20 most interesting sights of Voronezh

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Voronezh is not a wildly popular destination for domestic tourism, but this city is optimal for getting to know the traditions of the region, for a quiet family vacation or, conversely, for a fun holiday. People come here to visit Orthodox shrines, museums and theaters. Every visitor and resident of Voronezh is simply obliged to see the sights presented below and feel the originality, history and atmosphere of the city.

Rating of the most interesting sights of Voronezh

Nomination a place Object name rating
The most interesting religious sights of Voronezh 1 Blagoveshchensky cathedral 5.0
2 Uspensky Admiralty temple 4.9
3 Alekseevo-Akatov monastery 4.8
4 Intercession Cathedral 4.7
The most interesting architectural sights of Voronezh 1 Monument to a kitten from Lizyukov street 5.0
2 Monument to White Bim 4.9
3 Monument to Marshak 4.8
The most interesting entertainment sights of Voronezh 1 Park TRK Arena 5.0
2 Cinema Proletary 4.9
3 Fountains on Sovetskaya Square 4.8
4 Voronezh Zoo 4.7
5 Scarlet Sails Park 4.6
The most interesting military-patriotic sights of Voronezh 1 Monument of Glory 5.0
2 Victory Square 4.9
3 Monument to Rotunda 4.8
The most interesting cultural sights of Voronezh 1 Museum Ship Goto Predestinatsiya 5.0
2 Chamber theater 4.9
3 Museum of Forgotten Music 4.8
4 Drama Theater named after A. Koltsova 4.7
5 Art Museum. Kramskoy 4.6

The most interesting religious sights of Voronezh

In the first nomination, we included churches, monasteries and cathedrals of Voronezh.

Blagoveshchensky cathedral

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 5.0


The first place in the rating belongs to the Annunciation Church, which is the center of the diocese in Voronezh. This is one of the largest Orthodox church buildings in the Russian Federation. For its construction, many donations were collected from various companies and ordinary citizens. The building is striking in its grandeur and beauty. Its construction began in 1998 on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The first stone was consecrated by Alexy II, Patriarch of Moscow.

The temple was officially opened in 2009. Since that time, daily services have been conducted in it. On church holidays, the bell makes a loud ringing and calls people to prayer. The cathedral consists of two parts. The upper one stores the relics of the righteous, and the lower one holds up to 5 thousand people. Every Orthodox Christian should visit this wonderful cathedral to pray, repent and ask for God's mercy. Address: Revolution Avenue, 14B.

Uspensky Admiralty temple

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.9


All Voronezh residents are proud and glorify the Russian relic in the form of the Admiralty Assumption Church. The fate of this structure is intertwined with the formation of the Russian Navy. It was in this church that ships were illuminated, sailors were blessed for successful campaigns. Together with the periods of take-off, the temple experienced desolation, decline and oblivion. The Church of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary combines different styles. It was first mentioned in 1594. In the 20th century, the walls of the Admiralty Church were greatly dilapidated due to the constant influence of moisture, but on the day of the anniversary of the Navy, the state financed the restoration of the church premises. Donations from city dwellers also helped preserve and restore the ancient Russian monument.

In 2016, the Soyuz TV channel released a program about the Assumption Church, and in 2008 the Bank of the Russian Federation launched a commemorative coin with its image. Among the shrines of the temple are the St. Andrew's flag and plaques with the names of the fallen heroes of Voronezh. Excursions are constantly held here. To visit them, you need to get to Sofia Perovskaya Street, 9.

Alekseevo-Akatov monastery

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.8


One of the oldest shrines, which has survived to the present time, is the Voronezh Alekseevo-Akatov Monastery. Initially, he was male, and then became female. The monastery was founded almost 400 years ago. It is named after the first Christian saint, Alexei. Its construction took place at Akatovaya Polyana. In the southern part of the building there is a cemetery where nobles and monks used to be buried. Within the walls of the room are icons of Tambov Pitirim, Voronezh Mitrofan, Zadonsk Tikhon.

Almost every Christian saw icons streaming myrrh. At this time, a reddish liquid appears on the surface of the image, as a rule, it flows from the eyes of the one who is painted on the shrine. Someone thinks this is a sign from above, but scientists argue that the world is a common physical phenomenon associated with the technology of painting. In the Alekseev-Akatov monastery, this phenomenon was observed several times. The first icon to start streaming myrrh was the 'Picturesque Spring'. Divine services are held daily at the monastery. Address: Liberation of Labor, 1.

Intercession Cathedral

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.7


The stone heart of the city and the same age as Voronezh is the Intercession Cathedral. Its walls received the most esteemed guests. He grew up and lived with the people of Voronezh. The first mention of the cathedral concerns the events of 1615. In the post-revolutionary period all valuables were confiscated here, a Red Army stable was organized, and many priests were executed. After the Second World War, the roof, cornices, dome coverings were destroyed, but the walls survived. The building needed urgent restoration, but it began only 3 years after the end of the war. Then the cathedral was given the status of a cathedral.

Today, baptism rites are held here, they conduct services, feed the poor, and do icon painting. The cathedral is especially beautiful in the evening, when the lines of Godunov's classicism are clearly visible. The internal interior immerses the visitor in the history of Orthodoxy and delights in its beauty. Address: Bekhtereev, 36.

The most interesting architectural sights of Voronezh

The second category includes monuments and sculptures that are especially popular among Voronezh residents.

Monument to a kitten from Lizyukov street

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 5.0


Next in the ranking is a monument dedicated to the famous cartoon hero. It will not be so easy for visitors to find this monument, because Lizyukov Street itself is quite long and confusing. Therefore, it is better to ask the locals or look at the map. It is quite a visited place. On weekends, there is a whole line of people who want to be photographed with a cute kitten. The cartoon hero sits on a tall tree with a crow. In every souvenir shop in the city you can find a similar fridge magnet.

There is a belief that a wish made near the monument will definitely come true. The main thing is to fulfill one condition – to hold the kitten by the left heel at this time. It is a pity that the scriptwriter and director of the cartoon did not live to see the day the monument was erected. Address: Lizyukova, 4.

Monument to White Bim

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.9


The rating is continued by the unofficial symbol of Voronezh, which was created based on the work 'White Bim Black Ear'. The sculptors made it exclusively for their own finances. The monument looks like the figure of a dog, patiently waiting for its owner.

The monument was erected in 1998 in honor of the sad story written by G. Troepolsky. The author of the book is a native of Voronezh. Residents associate this dog with loyalty and kindness. Every passer-by considers it his duty to come up and stroke Bim. From this, the dog's ear even began to shine. It is located at 5 Revolutsii Avenue, in front of the puppet theater.

Monument to Marshak

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.8


Several generations of children in our country grew up on Marshak's poems. The first monument to the poet was erected in Voronezh in 2015. The artist Dikunov became the author of the sculpture. It is also interesting that the monument stands near the house of the famous author of children's books.

Not only Voronezh residents, but also Muscovites responded to the idea of ​​erecting a monument. Poetry evenings were organized where funds were raised. The opening ceremony was attended by the poet's grandson Alexander Marshak, who, by the way, is also a poet. The sculptural group includes not only the writer, but also a little girl with wings. By design, she is his muse. Address: K. Marx, 76.

The most interesting entertainment sights of Voronezh

The third nomination was attended by cultural and entertainment attractions that families with children will definitely like.

Park TRK Arena

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 5.0


The first place in the nomination of entertainment attractions is taken by a modern park near the Arena shopping center in the Kominternovsky district of Voronezh. From here you can walk to the kitten monument from Lizyukov Street. The large park is famous for many entertainments for every taste and budget. It offers visitors extreme attractions, a rope park, trampolines, children's carousels and shooting galleries. Children especially like this place. They enjoy riding the train and ponies, and the most daring, together with their parents, admire the beauty of the city from the cabin of the Ferris wheel. The attraction of the new worship has become the hallmark of the city and reaches a height of 37 meters.

The park is equipped with sports grounds, benches and alleys. Fun concerts and competitions are constantly held here. There are not too many food pavilions on the territory, but a shopping center with many shops, cafes and pizzerias is within walking distance. In 2010, the long-awaited opening of a monument to the paratroopers took place in the park. Today it is a beloved and recognizable landmark, near which noisy events are held every year on the day of the Airborne Forces. Address: Boulevard Victory, 23B.

Cinema Proletary

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.8


A semicircular building with a glass facade is located on Revolutsii Avenue 56, which attracts the attention of any passer-by. This is a famous cinema, which is an architectural monument of Voronezh. Its construction began in 1914. The private property was called the 'Invalid Warrior', but soon it turned into a state cinema building called the Proletarian.

During the war, the cinema was badly damaged. It was restored in 1946. The sign, which still weighs in today, appeared in 1977. A large-scale reconstruction took place 20 years ago. Today Proletary is the largest cinema in our country, which includes two modern cinema halls. The building is considered a symbol of Voronezh and is often depicted on postcards.

Fountains on Sovetskaya Square

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.7


Further in the ranking is one of the main attractions of the city in the form of 'dry' fountains. They create an unusual effect – you can walk inside them, remaining almost dry. This place was laid with rough tiles that do not slip and guarantee safety. Voronezh residents come here every day to see an enchanting water show, dance and recharge with emotions.

Children are delighted with colored streams and cheerful music. The fountains are located on Sovetskaya Square, near which there are several hotels. From here you can walk towards the reservoir and the Chernovsky bridge. Fountains work every day except Mondays from 11 am to 10 pm.

Voronezh Zoo

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.6


The Voronezh Zoo is considered one of the largest in the Russian Federation. Its area is 6.8 hectares. It is located in the Aircraft Manufacturing Park and was opened in 1994. Previously, there was only 1 hall with monkeys, crocodiles, bears and a donkey. Today the zoo has as many as 7 rooms with reptiles, animals, birds and fish. On the territory there are exotic plants, indoor flowers.

In the zoo, you can see Central Asian turtles, owls, Amur tigers. In the contact room, guinea pigs, raccoons, rabbits and kids are petted and fed. In 2005, this institution was transferred to the department of the Regional Department of Culture and Tourism. The zoo implements the 'Animal Welfare' and 'Foster Parents' programs. Visitors praise the well-groomed area near the entrance to the building, a large number of animals, and affordable ticket prices. Address: Polina Osipenko, 6A.

Scarlet Sails Park

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.5


Further, the rating will focus on the park that arose in the 70s of the 20th century. This place is quite popular with locals. The territory of the park is more than 60 thousand square meters. meters. For a long time she was in a state of disrepair. After 2009 it became very nice and clean here. Guests of Voronezh and its residents admire the picturesque landscapes, relax and walk in a comfortable environment, go in for sports.

On the territory of the park there is a 'City of Birds', which looks like many birdhouses, a public library called 'Chess House', a stadium, its own boat station with rental services. This is a favorite place for lovers of photo shoots. Newlyweds come here to take pictures against the backdrop of beautiful flower beds and sculptures. Children will especially like it here. Scarlet Sails has many merry-go-rounds and inflatable trampolines. Address: Arzamasskaya, 4D.

The most interesting military-patriotic sights of Voronezh

Of course, we must not forget about the military-patriotic sights that are in every Russian city. In the fourth category, we reflected important monuments that remind us of the exploits of our ancestors.

Monument of Glory

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 5.0


Everyone who enters Voronezh from the direction of the capital sees the Monument of Glory, which tells about the feat of the soldiers who defended this land. It is installed on a mass grave and represents the image of a dying soldier and a woman with a child in her arms. The monument is complemented by a low wall with the dates of the war and the names of those who are buried here. The Eternal Flame is lit nearby.

The monument was supposed to remind of the victims of the war, but soon it had a proper name. They began to call it a monument of military glory, and the stops and the area near it acquired the same names. People from different cities of Russia come to this monument. So, during the Second World War, Voronezh was defended by soldiers from Kemerovo, it is quite possible that the mass grave includes the remains of these soldiers. Attention to the monument is attracted by a large red pyramid in the center of the transport ring, which proudly bears the inscription: “Voronezh is a city of military glory.”

Victory Square

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.9


The central Voronezh square is famous for its large memorial complex, created in honor of the defenders of the city. The opening took place in 1975. The monument is made of metal and red granite. It depicts 12 people belonging to various branches of the Soviet Army. There is a militia, a partisan, a nurse, a worker, a mother with a child, a soldier. The eternal flame burns before the silent figures.

As a result of the construction of this monument, the city received an entire area. Its eastern part hangs over the private sector, the streets of which go down to the reservoir. Events dedicated to May 9 are held annually on Victory Square. Newlyweds come here on their wedding day to shoot videos and photos. City educational institutions conduct excursion and educational activities. Address: Revolution Avenue, 25.

Monument to Rotunda

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.8


Next in the ranking is perhaps the most amazing war monument. The rotunda is a round structure of columns with a dome. The monument is in a dilapidated state. This is all that remains of the regional hospital after the Second World War. Before the war, the Rotunda was known throughout the city for its excellent doctors. People were treated here, lectures were given for medical students.

After the victory of the USSR, the government decided to completely destroy the remains of the hospital, because there was no money in the city to restore it. The bricks were dismantled by local residents, and the concrete frame remained standing. On the 20th anniversary of the Victory, the Rotunda was declared a historical monument. The concrete of the building proved to be as solid as the fortitude of those who fought for the hospital. Today the monument is an excursion site and a cultural heritage of Russia.

The most interesting cultural sights of Voronezh

The last nomination includes museums and theaters in Voronezh.

Museum Ship Goto Predestinatsiya

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 5.0


The nomination opens with a copy of a ship from the time of Peter the Great. The ship-museum is located near the Admiralty Square and was created in 2014 for the Day of the Navy. During the celebration, the ship was unanchored and rolled across the reservoir by employees of the Pavlovsk shipyard. Then the first excursions took place in the museum. True, the voyage of the ship on the opening day was the last. This does not make the attraction less popular. In the first two years alone, it was visited by about 60,000 people, among them Dmitry Medvedev and Pierre Richard.

Goto-Predestinatsiya was nominated for the image of the 200 and 2000 ruble bills, but took second place. Museum tickets are inexpensive. It is advised to take a guide to understand all the nuances of shipbuilding. The museum is closed during renovations and inappropriate weather conditions. Tourists willingly take pictures inside the ship and in its background. The residents of Voronezh also do this.

Chamber theater

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.9


The rating is continued by the unique building in which the Chamber Theater is located. It was founded in 1993 and has a permanent troupe. The basement of the building includes a buffet, an exhibition gallery and a library, and a store for decorations. An elevator is provided in the spectator area. On the ground floor there is a ticket office, a cloakroom and an entrance to the main hall. The second floor includes a small stage with a foyer and wardrobe rooms. The 3rd and 4th floors are reserved for a recording studio, hotel rooms and a dance hall.

When decorating the premises, oak parquet was used, the stairs have a rubberized coating. If possible, it is recommended to visit an exhibition or performance. The theater is always waiting for spectators and offers a variety of performances to choose from. Address: K. Marx, 55A. From here you can walk to the Proletary cinema.

Museum of Forgotten Music

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.8


In the Museum of Forgotten Music, you can see ancient musical instruments and hear how they sound. It is located in the building of the House of Culture of Mechanical Engineers and has been operating since 2007. Guided tours are held here with demonstration of tools on a paid and free basis. The founders consider it their task to return the old traditional music to the modern culture of Voronezh.

Most of the exhibits are purchased from private owners, rarities are given a second life. Museum craftsmen create copies of ancient instruments with the participation of professional musicians. Here you can find Russian gusli and pipes, chonguri and lyres, mini-violins and even Scottish bagpipes. Not every day you can see a piece of history and hold it in your hands. Therefore, the Museum of Forgotten Music deserves the attention of every guest of the city. Address: January 9, 108.

Drama Theater named after A. Koltsova

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.7


The Drama Theater was founded in 1802. He collected a lot of talented actors at his price, among them V. Bukhtoyarov, A. Gladnev, T. Egorova, V. Yurov. The theater is headed by the honored art worker Petrov V.S. During the Second World War, the building was damaged, and by 1947 it was completely restored. It is plastered in a classic style and looks like a right-angled triangle with cut corners.

The composition is particularly compact. Of the total volume, only the stage box in the center and the portico in front of the facade stand out. In one of the oldest theaters in Russia, Governor's charity balls are held. The building is included in the state register of cultural heritage sites of the Russian people. Address: Prospect Revolution, 55.

Art Museum. Kramskoy

Attraction rating (Voronezh): 4.6


The regional art museum named after Kramskoy completes the rating. It has existed under this name since 1984. Today its fund has more than 22,000 exhibits from the field of sculpture, graphics, painting. Museum employees conduct research activities, present works at major exhibitions.

The exhibition hall area is over 700 sq. meters. The picturesque part of the collection is richly represented here. The museum presents paintings by Kramskoy, Tropinin, Bryullov. The three-storey building has rounded corners and elegant facades with overlays in the form of garlands and museum attributes. This place is worth visiting for every guest of Voronezh who wants to touch a part of the history of the city and Russia as a whole. Address: Revolution Avenue, 18/1.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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