20 most interesting sights of Khabarovsk

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Khabarovsk is interesting to many tourists due to the large number of unique attractions. A walk through the cultural center of the Far East gives residents and guests of the city a lot of positive impressions. In our rating, we have collected 25 of the most interesting objects of Khabarovsk, which are worth seeing for every traveler.

Rating of the most interesting sights of Khabarovsk

Nomination a place Sight rating
The most interesting religious sights of Khabarovsk 1 Assumption Cathedral 5.0
2 Transfiguration Cathedral 4.9
3 Church of Seraphim of Sarov 4.8
4 Church of St. Innocent of Irkutsk 4.7
The most interesting cultural sights of Khabarovsk 1 Monument to Erofei Khabarov 5.0
2 Khabarovsk cliff 4.9
3 Khabarovsk Regional Museum of N.I. Grodekov 4.8
4 Khabarovsk Regional Drama and Comedy Theater 4.7
The most interesting entertainment sights of Khabarovsk 1 Park them. N.N. Muravyov-Amursky 5.0
2 Khabarovsk circus 4.9
3 Zoo 'Priamursky' 4.8
4 City recreation park of the city of Khabarovsk 4.7
5 Khabarovsk city ponds 4.6
6 Park 'North' 4.5
The most interesting military-patriotic sights of Khabarovsk 1 Monument tank MS-1 5.0
2 Military history museum 4.9
3 Stela 'City of Military Glory' 4.8
4 Memorial to Japanese Prisoners of War 4.7
5 Bust of Marshal Malinovsky 4.6
6 Monument to the partisans 4.5

The most interesting religious sights of Khabarovsk

In the first nomination, we have collected the famous churches, temples and cathedrals of Khabarovsk.

Assumption Cathedral

Attraction rating: 5.0

Cathedral of the Assumption .

In the heart of the city is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God. Guests of Khabarovsk strive to get into it in order to see with their own eyes the external and internal beauty of the building. The main distinguishing feature of the temple is its dimensions, which are unusual for Orthodox architecture. The cathedral rises 50 meters, it looks very slender and solemn.

The building has seven gilded domes, which are visible at the entrance to the city. It was erected at the end of the 19th century, and to this day it pleases believers, as well as everyone who appreciates beauty. Location: Komsomolskaya Square, 1.

Transfiguration Cathedral

Attraction rating: 4.9


On the banks of the Amur River, the Transfiguration Cathedral flaunts, which became the completion of the architectural appearance of the Glory Square. The temple was built in 2001 according to all Orthodox rules. The money for the construction was collected by ordinary residents of Khabarovsk. The height of the cathedral, together with the domed crosses, reaches 95 meters. Inside it is painted by famous metropolitan artists. The room can accommodate about 3000 worshipers.

The snow-white cathedral is visible from the outskirts of the city. This is a real pearl of Khabarovsk, which the locals are proud of. Inside you can see an ark with particles of the relics of the Kiev-Pechersk saints, an icon 'Blessed womb'. Address: Turgenev, 24.

Church of Seraphim of Sarov

Attraction rating: 4.8


The idea of ​​building was born in the early 90s. The first stone was laid in 2003. The total height of the temple is 57 meters. There are three halls inside. Elements of medieval architecture are visible in the architecture of this temple. The belfry is equipped with ten bells. The building is decorated with a carved iconostasis, golden icons, chandeliers.

Judging by the reviews, the friendly ministers of the church always tell you how to behave in the temple. There is a beautiful park with a lake and ducks around. People come here to experience a sense of peace and tranquility, to admire the magnificent view of the building. On weekdays, services begin at 9 am and 5 pm. Address: Pacific, 167.

Church of St. Innocent of Irkutsk

Attraction rating: 4.7


The nomination is completed by one of the oldest temples in the city. It was built over 100 years ago and has a small landscaped area. After 1917, the bell tower and the dome were restored, the workshops were equipped. After the war, this building was the Khabarovsk Planetarium. In the 2000s, the church resumed its work.

The building of the Academy of Physical Education separates the temple from the Amur railway station. You can get here only from Turgenev Street. Everyone should visit here. Visitors have only positive impressions of the temple. It is a pity that there is little space inside. Getting to the other end of the hall is sometimes problematic.

The most interesting cultural sights of Khabarovsk

The second nomination included cultural objects of Khabarovsk – theaters, monuments and museums.

Monument to Erofei Khabarov

Attraction rating: 5.0


The first thing that a guest of Khabarovsk sees when leaving the railway station is a monument to E. Khabarov. It personifies the courage, bravery and courage of Russians and is the hallmark of the city. The monument was erected in 1958. There is an inscription on the pedestal: 'On the day of the 100th anniversary of the city of Khabarovsk. 1858-1958 '.

The bronze figure reaches 4.5 m in height. This monument has artistic significance, special value for the Khabarovsk citizens. Residents are proud of it, and guests of the cultural center learn its history with interest and leave pictures of the popular landmark as a souvenir.

Khabarovsk cliff

Attraction rating: 4.9

Khabarovsk cliff

In 1918, 18 musicians from Austria-Hungary were brutally killed, who refused to fight against Soviet power. Because of this tragic event, a memorial plaque was placed on the wall of the building. This place is also called the 'Swallow's Nest'. Previously, there was a rescue station, but for more than three decades there has been a cafe called the Uk, where weddings, graduations and anniversaries are celebrated.

The spacious balcony of the premises offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. You can see the waves of the Amur, volleys of fireworks on holidays, the city embankment. This place is suitable for educational tourism and romantic walks. People come here at any time of the year. Khabarovskiy Cliff is located at the intersection of Shevchenko and Muravyov-Amursky streets.

Khabarovsk Regional Museum of N.I. Grodekov

Attraction rating: 4.8


Further in the ranking is the oldest attraction of Khabarovsk, known for its world-famous exhibits. The institution appeared in 1894. Local historians, public figures and scientists took part in the collection.

In 2000, the museum won the 'Window in Russia' competition and was named 'Museum of the Year'. In recent years, it has hosted about 80 exhibitions. There are more than 400,000 exhibits here that will tell about the history and culture of the Far East. Address: Shevchenko, 11.

Khabarovsk Regional Drama and Comedy Theater

Attraction rating: 4.7


In 1933, the city council decided to organize a drama theater. For this, the building of the club of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs was allocated. As a result, the theater was inaugurated in 1946. The first performance 'Memorable Meetings' was dedicated to the heroes who defended their Motherland during the Second World War. The auditorium can accommodate about 500 people.

Today, modern actors continue theatrical traditions and offer guests a fairly diverse repertoire. About 5-6 new performances are released per season. According to reviews, tickets are not cheap here. For many, the price of 1,000 rubles for a provincial theater seems expensive. Address: Muravyov-Amursky, 25.

The most interesting entertainment sights of Khabarovsk

The objects presented in the next category will appeal to families with children, young people, as well as all those who want to have fun in Khabarovsk.

Park them. N.N. Muravyov-Amursky

Attraction rating: 5.0


The regional park is located along the embankment and leads the visitor to Komsomolskaya Square. Its main decoration is the monument to Count Muravyov-Amursky. It was erected in 1891. The territory of the park belongs to the protected area and includes objects of cultural heritage. There is an orchestral gazebo and a summer stage. The green area will be a great place for a relaxing holiday.

More than 160 species of trees and shrubs grow here. They praise the well-groomed alleys and the pleasant atmosphere of the park. Mass events, festivals and holidays, sports competitions and master classes are often held here. Excursions are organized regularly. Address: Shevchenko, 15.

Khabarovsk circus

Attraction rating: 4.9


The next participant in the rating is one of the youngest circuses in Russia. It is located in Yuri Gagarin Park and was opened in 2001. During the whole period of work, the audience saw the programs of the Circus of Yu. Nikulin, the Chinese and Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. This is one of the favorite places for children, whose parents are happy to participate in the prize draw during each performance.

According to reviews, the building itself is very beautiful. It decorates the park and is often the subject of photo shoots. The building has two parking lots. Ticket prices are not affordable for everyone. Address: Krasnorechenskaya, 102.

Zoo 'Priamursky'

Attraction rating: 4.8


The unique zoo has been operating since 2002. All animals live here due to the fact that they cannot exist normally in the wild. The permanent inhabitants of the reserve include the Himalayan and brown bears, roe deer, elk, deer and wolves. There are also feathered inhabitants. In total, the Amur Zoo has about 70 species of animals and birds.

It is allowed to feed some animals. For this, the employees provide apple and carrot cuts. In 2012, an aviary the size of a small football field was built specifically for tigers. This place is loved by both adults and children. The zoo is open every day except Monday. The price for an adult ticket is 220 rubles. Children under 6 years old are admitted free. Address: Youth, 12.

City recreation park of the city of Khabarovsk

Attraction rating: 4.7


In 2005, Dynamo and Gaidar Children's Park were merged into one. The city recreation park is distinguished by many different attractions. There are trampolines, carousels, a train. We are pleased with the presence of a play complex for the smallest and a musical fountain with lighting. Food points are provided.

On the territory there is a monument erected in honor of the children's writer A. Gaidar. It has been preserved since Soviet times. The pluses include a well-groomed landscape, many statues of fairy-tale heroes. There is a two-storey play center 'Harlequin' with a large selection of entertainment for children. The park is located near the Central Square of Khabarovsk.

Khabarovsk city ponds

Attraction rating: 4.6


At the beginning of the Ussuriysky Boulevard there are Khabarovsk city ponds, which were built for the 125th anniversary of the founding of the cultural center. Previously, there were usual ravines in the upper reaches of the Plyusninka. Three ponds are separated by small dams. All around there are roads and paths for pedestrians. Singing fountains were installed in 2011.

There are a lot of people here on weekends. Khabarovsk residents love to relax by the ponds and walk along well-groomed paths. Children are delighted with the figures of cartoon characters. There is a cat Leopold, a wolf and a hare from 'Well, wait a minute!'. You can have a bite to eat in the unusual restaurant built in the form of a plate. You cannot swim in the water. Sunbathing allowed. This is the best place for family and romantic walks. The attraction is open around the clock.

Park 'North'

Attraction rating: 4.5


At the end of the third nomination of the rating, it is worth mentioning the picturesque park located in the northern microdistrict of Khabarovsk. There is an entertainment center on its territory, there is an opportunity to go fishing. For children, there are free playgrounds with swings and slides.

Khabarovsk residents love to arrange wedding photo sessions here. On the territory of the park there is a celebration palace where marriages are registered. Pleased with many catering outlets. Sell ​​ice cream, coffee, kebabs and drinks. Address: Tikhookeanskaya, 167

The most interesting military-patriotic sights of Khabarovsk

Military-patriotic objects of Khabarovsk are associated with the names of the heroes of Russia, significant historical dates. Commemorative memorials and museums serve as a means of strengthening the unity of peoples and are aimed at the patriotic education of citizens.

Monument tank MS-1

Attraction rating: 5.0


The monument is dedicated to the heroes of the wars on the Chinese Eastern Railway, near Lake Khasan, the Khalkin-Gol River. It marks the 55th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War. On the pedestal is the MS-1 tank with a cannon and machine guns. The specimen is well preserved and is an excellent example of mid-early tank building. It reminds of the history of our country. It can be carefully examined from all sides. From the plate on the tank, you can find out the history of this model.

Guests of Khabarovsk and the residents themselves love to be photographed against the background of the monument. The townspeople lay festive flowers at its foot. The sight will also appeal to those who are not a big fan of military equipment. An unusual model is installed on Serysheva Street 13 near the headquarters of the Far Eastern Military District.

Military history museum

Attraction rating: 4.9


The Museum of the Eastern Military District is one of the largest in Russia. It was opened in 1984. Its goal is to give memory to the people of the Far East who defended their homeland. The Museum has about 12,000 different exhibits. All of them are associated with the history of military education.

The collection includes photographs, documents, army banners and other materials. There are 13 halls inside, occupying 3000 sq. m. Military equipment was exhibited next to the museum. This is an excellent place that will allow you to get acquainted with the important features of the founding of the Amur regions. Address: Shevchenko, 20.

Stela 'City of Military Glory'

Attraction rating: 4.8


In 2012, the capital of the Far East was awarded the title of City of Military Glory. In honor of this event, three years later, a monument was solemnly opened in the center of a well-groomed square. There are pylons at the corners of the stone square, and a column 10 meters high is erected on the pedestal. It is crowned with a double-headed eagle made of bronze.

The granite composition looks majestic and solid. On its sides there are cartouches with the text of the presidential decree and the emblem of the city. The images on the bas-reliefs remind of the heroism of the Khabarovsk residents in different years, show the work and deeds of people. The place of installation was chosen quite well. There is a stele not far from the Amur, next to Muravyov-Amursky Street.

Memorial to Japanese Prisoners of War

Attraction rating: 4.7


23 years ago, in Khabarovsk, a monument was erected to the fallen Japanese prisoners of war. It is located in the northern neighborhood and is surrounded by rich vegetation. If you look into history, you can find out that after the end of the Second World War in Khabarovsk, about 10 thousand soldiers, generals and admirals from Japan were taken prisoner. Many of them died, unable to withstand severe cold and hunger.

The memorial is made in a minimalist style. It is located in the Peace Park. In front of the monument itself there is a platform with flagpoles, a stone with an inscription in Japanese. The red brick structure, symbolizing the tomb, provides an opportunity to relax on a bench and observe nature. This is a very beautiful place where every visitor of the city should take a walk. A small square makes a sad impression because of the terrible fate of Japanese prisoners of war who died in the Khabarovsk camps.

Bust of Marshal Malinovsky

Attraction rating: 4.6


Marshal Malinovsky was a military leader and statesman in Khabarovsk. He put a lot of effort into strengthening the military might of the Far East and improving the city. This monument, erected in 2002, became the gratitude of the townspeople for the initiative to build the Lenin stadium.

The bust is located in a clean park on the banks of the Amur. Here you can sit on a bench in the shade of trees. Locals recommend admiring the beautiful red granite of the pedestal in the late afternoon. At this time, the sun shines from the side of the river.

Monument to the partisans

Attraction rating: 4.5

Monument to the Partisans

The rating ends with a monument to partisans, which for more than 50 years has been called the 'ravine of death' From 1918 to 1920, mass executions of local residents were carried out here. Today it is an obelisk with sculptures. Its height reaches 14 meters. Many talented craftsmen worked on the monument.

Judging by the reviews, companies often gather around the monument and leave trash behind. The monument is surrounded by busy city streets. It is difficult to imagine that several decades ago there was a dirt road along which the victims of the mass grave were brought.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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