts. Of course, the mini market is not forgotten here either. In a word, why leave the territory Hotel, when is there everything you need?

The hotel is located in a romantic rocky bay. Private the beach is covered with sand and equipped with many sun loungers with umbrellas. When the sea is bored; at your service are several swimming pools. As for the rooms, they also correspond to the upper class – in they can find air conditioning, minibar, satellite TV canals and a balcony. Many rooms boast panoramic views. sea ​​view.

Perhaps we will not talk about this hotel in more detail. We invite you to visit it yourself, having familiarized yourself with all of it charms.


  • Nearby are a diving center and tennis courts;
  • Many rooms offer panoramic sea views;
  • There is a modern casino;
  • The hotel has recently been completely refurbished;
  • There is an excellent spa;
  • A large number of restaurants and bars;
  • Great beach with sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • Wonderful swimming pools;
  • Buffet breakfast.


  • The cost of living cannot be called low;
  • Dinners are available for a fee.

Hotel california

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.8


Eagles wrote the song “Hotel California”, after which Hotels with the appropriate name appeared in every country. There is such a hotel in Montenegro. He collects extremely positive reviews. This should not be surprising, because guests like absolutely everything: the process of settlement, food, room interiors, room decor, some entertainment, relaxing on the beach and much more. And only eviction causes some sadness: after that, I don’t feel like going back to the routine of life. However, you quickly realize that further stay at the hotel would make you bankrupt. Each week at this hotel costs at least 150 thousand rubles. And if you are three or four, then the amount it turns out even higher.

The hotel is located in the city of Sveti Stefan. This representative our rating provides its visitors with breakfast in the form the buffet. However, the menu is also available, if you have such an option not satisfied. Lunches and dinners – only at an additional cost, which slightly confused. It offers guests – not only a restaurant, but also 24-hour reception. It’s nice that you can order delivery of drinks and food to the room. I don’t want to leave it, as it has air conditioning, satellite TV channels, hairdryer, kettle and desk. In private bathroom the room must have a shower. For complete happiness here is not only a jacuzzi is enough.

You can find fault with Hotel California because of the small amount of entertainment. The hotel still implies that you will spend some amount of time outside. No, at first, of course, I just want to enjoy the view and the sound of the sea. But you will not believe, even the sea is once able to bother and tire. It is a pity that the city of Budva will have to be reached by car or in some other way – it’s definitely not 11 km to walk want to. As for the city of Kotor, it is at all 31 km away. On the about the same distance is Tivat airport. Other the disadvantage is the strange form that opens from many numbers. The fact is that many hotel guests will not see the sea from the window and mountains, and the adjacent wall is air-conditioned. They are also very buzzing because of what I do not want to open the window on my balcony at all. The hotel would not hurt the expansion of its territory, but it almost unrealistic – it is literally squeezed by other hotels and private houses, and on one side there is already a beach.


  • You can use the safe;
  • There are offers with low cost of living;
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Room service is available;
  • Airport transfer available;
  • All rooms have a balcony;
  • There is an electric kettle or even a coffee maker;
  • Great sandy beach.


  • The price includes breakfast only;
  • Little entertainment
  • Many have a view of the air-conditioned wall;
  • Missing pool.

The best hotels of Ulcinj resort

Perla luxury

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.9

Perla Luxury

The hotels located in the territory complete our rating. Ulcinj resort. One of them is Perla Luxury. This hotel It has private parking and free Wi-Fi. Half a kilometer There is a long beach from the hotel. The hotel itself own does not have a beach. It generally has relatively small sizes, in connection with which they did not fit here, for example, sports platforms. But then guests can enjoy views of the sea and mountains. AND there is still a pool! It’s a surprise! Typically, these hotels do not have. On the edges of the pool there are comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas – here you can sunbathe well or take refuge from the annoying the sun.

Despite its modest size, the hotel is ready to host a family with a child. Children here can even play on the appropriate site. Of course, it is modest in size, but hardly here someday there are a very large number of children.

Adults will enjoy the terrace much more. More often they will become Only use the restaurant that serves breakfast in the format “Buffet”. As for lunch and dinner, it is strictly according to menu, at an additional cost. However, it is possible that day and you will spend the evening outside the hotel, where there is also a considerable number of restaurants and bars.

If we talk about filling numbers, then here you are not waiting nothing unusual. Inside each number there is a familiar LCD TV with which you can watch satellite the television. They also have en suite bathrooms with a bathtub. shower, slippers and a range of toiletries. Housekeeping is provided daily. However, with another this hotel simply would not be included in our rating.

What else can be noted? Possible airport transfer and back. However, the road ahead is quite long, because the distance to the airport in Podgorica reaches 50 km. Still need say about the large capacity. Even double rooms have decent area, so there are no free places only two adults, but also one child. Also hotel Perla Luxury offers one bedroom suites, executive suites and studio apartments – all are designed for three adults and one child. However, they stand – noticeably expensive. If we talk about double deluxe rooms with one bed, which is most here, then a week of living in them estimated at 80-83 thousand rubles.


  • Some rooms have sea views;
  • Relatively low cost of living;
  • Delicious breakfast buffet;
  • There is a children’s playground;
  • There is an excellent pool;
  • Walking distance to a great beach.


  • The hotel is located far from the airport;
  • There are no special entertainments on the territory of the hotel;
  • The price includes breakfast only.

Hotel senator

Hotel Rating (Montenegro): 4.7


We cannot but tell in our rating about one more An inexpensive hotel located in Ulcinj. He is only five hundred meters from the beach, which is always sufficient amount of free space. Also very close – all sights of this city. Well, if you want to inspect all Montenegro – at your service car rental! Can here taking a bicycle is also a great pastime. Curious, that the hotel has a private garage. Therefore, you can safely come here Arrive in your own car.

We proceed to the description of the numbers. They have air conditioning, TV, DVD player (although now hardly anyone will be his include), toiletries and more. IN The apartments have a kitchenette with a dining area. Here can no longer two, but already four adults. Should note that the apartments may have two bedrooms and terrace. Of course, from here a gorgeous view of the sea opens! It’s a pity only that the cost of living here will not be particularly low. If a do you agree to stay in a standard double room with one bed, then for one week of stay you will be required to the area of ​​45 thousand rubles.

On site there is a bar where you can order different soft drinks. Curious that the hotel does not have spa, but still ready to offer a massage. Behind extra charge, of course. As for the store and restaurant, they can be found literally a hundred meters from the hotel. It’s nice that at least breakfast is included in the price. how It’s known that when designing apartments in other guest houses offer this.

Inside the Hotel Senator there is a small pool. It’s a pity, Of course, that he is not in the open. But use it You can even in winter. This will please those who come to Montenegro not for the sake of relaxation, but for a business meeting. The beach hotel, alas, is not disposes. However, nearby you will definitely find some of public beaches. We recommend that you drive 5 km to the beach Long Beach This is a very large beach, which is sandy. Canopy the entrance to the sea should please both you and the children.

Perhaps this is a very good hotel. And you should not be embarrassed by him location. Yes, to the airport of Podgorica – as much as 65 km. But for the hotel will arrange a transfer from it for an additional fee and back. More indigenous people of Montenegro are advised to visit Skadar Lake, located nine kilometers from the hotel.


  • Near the hotel there are several beaches;
  • There is a pool;
  • There is a bar with a summer terrace;
  • There is a private garage;
  • There are car and bicycle rentals;
  • Spacious and beautiful rooms;
  • Low cost of living;
  • The staff tries to speak Russian.


  • The price includes breakfast only;
  • No special entertainment.


This is the list of the best hotels located in the territory Montenegro As you can see, each hotel has those or other shortcomings. It just so happened that without them it can’t dispense with any hotel, even belonging to a five-star class. Nevertheless, we are sure that rest in any of the considered you will definitely like this hotel rating!

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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